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Chapter Five: Accio Pillow

“H-h-how did he see? It was Lily’s turn to be on guard and surely Lily wouldn’t let anything slip. No, no, no, not Lily Evans,” James softly spoke to no one in particular. In fact, he seemed to be speaking to himself in the strangest of ways.

Lily looked absolutely horrified. “Oh, God, Isabelle, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, I looked away for a second! I didn’t think that there was anyone around!” She collapsed into an oversized and overstuffed red-velvet Gryffindor chair and made a grab for a shabby pillow to bury her face in and scream into it.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean to, Isabelle.” Remus added his tidbit in hopes to stick up for Lily just in case Isabelle was thinking otherwise.

Isabelle didn’t answer, she was still holding her non existent stomach and staring into oblivion.

No one in the room voiced a single syllable for the next few moments; all eyes were intently on Isabelle and what her next move was. Isabelle, on the other hand, didn’t seem to notice that her five friends were staring intently at her waiting for a reaction. Her mind drifted to the possible outcomes of her current situation. She could now visualize the next forty-eight hours of time clearly in her head: Snape would undoubtedly tell the Slytherin’s about her little secret and then word would travel like wild-fire throughout the whole school, until everyone knew. Worst of all, word would get back to Isabelle’s family and she couldn’t bare to think of what would go through her mother’s mind when she finds out that her seventeen-year-old daughter is pregnant with none other than her best friends estranged and disowned son’s child.

A hand gently clasped itself on Isabelle’s shoulder; she knew that touch. “Isabelle, why don’t I take you upstairs, so you can rest for a while. There’s no use in staying down here in the common room waiting for the others to filter back in.”

She looked up to see Sirius’ face glaring down at her. He seemed worried and a bit nervous to be quite honest. His grey eyes were still filled with the same sadness that they possessed the night that the two finally began speaking again.

Isabelle looked towards Lily, as if she was looking for guidance on how to answer Sirius. Lily closed her green eyes and nodded; this gave Isabelle the signal that it was alright and she should really go lie down.

“C’mon, Izze,” Sirius softly voiced. He gently grasped her hand and pulled her towards the girl’s dormitory making sure he remembered Isabelle’s instructions on how to avoid the sixth step.


Sirius groaned and rolled over looking for the snooze button on his magical alarm the next morning. It was Monday; by far the worst day of the week. It consisted of double potions with Slughorn and Transfiguration with the ever solemn McGonagall. “Urghhh,” Sirius continued groaning when his attempts to hit the snooze button proved fruitless.

“Turn that blasted thing off, git!” James mumbled as a pillow came hurling itself towards Sirius, hitting him straight in the head. It was at times like these when Sirius loathed James’ accuracy due to Quidditch.

“If--err--I could--err--find the blasted button!” Sirius was obviously frustrated. He ultimately reached for his wand on his night stand and grumbled something under his breath so that the alarm clock spontaneously combusted and was no more than ashes within a few seconds.

Sirius, looking very pleased with himself, gently placed his wand back on the night stand, hugged James’ pillow and fell back into bed with a thump.

James, on the other hand, was now unable to go back to sleep and he so desperately needed the pillow that Sirius was clutching. With his eyes barely open he reached for his wand. “Accio Pillow.” The pillow wriggled itself out of Sirius’ grasp and into James’ hand; Sirius made a very foul symbol with his middle finger and James grinned.

It was at that moment that Peter sat upright in bed and bellowed, “Fire! FIRE!” He scrambled his fat bottom out of bed tripping over his sheets in the process of since he was tangled in them. He then proceeded to pick himself up and run straight into the closed door; he triumphantly landed on the ground with a very loud thud.

James, annoyed yet once again, sat upright in bed and looked around the room for his ‘beloved’ friend. “Get up, Wormtail,” he hissed. “It was just Sirius’ clock! He couldn’t find the snooze button, so he set it on fire.”

Peter put up his arm to acknowledge James. He then weighed his options, only to realize that it would take less effort for him to just fall asleep on the floor, not get back up and go into bed. Needless to say Peter remained on the floor.

Remus continued to sleep soundly through all of this commotion. After living with James, Sirius and Peter for almost seven years only loud fireworks going off three feet away from his head could manage to wake him.

