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Disclaimer: Well, do YOU think I'm J.K.Rowling? Yeah, didn't think so.

I was rudely awaken half an hour before my alarm went off by a massive crash from downstairs followed by a loud cry of "Merde!"

"What the hell are they doing down there?" I thought with a groan. I pulled my pillow over my head and tried to go back to sleep, just as the door flung open and Victoire flounced in fully dressed.

"Dominique!" she called, pulling the pillow off my head.

"You could've knocked." I grumbled at her

"This is my room too, I don't have to knock." she said, indignant.

"You do if i'm asleep." I said, pulling the pillow out of her hands and positoning it back over my head.

"Oh well, sorry," she said huffily. There was a pause as she tried to think of a mean comeback, "Maybe you should go to school like that. With the pillow over your head. It hides the gingerness."

I kicked her. Hard. She toppled backwards into her dresser with a scream and knocked all her fancy bottles full of hair conditioners and pimple removers onto the floor.

"What ees going on up zere?" called Mum from downstairs.

"What is going on down there, is more the question." I shouted back, referring to the crash that had woken me up.

"Auntie Gabbrielle walked into ze grandfather clock. Eet ees nothing! Now come down for your breakfast!"

I turned to Victoire who was picking up all her bottles and rubbing the spot where i'd kicked her. "Aunt Gabrielle's here?" I asked her with a grimace. Aunt Gabrielle drove me mad. She spoke rubbish English (but that still didn't stop her talking non-stop) and wore so much perfume that I always choked when I went near her. Victoire glared at me.

"I came up here to tell you that, before you assulted me."

"You called me ginger." I said.

"But you ARE ginger." she pointed out, flicking her beautiful long blonde shiny hair back off her face much more dramatically and with much more empashis than usuall (if it was possible) and smirked at me.

"I hate you," I told her.

"What did I say?" she exclaimed innocently as I stormed out the room, slamming the door in her pretty face. Louis was standing on the landing by the fancy golden-framed, goblin-made mirror that hung oppostie the stairs. He looked into it with disgust. There were big pink lipstick marks all over one of his cheeks. I assumed that Aunt Gabrielle had already said 'good morning' to him.

He turned to me, his little face etched with worry. "It won't come off! She has that stuff that's charmed to stay on!" he shook the wet flannel that he'd been using to rub his face at me.

"What do I do Dom? I can't go to school like this!" he said, his voice cracking.

"Er-" I started but Victoire had followed me out of the bedroom and was holding out one of her little pink bottles.

"Put this on it." She said thrusting it into his hands. "It 's all purpose make-up remover." she added seeing his dumbfounded expression, before prancing down the stairs, her blonde hair bouncing on top of her pretty head. I wished that I could cut it off and burn it. Her hair I mean, not her head.

Louis looked at me.

"Use it." I urged him, indicating the bottle, and he obliged, pulling the cork out. Immediatly, pink smoke billowed up around his face and he started coughing.

"What the hell?" he held it at arm's length. "It smells of cherries!"

"Use it." I repeated. "Unless you want pink lips all over your face for the first day back at school." He seemed to decide having Aunt Gabrielle's lipstick on his face all day was worse than smelling slightly of cherries and he hurridly poured some of the thick liquid onto his flannel.

I left him gingerly patting his face with it in the hallway and followed Victorie downstairs. I stopped by the kitchen and heard a women's voice float under the crack in the door talking very animatedly and very fast in french.
"Brace yourself, Dom." I whispered to myself and, planting a false smile on my face, pushed open the door.

I was instantly hit by the heavenly smell of mum's baking and looked over to the oven; inside I could just make out a tray of muffins. Gabrielle was sitting at the table with her back to me talking about something that was probably very uninteresting, waving her arms around excitedly. Victorie was eating a banana and staring into space, Mum was standing by the counter looking very bored and occasionally saying things like "Oui...oui." or "Oo la la!" to Aunt Gaby. When she saw me her face lit up.

"Ah!" she cut across Aunt Gaby "I ees making berry muffins! Victoire says zey make 'er fat so you, Dominique, can haff one of 'ers and Louis can haff ze other-"

"Dominique!" Aunt Gaby exclaimed. "Bonjour! Bonjour!" she jumped up and pulled me into a massive hug. She was about to kiss me all over my face but I ducked out of her reach, wanting to aviod the same fate as Louis.

"Bonjour, Gabrielle." I said, smiling weakly. She was unphased by me avoiding her kisses and pulled on my newly cut hair.
"Qu'est-ce que c'est?" she demanded. "You 'ave cut your beautiful 'air off!"

"I wouldn't call it beautful." muttered Victoire

"Hush!" snapped mum. "Gabrielle, would you like a muffin?" she offered the plate to her sister who shook her head and started ranting on about something in french.

I took my own muffin and sat down next to Victorie and started eating.

"Mmmm, Vicky. Mmmm, look at this lovly warm delicious muffin."

"Shut up!" she snappped, picking up another banana.

