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Ron and Hermione sat opposite Harry and Ginny at breakfast the next morning. Harry and Ginny hadn’t said anything or even looked up from their plates during the whole time that they sat at Gryffindor table. Ron and Hermione would curiously look to Harry and Ginny then to each other. When Ginny finished her breakfast she leaned over and kissed Harry quickly on the cheek as if embarrassed to do so and then left for her classes still not saying a word or even looking at Ron or Hermione. Harry didn’t even seem to notice that Ginny had left, but simply swallowed the last of his juice and left too. Ron and Hermione looked at each other, but Hermione was the first to speak, “That was rather awkward…” Her sentence trailed off as she watched Harry disappear around the corner in the Entrance Hall.

The day continued to go on with Harry and Ginny isolating them selves. By lunch time they still had not talked or even been near each other. As soon as the bell rang for lunch Ginny got up from her seat in her Potions class and ran up the stairs to the Entrance Hall, but instead of going to lunch she ran straight to the bathroom. She pushed open a stall door and didn’t even have time to lock it before she grabbed her stomach and retched all over the floor beside the toilet. She sat down on the toilet seat and pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her face now streaming with tears in between her knees. Her shoulders shook and in between sobs she was whispering to herself, “Why?! Why did we have to do it? Why did we think we were ready?” She continued to sob as she heard someone open the door to the bathroom. Ginny didn’t even notice when someone pushed open her still unlocked stall door and was standing there in front of her. That someone reached out her hand and began to pat Ginny’s shoulders.
Ginny sniffed and wiped her eyes on her sleeve and looked into the worried eyes of Hermione. “Why didn’t you tell me…? I can help you and I’m your friend I’ll always be here for you.”
Ginny cut into Hermione’s stream of words as if they were never said, “Hermione, I’m sorry I-we didn’t tell you. We didn’t tell you because we were just shocked…scared actually...” Ginny wasn’t sure what else to say. Then she gave a great shutter and sobbed louder than before and in between them Ginny said, “You-Know-Who wants to kill me and the baby!”
Her shoulders shook and Hermione patted her once more, “It’ll be ok, Ginny we-Harry, Ron, and I- will protect you and your baby…we won’t let anything happen to you or your baby.” Hermione tried to stifle her tears as she helped Ginny off the toilet and out of the bathroom. Once out in the corridor Ginny wiped her now red and puffy eyes again and gave a weak smile before Hermione hugged her tight, “are you ok, now?” Hermione asked.
“Yeah…This is the third time today I’ve had one of these meltdowns following me getting sick. I know it’s just-” and she lowered her voice so that only Hermione could hear the last part of her sentence, “-morning sickness, but I still get worried because of what Dumbledore told Harry and I.” Even though Ginny had said she was alright Hermione was yet to be convinced.
“Well, it’ll get better, I’m sure. I think lunch is just finishing up so I don’t think we’ll have time to eat are you ok with that?” Hermione asked noticing a few people trickle out of the Great Hall.
“Yeah my stomach still isn’t settled so if I ate something now I’d just be asking for trouble.” Both girls laughed as they walked back down the corridor.
They had just reached the stairs when from behind them they heard Harry and Ron calling them, “Hermione and Ginny wait up, we’re coming.” Hermione and Ginny turned around to watch the boys come up the stairs to meet them. “Hey, why didn’t you come to lunch?” Ron asked Hermione once they were moving up the stairs again.
“I was with Ginny.” She looked to Ginny as if to ask if it was ok that she said that and Ginny gave a little nod.
“Ginny? Did you get sick again?” Harry whispered with concern, in her ear so as not to let Ron and Hermione hear.
“Yeah and Hermione knows about it and I don’t care if Ron knows.” Ginny said looking at Ron.
“Ok well… Um, I guess, but not here, not with all these people around.” Harry said determined not to let this bit of information slip into the wrong ears. “In the Common Room tonight after everyone’s gone to bed then we’ll tell them both the whole story, ok?” Harry asked to make sure Ginny was ok with his plan.
“Yeah, that’s fine.” Ginny breathed. Harry noticed for the first time that the usual sparkle that inhabited Ginny’s eyes was gone and she seemed as if she hadn’t slept the night before. Well Harry hadn’t been sleeping well either, but this was different it was almost as if all her energy was being sucked out of her. “Are you ok, Ginny?” Harry asked.
“I’m just a little tired, that’s all.” Ginny smiled reassuringly, but didn’t say anything else until they reached her class, “I’ll see you after class.” And she walked into Professor McGonagall’s classroom. Harry, Ron, and Hermione continued on to Defense Against the Dark Arts.
“Ginny does seem a little off. I wonder what’s bothering her.” Ron said as they walked into Snape’s new classroom.
“Ron, they said they would tell us about it tonight, now be quiet about it.” Hermione snapped as they settled into their chairs for a long lesson with Professor Snape.

