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Disclaimer-obviously I did not come up with the wonderful world of Harry Potter, but I did create my own characters!

A/N--****IMPORTANT TO READ!!!! I started this story before the 7th book came out, so I will continue to write it as if the 7th was never there--therefore, anything regarding the Marauders and what happened in their day will not be included in this story!!! Now, enjoy! and dont forget to review!!


Breakfast rolled around Saturday morning and the Gryffindor Quidditch team made its way, sleepily, to their table. Between rubbing their eyes and yawning a few managed to stuff some bacon eggs in their mouths, while the rest were too nervous to force down anything.

Andy, Sirius, and Stephen walked out to the pitch with confidence and full stomachs a half hour later, changing into their robes in the locker room. James, nervous for his first match as captain was walking a little ahead of them, running over things they had done in practice, muttering what they should have worked on more. The three Chasers were trailing, Ben and Jamie as white as ghosts, while Chris, looking a bit more confident, was trying to clam them down.

They were all gathered and suited up for the match in their locker room, listening to James going over some last minute things when they heard the rest of the school trampling down the hard grounds towards the pitch. The sudden sound of hundreds of feet stopped James’ speech abruptly. He gave a big gulp and looked nervously towards the door.

None of them had ever quite seen James like this before. He had always been exceedingly confident, if not a little cocky at some times. Sirius stood up from Andy’s right. “James is right. All we’ve got to do is give it our best. You two,” he motioned towards the two new chasers who were both trembling slightly, “have nothing to worry about. You both have come very far in practice and should not be worried at all. You have Andy and Stephen here knocking the lights out of anyone of their players who comes near you and you have Chris who will be with you the whole time. Its no sweat.”

He looked up at James and winked. James let out a deep breath he seemed to be holding for the past ten minutes and grabbed his broom. “Let’s go,” he said, setting his jaw and leading his team out to the pitch.

The rest grabbed their brooms as well and followed. Andy nudged Sirius, “Never seen him like this.”

“He’s just a bit nervous. No worries. He’ll have that Snitch soon enough though.” He nudged her back. She slung her bat over one shoulder and gripped her broom in the other hand, walking along side Stephen.

James pushed through the door and the roar of the stadium filled their ears. Jamie looked back at Andy nervously. Andy gave her a reassuring smile before mounting her broom with the rest of the team. They flew out and the cheers got louder and louder.

They were soon joined by Hufflepuff and Andy spotted Tim. She gave him a nod, and he did the same. Moments later the whistle was blown and all the balls released. Chris did an impressive dive for the Quaffle, but Tim was quicker. He snatched the red ball from him and was off towards Sirius in a heartbeat.

A bludger met Andy halfway up the field and with one hard swing it was sent off towards Tim. It was dead on and knocked the Quaffle straight from between his hands. It fell to the ground slightly before Jamie came out of no where and was down toward the Hufflepuff keeper.

Andy flew around the gobsmacked Tim and called out, “Took me a year to perfect that one. How’d you like it?”

“I’ll get you back for it Pierson.” He said before quickly leaving to retrieve the ball again.

Andy began flying closer with the Chasers, occassionaly hitting the Hufflepuff Beaters or Chasers. Jamie and Ben seemed to have found themselves and were flying the best Andy had seen them. Jamie had scored three times, the other two had scored one a piece against the now furious Hufflepuff Keeper.

Out of the corner of her eye Andy saw the Hufflepuff Seeker make a dive. Seconds later James was right on his tail, quickly gaining speed. The seeker jabbed his foot out and knocked the end of James’ broom sending him in a spiral quickly down to the field below. He barely pulled out of it in time, now a far ways away from the other seeker who seemed to be closing in on the Snitch.

Andy squinted her eyes, thoroughly angry at the other seeker and, completely forgetting her job to protect the Chasers, whacked the closest bludger at him. With a perfect hit, knocking the seeker into the side wall and completely away from the snitch, Andy admired her work for a moment.

She turned back to the Chasers only to get knocked moments later in the stomach from the Hufflepuff side. It knocked her sideways off her broom and, had it not been for her very quick reflexes, she would have completely fallen off. Instead, she managed to grab the very end, dangling by one arm.

She heard a slight gasp from the crowd, mixed with a few cheers from what was unmistakably the Slytherin side. She swung her leg over the side and was zooming off in the direction of the Beater who’d hit her.

The match was fairly quick though, as James had found the Snitch soon after Andy had knocked the other seeker away. Gryffindor had won 160 to 10 (Tim had escaped her Bludger once, and ended up scoring on a fake that Puddlemere United had done in their latest game, very impressive).

The Gryffindor Team entered the Common Room to an eruption of cheers and a swarm of fans. They soon broke away from each other and found their respected groups of friends, though it was still loud as ever in the Maroon and Gold Room. Andy was in the corner with Alex and Jimmy, joking around about the look on the Seeker’s face when the bludger knocked him so far from the Snitch.