Louis walked in, his face lipstick free, followed by Dad who was still in his pyjamas and looked half asleep, his red hair was out it's usuall ponytail and was matted against his face. Mum stood up.

"Bill, mon chéri, get dressed! I theenk we should go soon, uzzerwise we shall miss ze train."

Dad groaned, picked up a muffin and left the room, I could hear his footsteps as he trudged upstairs; he'd been at work till very late the night before.

"Dom, you go too! Get ready!"  Mum said. I stood up and picked up my plate to take it to the sink, but Louis pulled it out of my hands, a look of shock on his face.

"You haven't finished!" he exclaimed and started finishing it for me, stuffing my toast and muffin into his mouth at the same time. I shrugged and went upstairs just as Aunt Gabrielle said, "And 'Arry Potter? 'E will be at ze train staion too, no?"

When I got to my room I looked in the mirror and sighed. My newly cut ginger hair was a complete mess. Using one of the fancy bottles of Victoire's dresser (De-frizzing Hair Potion: Fix that bed head NOW!) I managed to get it flat again, but I still looked awful. Why didn't I inheriet mum's veela-ness? Why did I have to inheriet dad's ginger hair and freckles? What was God thinking? "Oh yes, let's make this little baby really ugly so she can grow up in the shadow of her beautiful sister and never get a boyfriend. Ha ha ha! What Fun it is to control the planet!". I mean, seriously? I'd always been told God was nice.

But Gingers MUST get boyfriend's too, right? Aunt Ginny got Harry didn't she? As I picked up my trunk I made a mental note to ask her how exactly she did it. Maybe she wore a wig.

We left ten minutes later than we had planned and mum was in a flap. "Bill, drive faster!" she kept saying, no matter how many times Dad tried to tell her he couldn't just drive through the traffic.

I was stuck next to Gabrielle who was trying to tell me a story about how she met her new boyfriend but whenever she got to a word she didn't know in English she would use a french word instead. By the time we got to King's Cross, she was speaking in fluent french and I had no idea what she was saying.

We ran through the barrier ("Ten to eleven! Zat is amazing! Bill, you drive so fast!" said mum) and emerged onto the packed platform. I looked around and grinned. The scarlet train stood already at the platform, smoke billowing out over people's heads. Owls hooted in their cages, disrupted by the noise, mother's were yelling last reminders at their children, people were screaming as they saw friends they hadn't seen all summer and the fat guard stood in front of me, he had his whistle in his mouth but he wasn't blowing it. He winked when he saw me looking at him. I smiled and turned away, standing on tiptoes to try and spot two familiar heads with curly brown hair- but it was impossible to see through all the thick smoke and noisy busteling families.

"Hey, Dom," said a deep voice behind me and I turned round to see Teddy Lupin standing with his hands in his pockets, half a smile on his good looking face. I wished that I was able to change my appearance like him, For one, I would not be ginger, I thought.

"Hi Teddy!" I said brightly. "How are-?" But I was cut off by Victoire's squeal of delight as she flung her arms around him and kissed him on the mouth.

Dad looked away pointedly, mum started examiming her reflection in one of the train's windows, Louis said "Eww!" and Gabrielle grabbed me by the arm and pulled me aside.

"Dominique, who ees zis man kissing your seester?" she asked.

"Oh, that's Teddy. Her boyfriend, Uncle Harry's Godson-"

"'Ow old ees 'e?" she interupted.

"Er, like, twenty."

Gabrielle gasped. "So 'e is three years older than 'er? Why does your muzzer allow eet?"

"Well, actually he's two years older than her. Vicky's eighteen really soon." I said.

Gabrielle waved her arms in the air. "Tsk! 'E ees still too old for 'er! And why ees 'is 'air zat colour?"

I turned and looked at Teddy's long bright green hair. "Oh," I said, "He's a-"

Gabrielle had lost interest. "Ah look, Dominique! Eet ees 'Arry Potter! 'E saved my life once you know, i'm sure your muzzer has told you." My mother had never told me. Gaby sighed. "'E ees still with zat ginger woman, I see. Why are zere so many gingers in Eeengland?"

I coughed loudly at her words. She looked down at me.

"Ah yes." she said, tugging at my hair. "Eet ees a shame you 'av not got your mother's 'air like your brother and your seester." she sighed sadly and looked at me like I was some sort of poor, tragic ginger child.

I considered this low of her seeing as she had called my hair 'beautiful' only hours before. What a cow.

"Your father's 'air is not- ah...what's ze word?" she said. "Ah, well. Eet doesn't matter." She added, seeing my cold expression. I watched her run off to greet Uncle Harry and shook my head.

"I hate that woman."

"Tell me about it." Louis said, appearing at my shoulder. "I'm off to find a compartment, don't want her too kiss me goodbye." he added, indicating his clean cheek. I laughed as he pulled his trunk onto the train.

"DOMINIQUE!" cried a voice and I turned around to see Lily running towards me, her red hair flying behind her. "One more year Dominique! One more year!"

