September 2nd

It's my birthday! YAY! I'm seventeen and I've been made Head girl! I wonder if I have any presents? I looked over the edge of my bed and saw a pile of presents. Without waiting I hopped up and grabbed them. I got a 10 galleon gift card to Flourish and Blotts from Harry, a bracelet from the Weasleys, make up from Parvati and Lavender, rock cakes from Hagrid, and a letter from Mum and Dad. What could be in the letter? I'll open it and find out.

Dear Hermione,
Happy 17th birthday Hermione! We want you to have the best birthday dear, but we have something to tell you. Hermione, you are adopted. When you were born your mother gave you to a muggle orphanage. We came along and adopted you. We love you so much no matter what. We have enclosed a letter from your mother in here. We respect your personal items and did not read it.
With all the love no matter what,
Mum and Dad

Oh my, I'm adopted. Hermione don't explode. Deep breaths. I need to read that letter.

Dear Crissy (that's your real first name),
If you are reading this you are now 17. Happy Birthday! I know you are wondering why I gave you up. I did that to protect you. It was dark times when you and your twin brother were born. Yes, you have a twin. Your father is a supporter of Voldemort and I am not. He knew about your brother but you were a surprise. To keep you safe I immediately gave you up. I put charms on you to make you look different and I'm happy to say that they will wear of today.
Your brother will look like you without the charms. He's at Hogwarts in his seventh year as well. Please go find him and show him this letter and he will tell you if it is safe to owl me.
I miss you,
Your Mother
P.S. I've put in 1000 galleons for you. I know I love to shop and I think you will to. Anyway, with a new look you need new clothes. Have fun! : )
I am so shocked. This is way to much, new parents, a brother, and a new appearance. Oh my god, my appearance! I sat bolt straight and looked in my mirror. I gasped. I got shorter, my eyes turned dark blue, almost violet, I got side bangs, and my hair turned long, curly, and black! I looked down, I became super curvy and skinny! As much of a shock this is, I think that deep down I had always knew something like this would happen. I have to go tell Ginny, Harry, and Ron! 

“ Harry, Ron, Ginny! Come here!” I screamed as I ran to the Gryfindor tower. The three of them ran down the stairs looking for me. 

“ Excuse me,” Harry asked, “ have you seen Hermione Granger?” 

“ Harry! It's me!” I said. They all looked stunned. 

“Mione?” Ron asked. 

“ Yeah, listen you three. I have to tell you something.” 

“ You better,” Ginny said. I could see that she was more angry than surprised that she wasn't the first to know about my new appearance. 

“ Well, the first thing is that I'm adopted. No guys I do not know who my parents are. When my mother gave me up, for my protection, she put some charms on me to alter my appearance. Now that I'm 17 they are wearing off. This is my true appearance. All I know about my family is that my twin brother looks like me, is at Hogwarts, is in the same year, and that my real name is Crissy.” I told them all. 

“ Oh Mione!” Harry said as the three of them hugged me. “Who do you think is your brother?” 

“ Um...” I said. Truthfully I had given this so much thought and had come up with only one possibility. “Harry, the only person with black, curly hair is Blaise Zabini.” 

“Hermione we can't be your friend if you are related to a Slytherin. It's them or us.,” Ron said harshly. 

“ Then you aren't true friends. Leave me alone, now!” I yelled at them. How dare they? I'm not upset actually, only mad. They got some mean revenge coming to them. 

Later: At night 
“ Malfoy, open up your door,” I said as I knocked on his room. I had the letter in my hand and was going to show him it, and my new appearance. 

“ Yes Granger?” he asked as he opened his door. Once he saw me he froze with his mouth open. 

“ I need you to read a letter and tell me if you know who wrote it,” I said with a very Slytherin-like smirk. “Here.” I gave him the letter and watched him read it. 

“ That's Mrs. Zabini's writing. I guess you are his sister.”
It was my turn to stare. I am a Zabini!?! “ So can I write to her?” I asked. Please say yes. 

“ Yeah, she meant by safe if your Father was alive, which he isn't so you can write.” 

“Yes, wait, how come you're taking this so well? I thought you would of punched me or something,” I realized. 

“ I've known since your Father and my parents died last week at Voldemort's side.” He said it like it was nothing. I would have been devestated if my father had died. Wait he was my father. But I didn't know he was so it doesn't matter. 

“ I'm going to write to my Mum,” I said. 

“ You can write it in my room, I know you don't have an owl either,” Draco said. 

“ Thanks Draco,” I said as I walked in. What, I had called him Draco! Well, I guess I'm going to have to get used to it if he's my brother's best friend. 