Ginny was the first back to the common room because Professor McGonagall excused her early due to that fact that she had gotten sick again. She sat in one of the big squashy armchairs staring into the fire. She was supposed to be up with Madam Pomfrey, but she didn’t feel like talking to anyone and was afraid that she would find out about the baby. She looked down at her belly that was a little bigger, but not much and whispered, “I don’t know if I can be a good mother to you. I’m only fifteen. I would love to know if I could even handle having a baby…having you.” She moved her hand from her lap and placed it on her stomach. “Sometimes I worry that You-Know-Who’s already hurt you without me knowing it. I get so scared when one minute I hear your heartbeat and the next it seems to have stopped.” She hadn’t even noticed that tears were welling in her eyes as she spoke. She sat staring at her stomach with her hand still it for a long time. She heard people clamber through the portrait whole, but didn’t look up.
“Ginny what are you doing back so early?” Harry asked after reaching her side. Ginny still didn’t look up as she spoke.
“I got sick again and McGonagall sent me to see Madam Pomfrey, but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. So I just came here instead.” She paused for a little while and then finally looked up to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione huddled around her. Harry looked around to make that they were the only ones in the room.
“Should we tell them?” He asked after concluding that they were alone.
“Sure.” Ginny was staring into the fire again. She was stroking her belly now and watching the flames bounce and wave. So Harry told them. During the time that Harry talked Ginny occasionally would look up and join the conversation, but only for a few moments before returning to gazing into the fire.
“Oh my God, Ginny!” Ron exclaimed when Harry finished. Ginny was looking at her stomach again and tears welled in her eyes again.
“Ron, what will Mum think?” She shuttered and her tears fell onto her cheeks.
“I would hope she’d be happy for you, but honestly I really don’t know.” Ron answered wishing he knew a better way to answer the one and only question Ginny had asked him in a long time. Ginny sighed and wiped the new tears from her eyes because the old ones had already dried leaving a watermark down her cheek.
Ginny looked to Ron with fear in her eyes and said, “Ron I don’t want to die.” Ron was using all his energy not to brake down and cry too that he didn’t answer. He hated seeing his only sister like this and he couldn’t imagine what was going on in Harry’s mind.
“I know and you won’t I promise we will protect you.” Ginny scanned all three faces in front of her all sharing one thing: their emotion, whether they were actually crying or trying really hard not to they were all connected even if for just that brief moment.
Ginny got up and hugged Hermione and said, “Thank you, you’re always there when I need you the most.” Then she moved to her brother and wrapped her arms around him and didn’t speak for a long time just sat there in Ron’s arms like she did when she was child. When she finally spoke her words were muffled against his robes, “Ron I love you so much, I’m so glad you’re my brother your always there to protect me.” Ron tried to speak, but had wasted his energy trying to hold back his now bustling tears. Ginny pulled out of her brother’s arms and smiled weakly and then she finally reached Harry. They just stood there staring at each other for a long time before Harry brought her into his arms.
Ginny rested her head on his shoulder and nestled into the crook of his neck. Harry squeezed tighter and said to her, “I will never let you go.” Ginny looked up and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. It was late and the sun had gone down hours ago, but Harry was wrapped in a bright light, it was as if the fire had flown out of the grate and enveloped him and Ginny. This was all that left of the world him, Ginny and the bright light. There was no Ron and Hermione, there was no Hogwarts, and there was no baby. Just him and her in a world of peace nothing could or would go wrong here. Then Ginny broke away and Harry was reluctantly pulled out of that peaceful place and pulled back into the world where he belonged.

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