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A/N: ya go hope you like it!~Jaymeed
Disclaimer: I own only what you don't recognize
* * *

"J.D." Jared squealed like a little girl as Hermione handed him the baby.

"Looks like I'll be taking care of two of your boys now eh miss Granger?" Madame Pomfrey smiled at Hermione.

She blushed, "Uhmm uh-huh." She smiled at Jared despite her reddening face, "I'll bring you your homework after lessons." She bent and kissed J.D.'s forehead goodbye and pulled her messenger bag over her head and onto her shoulder.

"Thanks." Jared said and smiled as she walked off.

"Fancy her do you?" Madame Pomfrey teased.

Jared looked at the nurse and smiled before sitting J.D. and his belly, "Isn't he beautiful?" Jared gently ran a fond hand through J.D.'s fine plantinum locks in a fatherly way.

"Absolutely," Madame Pomfrey agreed, "He reminds me so much of---" She trailed off.


"Mr. Malfoy." She said with a cock of her head.

Jared swallowed. J.D. wasn't HIS son, he was Draco's. And no amount of wishing or magical potions could ever change that.
* * *
Hermione walked into the Transfiguration room and went to take her usual seat next to Belinda, the pimply girl she'd become slightly accquainted with, only to find it empty. She felt a slight panic start to rise within her but quickly told herself to calm down. It wasn't the beggining of school, and she wasn't alone. She had friends. She was even lucky enough to have an AMAZING best friend. A hour and thirty minutes on her own were NOTHING compared to the loneliness she had had to deal with before, so she sat at her seat by herself. An annoying cackly laugh erupted from behind her and she turned in her seat and saw Lavender Brown laughing hysterically at something Ron had said. Harry wore an irate look on his face and shot Ron a dirty look. Ron shrugged apologetically before glancing at Hermione and quickly looking away.

Lavender scowled at her and hissed, "Ssslut."

Hermione's expression remained stone like as she continued to stare straight ahead, telling herself to take deep even breaths.

"Awe cat got your tongue?" Lavender said in a singsong voice, her lip curling back in disgust before pulling Ron over to their usual seats.

Harry looked from Hermione to Ron and Lavender and then back again before walking around the table and taking a seat next to Hermione.

Hermione felt a lump rise in her throat and tears trying to make their way from behind her eyes.

Harry looked at Hermione, and saw her eyes start to pool. A corner of his mouth turned upward in a shy half-smile and he turned to get his things out of his bag. Hermione followed suit and pulled out her notes and a quill and ink. Once both friends were settled, Harry took Hermiones hand in his and gave it a warm squeeze. Hermione turned to face him and finally granted the tears release. She silently sobbed as a flood of fat hot tears made their way down her face. Harry wiped her face off gently with his hand, and Hermione threw herself into his arms and hugged him with all the love she could muster. She had waited what seemed like centuries to hug her friend as she was doing now, and now that she had she never wanted to let go.

"Shhh," Harry shushed her and ran his fingers gently through her hair.

"I just--" Hermione tried but couldn't get the words out as she burried her face in Harry's neck and hugged him tighter.

"Shh...hey its ok," He said, ignoring all the pairs of eyes that were staring at him and Hermione. He pulled her little body closer to his, silently apologizing for letting people hurt her.

"Good morning students," Professor McGonagall walked in briskly and shut the door behind her with her wand. She glanced at Hermione and Harry in their tight embrace but looked away, as if seeing nothing at all. "Today we will be attempting to transform," She walked up to the blackboard and drew what looked like a house elf, "Drawings," She tapped the drawing, "Adepto Vita," [A/N: Thanks to an online latin dictionary [=] She muttered and the drawing sprang to live. A 2 demensional house elf peeled itself off the black board and hopped to the ground. It looked around at the room of students staring at it wide eyed and backed up slowly towards McGonagall's desk. Just as the was about to run and hide in a drawer the professor pointed her wand at it muttered the counter curse and the little house elf dissappeared into a cloud of chalk. "Into living creations," She finished. "Your assignment today is to draw three things and make them real. They must be able to function as if it were real, not just a transfigured drawing. Extra credit to those who are able to add colour to their creations and, should they be a person, make them talk. Begin."

