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Disclaimer: The Plot and Lily’s parents are all my doing. However Lily and James aren’t mine. I’m not JKR and this is in no way connected to her. Live with it.


AN: Now I am officially adding spoiler warnings for the seventh and final Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just to give you the heads up, so I hope you’ve all already finished the book. If you haven’t stop reading now, or I won’t be held responsible for what happens.


         “What about these flowers James?” Lily demanded of her soon to be husband as she showed him a picture of an arrangement of tulips, as they sat in the my family kitchen. James looked up from the his copy of some magical newspaper. 

            “Anything you want is fine darling.” James responded as he took another sip his coffee. Lily shook her head, and waved the picture back in front of his face to get his attention back on her. 

            “Come on James this is our wedding,” she reminded him. Placing emphasize on the word ‘our.’ “Which do you like better? The tulips or the violets?” James looked between the two pictures. He didn’t really seem to be able to see the difference. I remembered being in that position thirty years ago when Kendra and I were getting married. He seemed to know what I was thinking and glanced up at me, as though asking for help. I scowled at him across the table and returned to my paper.

            “I don’t know Lily. Really you can…” he trailed off under the look my youngest daughter was giving him. “Well Lily…I kind of like the violets.” Lily nodded happily, pulled out her wand, and lit the picture of the tulips on fire, as she had been doing with every other rejected idea. As the smoke thinned Kendra entered the kitchen again with the mail. 

            “Was it tulips of violets?” she asked.

            “Violets,” Lily smiled as she put the picture back in the file sitting on the table in front of her.

            “Good, good choice, James,” she mumbled, as she was looking through the mail. “Hey it’s a letter from Petunia,” she informed us, surprised, while she pulled the letter out between a bill and a Chinese take out menu. She opened it as our daughter started showing James pictures of tablecloths. “Well…she found out about the wedding,” Kendra informed the kitchen table looking up from the letter after about five minutes. I looked sharply up at my wife as she gazed around the table. James stretched out a hand and placed it gently on his red headed fiancée’s shoulder. Lily hadn’t looked up from the pictures of the tablecloths, but her hands had frozen on them. “She wants to come over for dinner.” Kendra continued. No one moved. “Lily?”

            “We should have her over for dinner,” prying her eyes off the pictures at last. I put my newspaper down on the table, James dropped his paper on the floor, and Kendra raised her eyebrows at this statement.

            “You sure?” Kendra asked.

            “Positive.” Kendra’s eyebrows traveled higher up her face. “I know Mum. I know, but we might as well get it over with. It’ll be easier to deal with her now rather than at the wedding.”

            I cleared my throat. “Is she going to be bringing her…her…” I found that I wasn’t able to finish my question, but Kendra was already nodding.

            “Yes. Vernon will be coming too. Do you still want her to come Lily?” Lily nodded like her mother. “Alright sweetie if this is what you want.”

            “It is.” Lily repeated firmly. 


            One week later I was in the sitting room with James. Kendra and Lily were in the kitchen working on dinner, leaving me alone with my daughter’s fiancé, sitting in an awkward silence. The minutes ticked by with surprising silence. Finally I decided that I might as well take this opportunity to make him uncomfortable.

            “So James I never got a chance to ask you last time you were over.” James looked up from staring at his feet. “I mean we got to talk about your friends, but I never asked if you have any enemies?”

            “Enemies…” James repeated, confused.

            “Yes enemies. I know that the Wizarding World is on the brink of an open warfare, so I’m curious. Marrying you will cause how many people to target my baby girl?” I demanded of him. He seemed thrown by my wealth of information. He was so shocked in fact that it took him a minute to get over it.

            “Well my family has been involved in the politics behind this war for years.”

            “I wasn’t asking about that Potter. I was asking how many enemies you have.” I reminded him coldly.

            “Old family rivalries, and some newly appointed Death Eaters who weren’t wild about me while your daughter and I were in school.”

            “Any names I might recognize?” I was pushing him for information. Information that was putting him in danger, in the hopes that it would scare him. However his training as an auror and youth in the build up of this war was causing him to remain, as Kendra would put it, cool as a cucumber.

            “Mr. Evans I’m not allowed to release that kind of information,” he politely informed me.

