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Samantha woke up and got dressed in her robes. She grabebd her wand and walked out of her office looking for Tim. She walked all over Hogwarts and the Grounds aswell, but she didn't even she a trace of him. She asked a Hufflepuff girl if she had seen Tim and the girl responded, "Who's Tim?". Samantha then decided to go to her classroom and teach her class.

"Good Morning class." She said. Sam waved her wand and the word Animagus appeared in large letters on the board. "Can anyone tell me what an animagus is?"

A small brown headed girl from Ravenclaw raised her hand. Reminds me of mom. Samantha thought.

"Yes, Brittney."

"An animagus is a witch or wizard that can change into an animal at will. They have no choice of what animal they become. You can train to be an animagus unlike being a Metamorphmagus."

"Very goos Miss. Burt." Samantha said, "Now is anyone an animagus in this class?"

Only one person raised his hand. "Ok, now for everyone to see how someone turns into an animal." Samantha said.

She stood infront of the whole class and slowly turned into a falcon and flew across the classroom. Then she turned back into a human. Everyone clapped at what had happened.

"I am the second Transfiguration teacher that is an animagus."

Samantha finished up her class and walked out to the Grounds. She sat by the lake on a tree stump. She was still looking for Tim when a masked man walked behind her. He lifted his wand and shouted, "Reducto."

Samantha looked around but was to late to move out of the way. She was knocked to the ground. She grabbed her wand and yelled, "Expelliarmus." The man flew back onto the ground. She then lifted her wand at the Hogwarts entrance door and shouted, "Expecto Patronum." A silver dolphin appeared out of the tip of her wand. "Go tell Haley and Hal someone is attacking Hogwarts." and the Dolphin raced towards the door.


Haley and Hal were in the Great Hall eating lunch. The silver dolphin raced up to them and said in Samantha's voice, "Help Hogwarts is being attacked. I'm by the lake." Then the dolphin disolved into thin air. Haley grabbed her wand and ran towards the Entrace Hall along with Hal. They ran out into the Grounds towards the Black Lake. The man was about to curse Samantha who was on the ground. Haley lifted her wand from far away and shouted, "Stupefy." then man was hit and he fell over.

He then pointed his wand at Sam and shouted, "Sectumsumpra." and a deep gash appeared on her torso. Then he said, "Stupefy." and it hit her in the head and she hit the ground unconcious. After that the man transformed into a snake.

Haley and Hal ran to Samantha and picked her up. Haley lifted her wand and said, "Expecto Patronum." and a silver horse appeared out of her wand and she said, "Tell Headmaster Neville Longbottom that Hal and I have to take Samantha to St. Mungos. She was attacked by a Death Eater." Hal and Haley carried Samantha to the gates and they apparated to St. Mungos.

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