The Marauders soon joined them, James and Sirius each with unidentified bottles in their hands and slightly slurred speech. “Wassome?” Sirius asked, offering it to her.

“I thought you’d never asked!” she laughed and took a large swig of the drink she immediately identified as Firewhiskey. She continued sharing the bottle with Sirius until both of them were so pissed they couldn’t stand. James, Alex and Jimmy were drinking as well, though in a bit better state.

“I can’t believe you –hiccup- y-you hit yer fernd Tem. Knocked –hiccup- ball right outta his hands.” Sirius made a sweeping motion with his hand and tossed the empty bottle a few feet away.

This sent Andy into a flurry of giggles. “Yer fonny,” she said, hitting his arm, and missing horribly. It made her unbalanced and she toppled over, still giggling.

“Ok, that is enough for the both of you.” Remus said, holding his hand down to help Andy up. She merely started bending his fingers in ways that they should not have been bent. “And I think its to bed with this one.” He said, pulling his hand away from her.

“I no tered!” she said, attempting to stand back up again and failing miserably.

Remus smiled and, rolling his eyes, lifted her up off the ground. “Peter, watch Sirius for a moment. Make sure he doesn’t get his hands on anymore.” He started walking away towards the boys dormitory, Andy squirming in his arms. She was trying to play with his hair, twirling it around her fingers and attempting to pull it completely out.

He shook her hand away gently and kicked the door open to the room. Had someone been inside, they might have thought that the two were on their wedding night. The door closed behind him as he walked her over to her bed. He laid her down gently, but she was not going easily.

“No, no Remus! Cum heeeree!” She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her. She began kissing him sloppily, not caring much. For a minute, Remus became so wrapped up in the kiss it hardly occurred to him that she was very intoxicated and would probably not remember this in the morning. And that he could not take advantage of her.

He pulled away from her, though the task was proving to be difficult. Though pissed, her grip was as strong as if she were sober and her kissing him all over was making him weak in the knees.

“Andy I can’t! It’s not right!” He said, still trying to get away.

“Yes it is!” she said, hardly breaking away from his face long enough to say that. She finally managed to pull him completely on the bed and he didn’t bother fighting it any more. He was sixteen years old for heaven’s sake, how could he?

Soon her hands found their way down to the bottom of his shirt and lifted it over his head with ease. He did the same before he resumed kissing her. As his kisses slowly parted from her mouth and moved their way down her neck, her hands found his belt and slowly began undoing it.

It was then that he finally came up for air and realized what he was doing was wrong. “No Andy, we can’t do that. Not while you are like this.” He said firmly, getting up off her.

“But wha’ if I wanna?” she slurred groping over the side of the bed for him.

“You may want to now, but you’ll probably be killing yourself in the morning.” He said, buckling his belt again, though he left his shirt off. “Come on, you really should just sleep this off.”

He made to help her under the covers but stopped immediately and turned around. “Andy! Stop! Put your bra back on!”

“But I dun wanna!” she said again, trying to grab him again.

He pulled away. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “She’s going to fucking hate me.” He turned around and tried not to look. “Well that didn’t work.” He looked down immediately and turned slightly red. So he didn’t have as much experience in that area as James or Sirius, whatever. “Ok, Andy, I’m going to help you get in bed, but that is all-”

The door opened and voices floated in. “I’m sorry Remus, the other three found stuff in the corner and I couldn’t stop them. I-” Peter stopped short. Standing a few feet in front of him was Andy, one of his mates, with no shirt on. His eyes went wide, and he was a little less than discrete about his staring.

Remus, hoping to stop the others from looking at her more, wrapped his arms around her in a hug and pushed her back on to the bed. He quickly ripped the hangings around the two of them as the rest of the group stumbled into the dormitory.

He tried to ignore the major skin on skin between the two of them (as well as Andy trying to unbuckle his belt again), as he tried to cover her up in her blankets. Once he had finally managed it he got quickly out of the bed, putting a sealing and silencing charm on them, so she could not get out.

He turned around to come face-to-face with the rest of his roommates. Peter, the only sober one, was still staring, dumbfounded, at Andy’s now concealed bed, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly open. Sirius and James were holding each other up, but were still trying to figure out what Remus was doing. Alex and Jimmy had apparently already passed out on their beds.

There was a bit of an awkward silence, occasionally disrupted by hiccupping from James or Sirius. “Well, I think its about time that all of us went to bed then!” he said, his voice higher then normal.

This was sufficient enough for James and Sirius who were practically already on the floor. They crawled to their separate beds as Remus slipped by Peter without looking at him. Please don’t let any of them remember this in the morning… And with that thought dancing around in his mind, he fell into a fitful sleep.


The next morning a group of 6th year Gryffindors clumsily stumbled their way into the Great Hall, most of them holding their heads in agony, and clinging to each other to stay on their feet. They found the nearest open spot at their house table and collapsed on its benches.

They grumbled to each other to pass the salt or pumpkin juice, but spoke nothing else. As they lazily stuffed food into their mouths, bits of it occasionally falling out of their slackened jaw.