Hermione pulled away from Harry's warm embrace reluctantly and wiped the tears from her face, giggling she said, "All right let's get started."
Harry nodded and smiled at her before setting to work. Hermione took her quill in her hand and bent over a sheet of parchment. She carefully sketched out 3 butterlies, gingerly adding details to it's wings, the butterflies becoming more beautiful with every mark she made with her quill. Harry watched her work, smiling at the look of concentration she had on her beautiful face. He had missed her terribly. Harry, noticing that he was staring, bent down over his own sheet of parchment and began sketching out his snowy owl, Hedwig, His cousin Dudley with a his piggy tail, and his firebolt. After both students were done they examined each other's drawings.

"Wow Mione, these are great," Said Harry looking at Hermione's butterflies, "Did you cheat?"

Hermione swatted at his arm, "No of course not!," she giggled and looked at Harry's sketches, "Aww she's beautiful," Hermione said and ran her figures over the drawn Hedwig.

"Yeah she is," Harry said proudly and they handed the other's drawings back. They took out their wands and pointed at their drawings.

"Adepto Vita," Hermione said. Her beautiful butterflies flew off the page and fluttered around her's and Harry's desk. She laughed and twirled around, following her butterflies as they circled around her. She flicked her wand and there was a short pause in the butterflies movement. She bit her lip in thought and flicked her wand once more. Multicoloured sparkles shot out of the tip of her wand like glitter and her butterflies became even more beautiful as their wings caught the different colours and became even more realistic. Hermione said the countercurse and again the butterflies continued to fly around her. Harry smiled as Hermione giggled when a butterfly came to rest on her palm. "Aren't they gorgeous Harry?" She asked and looked at him, her big brown eyes shinning.

"They make my drawings look like poo," Harry grinned.

"Hedwig could never look like poo," She smiled back and stood silent as Harry Magicked his drawings to life. A two dimensional Hedwig hopped off the page and looked around. Hermione squealed as the little drawing looked around in clear confusion. She squealed even louder as she spread her wings and attempted to fly but fell onto her feathery bottom.

"Reminds me of Ron's old owl,Errol," Harry said and shook his head. The drawing of Dudley, which was rather distorted, came next and Hermione laughed hysterically as the drawing waddled around and squealed like the pig it was.

"Nice touch," Hermione laughed.

"Thanks, I know," Harry laughed too.

After all the drawings had been transfigured, Harry and Hermione sat back and waited for McGongall to come and grade them.

"So, how've you been?" Hermione asked Harry, resisting the urge to flatten his hair.

"Ehh...I been all right. You?" Harry said and winced.

Hermione blushed a bit, "Well...I've been all right. Lately anyways. I don't think I should try and hide the fact that school was HELL when I first got here. But lately things have been looking up. I have a spectacular best friend, and other great Slytherin friends as well. And on top of that I know this one bloke, Jared, who is GREAT with J.D. They all are great with my son really, all my Slytherin friends."

"Reckon you don't need me anymore then eh?" Harry forced a laugh.

Hermione smiled gently and took his hand in hers, "Of course I need you Harry. You're like my brother. ....You ARE my brother and nothing and no one could EVER take your place."

Harry stared at her, and wondered how, despite everything that she had been through, despite ditching her when school first started and leaving her out in the cold with no one, how she could still want anything to do with him. He didn't ask but merely took her in his arms and hugged her again, "I'm sorry Hermione, I'm so VERY sorry."

"It doesn't matter anymore Harry--"

"But of course it matters! Hermione, I totally abadoned you. Instead of being there for you, helping you through it all, I abadoned you! What kind of friend was I?"

"...I'll forgive you, on one condition..."


"Please don't ever let me go again," She whispered into his thick hair.

