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Chapter Five


image by Manditaaknfv like always ! *hugs Manditaaknfv*

Go ahead

Walk on by

You don’t know I’m alive

Maybe one day you’ll find

You should open your eyes

You don’t know me

You’re the one who looks right through me

And you’re the one who walked right through me

“LILY!” Lily looked up from the book she was reading and saw Marcie entering the common room.

“Hey,” she smiled. “Um, where’s the pudding?”

“What do you mean?” Marcie frowned.

“You know, you said that you needed some pudding, so you went off to the kitchens,” Lily reminded her.

“Oh right,” Marcie sat down next to her. “Well I was going towards the kitchens, when I saw Madeline and she seemed really concerned about something. Then she saw me and she said that she was trying to find you.”

“Really?” Lily said, surprised. “We don’t really talk that much.”

“Yeah, well listen,” Marcie continued. “So then Madeline decided to tell me so I could tell you. Look, James is going to ask you out-“

Lily gasped. “What?”

“No wait!” Marcie looked at her sadly. “He’s only doing it because…” Her voice faltered and Lily had to strain to hear her next words. “A bet.”

“A bet?” Lily asked, perplexed.

“Yeah,” Marcie stood up and walked slowly away from her, afraid that she was going to start throwing things.

“Oh,” Lily said her face expressionless. She stood up as well, but headed towards the door.

“Where-“ Marcie started but the portrait door slammed shut. “Well, okay then. No one ever tells me anything around here…”


Lily had no idea where she was going but she walked on anyway. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling. She supposed that she should be mad or hurt but, to her surprise, she just felt empty. Lily thought about the first time she met James.

She stood by the train, not sure where to go or how to lift her trunk. People pushed past her, hurrying to get a compartment and she fell on the ground.

D’you need help?” A boy with messy hair and glasses looked at her, concerned.

He reached for her hand and helped her up.

um, thanks,” She felt awkward and wasn’t sure what to say. Luckily, the boy introduced himself first.

I’m James Potter.”

Lily, Lily Evans,” she replied shyly.

That’s a pretty name,” He smiled and then offered to help her find a compartment, to which she quickly agreed.

Then he disappeared for a while and then came back with a pretty blonde girl who seemed friendly.

Lily, this is my friend, Kaleen Peters,” He pushed Kaleen into the compartment. “I thought that you two could get to know each other.”

He waved at them, and then left.

She and James were sort of friends after that. They would talk often and occasionally meet somewhere around the school. But during third year, everything changed. For starters, Lily got glasses since she was reading so much and grew more and more shy in public. Pretty soon, she became almost invisible to most people around her. And that included James, since he was so caught up with his girlfriends and Hogsmeade dates that he no longer had time for her. Hell, she wasn’t even sure if he even remembered her. So from then on, she could only love from afar.

But now he remembered, but for all the wrong reasons. He only wanted her so he could win some stupid bet. Why had things changed? She asked herself that all the time but the only logical reason she came up with was that she didn’t look like the rest of the female population in Hogwarts. She could, she knew that, but what’s the point? She was content with the way she looked, but maybe, a slight change couldn’t hurt. It could be like an experiment, to see if looks really do matter.


An hour later, Lily stared at herself in the mirror of the prefect’s bathroom. This was most definitely not a slight change. She knew she shouldn’t have asked Madeline for help. She only did it since; it was years since she had touched a single lip gloss. Madeline was flattered and seemed eager to start working on her. Maybe too eager, because now Lily found a redheaded Barbie doll staring back at her.

Madeline had relieved Lily’s hair from the tight bun that she always wore and forcefully yanked a comb through the tangled mess. Painful as it was, Lily had to admit that it was worth it. Instead of the severe McGonagall-like bun, she now had long, glossy, auburn curls that was pulled back on one side with sparkly green barrettes.

And Madeline had thrown away Lily’s thick glasses (much to her dismay) and replaced them with contacts, so that Lily’s emerald eyes could be revealed to the world. She had also lined them with green eyeliner and brushed two coats of mascara on Lily’s already long eyelashes.

Madeline also discarded Lily’s beloved chapstick, saying that it was completely useless. She then proceeded to line Lily’s full lips with pale liner and applied so much shimmery pink lip gloss that Lily felt like she was wearing a coat of oil on her lips(technically she is).

Then Madeline conjured up a whole closet of muggle outfits, claiming that muggles clothes were much better than plain robes (you had to admire her Transfiguration skills) and began throwing them at Lily. Fifty-seven outfits later, they found the one that suited Lily the best. Lily glanced down at the emerald tank top with lace at the edges and the long swishy white skirt with tiny embroidered flowers near the bottom. She wasn’t used to wearing this type of clothes but it did look really good on her so she didn’t complain.

Lily stepped away from the mirror and faced Madeline, who was beaming. She smiled and thanked her and they headed back towards the common room to show Marcie and Kaleen, (Alice was somewhere out with Frank).


“Merlin! What’s that?” Lily pointed to a figure of a girl sprawled on the floor ahead of them.

Madeline walked up to her. “Ugh! Whoever this is she’s drunk.”

Lily gently turned the girl over.

“Oh, I should have know,” Madeline scoffed behind her. “it’s Charity Prewett.”

Lily glanced down at the girl. She had dirty blonde, way hair and was very pretty. She was wearing robes of deep blue and a tiny glass bottle was lying next to her.

“Charity?” Lily turned back to Madeline. “That name sounds very familiar. What’s she like?”

“She’s a slut,” Madeline said simply. Then she added. “Charity’s a seventh-year Ravenclaw. Isn’t her name ironic? She’s been with practically every guy in Hogwarts. So are we going to leave her here or should we do something to her?”

“What?!” Lily asked, incredulous.

“Personally, I think we should hex her. I’ve been itching to get my revenge on her ever since she slept with my boyfriend.”

“Which one?” Lily asked curiously.

“All of them,” Madeline said expressionlessly. “So which hex is it going to be?”

“None!” Lily exclaimed. “We are going to take her to the hospital wing.”

“Why?” Madeline looked down at Charity, disgusted. “You know, she’s been with Potter. She’s like your rival.”

“Don’t be stupid,” Lily snapped. “I remember her now. She helped on with this difficult Transfiguration spell when I was a fourth-year. She seemed really nice and I was impressed since she’s a year below me.”

“She may be smart, but she’s still a slut.” Madeline stated.

“She’s a nice person,” Lily stated firmly. “And if you don’t help me, I’m going to wash up all my makeup, get my glasses back, and rip up these clothes!”

Madeline gasped. “No! Please don’t wash all my hard work down the drain. I’ll help…” under her breath she muttered, “but I’m still going to get my revenge on that-”

“I heard that!” Lily frowned at Madeline. “Stop being such a whining loser and help me out here…”

A/N: So, a new character appears! Charity Prewett may seem like a slut, but she has her side of the story and rumors to tell. Next chapter will be more on Charity. Also in the next chapter, Lily realizes that James is not the guy she thought he was and James will learn that Lily might be the one. So REVIEW!

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