“What the hell are you doing here?” Lily asked. 

“I was hoping we could talk inside?” James replied. 

“Fine,” Lily said, “Just let me get my purse.” Lily opened up the driver’s-side door and reached over to the passenger’s side to get her things. James tried not to stare at her ass but it was too tempting. Finally Lily retrieved her purse.                           

“Come on,” Lily said briskly. James followed Lily into the house. As they walked down the front hall to the living room, James admired the pictures of Harry. Lily dropped her purse next to the hall closet before sitting down on the couch. James just looked at her. “Please sit,” Lily said motioning to the armchair opposite her. James sat down. “He has your eyes,” James commented. Lily looked to her right and picked up the picture of Harry that was on the side table. 

“Where was that taken?” James asked Lily. 

“On our vacation to New York last summer,” Lily smiled. Suddenly Lily put the picture back in it’s spot and stared at James. 

“Now what do want?” Lily asked, “Why are you here?” James continued to stare at Lily. 

“What? I need a reason to see my son?” James asked. 

“YES!” Lily almost shouted.
“Alright,” James stared, “Ok, I wanted to see Harry and you.” 

Lily stared at him. Was he insane? Did he actually mean what Lily thought he meant? 

“I’ve missed you Lily,” James said. Lily looked into James’s eyes. He seemed to be telling the truth. He must be insane, Lily thought. She laughed before she said anything to James. “What’s so funny?” James asked confused. 

“What’s so funny?” Lily repeated disbelievingly. “I was right you are insane.” 

“What are you talking about?” James asked. 

“You have put me through hell for the past eight years. You left me James. You proposed to me, got me pregnant, then left. No note. No owl. Nothing. You just left. And now eight years later, you say you missed me and you want tot get to know your son?” Lily finished as she felt hot tears welling in her eyes. “Get out. Now” Lily commanded. Clearly James was taken off guard. 

“What?” James asked. 

“I said GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!” Lily screamed. James jumped up. 

“What did I…” but James was cut off as Lily began throwing pillows at him. James bolted for the front door. 

“Lily listen to me!” James pleaded one last time. 

“I don’t wanna here it!” Lily yelled. Lily followed James down the hall, where she yanked out her wand from her bag. James eyes grew huge. He yanked opened the front door and pulled out his wand. Lily stopped dead in her tracks. 

“You wouldn’t,” she gasped. 

“You’re right,” James said,” I wouldn’t.” With a loud pop, James disappeared into thin air. 

Lily slammed the door closed. She leaned her back against it before slowly sinking to the floor. As she reached the floor she burst into tears. The Lily heard the door to the garage open and Harry come running. She heard him stop at the door that lead to the kitchen from the hallway. 

“Mum?” he asked timidly. “Mum who was that? What happened?” Lily wiped her tears away before getting up. 

“Pack a bag,” Lily said looking down at Harry. 

“Where are we going?” Harry asked surprised that Lily hadn’t answered his questions. 

“You’re going to spent a week at Grandma’s house alright?” Lily said. Harry nodded and ran up the stairs to his bedroom to pack his things. 

Harry’s mother still hadn’t answered his question. That could only mean one thing. It was about his father James. Maybe, Harry thought, that man was my dad?  

Harry pondered on that while downstairs, Lily was making phone calls. 

“Mum?” Lily asked as her mother picked up the phone. “I need you to watch Harry. Yes I know it’s sudden. Please. I’ll explain when I get there. Thanks. Bye.” With that Lily hung up. Next she called Amy. 

“Amy? I need you over here within the next hour. Yes it’s an emergency!” With that Lily hung up. And last she had to call her work. 

“May I speak with Mr. Robertson?” Lily asked. She was put on hold for five minutes before she was connected through. 

“Lily?” her boss asked. 

“Yes, I was just wondering if I could take the week off. I can’t find anyone to watch Harry?” 

“Oh yes of course,” Mr. Robertson said. 

“Thank you so much sir,” Lily said before hanging up.   

 Harry came bounding down the stairs, bag and a stuffed golden snitch in his arms. 

“Ready sweetheart?” Lily asked. Harry nodded as she ushered him to the car.



James appeared with another loud crack, inside a London apartment. It appeared to have been well kept, but it was old, at least 1960’s.  James shook his shoulders, trying to get rid of the stretching feeling. He collapsed on the beat-up old sofa. He had his arms resting on his knees and his head bent low, as he stared at the hard wood floor. 

“Hey Moony!” a voice called out from one of the side rooms, “Prongs is back!” With that, two men bounded out into the living room. Remus Lupin and Sirius Black were James’s best friends. James had been living with them for a few months now. Suddenly the friends stopped. They looked at James and then at each other. “It didn’t work,” the two said together. They then sat down on either side of James. 

“What happened mate?” Remus asked. 

“What do you think?” James replied. Then James sighed, sat back on the couch and ran his hand through his hair. 

“I told you so,” Sirius sat, also sitting back. 

“Padfoot, this is not the time,” Remus scolded. 

Finally James stood up. 

“Why didn’t you two tell me?”  James asked, spinning around to face them. 

“Tell you what?” Sirius replied. 

“How beautiful she was? Or how Harry looked?” James said becoming frustrated with his friends. 

“We figured you should find out for yourself,” Remus said looking up at James.
“And besides,” Sirius added, “If either of us had said she was hot enough to shag, you would have murdered us.” 

At this, James grinned. “That you’re right about,” he smiled. 

James sat down in an armchair across from Remus and Sirius. “She was just so beautiful,” James sighed, again running his hand through his hair.“She’s just as pretty as the day I first laid my eyes on her in our first year.” For a while the friends were silent, until James broke it. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” he said standing up. “Oh and if you two see her anytime soon, don’t you dare mention me. Got it?” Remus and Sirius nodded. 

As the warm water ran over James, he thought of how he was going to get Lily back. Wait, he thought, I don’t want Lily back. I want her to be happy. Even if that means that I’m not in her life anymore. Not that I have been recently, but… I have to at least explain why I left. But I think I’ll let her cool off for a few days first.



It was about noon. Lily had dropped Harry off at her mother’s about ten minutes ago. She was currently sitting on her couch staring at the chair that James had been sitting in. All she did was stare. She didn’t think. Thinking would have been too much right now. She was so confused she didn’t know where to begin. She absolutely loathed James for what he did to her and at the same time the feelings that she had had for him were coming back. And she didn’t know why. They had no right to. She hated him and that was that. She shouldn’t love him, but she had begun to think that she still did.

 “Where the bloody hell is Amy?” Lily said aloud. Right at that moment the doorbell rang. Lily couldn’t open that door faster. As soon as she saw Amy she yanked her inside. 

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Amy said as Lily dragged her in. “What is this all about?” Amy asked as she followed Lily into the living room. Lily sat down on one end of the couch while Amy sat on the other. “Will you please tell me-“ but Amy was cut off by Lily. 

"James came back today,” Lily said. 

Amy’s jaw dropped. “What?” she asked in disbelief. 

Lily told Amy the whole story and why James had come back. “Why that son of a bitch!” Amy almost yelled. 

“Shhhhhhhh!” Lily scolded her. “You can’t tell anyone. The only other person who knows is my mother.” Amy nodded. 

“So what are you going to do know?” Amy asked. 

“Well I took the week off from work, just incase he does decide to come back. I don’t want any more surprises for one-week thank you very much,” Lily said. “But do you want to know something weird?” Lily asked. 

“What?” Amy replied. 

“For the first ten minutes he was here,” Lily said, “ I was so happy that he was alive that all I wanted to do was kiss him.”

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