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Harry woke up around three that morning. He had no idea why until he rolled over and didn’t see Crystal in the bed. He heard her in the bathroom, but didn’t go get her. He just let her be, he knew what she was doing, and it wasn’t pretty.

It had been almost a month since they had slept together, and she was now what you would call clinically pregnant. They had been put in separate rooms, Crystal was in the dorms with Hermione, which was, needless to say, very awkward, and Harry was still in his dorms, but every Friday night, they came in the Room of Requirement to stay together.

With all that was going on, they never just got to be alone, and they needed it. So they set up this arrangement. They stayed in there and talked, usually until dawn, when Harry and Crystal fell asleep in each others arms.

Today was different though, something was wrong with Crystal. She knew someone was watching her, and she didn’t know who it was, or how to stop them, but she was scared.

This is exactly what she was thinking when Harry woke up. She walked into the room, her hand over her mouth, and she just looked at him, hating him for all of the pain she was in, but loving him for causing it. She was happy, except for the whole *I have a stalker* thing.

She turned to go back into the bathroom, but this time she threw up more than breakfast, it was blood.

'I need to get to the hospital, now.'

Before he could move, she hit the basin with a sickening thud.

'Shit.' He grabbed her hand and apparated to Dumbledore. Maybe not the best place, but a safe place.

"Professor, she needs help. Please." He pleaded, almost as if to himself, because he knew that Dumbledore would help.

Hurriedly, the older wizard wanded on some new clothes and muttered something silently.

"Now you can apparate from the Room, as I know you have been spending quite a bit of time there.."

"Thank you." And he was off. He wanted to explain to him, but there wasn’t time. She needed treatment.

He apparated to the Emergency department of the magical hospital and was glad to see it was a slower night. Very slow, in fact. He was the first one in all night.

A nurse escorted Crystal away on a bed, held up by an enchantment. Harry could do nothing except wait. And wait he did, until nearly 7 30.

A Healer walked up to him stating he could see her now, and that he would be in in five minutes to explain.

Those five minutes passed very quickly. The healer walked in and began speaking.

"She will be ok, but we need to keep her over the next couple of nights. What happened is simple. She is far enough along in the pregnancy, that having intercourse may cause stress. It needs to be kept to a minimum. Once a week at most. But that only exposed her problem. The baby, we have found, is a very special one, and is doing magic from the womb. This child will be Blessed. But it can cause the mother problems. Be careful. No silent spells, or the baby can learn them. Limit apparating to special conditions. You should be all set. I have sent a letter to your Headmaster at Hogwarts, telling him of your condition. He has set it up so you both can stay in your rooms and study. As little stress as possible." He hurried off to get some more papers.

"Once a week? But I love you too much." Harry said with faked disappointment.

"You always make me laugh. That’s what I love about you. And so much more." She smiled at him, with all of the love she felt. She had been thinking over the past few days, how she had come so far. Harry had caught parts of her thoughts, but she wouldn’t let him know her secret. It wasn’t something he needed to know yet….

Three days later…~~

Harry and Hermione had been talking. Harry told her of his plans, and of the baby. Hermione, through her distraught over the fact that her best friend was going to be a father, was overjoyed. Harry hadn't stopped grinning for the past three days. Crystal was fine, and their baby was also. But Harry also told her of the different glimpses he had read from Crystal. About her past. Some of it scared him. These had been dark things, he could tell, but she wouldn’t talk to him. He had tried to ask her, but nothing ever came of it.

He had been thinking lately himself. Why did he suddenly love her so much. Sure, when she got there, he thought she was beautiful, but now, sitting at a table with Ron, Hermione, Crystal and himself all talking joyfully, he couldn’t understand it. Their love had grown, so much, but he didn’t know anything about her past. If anyone asked, he rattle off all of her favorites. Jazz or rock music, she couldn’t decide, cookie dough ice cream, and she would pick out all of the cookie dough pieces and save them with the malted ice cream for the end, Color, blue, season, she liked them all, but she liked the rain or snow the most. Her favorite quality about herself, her long black hair that nearly reached mid back. But he didn’t know her parents names, what city she had lived in, her favorite vacation spot. Nothing. And it worried him. What if she was hiding something..


