Loss and New Way of Life

Harry was already sleepy from his trip to London. But her had to find a orphanage to
live in. So, he went to an gas station and found a map and took it. While looking at it he found one close to Grimplace, if incase he would need help, which he hope that he won’t. He walk up to the steps and ran the door bell. He known that it was three in the morning and that it was starting to storm, then the door open.

“Who will call in this hour.” said a plum lady some where in her late 30s early 40s.

“Sorry to bother you ma’am, but my parents did not show up at our box and I, I heard them saying that I in their way. So I decided to run away and hope to find people how will love me.” Said in the disguise seven year old, Harry ‘I think that I got that from my dad’.

“Sorry for my yelling, dear, please come in and I will get you dry, okay.” She said while beckoning Harry to come in. “Stay in the entry please.” and she went off to get some warm cloths and other stuff. Harry had a chance to look around and see the spot that he might live at for a while. Even thought the lights were off it look cheerful and happy. Pictures of children and adoptive parents cover the wall. And there was a cross hanging on the wall. He remembered way back when the Dursleys went to church for a while, it was okay, and Harry was happy to go to church again. Then he heard foot steps coming back. “Sorry about the wait, it was hard to find cloths that will fit you. Do that I don’t have many kids around your size, As of right now.” She started, ”my name is Katrina Stevens, and this orphanage is called ’Hope Heart’ I did not chouse the name its kind of silly if you ask me. But what is your name?” Grand the one thing that he did not think of, a name ’Charles James McCormick, sounds good’ said the voice in his head. Well if that voice was Valdimort he will find me easily but he will go with it.

”My name is, Charles, Charles James McCormick.”

“Well, Charles, welcome to Hope Heart, and lets get you some sleep now.” she lead him to a local empty bedroom that will be his for the next nine years.


It was early morning and the residents of the hospital wing and castle were waking up from there sleep. Even professor Dumbledore was close to wake up with the help of Harry little spell that he received late last night. But little did they know that there little hero is no longer with them in the magic world, for he is now sleeping some were in London. The first person to wake was Hermione how was placed across the hall from the Professor Dumbledore in the Hospital Wing. And she saw Hedwig on the Professor headboard.
“Hedwig what are you doing in here.” Hermione slowly getting up.

“What time is it.” mumble Ron how was is a bed next to Hermione.

“Six thirty I do believe.” responded Hermione.

“I’m going back to sleep then.”

“Don’t because I have a feeling that there is something going on here do that Hedwig is in here.”

“Maybe Harry had something to say and he wrote it down and gave it to Hedwig so that only the person he what to read could read it.”

“Ronald don’t be silly, if Harry wanted to tell us something he would come down here and told us.”

“And the only way to know is to go over there and see.”

“Fine, then lets go and see.” Then both of them went over there and try to look at the letter, but Hedwig was so protective of the letter and didn’t let them touch it. She was hooting and making so much noise that they were lucky that she did not wake the hole hall.

“Hedwig, be quit do that we don’t want to wake up the hole hall do will we girl.” Hermione said trying to quit the owl.

“Hermione, I think that was should give it a rest. If Harry or however wrote the letter ovsley don’t want us to read that letter.”

“That is the most logical answer I ever heard out of your mouth, Mr. Wesley.” said Professor McGonagall. “For I was walking around the castle seeing if we miss anything, for your sister is still unaccounted for yet. And heard noises coming out of this, vary hall.”

“Sorry ma’am but we just wondering why Harry owl is in here. That is all.” replied both Ron and Hermione.

“We will just have to wait until Albus is up, then we will see.” Seeing the confusion on their faces she continued, ”because it is address to him.” They nodded in acknowledgement. Then she turn and left.

“I hope were ever those two are all right.” said Ron.

“Me two.” they turn and fall asleep only to awake a hour latter by Sirius.

“Ew. Dog slobber. Sirius stop.” But the dog keep bothering them until they wake.

“Fine, were up” said the teens and then Sirius change back into his human form.

“McGonagall was just in here and said something about. Harry. Is. No. Where. To. Be. Found!” Sirius shouted.

“What! He was just here last night, we all saw him.” stated Ron.

“That will explain Hedwig. And the letter on her leg.” said Hermione quietly, the boys look at her dumb founded. “Lets hope that I am wrong.” Then they heard Hedwig give a small hoot. And they turn around seeing the Headmaster waking slowly.

“I should get Palfrey, if incase there side effects. You two watch him, okay.” said Sirius and turn to get the healer. They went over to watch there beloved Headmaster awake, and luckily it was a peacefully waking. Hermione could tell that he was groggy so she handed his glasses.

“Here are your glasses Professor.”

“Thank you Miss. Granger, now can any one tell me what happen after Mr. Malfloy try to kill me.”

"What! Draco try to…kill, You, Professor.”