"I wouldn't dream of it."
* * *
After a quick hug, and a promise to send her a note later, Hermione left Harry and carried on to her next class. Not that she could even concentrate. Every time she thought about her rekindled friendship with Harry, she wanted to squeal out loud and involuntarily smiled. She felt as if she would burst with joy. She floated through her day and happiness was very apparent on her face as she glided into the hospital wing to drop off Jared's homework.

"What's got you so happy?" Jared laughed at the dreamy look on her face.

"Only the world," She said and hugged herself.

"Gah, what've you taken and can I have some?"

Hermione giggled and told him everything. About having her baby and her friends ditching her when they found out who the father was. About not having anyone the first couple of months of school until she found Millicent. And about the very emotional 90 minutes she had just shared with Harry and how he had said he was sorry and promised to never leave her again.

"And you just forgave him?" Jared asked in an odd tone.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

"I dunno, just seems to me if a friend put me through that much I would have probably been a bit more reluctant to forgive."

"What are you trying to say?" Hermione said, getting a little edgy.

"I'm saying that all it took was one pathetic little "I'm sorry" from the bloke and you threw yourself at him."

Hermione scowled at Jared and stood up, "Well for your information Mr. Simms it wasn't just a 'pathetic little I'm sorry'. It was far more than that. And yes I 'just forgave' him because despite having been dumped by my friends I miss them terribly. Harry the most. He was man enough to send Ron and Lavender on their way and sit with me. I love him so very much and I will ALWAYS forgive him, as I know he will me. Now if you'll excuse me I just came by to drop off your homework and now that I have, I've a bit of work to do elsewhere, goodbye Jared." With a toss of her hair she left to Madame Pomfrey's office to pick up J.D., grabbed her things and exited the hospital fuming.

"Oh c'mon Hermione!" Jared called after her, but she paid him no mind and continued on her way.

'What the bloody hell is his problem?!' Hermione thought as she marched down the corridor, J.D. bouncing slightly in her arms with each step she took. Gah knew. But she wasn't gonna let his little childish outburst ruin her day. It was beautiful outside. Sunny, with a slight chilly breeze blowing every now and then. Deciding to do her work outside she went into the library, grabbed a couple of books and headed out the oak doors. Once outside she walked to the tree she always sat under, not wanting to sit in the dirt she summoned a blanket from her open window, spread it out and settled herself and her son down and began her work.
* * *
"I'm sorry Mr. Malfoy, Miss Granger just checked that book out, and their are no other copies."

"Hermione Granger?" Draco said, knowing the answer.

"But of course." The librarian said.

"Ahh, well thank you all the same." Draco turned and left the library. What was he going to do now? He need the blasted book to do his homework, but Granger had it. He walked down the corridor in thought. He could skip his homework all together. This idea appealed to him...very much. But he'd get low marks. Damn. He walked out of Hogwarts onto the grounds and breathed in deeply. He almost chocked on that same air as he saw Hermione and her son under the tree studying. He was faced yet again with more choices. He could run away. Or. He could go up to her and simply ask her for the book. 'Run!' 'STOP BEING SUCH A SPINELESS GIT GO GET THE BOOK AND GO UP TO YOUR ROOM AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK! BLIMEY MALFOY!'

"Shut up! All right just shut up!" He said out loud and clapped his hands over his ears.

"Who are you talking to?"

Malfoy whirled around and saw Hermione staring strangely at him. "N-no one."

"So then...who were you telling to shut up?"

"Myself....err...myself talks a lot." He mentally smacked himself.

"Ahh...ehh ok," Hermione smiled and shook her head before turning her attention back to her work.
Draco went to turn around and go back inside before making up his mind and walking towards Hermione.

"So...I was in the library," Draco began squatting down beside her, glancing briefly at the little one beside Hermione.


"And I was looking for a certain book..."

"Which book?"

"That one," he pointed to the heavy brown leather book Hermione had just turned to pick up, ready to start her other assignment.


