The darkness washed over him as he felt life drain away. The last thing he saw was those kind green eyes, looking down at him.

He got up, and he could see those eyes again, but they weren’t those of a young man, they were the eyes of his only true love, reading deep into his dark brown eyes.

"Lily!" Severus gasped. He knew he was dead now, he had not seen those perfect eyes in over twenty years.
As his eyes adjusted, he saw more familiar faces, Sirius, Dumbledore and Mad-eye, as well as the person he loathed the most, the one who had stolen lily from him, James.

"Severus! What happened, how can you be here?" Lily asked, her voice quivering

"I -" he started before James butted in

"Is our son alright" he asked, with a little too much emphasis on "our", as if knowing how Severus felt about lily.

"Yes, for now, but..." he trailed off

"But?" James asked

"Well it’s just that, just before he killed me, Voldemort said that he would finally finish him tonight" he replied, as if it didn’t matter as long as Lily was back in his life

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! And you just let him go? To his death? You’re more of a greasy git than I thought!" James replied, Shocked that Severus had been so blunt.

“James, LAY OFF he's just been protecting our son for the past 17 years.This is why I thought you were such an arrogant arse!” lily cried, embarrassed.

“Lily, stop, I don’t need you two arguing at each other too. I can explain. Voldemort thought that I was the master of the Elder Wand, so he took my wand and let his snake on me. James, I did everything within my powers to protect your son, don’t accuse me of abandoning him " snape said defiantly, although he wanted them to keep arguing, so that he would have a chance to talk to Lily without Potter.

"SEE! what did i tell you, of course he has a reason, i cant believe you're so cynical. Anyway sev, how are you?" Lily said

"well,good, i spose. WAIT you hate me, dont you?"

"MOONY!!!" yelled James suprised that his old friend had just arrived with a woman with pink spikey hair "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?"

"hey Prongs! how are you?, apart from dead... well that was blunt and dumb... anyway"
Remus replied

"WHA? but...that means you're dead!!! How?... nevermind, come here" said james happily, as he ran to greet remus with a hug.

"Who's this?" asked James, looking at Tonks, a little confused.

"well James, this is my wife Nym- Dora Tonks!" claimed Remus happily, hiding the sadness of losing his son

"wife... well well well Moony's all grown up! thats great!" James cried

"Yeah hi" Tonks said sadly, trying not to think about her son they had both left behind.

"Tonks, whats wrong?"asked Severus, detecting the sorrow in both their voices

"Oh, its just, well Teddy actually" and with that she broke down and started to sob. Remus came to her aid, but was also overcome by sadness and grief.

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