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Chapter 1
Lily Evans walked up the Hogwarts Express peering in the compartments looking for a greasy haired boy. Usually he would find a compartment before anyone else got on the train, she glanced sideways to see Potter and his Gang’s compartment, her stress level dropped a bit due to the fact that she wouldn’t have to pull Potter off Severus. A few compartments down she saw her friend, Mary, who loved to hang out with Nicole, Chloe, Sophie, and Glenn, so naturally they were sitting together. Mary stepped out and said,

“Hey Lily, guess what?”

“What Mary?” Lily said impatiently, she wanted to get back to her search.

“I’m a prefect, and so is Nicole and Glenn” she said with so much excitement Lily was afraid her friend was going to wet her pants,

“Congrats,” Lily said still with impatient ness, “have you seen Sev?”

“No……And we’re not sitting with him” but the last part of her sentence was never heard by her friend, she was all ready down the hall still looking into compartments.

As she entered the carriage that the seventh years sat she quickened her pace the quicker she got out of there the better, being a fifth year and all. When the last compartment came she knew he had to be in there or they were playing hide and go seek. She quickly glanced in only to see Severus laughing with the Death Eaters to be, Lily knew this would not be a great time to walk in, due to her being muggle-born.

She walked into her friend’s compartment they were all reading, only glancing up to see who it is. She sits down and pulls out a book when Mary looks at her watch and says, “Well it’s nearly time.”

“Nearly time for what?” Lily asked with curiosity.

“Nearly time for Prefect duties,” Glenn said with the it’s-so-obvious tone in her voice.

Naturally thought Lily, she hung out with the smartest girls of her year (from three of the four houses); although they were in different houses they still enjoyed being together. Even though she had a friend from Slytherin he never really liked hanging out with other girls. No sooner then when she tried to read again when Potter and his gang filtered through the door. People loved sitting near Lily for this, they adored seeing Sirius Black up close. Lily merely glanced from her reading, and then tried with all her might to stay focused on reading.

“I see you aren’t protecting Snivilly Evans?” Potter sneered, a couple of his friends laughed, Lily couldn’t tell which because she was so focused on not lifting her graze. But she couldn’t help noticing his breath on her face, he must be very close. “Why don’t you put that book down and snog me? We all now you want to” Potter through out, he always had a way of throughing thoughts out so causally

“Shove off Potter, Don’t you have something better to do?” she said half hoping that he would go and torment someone else,

“Looks like today’s not the day Prongs, you owe me a sickle.”

“Alright, alright Padfoot. Hey Evans, I’m always open.” And with that they walked out, only then did Lily put down her book. The girls played Exploding Snaps and put together well thought out study plans for their fifth year for the rest of the train ride.

When they got into Hogsmead Station they heard the familiar cry of “First ‘ears over ‘ere, first ‘eres” they walked down the path until they came to the horse-less carriages, Lily and her friends managed to get one to themselves. Lily kept glancing over her shoulder seeing if she saw Severus, since she didn’t, she assumed he must be a head of her.

After the sorting ceremony, Lily glanced at the Slytherin table only to see Severus chatting and laughing with the people who have tried cursing her. He glanced in her direction once, giving her the I’ll-see-you-after-dinner look. When the feast came to a close, Lily asked Mary franticly, “What’s the Gryffindor pass word?”

“Flabbergasted,” Mary answered with proud ness, it was something she knew and Lily didn’t, and then ran off to help the first years to the dormitories.

When the Death Eaters to be had finally left the hall she stood up to leave, only to see Severus stand up to, finally she would be able to talk to him without Petunia listing in. “So how was the train ride?” Lily asked, “I mean hanging out with the big boys on the block?”

“Would you shove off, I was only in there because they said to, or else they would have made me.” Severus responded

“Well, what did they want?” Lily asked just as fast as he could respond.

“Wonder why I was always hanging out with you, just told them you had an excessively large crush on me……” but that was all of the story he was able to tell her because he just had a extremely large blow to the ear, “What the bloody hell was that for?” he bellowed at his companion.

“I do not have even the slightest feelings towards you, at least not that way.” Lily pointed out, she wanted to make this very clear with Severus, just like with everyone else.

When Lily Evans walked into the Gryffindor common room, all she wanted to do was go straight to bed, to bad Potter was lying on the couch. She tried to hide behind her hand but it was no use, “Hey Evans!” Potter called.

“Put a sock in it Potter what ever it is, I don’t want to hear it.” And with that she stopped up to her dormitory without another glance behind her.

Lily woke up the next morning feeling well rested and as if this year was going to be different. She pulled on her school robes and started sorting her books into piles so it would be an easy grab after breakfast. She caught up with Mary in the common room. “How does being a prefect feel?” Lily asked her.

“Alright, it is a lot of responsibility and you have to patrol corridors every now and then,” Mary replied, “I’m so excited about this year,” this is what made Mary her best friend, she had the unexpected sudden out bursts of excitement, “I mean taking the O.W.L.s and figuring out what job we want to do, I don’t know if I can decide this early, I mean I’m only fifteen….”

“Calm down Mary, we are all worried,” Lily lied, she more excited then anything at the moment, “come on let’s get some breakfast.”

Breakfast and getting schedules went as smoothly as capably possible. After Lily and Mary got their schedules they dashed up to the dormitories, Lily was glad she sorted her books earlier because once they got up there they had five minutes to get to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Although they made it in time Lily felt a little rushed which didn’t help when they where trying to practice non-verbal spells. The first day of classes went just like all the others do, and just like all others there was a heavy load of homework on the first night. Mary was out patrolling so Lily was left to do her work alone. She decided to do the charm essay first on the beating charm, where objects would start beating other objects. When she came to the part of the essay where she had to describe the usage of this charm, she had to stop and think, only to see Potter strutting over towards her and pulling up a chair, “Hey Evans,” he said with the simplicity as if they normally hung out,

“What Potter?” Lily said, she thought what ever Potter had to say he would say it, even if that meant that he would stand up in front of everyone in the Great Hall during breakfast, in a little corner of the common room was much better.

