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Dear Dad,


You guys died. You died when I was 4 weeks old. I never got to meet you, never got to see mum smile, never got to share the fear of transformations with you dad. I never had parents. Harry says that he grew up without parents, that his mum and dad were killed when he was one. But at least in some part of his memory they are there. But at 4 weeks I wasn’t even a cognitive thinker, I was preoccupied about when my next meal came. No one told me anything about it until this year. 

I’m about to leave Hogwarts and until now, I knew that you and mom died. That’s it. Grandma Andromeda raised me with the help of Harry. My whole extended family disowned grandma when she married grandpa. And that Harry is my godfather. That’s it, all I knew until two weeks ago when Aunt Hermione called me into her office to tell me all about my parents. 

She told me that my dad was best friends with Harry’s dad, that I got this metamorphosis thing from mom and that the Werewolf thing is from you. I was told that you were in the Order of the Phoenix, that you were there when Harry defeated Voldemort. Aunt Hermione also told me that you taught Defense against the Dark Arts when Harry was in third year. I was told so many things that I couldn’t hear anymore. She also told me though, that mom had a chance. 

Aunt Hermione told me that if she hadn’t been selfish about you, she would have been at home for me. She wouldn’t have died. So why dad, why did you let her stay with you at the castle, why did you have to go save the world? Why couldn’t you have stayed with mom? 

Harry didn’t need you like I need you now. Harry didn’t have you by his side when he defeated Voldemort, but I need you by my side now dad. I need someone to tell me how to pick up a girl, and how to pull a prank. I need the guy who gave me my sandy blond hair, who gave me his furry little problem, who loved my mom, who cared for Harry when no one else did.The guy who even though he was scared helped his friends, who taught at Hogwarts.

I need a dad. I won’t know what to do when I start a family. Or when I have to tell my son that he’s a werewolf, I won’t know what it feels like to have my dad clap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Good job son. I’m proud of you’ Harry is not a good replacement. I love him, Ginny, Lily, Albus and James. But not like I would have loved you or mom. 

So, while I’d enjoy nothing more than to tell you I hate you for abandoning me, I can only say, I love you dad, and I miss you. I also have to ask, why did you have to go?


A/n: tell me what you guys think. This is going to be a series of one shots. So look for the next one soon.

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