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4-year-old Harry Potter had just been beaten up by his cousin Dudley and Dudley had just issued his first threat that no one was to befriend Harry.


They left and Harry sat on the floor, lonely, though not for the first time so far in his life.


A girl, the cleverest in their class, with bushy brown hair sat next to him and squeezed his hand.


‘Don’t worry,’ she said softly and reassuringly ‘I like you, I’ll be you’re friend.’


Harry smiled at her, probably for the first time ever. ‘I like you too,’ he said.


The next day Dudley found out and beat her up, but no scream passed her lips, merely a gasp of pain as her arm broke.


The next day she didn’t come to school, or the next, or the next, it turned out she had left.


Harry was now fifteen and returning to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for his fifth year along with his orange-haired friend Ron Weasley.


‘Should be a good year,’ said Ron pulling his trunk onto the Hogwarts express on platform nine and three-quarters. ‘Apart from the O.W.L examinations.’


‘Yeah,’ said Harry, the O.W.L’s were wizarding exams, like G.C.S.E’s. A girl with Elegant brown curls brushed past him pulling her heavy trunk with tremendous ease and skill.


Their eyes met and she smiled at him before entering a compartment.


‘C’mon,’ said Harry ‘let’s find a compartment, before their all full.’


Once they entered an empty compartment the train was already moving, they stowed away their trunks and owls above the seats.


Harry’s snowy owl, Hedwig, was still sleeping and so was Ron’s barn owl, Pigwidgeon.


So they began to relax, and no sooner than fifteen minutes into the ride the girl entered the compartment.


‘Have any of you seen a toad?’ she asked ‘a boy called Neville’s lost one.’


‘Not again!’ exclaimed Ron.

‘Don’t bother looking for him,’ said Harry and the girls eyes fell on him and a smile met her lips. ‘It happens every year, he always turns up.’


‘Okay,’ she said and she turned to the compartment door and then turned back.


‘You’re Harry Potter?’ she asked. Every wizard knew his name because he was famous for defeating the dark wizard who killed his parents, though he had returned, he had to defeat him again.


‘Yeah,’ said Ron ‘but he’s not doing autographs.’


‘I don’t do autographs,’ Harry told Ron, why did he choose to embarrass him in front of a girl.


The girl gave a laugh and said ‘you don’t remember me do you? Let’s keep this simple, how’s Dudley? You’re cousin.’


Harry stood up ‘you’re the girl,’ he said.


‘More commonly known as Hermione,’ she said ‘Hermione Granger. Who’s you’re friend?’


‘Ron Weasley,’ said Ron.


‘Er,’ said Harry unaware of what to say ‘how have you been?’


‘Really good,’ said Hermione ‘after I got beaten up by Dudders, I learnt Taequando, I’m a black-belt now, I’d like to see Dudley beat me now.’ She paused and said ‘I’m sorry for leaving, I wasn’t running away my dad got a job in Wales, a beautiful place, not like England. It has beautiful mountains, you can walk for miles. How’ve you been?’


Harry murmured something but Hermione didn’t hear, she seemed to understand.


‘Sorry, stupid question,’ she said.


‘What are you doing here?’ asked Harry, Ron merely watched with interest. ‘I thought you were in Wales.’


‘We had to move back,’ said Hermione ‘so I have to move wizarding school’s, pity I liked my last one.’


‘Do you want to stay here?’ asked Harry.


‘No thanks,’ said Hermione smiling at him ‘there’s a fourth-year girl called Ginny in my compartment, she seems nice, I haven’t really been that good at making friends.’


‘Me either,’ said Harry.


‘She is nice,’ said Ron and when Hermione raised her eyebrows he added ‘she’s my sister.’


‘Well… I’ll see you,’ said Hermione and Harry watched her leave the compartment.’


‘How do you know her?’ asked Ron.


‘She’s…’ said Harry ‘my friend from primary.’


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