His room was amazing! It was the perfect amount of green and silver. There was a king size bed, a sofa, a stone fireplace, a couple of armchairs, and a desk. I went to the desk and sat down. Since all the parchment he had was died dark green I looked in my bag for some of mine. After a couple of minutes I found some of mine, it was tan with a red border. Here's what I wrote:

Dear Mum,
Obviously since I am writing I have found my brother Blaise, well his close friend. I believe you know Draco Malfoy. He said that Father died. I'm sorry about it even though I've never met him. I still cannot believe that I'm adopted, let alone a Zabini. As you might know Blaise and I have a bad past filled with insults and hatred, though not as bad as Draco and mine. He seems so nice now that he's not under his father's control. I don't know about Blaise but I'm willing to put the past behind and start fresh, and also with Draco.
Speaking of starting fresh, I have a totally new body and look. I have heard that you had a flare for style before the war. Maybe, if you agree, I can go to our house during the weekend and you can help me spend the 1,000 galleons that you so kindly gave me.
With Much Love,
Your Daughter,
Hermione Granger or Chrissy Zabini

“ Where's you owl?” I asked. 

“ She's sitting on the windowsill,” Draco answered not looking up from his book that he was reading. I walked over to the owl and tied the note to it's leg. It hooted then flew off. 
“ I'm going to bed,” I said. 

“ Night, see ya tomorrow morning,” Draco answered me. 

“ Huh?” I asked. 

“ Oh, your Mum is going to pull us out of school till Monday. And if your wondering, since my parents died I'm living with you. She's taking you, Blaise, and me,” he said. 

“ Oh, Okay,” I said as I went to my room.
I sat down on my bed and sighed. This was a lot to happen in one day. I had just gotten comfortable when Draco's owl swooped through the window. I took the letter from her leg and opened it up.

Dear Hermione,
Would you like to be called Hermione or Chrissy? I don't think that Draco or Blaise mentioned to you that I was going to take you, Draco, and Blaise to our mansion for the week. When you get there I'd love to take you shopping! It will be the two of us and we can get the boys to carry our stuff. You don't have to answer by owl since it's getting late. I'll wait till I see you tomorrow.
Good Night,
I fell asleep right after changing into a pale blue cami and royal blue short soffe shorts. 

The Next Morning: September 3

The next morning I woke to someone shaking me.
“ What time is it?” I asked not opening my eyes. 

“ It's 7:45 and we're leaving,” A voice answered that sounded a lot like Malfoy. I shot up bullet straight. It was him and a boy with cute black curly hair who must be my brother.
“What are you two doing in my room?” I almost screamed. 

“ Telling you to get dressed,” Draco answered. 

“Fine then get out,” I said pointing to the door. 

“ If we do you'll go back to sleep,” he said. He was right. 

“Urg!” I yelled. I got up and went to my closet. I picked out khaki cargo capris, a pink cami, a brown zip-up jacket, and pink Converse. I magiced them on me and braided my hair into one braid. I did my makeup; lipgloss and mascara, and grabbed my wand. “ How are we getting to the house?” I asked. 

“Brooms,” Blaise said. 

“ Okay,” I said and did a charm on my hair to make it stay. 

“ I thought you couldn't fly,” Draco said. 

“ Harry was teaching me when we were friends,” I said as I grabbed my (old) Nimbus 2000. “ If I might say so I'm pretty good.” 

“ Let's go then,” Draco said. We walked out the doors to the Great Hall. 

“ Wait, I'm going to grab some breakfast!” I yelled as I ran into the hall.
Ignoring all the stares I went to my table quickly explained to Ginny, who said she didn't care who I was related to, and grabbed a slice of toast. I ran back out and saw the two boys already in the air. Smiling I got on my broom and shot off towards them. I passed them and did a loop in the air. They were stunned at how well I could fly. 

“ Told you I was good!” I yelled. “ Now come on!”
We flew there in about ten minutes. The house, no mansion, was beautiful! It was an old victorian styled mansion but was covered in stone. I flew down and landed in front of giant gates. The boys landed beside me. Blaise went forward and said a spell to open the gates. The three of us walked through to the mansion doors. Blaise opened them and walked in. It looked like a richer Hogwarts! Just then a woman walked into the room. She was a petite woman with short, curly black hair.
“ Draco, Blaise, Chrissy!” she yelled hugging us all. 

“ Chrissy?” Draco asked. 

“ Oh, that's Hermione's real name. By the way, dear, what would you like to be called?” Gabrielle, my Mum, asked. 

“ Oh, um, I like Hermione Chrissy Zabini. But my nickname has always been Mione,” I said. “Or Hermy.” I laughed at that. 

“ What's so funny?” Blaise asked. 

“ Well, in 5th year Harry Potter and I kind of got Professor Umbridge attacked by a giant who called me Hermy.” I answered. 

“ That was you!” the three of them screamed. 

“ Yeah,” I said blushing. 

“ That is so cool! She was the most annoying person ever!” Blaise yelled. “ You do anything else like that?” 

“ First year- battled a troll, got past a three headed dog, and played human chess, second year- made polyjuice potion, figured out the basilisk, and got petrified, third year-got attacked by a werewolf, went back in time, saved Sirius Black, saved a hippigriff, and punched you, Draco, fourth year- nothing, fifth year- battled death eaters at the ministry, and sixth year- figured out a mysterious writer and battled more death eaters.” I told them all. 

“ Wow, you should be in Slytherin,” Blaise said. 

“ You're not in Slytherin?” Mum asked. 

“ No, I'm in Gryffindor. And I did most of that stuff with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley my ex-friends.” I said then explained the trio's breakup. 

