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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 17: The Match: Part 2!

The wind blew through the stands at the first quiddich match of the year. The stands were barely full this morning due to the fact that Slytherin saw Gryffindor and Hufflepuff unworthy of watching and the few Ravenclaw’s that were there had told Lily how many had not wanted to watch. It was their match next and the team found themselves psyched out when seeing their opposition playing well. So, they barely watched a match unless it was them playing.

Lily Evans’ dark red hair flew about her face and she cursed her self for not tying it up this morning. She had a red and gold scarf tied tightly round her neck and her gloved hands were stuffed deep in her pockets. Her emerald eyes narrowed as they scanned the pitch, trying to keep her eyes focused on Celina but finding it difficult with her hair in her eyes.

A nudge in her shoulder announced the arrival of Zayda and she gave her friend a small smile before focusing back on the game.

“Have you seen Alice lately?” Zayda asked loudly over the cheering as Gryffindor scored. The two girls clapped, not paying much attention, as they carried on their conversation.

“I saw her come to bed last night at least three hours after curfew,” Lily replied with a sly smile on her face. “Do you think it’s a boy?” she asked.

“Definitely,” Zayda replied. “Why else would she risk getting caught out so late?” Lily smiled and sniffed slightly in the cold. “How’s Celina been doing?”

“She’s scored three times,” Lily smiled. “She really is very good; I don’t know why she was worrying.” Zayda leant forward so that her elbows were resting on the fencing that went around the perimeter of the stands and focused her gaze on Sirius. She watched as he scored two goals almost one after the other and couldn’t help but giggle as he flipped through the air, winking at her as he passed.

“Are you okay?” Lily asked with a worried expression on her face. The commentator, Terry Jordan’s, voice was booming around the stadium and cheers went up as he announced the spotting of the snitch by James Potter.

“Yes?” Zayda said with a shrug.

“You giggled,” Lily told her. “Like a proper girly giggle. And,” Lily began. “It was as Sirius passed.” She smiled knowingly at her friend who kept a calm, collected look on her features before her face relaxed and broke out into a smile.

“He asked me to the ball,” she told Lily with a slight squeal in her voice. Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Who asked you?” she asked curiously.

“Sirius,” Zayda replied quickly looking away. Lily’s eyebrows almost rose into her hair line. Never, in the six and something years that she had known Sirius Black, had he asked a girl to go to a ball with him. He was always the one being asked. And never, in all that time, had he accepted. He liked to fly solo so that he could pick up girls whilst he was there. And, if he was going to ask anyone, surely it would be the quick-tempered, sarcastic, Sirius hating Zayda? She must have said no. “I said yes.”

Everyone had gone quiet as a tension filled the stadium. James Potter was flying as fast as he could after the snitch with the Hufflepuff seeker right on his tail. All he had to do was reach out his hand and…


James Potter stopped suddenly and turned in the direction of Lily’s voice. Cheers erupted from the Hufflepuff stands and James spun around, slightly confused by what had just happened. But Lily; there was something wrong. He’d heard her scream. He was sure it was her.

Everyone landed on the floor and started to dismount their brooms. The Hufflepuffs patted the Gryffindors on the backs and politely shook their hands. James still couldn’t quite fathom what had happened. He was so close. A couple more centimetres and he would have had it. But Lily had screamed. He had to find out why she had screamed.

Up in the stands Lily had gone very quiet, a hand covering her mouth in shock. The Gryffindors stood around her gave her angry glares as they passed. She turned to look at Zayda with wide eyes.

“Tell me that wasn’t my fault?” she pleaded. Zayda bit her lip and frowned. “Oh no,” Lily breathed. “Does this mean we don’t have a shot at the cup?”

“No,” came a snappy voice from behind them. The two girls turned to see Celina staring at them with her broom over her shoulder. “It just means we have to play extremely well in the next match.” Lily gulped.

“I’m so sorry Celina,” she began. “It’s just; I was so shocked when Zayda said she was going to the ball with Sirius that it just came out. Really, I didn’t-“

“You’re going to the ball with Sirius?” Celina asked eagerly. Zayda strolled passed the girls, calling over her shoulder-

“Yes, I am.”

“Well done Evans.”

“Ye, nice one.”

“I know you don’t like Potter but you didn’t have to ruin the match for everyone.”

These were the comments being thrown at Lily from the moment she entered the portrait hole two hours after the match; she hoped everyone would have forgotten. Lily shot them all daggers and shouted some un-Lily words at these people which soon had them shutting up. But still, she did feel slightly guilty about losing the match.