I braced myself as she ran into me, throwing her skinny arms around my neck.

"Hey, Lils. How are you?" I asked her as she let go of me. She held out her arm to show a large jagged scar. I gasped.

"How did that happen?"

"James pushed me off my broom." she said matter-of-factly.

"Oh dear! Can't your mum get rid of it?"

Lily shrugged. "She tried too, but I wouldn't let her. Albus says it makes me look tough, like my dad!" Gosh, what a wierd family I have.

"Right," I said raising my eyebrows.

"It's not quite a lightning bolt though is it?" she said.

"Not really." I said looking at her arm. Lily shrugged and ran off to show Victoire.

I picked up my trunk and was about to step onto the train when James appeared out of nowhere.

"Where's Louis?" he demanded.

"Hi, James. Nice to see you." I said bitterly.

"Sorry-" he said and flung his arms around me in such an exaggerated manner I couldn't help but laugh. "Dominique!" he exclaimed. "You look beautiful! Have you lost weight? It is sooo good to see you! How have you been? Where's your brother?"

"On the train already," I told him, pushing him off me and picking my trunk up and trying once again to get onto the train. But there were too many cousins around.

Rosie jumped in front of me next, blocking my way onto the train. "Dom!" she squealed and hugged me tightly. I dropped my trunk, sighing in exasperation.

"Oh, sorry." said Rosie letting go.

"Here, i'll get this." said Uncle Ron appearing behind me picking up my trunk and putting it onto the train.

"Thanks." I told him and he ruffled my hair. "Can you not?" I shrieked, jumping back, frantically fixing my new hair style. He laughed and walked off muttering "Girls," leaving Rosie grinning up at me.

"He always ruffles my hair, like that. It's soo annoying. As if it wasn't bushy enough!" she said.

I smiled at her and turned around, almost walking into Albus.

"For christ's sake!" I cried. "Family everywhere!"

He grinned toothily at me and took Rosie's hand. "Come on, Rosie! Mike and Lenette have found a compartment." They ran off together, waving at me.

Mum came over and gave me a hug. "Goodbye sweetie! Eef we get anozzer letter about deetentions I will be tres angry. Ok?"

I nodded, hugged her back, allowed her to kiss me on the cheek and went to find dad. He was talking to Gabrielle- or rather- Gabrielle was talking at him and he was nodding every now and then.

"Bye, dad." I said. He looked relieved that someone else was talking to him.

"Bye, Dom!" he ruffled my hair.

"Why does everyone do that?" I shrieked, jumping away from him.

"Gingers," said Gabrielle. "Zey have a temper." Dad glared at her.

"Now, Dominique. If we get another-"

"Letter about detentions you'll be very angry. I know. I know."

"Quick!" cried mum as doors began to slam shut.

I gave dad a hug and kissed him on the cheek, before ducking and running onto the train to avoid getting kissed by Gabrielle. I slammed the door behind me and stuck my head out of the window, waving as the train began to move.

Lily and Hugo ran after the train waving at me untill it rounded a corner and Platform Nine and Three Quarters was out of sight. I picked up my trunk and pulled it down the train, looking into compartments as I went, trying to find my friends.

I had just looked inside a compartment full of second year slytherins who were all listening to a tall blonde boy brag about his pet peacocks when I heard two vocies behind me.


I spun around and grinned. Harriet and Giles, my best friends, were running towards me.

"I just LOVE your new haircut!" Harriet said huging me, her curly brown hair covering my face. "How was your summer?"

"Thanks." I said making sure my fringe was still flat after dad and Uncle Ron had messed it up. "My summer was okay. How was yours?"

"Oh it was brilliant! We went to france! Tell her, Giles, it was great wasn't it!" Harriet turned to her twin brother who pushed her aside and gave me such a big hug, he lifted me off my feet. My heart swooped and I hugged him back, I could smell his wizard's aftershave, even though I tried not to.

"Dominique," he said in a french accent. "Je t'aime!

"Er, right." I said, as he put me down. "Je t'aime aussi." He grinned at me; this was one of those moments that I wished I was a metamorphmagus.

"Your homeland est tres tres belle!" said Giles, still in his french accent.

"Ah, merci." I replied.

"Oh shut up," Harriet said. "Come on, we have a compartment back here." She took my hand and strarted pulling me down the corridor.

"I'll get this then!" Giles shouted back at us and picked up my trunk. I turned round to apologise but he just grinned and winked at me, making my heart swoop as though he was still lifting me into the air.

A/N ok so i edited it and changed the names of Dominique and Louis, so now it's more accurate.

At the moment, it goes like this: it's one year after the epilouge so Rosie and Albus are in second year, James and Louis are in third year, Dominique is in fourth year and Victorie is in seventh year.

And yes, I know Rosie is actually called Rose, but Ron calls her Rosie so I figure everyone does. Plus, my name is Rosie and it makes me happy to think she has the same name as me. =D

Please Review, i'll read and review your stories if you review. *bribery*  =D

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