“Well, that is what Harry said after brought you here to the hospital wing. He said something about some green liquid you drank in the cave. And when I caught up to him and you, your unconsise body was laying by the base of the astrometry tower.” said Sirius

“That will mach up with what Harry said to me last night. Some thing along the lines of Malfly tried to kill you but that did not work. So he levitate you over the wall tower to what he hope, your death.” said Lupin who was behind Sirius. “And, Minerva said that Harry’s owl has a letter for you.” Gesturing to the owl above the Headmasters head. Dumbledore reach for the letter and untied it. He unrolled it and spoke:

Professor Dumbledore and friends :

    By the time you read this, I will hopeful be long gone to a place that I will be able to live a life that I am fighting for. Don’t come after me, for even writing this type of letter is very hard. When I come back I will be ready and fight for what Valdemort does not believe in, love happiness and unity in all blood type. And in all forms of creatures. Don’t worry headmaster, I will try to keep our mission up. So when I come back it will be time to do the final task. For those who are mad at me for leaving, I had to go, for the pressure of this war was starting to make me fall in to the dark side. And I will never join them, for I will never to do those spells more that I have to. I will be, undercover, fighting along side you when you lest expect me too. I have a feeling I will run it you, too. And I will help you out too when you need it.

Sirius, I know that you will hate me the most because you just got back, I want you to keep Hedwig for me. Do that it will look bad, for a muggles, carrying around a owl, won’t it.

I want you all, to keep fighting, don’t let the public down. For people like you keep this world going. Just because the so called ‘boy who lived‘ runs away, doesn’t means that all hope is lost. Well it isn’t, I have to do the hardest things possible. Even in the darkest of days, we will come through it some how. For when someone does die for our side, I will morn. But lets hope it does not happen. For now I will leave you of with these words that I found. Spero nos familiares mansuros - I hope we'll still be friends. Even the things I do may be stupid.


Harry James Potter.

After the headmaster read this letter the whole room fell silent. For the boy who they saw grow up these past five and a half years, just ran away to who knows where. For no apparent reason. Why? To find a cause to fight for.

“We have to go after him.” Said Mrs. Wesley slowly. “We can’t just let him go in to a world that is war bound, and hope for the best.”

“Molly, much as I want to agree with you we can’t. For if we try to find him it will only delay his return. He will proubly will help us fight in his own little way. I know that he was a son to you just as much as he was like a grandson to me. But we can’t go after him.”

“But you don’t understand he is in danger out there we can’t just leave him!”

“Molly, he face Valdimort how many time and live to tell the tale. The last I know was five times. He can and will survive.” Dumbledore replied calmly.

“So what, he is safer will he is around us. To help to keep him safe.”

“That is what cause him to run. Us making sure that he had people around him 24/7 that he could not run around free and act like a teenager should live like. Not cage in and surrounded with and army to protect him.”

“But he does not have someone to back him up if he gets in to trouble though.”

“He knows how to communicate with us if he needs to…..”

“What if he gets his wand taken away before he can call for help.”

“He won’t get into that tip of trouble if he is trying to lay low and relive his life, Molly. And if he is fighting for us undercover. He will try to find a way so that won’t happen.”

“But he said for himself that trouble finds him not the other way around, Albus.”

“I know that. It will be hard for us to face that he not in the same room with us but he still fighting along side us in undercover type that we need dearly. And actually, Sirius has the true final say in this.” Dumbledore said turning his head to Sirius, who look sadden.

“Molly, I agree with him. We can’t go after for it was us that push him away. Much as I want to, I can’t. For I was pretty much I that same predicament and I hate it. We have to let him go for he is almost of age in this world and as long he doesn’t draw attention to himself he will be fine” Sirius said heart drawn.

“You two don’t understand do that you never had children.” Molly said in frustration.

“Actually I did, I had one a daughter. Her mother kept her in quiet about who her father was for the longest time. But when she found out that I was her dad, she talked to me more. She was brave and even went agenst Valdemort once and got seriously injured that cause her to die after she gave birth a few years ago.” Said Dumbledore sadly, just as Miss. McGonagall walking in with a stretcher that had a white sheet covering the body.

“Molly, Arthur, I am sorry to tell you this but, Ginny is dead.” she said sadly and strait to the point. “But she did not leave this world with out a fight. The room that I found her body in was a total disaster.” Then the room went to crying for there friend, former student and sister or daughter. But some unusual people comfort each other like Lupin and Tokens, and Ron and Hermione.


Harry woke to someone knocking on his door. First he didn’t know were he was then the events of last night come crashing down on him. And now he lays in a orphanage a couple blocks away from Grimplace, the outskirts of London.

“I’m up” said a groggy boy voice that was Harry.

“I know that its early but I am wondering if you want to go to church.” said Katrina.

“What time does it start.”

“The orphanage goes to the late service which starts at 10:30. And the time is now 8:30.” Stated the keeper.

“I will go, but what should I wear?” Said Harry. Who had a busy morning, he went to church for the first time in ten years and got use to doing things that muggles do.

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