“Snivilly says he loves you and wanted me to give you this….” He leaned over to give her a kiss but she was to fast for him, she slapped him in the face sending him onto the ground, but before he could get up she pointed her wand at her books and imminently began hitting Potter as he ran to the other side of the room to get the counter curse from Lupin, who was nice enough to bring Lily’s books back. She then knew a use for the beating charm, hitting people when they get to close.

Besides the abnormally large amount of homework and James Potter, Lily’s fifth year was one of the best so far. She hung out with Severus in the Library after dinner; she enjoyed hanging out with him he was very kind, considerate, funny (most jokes were about Potter), smart, and the way his nose hooked made him very attractive. In Lily’s mind if you looked past his unpopular ness he was just someone everyone would want to be best friends with. Whenever she told Mary about this, she would start giggle ling and tell her that she was in love with Severus, her response was always ‘well, at least he is twice as good as Potter ever thinks he can be.’

Potter made it his duty to ask Lily out at least three times a day and torture Severus when ever he was alone, so Lily started to walk to all of the classes they had together, together. This only made Potter ask her out more frequently, but Lily’s reply was always the same ‘no’. She started saying it before he would even ask; she seemed to be able to smell his foul stench a mile away.

By mid-November the first Quiddich match came on a cool crisp morning, even though Lily despised Quiddich she decided to go, not to route on Potter, like every else in the house, but to route on the team, she always enjoyed victory. After breakfast she grabbed the novel she was reading and headed towards the pitch, she walked into the Gryffindor stands, she spotted Mary in the front, screaming her head off. Lily walked toward the back and sat herself down and began to read; the romance, the action, the drams, oh this book is so interesting she thought, the noise level escalated, she wondered whether Gryffindor had won yet, the noise level dropped with ease, but she could not pull herself away from her book, but then she heard her name called, “Lily” it rang out in a soft soothing voice, she tore her eyes up to see Severus sitting next to her. The stadium was completely empty except for the two.

“Oh is the match over?”

He nodded, “you guys won, Potter caught the snitch very early, and some people thought it was the shortest game in Hogwarts’ history. Anyway when every one left, I thought I’d pry you away from your book before Potter did.” She chuckled softly and a warm smile spread across his face, “Come on” Severus said and they walked back to the castle, as they walked they arguing which house was going to win the Quiddich cup.

When they reach the portrait of the Fat Lady, Lily turned to Severus, “well Sev, sorry to end our argument, but I have to go to the Gryffindor common room and return my book and attempt to calm Mary down. You want to hang out after lunch, by the beech tree next to the lake?”

“Oh, ya, sure,” he responded as his smile grew wider

“Alright, see you then,” she turned to face the Fat Lady and muttered, “goose bumps,” the portrait swung open, and Lily stepped inside.

Severus watched Lily go behind the portrait, the smile quickly fell off his face, it wasn’t because he didn’t enjoy being in her company, it was that he missed her when she left (even when it was for a moment or two), she was the reason he got up every morning, anyone that knew him knew he was in love with Lily Evans, and he wouldn’t deny it, in fact it was the reason he hated Potter so much, because Potter also fancied Lily Evans, but he made more of a show out of it, Severus always wondered if he really was in love with Lily. Potter knew Severus was in love with Lily, and he thought to make an ongoing dueling contest over the past five years would be the test of who really did love Lily. Severus had not given up yet, even though he was the most unpopular boy in school, Lily was still on his side and that’s all that mattered.

He approached the entrance to the Slytherin common room, “freeze blast” he murmured and entered the green and black room, it was the same was usual, the Death Eaters to be were huddled in a corner, Severus didn’t believe in their ideas but it was nice to have some friends, other than Lily.

“Still not all goo-goo eyed over that mudblood?” came the shrilling voice of Bellatrix Black.

“No,” he lied, her laugh was the only thing he heard as he headed towards his dormitory, and he had to look a little bit better for Lily after lunch. He ran a towel through his hair trying to wipe as much grease off as possible, why his hair produced so much grease, beats him, he always thought it had something to do with hormones, “Stupid hormones” he said out loud, they were one of the reasons why he was so unpopular, but if every thing worked out between him and Lily, he would be up on the high charts, but that didn’t matter to him, he would be with Lily Evans, the most perfect girl in the world for him. Better yet, the look on Potter’s face when he saw them.

He was so nervous that he decided to skip lunch and just head for the lake, not that being with Lily made him nervous, it was just hat this was their first non-studious hang out.

Lily stood up after lunch and wandered over towards the grounds where the beech tree stood, in the shadows sat a scrawny boy. Lily sat herself down beside him, “Isn’t beautiful out here?” she asked him.

“Yes, but I think there is something more beautiful out there.”

“What?” Lily asked with curiosity.

“Guess,” he said, he wasn’t just going to tell her straight out, maybe after some time.




“No,” he smiled a deep, rich smile, she looked at him as if looking for a clue, she thought about it, maybe he meant her, but they were just friends, she decided to try it, but before she could open her mouth, Potter burst out of thin air saying,

“How about Potter and Evans?”

“You know, that would be the most disgusting thing to me.” Severus said, it made Lily smile. Apparently his comment crossed the line, because Potter drew out his wand and muttered some inaudible spell that cased Severus to get boils all over his face. Lily thought quickly, Potter’s spells usually can cases damage very quickly, she needed to get Severus up to the Hospital Wing quickly; she grabbed his hand, pulled him up, and pushed Potter down on her way up.

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