She also felt sorry for James who had been snipped by his fellow team mates for stopping mid catch. This guilt, however, did not last long.

“Potter,” Lily began quietly looking down at her hands. James had his back to Lily, slumped in a chair in front of the fire place. His head turned slowly at the sound of Lily’s voice, but when seeing her he turned back. “Listen Potter,” she tried again. “About the match; I didn’t purposely try to put you off. It’s just, well, something happened which really shocked me and it just so happens that everyone was quiet at that time.”

“You didn’t have to shout out,” James said quietly. Lily sighed.

“I know. But like I said, I was really shocked with something Zayda told me and it kind of just slipped out of my mouth,” she said quickly. James suddenly stood to face Lily.

“Well maybe you should start thinking before you let something ‘slip out’!” he exclaimed in a bitter tone. Lily’s mouth dropped open; she hadn’t heard James talk to her like this in well over a year.

“Don’t shout at me,” Lily said through gritted teeth and James cut across her before she could utter another word.

“What, like you never shout at me?” He spun on his heels and headed for the portrait hole, determined to have the last word. But of course, Lily couldn’t allow that. Shouting at him to stop she ran out of the common room after him.

James Potter don’t walk away from me when we’re arguing!” James unwillingly cringed at the way she was spitting his name again but stopped nonetheless.

“What?” he spat.

“I’ll have you know,” Lily started poking a finger at him. “That when ever I shout at you it is for a perfectly good reason!” James let out a noise which sounded like “pah!” and Lily narrowed her eyes. “Are you trying to say that when ever I shout at you I do it for no reason?”

“No,” James stated. “You probably do have a good reason, but that’s beside the point. You made Gryffindor lose the match!”

“What do you mean 'Probably have a good reason?'” Lily hissed. “And I do believe it was you who stopped in mid-air like a complete idiot, seconds before you were about to catch the snitch. So don’t try and blame this whole thing on me!” Lily voice was rising dangerously high as she ignored the protesting portraits and she stepped closer to James.

“I mean that you’ve always hated me so that is your reason for shouting at me,” James said, becoming quieter as he noticed the loudness of Lily’s voice. “And I’m not trying to blame the whole thing on you.” He was watching how her emerald eyes flashed with every word he spoke and her eyebrows were rose in an expected way. He suddenly found him self calming down as she took another step closer so that she could shout in his face this time.

“Oh yes you are!” she shouted. “Mr I’m-the-best-freaking-quidditch-player-in-the-history-of-Hogwarts-possibly-the-world! You can’t stand the thought that you just went and lost the game for Gryffindor when it’s usually you winning it. So now, you’ve been in a fowl mood all day, which, for some reason, makes everyone else act the same way. Because you, Potter, have a way of passing your moods on to everyone else. It’s a bloody good damn thing you’re always happy or else the whole of Gryffindor would always be morbid!” James couldn’t help but smirk as she shouted. He had to hand it to the girl; she knew how to keep an argument going. She hadn’t even realised he’d given up on shouting back, but he didn’t mind; if it wasn’t him she was shouting at he’d probably be laughing at the person she was.

“WHAT ARE YOU SMIRKING AT!?” She suddenly screamed. James didn’t flinch. “Can you really not take anything seriously? For Merlin’s sake Potter! You get in a mood because you lose a stupid bloody quidditch match and then, when I am arguing a perfectly respectable and valid point, you sit there smirking. Are you ill in the head?!” She was breathing heavily now and suddenly her eyes snapped to James’ as she realised how close they were. Her breath caught and she felt a blush rise on her cheeks.

“And,” she barely whispered. Again, she found her self drowning in pools of gold and that little voice at the back of her head told her to look away. “I do not hate you.”

James glanced from her eyes, to her lips and back again, a smirk creeping on to his lips. “Good,” he breathed against her lips as he captured them with his.

A.n. There you go, another chapter =] I know it was pretty short but i promised some people i'd get it up and i couldn't write more because im sooo was putting me off =P And, i have to write a chapter for STAMTB tonight as well. So, please don't shout at me =] I'll try and get myself in a writing mood tomorrow or the next day so that i write a fat chapter. How about i promise one over 4,000 word? Ahh, i remember when the chapters for this story were about that long! I'm slipping a bit with this story but i promise to get back into it =D Aha,...please review =P I almost forgot about that =]


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