“ Oh, We'll just get you resorted,” she said like it was nothing. 

“ What? Are you crazy Mum?” I yelled. 

“ No. Mione, dear, I want you to get to know your brother and his friends better. And the whole Zabini line was in Slytherin and I wouldn't want the family to treat you bad,” Mum said. 

“ You have a point,” I sighed. 

“ Let's go shopping now!” Mum said excitedly. 

“ Oh no,” I heard Draco whisper to Blaise. I smirked. 

“ Okay, let's go!” I said. We flooed to a wizard mall and walked all over. I couldn't believe how much stuff I got After we got my clothes we went to get robes. I got dark and light green or black robes with the Slytherin crest on it. I then got a couple dresses. We sent the boys home with our bags and then went and got french manicures and pedicures. 

September 8, Early: When They Return To Hogwarts

The rest of the week went by fast. We talked and played and had fun. The Zabinis were nothing like I expected. They were nice and kind. Draco felt like part of the family. He was even nicer but he had a prank side, kind of like the Weasley twins. Oh, I'm gonna miss them, the twins that is. I mean what did they do to me?
When it was time to leave I hugged Mum goodbye and started out. She held me back and gave me a box. I opened it and found a gorgeous silver necklace with a green emerald on it. She said that it was hers and the emerald changed colors to match my outfit. I thanked her, put on the necklace, and said goodbye again.
I walked through the oak doors to Hogwarts and turned to go to the great hall.
“ We're going to Dumbledor's remember?” Blaise said. 

“ Oh yeah,” I said and turned to follow Draco. I knocked on the door and walked in. 

“ Ah, ready for your re-sortment?” Dumbledor asked me. 

“ As ready as I'll ever be,” I answered him. I pulled the hat on and heard it's voice 

“ Mrs Granger you're back? Oh it's not Granger anymore? Zabini? Wow, shocking! Gabrielle sent you back to be re-sorted. Ahhh. You would do great in Slytherin with your family. You are not the innocent little girl in your first year. You are cunning and break rules. It is SLYTHERIN!” the hat told me. Even if I look different I'm still Hermione and I don't want to be in Slytherin but oh, well. 

“ Congrats Mione,” Blaise said. “ You'll have so much fun with us, in fact we're holding a party tonight for everyone to get to know the real you, not the book-worm! We'll convice people to give you a second chance.” 

“ Fine, first show me our common room please, then we can party!” I said. Maybe some new friends would be a nice change? 

Later That Night: At the Party

I had found out that many of the Slytherins wanted to be my friend. The boys couldn't believe it was me and the girls and I cliqued. Especially me, Millisent Bulistrode, and Pansy. Pansy is really nice if you know her and Milli is actually so funny. But sadly, the party wasn't funny, or anything for that matter. Suddenly I got an idea. 

“ Everyone!” I said as I stood. All the heads turned to face me. “ Listen, this party is horrible! I know of a great muggle game that I've played before. I've changed a little to make it better. It's called truth or dare! It basicly is what is in the title but I'll explain it for any people who need it *cough *Crabbe, Goyle *cough *.” many laughs came for that one. “ The starter asks a person in the circle truth or dare and if they pick truth I give them some of my personal store of Veritaserum. If they pick dare I have enchanted them so that they have to do the dare. Shall we play?” 

“ Yeah!” answered everyone. They all sat in a circle. There was Milli, Pansy, Draco, Blaise, Theo Nott, and me. 

“ I'll go first, Milli truth or dare?” I said. 

“ Truth.” 

“ What's your worst reason for a detention?” 

“ I got caught in the great hall and was stuck but McGonnagul thought I had done it on purpopse and gave me a weeks worth. Blaise?” she said. 

“ Truth.” 

“ You are so quiet. Who do you think is the hottest here? Me, Pansy, or Mione?” 

“ You,” he said quickly and quietly. The room was shocked, Blaise never talked about 
who he liked. “ Mione truth or dare?” 

“ Truth,” I said startled. 

“ Who would you be most likely to kiss here?” 

“ Well, I wouldn't kiss my brother so I'd pick Draco. I absolutely love your hair and you have the best personality.” I said. Seeing their shocked expressions I added, “I don't care if the world knows who I like, they will learn that if you mess with Mione Zabini you will get revenge stuck up you in the worst place at the worst time.” I smirked thinking about how I had punched Draco. 

“ Bravo,” Theo said. 

“ Draco, truth or dare?” 

“ Dare. We need some action!” 

“ I dare you to... propose to McGonnagal tomorrow.” I said. “ And talk to me in class by note because I'm going to get lonely without people to talk to. I need to talk during class. You guys honestly thought I paid attention to all that stuff? I read the books in summer and doodle in class.” They all were shocked. The book-worm doesn't pay attention?!!! 

“ I want to join the notes!” Pansy and Milli yelled. Everyone else nodded in agreement. 

“ You can all pass with me,” I said. 

“ I'm tired can we call it quits?” Draco asked. I looked at the clock 1:05 am. We need to get some sleep. I nodded and everyone went their separate ways. Milli, Pansy, and I shared a dorm so we stayed up 30 minutes later talking about random things.

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