Peter took this opportunity to speak to Remus, whom he had managed to sit next to. And Peter, being his normal, indiscrete self said, “I can’t believe you shagged Andy.”

Unfortunately for Remus this was said much louder then he had hoped and their was a simultaneous spraying of food and juice followed by a chorus of “WHAT!” from those surrounding him. Including Andy. He glanced at the teacher’s table and noticed McGonagall giving him a stern look.

“Oh, so that’s why your shirt was on her bed post this morning…” James said, as if figuring out a puzzle. Another piece seemed to fit together in his mind, “And that’s why there was that concealment charm on her bed this morning. You guys didn’t want to be heard, did you?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Andy seemed to be choking on whatever it was in her mouth.

Remus’ face was positively mortified as he looked between his friends. Alex and Jimmy seemed to be ready to pounce on him at any second, while James was giving him a sort of approving nod. Sirius was staring off into space, his expression unreadable. And Andy, Remus could not even bear himself to look at her.

Nobody spoke for a second, while Remus was trying his best to find the right words to say. After a moment, Andy finally croaked out, “did we Remus?” Her voice was meek and slightly strained. She didn’t want to hear a positive answer to that question. Especially not in front of everyone else.

“No,” he said firmly, and Alex, Jimmy, and Andy seemed to all let out a breath of relief.

“Why would Peter say that then?” She asked, her voice stronger.

“Because when he walked into the dormitory, your shirt and my shirt were off, and then I had to pull you back onto your bed and shut the hanging so everyone else wouldn’t see you like that.” He was talking directly to Andy now, hardly aware of everyone else listening.

“Well why weren’t we- er- fully clothed?” she asked, tentative again.

“Because the morons that James and Sirius are gave you way too much Firewhiskey to drink and you were so pissed that I’m sure you had no idea what you were doing and were kind of um-” he finally became aware of everyone there. His cheeks flushed again and he whispered in her ear, “You were almost begging me to shag you. We sort of getting there before I had to stop you.”

He leaned away, fully expecting her to give him a good punch, but instead she tipped her head forward on dropped it on the table, nearly missing her plate of eggs. “Oh piss.” She said into the table, though everyone heard around her.

Everybody was looking expectantly at Remus, waiting for him to tell them what he had just whispered to her, though no one dared to push him in front of her. They sat in silence for the rest of the morning meal. As they trudged their way back up to the dormitories, Lily joined them.

“Hey everyone,” she gave James a light peck on the cheek, and a dreamy look appeared on his face. “So, ready for the holidays? What are you guys all doing.”

With the mood suddenly uplifted, everyone began rattling off what their plans were for the break. Everyone, with the exception of Andy, was going to go home and spend it with their families (in Sirius’ case, he was going to spend it with James’ family). Remus noticed Andy not talking about it and asked her. “How come you never go home for the holiday Andy?”

“My parents always like to visit my relatives in the south of France. I don’t speak French, so it is rather difficult for me to get around there. I like the peace and quiet of the castle anyways.” She said, avoiding eye contact with Sirius.

“Well you know, you could always come to my place if you wanted. My parents are letting me throw a New Years party, so if you wanted to stay over, that would be perfectly fine.”

“A party? Why didn’t you tell us Moony?” James asked, appalled at the thought of being one of Remus’ best friends and being one of the last to find out about it.

“They only owled me yesterday, and I guess with Quidditch and everything, I just forgot about it.” He shrugged.

Andy thought about it for a moment, but decided against it. Truth be told, she really did like the peace and quiet. She always got a lot of thinking done over the holiday. “Thanks Remus, but I don’t think that I can anyways. We had to let McGonagall know last week if we were going to be staying here. I told her I was like every year. She won’t let me go now. And besides, I would just be a major burden on your family.”

“You know Andy, there are ways of getting out of the castle, undetected. But I thought you would’ve known that…” Sirius paused, clicking his tongue in mock disappointment. “But I guess you will always be second best to us Marauders.”

He walked further ahead, a smirk on his face. “How would I get there anyways. I couldn’t leave with you all on the train, because I would be gone for too long and McGonagall would know. I would only get about two days. And even if I knew how Apparate, you can’t from anywhere on the grounds.”

Sirius started clicking his tongue again. “You see my dear Andy, another reason you are always a step behind us. You don’t think outside the box.” He made a motion with his hand as if signaling something down the hall.

“Your really odd sometimes, you realize that, right?” Alex said from Andy’s side.

“Ah, yes, but I do know of a way to get Andy to Remus’ place.” Sirius, turned around and smiled smugly before turning around again and walking further ahead.

Andy thought about it a moment. She looked at the other three Marauders around her, each of them shrugging their shoulders, obviously no clue as to what Sirius was talking about. With a sigh, she gave in. “Alright Black, what do I have to do to get out of here?”


Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a great summer and I hope you have all read the wonderful new (and sadly last) Harry Potter!! I certainly have and it is my favorite of the series--its just sad that there shall be no more! haha, thanks for reading and dont forget to review!!

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