Sirius sat uncomfortably in his designated chair at the dinner table while attempting to swallow food and look somewhat interested in the conversation that was going on around him. It was New Year’s Eve and Number Twelve Grimmauld Place was filled to the brim with the wizarding world’s most renowned and famous purebloods. There was a major emphasis on the word ‘purebloods.’
The Black family held an New Year’s Party every year, not only to show off their lavish wealth but to also become well-informed about the latest gossip and calamities within the wizarding world. If you and your family were invited to this affair you were considered to be one of the privileged.

The House Elves began to work approximately three weeks in advance to prepare for this event. Absolutely everything had to be pristine and Mrs. Black made sure of that; even Kreacher had to iron his hands a few times after making ‘grave’ mistakes concerning decorating and color-coordinating. The house was impeccable, the decorations were divine and the food was more than delectable. The goal of this affair was to keep everyone talking about it until the next one arrived; no party was supposed to be able to come close to The Black’s Annual New Year’s Eve Party.

So, naturally, Sirius was sulking in his velvet chair thinking about how he’d give all the galleons in the world to be tucked away safely in his room away from these people. He knew it was only a matter of time until someone at the table made a snide remark towards the fact that Sirius was a dishonor to the family. This remark would then open up a can of worms and lead to a discussion on how Sirius could’ve been a better son and how he is the greatest disappointment of the decade.

There was one thing getting him through the dinner though: Isabelle. Isabelle was always invited along with her family, which now consisted of her mother and her step-father. It was Christmas break of their sixth year and they had begun dating approximately three months ago. Sirius looked across the table and filled his cheeks with air so they puffed out and made him look like an adorable chipmunk. Isabelle smiled from across the table and rolled her eyes.

Regulus Black looked from Sirius to Isabelle and a grin split across his face. “So, Sirius and Isabelle are dating!” his voice boomed across the table and everyone immediately went silent.

A small, wrinkly old wizard, now in a state of shock, sprayed all of the wine that he had in his mouth onto the side of Sirius’ head. “Do my ears deceive me? A relationship between and Black and a Bontecou? I never thought I’d live to see such a union!”

Isabelle turned completely white as she looked at her step-father out of the corner of her eye; his eyes gleamed maliciously has he clamped his hand on top of his daughter’s. Sirius would realize, a month after when Isabelle told him, that her step-father was burning the flesh on her hand because she had dared to associate with a blood-traitor.

“Oh, we always hoped that Isabelle may have ended up with Regulus. He’s a far better suitor than the other boy,” Mrs. Black sneered even though she still had a pearly white smile plastered across her face. Her words tore through Sirius like a hot iron rapier being thrust through his skin and the situation didn’t get any better when Sirius saw his brother’s face split into a grin at the prospect of being with Isabelle.

“I wouldn’t worry, Walburga, my daughter will never marry a blood traitor as long as I live.”

“Hmm, come to think of it, though, maybe Sirius has had a change of heart when it comes to what’s important in a family,” his mother hopefully stated.

Sirius stabbed his roasted pork with as much strength as he could muster.

The conversation was dropped for the remainder of dinner and afterwards Sirius excused himself from the table, even though no one seemed to notice, climbed the stairs to his bedroom and slammed the door. He decided that he would wait the rest of the night out in his bedroom. He sat on the edge of his bed and buried his head in his hands while images of Isabelle and Regulus danced through his head.

Somehow within the next hour or so he woke to find that he was in bed with his hands behind his head. He awoke to the slight noise of the lock on his door being turned from the outside. Before he could get to his wand to stop his intruder the door opened a creak and Isabelle slipped through the open door and closed it behind her.

“I had a feeling you’d be here,” Isabelle said as she smirked. She looked as radiant as ever; she was wearing a silver colored gown that was strapless and plunged a bit down her chest only to be clasped with a jeweled broach. The rest of the dress was simple silver silk that trailed a bit behind her. The simplicity of the rest of the dress was to add to the overwhelming beauty of both Isabelle and the jeweled clasp. Her hair was picked up elegantly into a french twist and set in place with what looked like to be the twin of the jewel upon her dress. She was the epitome of breathtaking.