She looked over at him, holding a finger to Ron who was going on about his chocolate frog card collection. She picked up his confusion.

'Yeah? You ok?'

'I'm fine I don’t want them to hear this, can we talk, alone?'

Hermione glanced up, she had looked down as Harry spoke, thinking. Now she simply said, "Ron their doing it again."

"Ugh, cant you two speak like normal people?" He said through gritted teeth, then realizing what he had said, he laughed.

"Crystal and I are going for a, umm… run. We'll be back later." Harry said, his eyes almost distant.

They both walked about twenty feet away before changing to wolves, but glancing first to be sure no one was looking except the two pair of questioning eyes following them. They knew it wasn’t right to leave their friends hanging, but it was important. They took off to the forbidden forest, not planning on going in too far, just enough to get some privacy.

The forest was dense as ever, and quiet. Harry looked at Crystal, and he took her hand, kissed her gently, and walked in a few more steps. He looked at her. He wanted to know.

"Crystal, I love you, with all of my heart, but I need to know who you are, who it is in those past thoughts. You are hiding something, and I need to know what it is, especially if we are going to have a baby together." With that he instantly pulled his hand up to her stomach, and gently pulled her closer, she rested her head on his chest, facing deeper into the forest. The tears rolled down her face, and he looked at her, this hurt her so much, but what could she be hiding.

Instead of speaking, she sat down on the ground. 'Sit with me.'

He did just that, she touched his neck, and looked into his eyes, "This is going to be hard, with your past, but it will help."

Before he knew it everything went black. He woke up to a scene in front of him. He was in Crystals past. Voldemort was there, but for the first time his scar didn’t hurt. He was free of that pain for a moment. Voldemort was talking to someone. Short, and covered by a black cloak, with silky starry layers over it. The woman, he guessed by the figure, was the only one standing. The others were kneeling so he couldn’t see their faces. The woman lifted off her cloak's hood to reveal her face to the dark lord.

It was Crystal, and she wasn’t fighting. Why?

"Celeste, have you brought me what I need?"

"Yes, my Lord, all you need to know. Harry is alive and well, and as for his friends, they are working hard as always to help."

Harry shook himself out of this to find Crystal crying into his shoulder.

"You were after me. Why? And What happened?"

She sat up, amazed he didn’t run at the thought of her betraying him.

"You don’t hate me?"

"Of course not, I love you. Most people I know are after me. Besides, if you wanted me killed or information, you would have gotten it already, then just left. And you're still here aren't you?"

She smiled at him.

'I knew you'd understand. I was sent here, but I betrayed him. I told him soon after that I was done, I wanted to live my life as a witch, and an elemental, and he would never lay his finger on you if I had anything to do with it. You see, Harry, the reason I fell in love with you so fast is that I fell in love with you when I was watching you. I have many more dark secrets from my past, please don’t make me go through them now. I will tell you in time. Trust me, I love you. I wont lose you.' She kissed him passionately. They fell into the ever so familiar rhythm of loving one another.

It hadn't been long, and already he found himself pulling her up and racing back as wolves to the castle. By now, everyone thought the wolves were Dumbledore's pets. Crystal raced on to the Room, but Harry stayed behind for just a moment, and gave Hermione all she needed to understand. He nudged her leg, and she smiled at him.

"Go on, well talk later. Spend time with her."

Hr howled softy, then ran through the building to the woman he loved so much.

Two weeks later~~~~~~~~
Harry had promised Hermione that they would discuss what had been discovered about Crystal.

And they did.

"You don’t think its suspicious?"

"Now, why would I, she said she quit working with him. I could see she was telling the truth, feel it, even. I love her and trust her. If she's not telling the truth, she'll tell me. Its how she is, cant handle not telling the truth."

A/N: I know you cant apparate in or out of the school, but lets just say that students can apparate inside the building. He sets itup so they can LEAVE from teh Room. Just to clarify. any questions, message or review, and Ill answer

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