            “I’m just asking if any of these people who weren’t wildly found of you in school, knew my Lily Lou. I’m not asking if they’ve become Death Eaters. I’m asking if they know what my daughter looks like.”

            He sighed. “The only name I can think of off the top of my head,” he began reluctantly. “Would be…Severus Snape.” He spat the name out with malice. I knew the name was familiar, but before I could investigate further, there was a knock on the front door. 

Kendra and Lily came rushing out of the kitchen in their dinner party dresses and heels, as James and I stood up. Kendra patted her hair quickly in the mirror by the front door. With a sigh, and one last look around at all of us the hostess of the evening opened the front door. It sung forward reviling a blond beefy man and a thin, boney woman with brown hair.

            “Petunia,” Kendra cooed with a forced smile plastered across her face. She embraced her eldest daughter, but let go very quickly I noted. Petunia moved past her mother and nodded coldly at Lily who, usually a very kind warm person, barely inclined her head. “Vernon how nice to see you again,” Kendra simpered again, the forced smile still spread wide, as she gestured him inside our home. “Welcome back.” Vernon didn’t look at Lily, but strode right past her.

            “Vernon,” I coldly greeted him. He nodded back at me, with a look on his face informing me that he would like nothing more than to stab me in the gut. Lily cleared her throat. All the men looked up over towards the women, who were still standing my the door.

            “Petunia, Vernon this is my fiancé James Potter,” Lily smiled walking over and inter twining her arm in his. “James this is my sister, Petunia, and her husband, Vernon.” Silence fallowed Lily’s words. “So…” Lily struggled to think of something to talk about. “What’s new with you two?”

            Petunia frowned coldly at her younger sister. “We bought a house,” she told the family coolly. “In Surry.” Kendra nodded and Lily smiled encouragingly. I was still staring at Vernon threateningly; while James just looked between the group of women and the two men. It came as a relief when the bell signaling that dinner was ready rang through the house.


            “So,” Petunia began once everyone was seated and served. “When is the special day?” she demanded of the happy couple. Lily tossed her tomato red hair behind her shoulder as she finished chewing her mother’s cooking.

            “In October. Halloween in fact.” Petunia raised her eyebrows at her sister.

            “That’s quick…exceptionally quick…is there a reason it’s so quick?” I stiffened in my chair at these words, but Lily was shaking her head firmly gazing at her sister with a touch of annoyance. “Oh. Sorry Lily my mistake,” Petunia apologized. “How long have you two been going out?”

            “One year, but we’ve known each other for years before we started dating.” Lily was handling her sister’s interrogation with her usual grace and class. As I listened to her shake away Petunia’s attempt at criticize, I couldn’t help but swell with pride a little bit.

            “Right…right…Lily I thought that you told me that you couldn’t stand James after your fifth year.” The younger of the two raised her eyebrows threateningly. “I think your exact words were ‘He’s a big headed git.’” I grinned from ear to ear at these words. James cleared his throat. 

            “We all out grow our own immaturities Petunia. If that’s not too blunt,” he countered coolly. I unwilling found myself impressed at how he handled himself with her. It took someone with skill to get Petunia to back down. Which she did.

            The rest of the meal was enjoyed with no conversation, except for the occasional request for the salt. The atmosphere was cold, and no one made any eye contact with anyone else until all the food had been cleared from every plate. Silently Kendra and Lily collected the dishes with James’s help and headed into the kitchen to fetch dessert, leaving me alone with Vernon and Petunia. I glared menacingly at Vernon till Petunia sighed.

            “What is it darling?” I asked her, reluctantly looking away from Vernon.

            “I’m relieved Daddy. I was convinced that she was going to marry that awful wizard boy.”

            “What awful wizard boy?”

            “The one who approached us,” Petunia sniffed disapprovingly. “You know when we were kids. He lived up on Spinner’s End by the river, I think. He was the one who told Lily that that stuff she was doing was…magic,” she scoffed disapprovingly again at the last word, “He was the one who told Lily that she was witch. Don’t you remember him Daddy?”

            “No,” I murmured shaking my head from side to side.

            “What was his name…oh god it’s on the tip of my tongue. What was it?”

            “Petunia,” she cut me off though before I could finish.

            “Severus Snape. That was it. Severus Snape.”

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