"Yeah...I kind of need it."

"Oh well...sure I'll give it to Millicent to give to you after dinner, all right?"

"Acutally," Draco began fiddling with a blade of grass, "I sort of, needed it now."

"Oh...well I sort of need it too..."

"Right....well can't you use it later?" He asked hopefully.

"Well...I sort of need to get it out of the way...can you?," She glanced at J.D. then back at Draco.

"I do too, I mean need to get it out of the way."

"When's the assignment due?"

"It was due a while back...actually," Draco smiled innocently.

Hermione smiled a some what tired smile, "Boys.."

"So...can I have it?"

"Uhmm," Hermione looked at J.D. then back at the book in her lap. What could she do? She needed to finish her homework now, she had a baby to care for. But Draco needed it to, and she couldn't very well just tell him no. "How about...we share it?"

"Share it?"

"Yes, you know, while one is writing the other could be looking things up and such..."

Draco looked around, searching for an alternative, there wasn't one, "All right," He said and almost sat down before looking up and Hermione, "Do you mind?" He nodded at the blanket. Hermione shook her head no and he sat down beside her. They said nothing, neither did they let on how uncomfortably awkward their close proximity was, but simply went to work. The only words exchanged between them were the occasional 'You finished?' and 'No wait, one more second.' Several minutes passed before J.D. began wriggling around. Hermione did her best to ignore him and quickly scribbled down a couple more notes. The baby wriggled more and then started whimper. Seeing that she could no longer ignore her child, she put her book down and reached over for J.D.

"What's the matter with you?" She said and held him out in front of her. The baby's big grey eyes were shiny with unshed tears and his lower lip was out in a pout. [A/N: AWWW ^_^] "Can't you see, mummy's trying to work?" She turned J.D. around and sat him in her lap, "D'you mine, holding the book?"

Draco shook his head and took the large tome in his lap.

"Stop it J.D. behave," Hermione said, gently prying the tip of her quill from J.D.s little fingers.

"He's bored," Draco said.

"I know he is, but he has to sit still until I'm finished."

"Why didn't you ask Millicent to baby sit?"

"Millicent has her own work to do. Besides, J.D.'s my child, not hers."

"How about ickle Simms?" Draco spat out his name.

"Ugh, don't even talk to me about that one," Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Why? Trouble in paradise?"

"Funny," Hermione wrinkled her nose at him, "He's worst enemy right now."

"Why? What happened?" On the outside, it seemed as though Hermione and Jared's fight didn't make any difference to him, but on the inside he was dancing about with joy.

"He just said some things. Some very inconsiderate things."


"He made something that just happened to have been a big deal to me seem petty and stupid."


"Ugh! He makes me so--ugh!" She clenched and unclenched her fist as she thought back to earlier that day.

"Hey what's this?" Draco reached over Hermione's arm and pulled out a glass jar with three colourful sparklys flying around.

"Oh that," Hermione had forgotten about her butterflies, "Butterflies, I made them in transfiguration."

"Nice," Draco said.

"Thanks. No don--" But it was too late. Draco had unscrewed the lid and let the paper butterflies out. J.D. squealed excitedly as a butterfly circled around his blond little head. He reached for it but fell over. Hermione giggled and sat him back up. Draco smiled as a butterfly landed on Hermione's nose and she giggled that wonderful giggle of hers.

"Hey let's play a game," He said standing up. He drew his wand from his robes and muttered a spell which duplicated the butterflies. After doing so 9 times there were 27 butteflies swarming around the three of them. Next Draco magicked in a second glass jar. "Whoever gets 14 butterflies in his jar gets to finish their homework first, the other has to wait til the winner's done. Deal?"

Hermione looked at her notebook, it appeared they both still had quite a bit to do but thought she deserved a break, "Okay, ready? Go." She said and reached up catching a butterfly in her hands and put it into the jar. They continued to run around, laughing, grabbing blindly at the swirl of colours around them. Having kept count Hermione thought 13 as she put another butterfly in her jar. That meant... Draco glanced over at her, then back around before spotting a speck of colour near another tree that wasn't too far off. Hermione looked at J.D. quickly, thought he looked quite content before running towards the other tree as fast as she could.

