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“Hey, Victoire,” said Teddy Lupin ever so casually, while walking up to the cliff where she sat.   

“Oh hey,” replied the 17-year-old blonde bombshell, starring back at him. 

“What’s up?” he asked, while sitting down. 

“Really nothing, I was just out here thinking for a little bit,” Victoire still looking out into the ocean.

“About what?” Teddy asked.

“Basically my seventh year coming up,” she replied 

“What can’t wait to get back or something, I know its soon but come on-”

“Gosh no- I’m just… it’s scary thinking of how much work I will have to do this year if I want to become a healer,” she said. 

“I’m sure you can handle it,” said Teddy.

“Well were not all going to become accomplished Aurors, Ted,” she said giving him a slight nudge.

Ted looked down at his feet, “It just takes work, plus I grew up with Uncle Harry. He has been really good teaching me all the ropes and helping me with my studies.” 

Victoire did not reply back right away instead she just looked off into space. Ted took this time to remember the last time he saw Victoire; it must have been about two years ago. Right after he finished Hogwarts. As much as he liked Bill and Fleur he didn’t really make it an effort to come to the little cottage. Plus he has been very busy with his Auror training. He looked back and Victoire he did not remember her being this pretty. She definitely grew up a bit… actually a lot since he last saw her. She took after Fleur in every way. Although she did have the same honey eye color as her father. 

“What are you thinking about?” She asked softly.

“Oh…um nn-nothing really,” he said while running his fingers through his thick dark hair. Victoire knew he got this habit from Uncle Harry who always had ruffled hair. Ted also grew a bit from the last time she saw him, she was sure that he was thinking the same about her. But Teddy was tall, and very muscular. In fact, if she saw him on the street and struck up a conversation with him she would have not guessed that he was only 19, he seemed a little more beyond his years. 

“Hey lovebirds,” called James Potter with a grin from ear to ear. “Come inside dinner is almost ready,”

 Ted rolled his eyes, and Victoire cheeks flushed a little bit.

“We’ll be right there” he yelled. “Shall we,” he asked while extending a hand. 

“Alright lets go.” Replied Victoire

They walked into the crowded little house and Teddy found a seat, whole Victoire went into the kitchen to help out her mom and Ginny. Victoire walked in on Ginny and her mom talking about the latest gossip.

“’ello princess,” replied Fleur, 

“Hey mom, Hi auntie it’s nice to see you again,” She said while giving Ginny a hug. 

“Vell you do me a favor?” asked Fleur, her English was almost perfect now that she had been speaking it for so long. 

“Sure mom, what?” 

“Vell you check on your ‘isiter and brother for mee please.” She asked

“Alright,” Said Victoire as she left the room. 

She walked in the living room and all the kids were being entertained by teddy transforming his noses. The kids were giving request and he would happily oblige, making sure they laughed every time.  On one occasion when he did this, Victoire heard Ginny and Harry talking about his mother used to do that at dinner as well. 

It was tragic what happened to his parents really. From stories she has heard, they seemed like they were wonderful people. She never actually talked to Teddy about this; she could not imagine living life without her mom and dad. But Ted’s parents were brave; they fought so that he could have this life, the life that they both knew was possible. 

Shrills of giggles pulled Victoire from her thoughts, “Alright everyone go wash up its time for dinner,” she called making sure her voice was heard.

Ted immediately stopped and there were cries of protest, “You heard the girl,” he grinned and pointed to her.

“But Teddy,” groaned Lily.

“Ooh- Lily Potter not another word from you missy,” 

About ten minuets later the whole family was sitting down enjoying dinner, James (who was sitting across from Albus) was flinging food at him and it had hit Ginny in the head. Bill and Harry were reminiscing about the time when Uncle Harry broke into Gringott’s. Bill had huge smile on his face. Victoire found herself in a deep conversation about Quidditch. She did not really follow Quidditch but Teddy had been so enthusiastic about the topic, she had no other choice but to listen. 

“… So anyways then the beater from the Cannons hit the ball directly in Wood’s direction… I’m not boring you with this am I?” he asked. 

“Oh no, not at all go on,” she said as politely as she could

“Good,” said Teddy while he continued to talk, about the game.

Victoire just gave one long sigh. 

By the end of the night everyone was pretty tired, especially Fleur and Ginny who cooked dinner. 

“Don’t forget about next week,” said Ginny to Fleur

“What about ‘ext week?” she asked

“Were all going over to Molly’s to have a dinner, you know how she is, all lonely with her and Arthur, the house is definitely quieter that’s for sure. Anyways Ron and Hermione are going to be there. It should be fun.” Ginny said. 

“Oh zat zounds wonderful,” said Fleur while giving her a bear hug.

Victoire turned around sharply and ran into Teddy. He caught her fall just in time, and helped her to her feet. 

“Thanks,” she said while looking at her feet

“No problem,” he said

There was an awkward pause for a moment and Victoire decided to fill it, “Well thanks for coming, its been a while it was nice talking to you,” she said politely while giving him a brief hug and turning around to say goodbye to Albus and Lily.

“Wait Victoire,” Said Teddy.

She turned around again to face him, “Yes,” She said

“Well, I am going to Diagon Alley tomorrow, I really have to go to Flourish & Blotts bookstore to get some studying materials, you are more then welcome to come, I was thinking that we could maybe go to the Leaky Cauldron or something. Or maybe go to Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor ” 

Victoire gave it a little bit of thought, the offer did not sound that bad at all, “Okay,” she said, “That sounds great, how about we meet in the leaky Cauldron tomorrow around…noon, is that okay?”

“Perfect,” Teddy said. 

“Alright then I will see you tomorrow,” she said while turning her heels and walking over to Ginny to say goodbye.

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