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Hello Daddy,
By: Gryffindorgirl153.

A girl who was about 13 years old stood in front of a tombstone in a deserted grave yard wearing jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a simple jean jacket wrapped around in her petite form. She had fiery red hair which she inherited from her mother and bright green eyes that came from her father. She was able to see her breath every time she breathed out. Her hair blew with the wind and she stood there for about 20 minutes staring down at the words carved on the stone as if trying to memorize ever single word by heart. She couldn’t cry, she didn’t have anything to cry about.

It was around 3 o’clock in the morning, and she didn’t know why she got out of bed, got dress, snuck out from their house and walked all the way here in the cold night. Something woke her up and the minute that she did, her father came into her mind. She laid there for an hour just thinking about the smallest things she remembered about him like his voice, his bright green eyes that she had, his laugh that she always heard when she was a baby and the smallest image of his face came into her mind.

Lily Potter remembered the stories her mother told her when she was 3 years old. About how a brave knight was born into the world, and 11 years later they met in school. The brave knight was very powerful and had the power that the evil wizard didn’t have. Each year, the knight faced the evil wizard and won each time. Her mother ended the story, with how the knight saved the wizard world from the evil wizard and rescued everyone from a terrible fate.

When Lily reached 6 years old, the story changed. The brave knight turned to her father and the evil wizard turned into Voldemort. Till this day, Lily always ask her mother for the story every night, fascinated by how much power her father had, and she wanted to be just like him.

A single tear dropped onto the dirt and Lily didn’t even notice she was crying. She knew her mother would be looking for her by now, but she knew that her mother knew she was here. Where else would Lily go in the middle of the night, other than her father’s grave.

“Hello Daddy,” Lily croaked trying to find the right words to say. Lily knelt down to the ground and sat there staring back onto the tombstone. Not far from where Lily was, Ginny Potter appeared with a heavy sweater and jeans with a frantic look on her face. She softened up when she saw a girl with red hair sitting on the ground. Ginny tried to be as quiet as possible and stood close enough to hear what her daughter was going to say. “I miss you,” Lily started.

Ginny’s eyes immediately began to tear hearing her daughters first 3 words to say to her father. Ginny also missed her husband terribly and spoke to him every night staring up at her ceiling like he was in heaven. She told him everything about their daughter, and how she was just like him. She told him about Ron and Hermione and how they had another baby that was named Kyle.

“Mum does too,” Lily continued. “I hear her every night,” Lily’s voice was low and soft and she could feel tears coming out of her eyes. “She prays and talks to you as if you’re right in front of her,” Ginny was surprised since she didn’t know that her daughter heard her for the past 10 years. “She’s always sad that you left and wishes that you never died,” She continued. “I wish you didn’t either. Even though I still have mum, a mother and a father play two different roles in a girls life,” She gave a small laugh. “I won’t have someone to forbid me from dating any boys that then disapprove off, but at least I still have James,”

James was her older brother by a year. He was a spitting image of his father, and could pass for him as Harry could pass for his father James.

“He never lets me go anywhere near boys in Hogwarts,” Ginny laughed lightly so that Lily wouldn’t hear her. “I wish I had more memories of you,” Lily continued on. “I wish that you were the one to teach me how to ride a broom instead of Madam Hootch. James is lucky that he has more memories than I do and he remembers you more,” She said. “I’m in top of my class,” Lily said proudly. “Dumbledore thinks that I’m just like you, great at Defense against the dark arts,”

A tall boy with glasses came walking up to his mother and brought a winter jacket to her. James was about to ask her what she was doing here, when he saw his little sister kneeling by his fathers grave talking to him. He stuck his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket and stood there next to his mother, watching his sister visit his grave for the first time.

“I’m sorry I never came before,” Lily apologized. “I guess I only understood everything now. I’m sorry. When I was little, mum told me stories about you and every night, I still ask for the same one. About how you defeated Voldemort and saved everyone, but how one night, when I was 2 you never came home,”

Ginny was crying now, and James put his arm around his mother’s shoulders to comfort her. “Mum always had a hard time with us and I feel bad putting her through all that trouble. At least she got a lot of help from Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron. They have a baby now, did you know? Well, they have 3 actually. One is my age, Cassandra and the other James’ age John, their smallest one is about 6 months old, Kyle. Mum told me how much they liked each other back in Hogwarts but never admitted it and they always fought,” Lily stopped talking for about 5 minutes, and James and Ginny realized that she was crying. They saw her shoulders shaking and her hands go up to her face to wipe the tears coming from her eyes.

From watching her daughter cry, Ginny suddenly felt a pang of pain in her heart. For the past 13 years, she hasn’t shown any emotion towards her dead father and now, she suddenly let it all out. Ginny wished that Lily would’ve spoken to her about it, and she always wondered why her daughter asked for the same story every night for the past 10 years. Ginny felt horrible not even acknowledging her daughters feelings and going every day thinking that she was just okay.

“James is on the Quidditch team,” Lily said when she recovered. “He plays seeker and won every game. People say that he has a temper like yours,” James smiled a bit at what his sister said. Lily looked down at her wrist and there was a gold bracelet with her name carved on it. She took it off, dug some dirt out and buried the bracelet in her father’s grave. “I’ll visit you more often dad,” She said. “I love you,” Tears were streaming down her face and Lily couldn’t stop it.

James walked up to his sister slowly and bent down with her. Lily looked sideways to see her brother there giving her a small smile. She wiped the tears from her eyes and James helped her up and they walked back to their mother who was standing there crying.

“Lily,” Ginny said. “I’m so sorry,” She hugged her daughter and Lily hugged her mother back.

“It’s okay mum,” Lily said. “It’s okay,”

A/N: just a little something i was thinking about and decided to write it. Read and review!


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