"No!" Draco cried and reached up to grab the butterfly just as Hermione did and both their hands cupped the little insect.

"It's mine!" Both shouted.

"No I got it first!"

"No you didn't I did!"

"I'm oldest!"

"I'm a lady!" Hermione glanced back behind her and started walking backwards toward her baby carefully.

"It's my butterfly!"

"No it's not! I made them!"

"The game was my idea!"

"You're killing it!"

"No you are!"

"Ok, Let's call it a tie, on the count of three we both let go...ready? 1...2.."

"THREE!" Draco said and quickly unscrewed the lid on Hermione's jar and setting all her captives free.

"Cheater!" Hermione giggled and did the same to Draco's jar.

"Hey!" He laughed and tackled Hermione, tickling her and laughing as she giggled, begging for him to stop.

"Who wins Hermione?" He growled in her ear.

She giggled, "I do."

He tickled her even more backing up and tripping over a root, falling. Hermione's smile slowly faded off her face as she realized she had, yet again, fallen on Draco.

"I'm sorry," She said and made to get off of him, but draco held her arms. She looked at him.

"Why does this keep happening?"

Hermione shrugged and got off him.

Resisting the strong urge to kiss her, Draco got up and dusted himself off, "You can have the--uh..the book, I'll just do my homework tommorow."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah..just err...give it to Millicent will you? As soon as you're done," He picked up his things, looked back at Hermione as if wanting to say more, but turned back away and started up towards the castle.

"Oh J.D." Hermione sighed picking her baby up off the blanket and staring at Draco's back as he walked, "Your father will never know just how much I love him," She stared at her baby and kissed his forehead. She drew back a little quickly. His forehead had seemed a bit warmer than usual. She looked at him, and decided she was being paranoid. Her boy couldn't be any healthier. She packed up her things, and with her baby in one arm and her book in the other she started up back to the school.
* * *
"Blimey Hermione how gorgeous is he?!" Harry exclaimed taking J.D. in his arms and kissing his forehead.

"He's quite the looker that's for sure," Hermione beamed. Harry held J.D. up over his head and rubbed his larger nose against the baby's little one.

"Is he ever. What's his name again?"


"Short for...?"

"Joshua Drac--we just call him J.D."

Harry got the idea and smiled at her sadly. He pulled out a piece of chocolate and gave it to the baby.

"He's going to develop a sweet tooth before he has any teeth," Hermione joked.

"A little chocolate never hurt anyone." Harry said and bounced J.D. in his arms. J.D. smiled one of his drooly smiles and sucked on the chocolate, "He's not fussy at all."

"Not really no. He takes to certain people really well, and even when he doesn't, he doesn't cry, he just sort of sits there."

"I think he likes me."

"I think he likes you too."

Harry smiled and gave the baby back to his mom, "Reckon I better get off to bed, G'night Mione," He said and hugged her before heading up to the boy's dorm.

Hermione said goodnight as well and went up to her own dorm. Having sent Draco his book by owl earlier that day she was surprised to find a piece of parchment with the words 'open me' written across it in a familiar scrawly print.

-Why'd you run off so fast today?-
Hermione's heart sank, it wasn't from Draco or as she had hoped from Harry. It was from Jared.

*Why does it matter?*

-Blimey what's go your wand in a knot?-

*As if you don't kno*

-I don't...that's why I'm asking- Hermione rolled her eyes. She was tired and didn't especially feel like talking to Jared.

*Sorry I don't quite feel up to explaining it at the moment, goodnight Jared.*

-Right...well...sorry for what I did...whatever it was....and if it counts for anything...goodnight Hermione- Hermione crumpled up the parchment and set it on fire, and tossed the ashes out the window.
* * *
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