Sirius got up off the bed, dug his hands lazily into his pockets to give himself his common air of arrogance and sauntered over towards Isabelle as he surveyed her. His dress robe was thrown haphazardly on his bed, his white shirt un-tucked, the first few buttons of his shirt undone and his black hair tasseled. He foiled Isabelle’s beauty and perfection perfectly. “Oh, really, Miss Bontecou?” he queried with a devilish grin upon his face.

He was now inches away from Isabelle, so he put both of his hands gently on her hips and pulled her closer to him so he could kiss her, but he never got the chance because Isabelle’s eyes wandered around the room eyeing the pictures of muggle girls clad with tiny bikini’s on his walls.


Isabelle laughed and she walked over towards one of the pictures. “Nice, Sirius. They’re quite --”

“I can take them down--”

“Oh!” Isabelle looked surprised. “Don’t worry. It doesn’t really matter after all, I mean once I shack up with Regulus you’ll be free to do whatever and whomever your heart desires.”

Sirius looked outraged, but Isabelle smiled and pushed him down onto his bed. “I’m kidding,” she whispered, her lips were now inches away from his. She could feel Sirius’ heart pumping through his shirt, but thought nothing of it.

Sirius, on the other hand, was well aware of the situation in front of him and his thoughts raced by the second. He yearned to pull Isabelle closer into him and do what he wanted to since the day he first laid eyes on her, but his brain was telling him otherwise. He knew that Isabelle wouldn’t agree to

it, but then why was she so willingly in his precarious position?
It took all Sirius might, but he managed to say it. “Aren’t they expecting you downstairs?”

Isabelle seemed to understand what Sirius was doing and she smiled as she stood up in front of him. “Yes, I’m venturing they are. I told them I needed to use the bathroom, but I was hoping after all the wine and firewhiskey that everyone has engulfed that it wouldn’t be that noticeable.”

There was a loud echo of voices from downstairs in the living room:

Sirius stood up and picked Isabelle up off the floor and held her in his arms much like a groom would carry his wife onto the threshold of their honeymoon suite. Isabelle instinctively wrapped her arms around Sirius’ neck as he leaned in to kiss her.

“Happy New Year, Sirius--”

“Happy New Year, Isabelle--”

“WE’RE LATE!” A voice clamored.

Sirius awoke from his vivid dream and sat up with a start; Remus was running around the room looking for what seemed to be his shoes, James was pulling clean boxers over his pajamas until he realized that, that wasn’t the correct way to dress himself and Peter was still snoring loudly on the floor.

“Padfoot!” Remus yelled, again. “Class...Slughorn...fifteen minutes late...” While walking through the room and yelling at Sirius, Remus tripped over the sleeping Peter and flew headfirst into the wall.

“Wait? Does that mean we can’t go get breakfast? You all know that I can’t handle any thinking without breakfast! It’s a necessity!” James queried with a very serious look upon his face.

Sirius snorted and jumped out of bed and began looking for the cleanest looking clothes that he could find. He picked up a pair of socks, sniffed them, shrugged and pulled them onto his feet.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” A girl’s voice from outside the boy’s dormitory screamed.

All four boys in the dormitory froze: James with his pants half down, Remus rubbing his head, Peter getting up off the floor and Sirius sniffing a pair of boxers, wondering whether to deem them clean enough to wear.

“ISABELLE!” Another girl’s voice yelled. There was a loud banging of what seemed to be a cross between the slamming of a door and the shattering of glass.

Peter began laughing. “Oh god, it’s Isabelle again. Seriously, what does she need this time. I mean-- don’t you guys agree that she’s really annoying? She’s actually pathetic, come to think of it.” This was Peter’s pathetic attempt on starting a good conversation with his friends.

Not a moment later there was the tip of a wand pressed firmly between Peter’s eyebrows. “Don’t you ever talk about Isabelle like that, again, Wormtail!” Sirius forcefully commanded with a flicker of anger in his grey eyes. He withdrew his wand from Peter’s head, stepped over him and headed towards the girl’s dormitory.

A/N: Hi! Thank you so much, once again for the wonderful reviews! I really do appreciate every single one of them! I wanted to wait until DH was out and people had time to read before I posted this. I hoped to add a bit of humor to the chapter, as well as show the bond between the Marauders (and their antics), without giving too much away with what's going to happen. :) Please note Sirius' reaction to Peter's insult.

Please Review!!

Huge thanks to tehcutiestEM for the wonderful chapter image. Please Review. :)

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