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“Welcome! Welcome all to another year at Hogwarts!” rang the clear voice of Albus Dumbledore throughout the Great Hall. It was amazing that every Hogwarts student paid such close attention to him whenever he spoke. Lily, sitting at the Gryffindor table amongst her friends, got chills down her spine every year at the opening feast when Dumbledore made his speech. The door on the side of the Great Hall opened and a long line of tiny little first years trooped in behind a very large Hagrid, who was the gamekeeper for the school. Dumbledore smiled kindly at them as they made their way up to the front of the hall, where Professor Mcgonagall had set up the old school sorting hat. The attention was now focused on the raggedy old heap of cloth, and the whole school waited for the annual song to begin. A long time ago when Hogwarts Was newly built, it’s true Our four founders Had quite a lot to do! But most importantly there was the task Of which students to invite For the founders had their favorites That they chose with lots of pride! Gryffindor, brave and strong, Valued leadership and daring. Sweet Hufflepuff was loyal, And prized the most caring! Ravenclaw, cleverness And students with quick wit. Slytherin chose the cunning, And the blood he would admit! But as you see, They now are gone, and only I remain. To select your house, But the criteria is still the same! So whether you be a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin, I assure you that I’m right! And so let the Sorting now begin! The usual enthusiastic applause followed the hat’s song, and the first years were called up one by one to be sorted. After every new Gryffindor, Lily would help them find a seat at the house table, and try to get them to converse amongst themselves. “Kevin, Hi! I’m Lily Evans, Head Girl. Welcome to Gryffindor! This is Trevor, you’ll be sharing a dormitory with him. Why don’t you two get acquainted?” Lily spoke kindly, and the small first year nodded timidly as he sat down next to Trevor, who was also very small and timid. I can’t believe I was once actually that small! Lily thought to herself in amazement. Finally, all the small, timid first years were sorted, and the feast began. The food was excellent, as usual, and after it had ended and Dumbledore had made his start of term notices, Lily remembered that she was Head Girl and had no idea what the password to the common room was. She quickly got up and went over to where James and the Marauders were sitting. “Potter?” Lily asked tentatively, as James and Sirius watched her, “What’s the password to the Common Room was?” “Oh, Shrieking Shack is it!” he replied, and upon hearing this, Sirius choked on his pumpkin juice, spraying Peter. “Are you serious, Prongs?” he asked James, who was now looking very pleased with himself, and nodded. The Marauders all started laughing, Lily standing there feeling like she had missed something. “Um, well I’m glad the password has brought you all such joy.” she said, giving them an odd look. “Yes, it has. Better watch out, Evans! The shrieking shack is verrrrrrrrrry haunted! Wooooooooo!” said Sirius, in a ghostly voice. “And not just by ghosts! WOOOOOOOOOO!” joined in James. But at this Remus punched Sirius in the jaw. “Could you guys NOT talk about this?” pleaded Remus, which shocked Lily, for she had never seen him this upset. “Well, thanks. Just find me when we need to lead the first years up to the common room!” said Lily, thoroughly ready to leave the tense situation. *** Later that night, up in the dormitories, Lily showed Tracy the letter from Petunia, and explained what had happened with James. Tracy was appalled, and wore an expression similar to the one James’ had when he had read the note. Tracy felt that the most important thing to discuss was Lily and James, which really irritated Lily, who eventually told her to be quiet for she was tired. While Lily may have been ready to get some shut eye, The Marauders were huddled in an empty corner of the common room, while Sirius filled in the others about his brilliant scheme to win Lily over for James. “And, here’s the tricky part,” he excitedly whispered to the boys, “We’re going to have to convince Peeves to help us!” James always loved Sirius’s schemes, and this one was a fail-proof plan. It would surely get Lily’s attention, and just in time for the fall dance, which Dumbledore had announced would be on September 21st. They would find Peeves in the morning, fill him in, and the whole thing would be ready for launching at 5:00 tomorrow, right after the last lesson before dinner. This would be the year everything changed between Lily and him, he thought excitedly as he headed to the spiral stairs. Finally, he would be able to show the girl he had had his eyes on since their first day at Hogwarts what a great guy he was, which was saying something as Lily usually never let him say anything past, “Hey, Evans!” He was Head Boy, she was Head Girl, what more needed to be said? “Hey James!” said a voice behind him. Still caught up in his fantasies, he thought at first it might be Lily, but when he turned around it was definitely not Lily who had called his name. “Oh, uh, hi Emma!” he said composing himself to a shorter witch with blonde ringlets, Emma Donaldson. “How’s your summer been?” “Oh, just fine, but I missed seeing you…”she said, batting her long lashes at him. “And all the mayhem you Marauders cause!” she addressed them all, giggling. Emma was the biggest flirt of the 7th year and pretty much the entire school, and it was widely known that she had her sights set on James. James had always found her rather annoying, but she could be fun to talk to at times, and Sirius consulted her often on the latest gossip about himself with the girls. Sirius was probably the biggest flirt of the guys, and had to keep on top of which girl was swooning over him every week. “I heard you and Lily Evans had a little ‘run in’ on the train, it’s funny but that girl isn’t swayed by anyone” continued Emma, now right next to James, “not even Quidditch stars like YOU!” “Well, Quidditch isn’t really her thing I guess,” muttered James, feeling very uncomfortable at the way Emma was looking at him, and wished Sirius or someone would distract her so he could just go to bed. “Oh don’t be so hard on yourself, James! Every girl in this common room melts when you smile at them, except for Lily.” she said, and James knew this was reasonably true. “Has it ever occurred to you that Lily Evans is just stuck-up? Move on, James, and you’ll find plenty of girls who won’t bite your head off every time you try to be nice…” “Well, that’s all very nice, but I’ve really got to go now, to bed I mean, so see you in class tomorrow!” rushed James, pulling away from Emma’s arm, which had begun to snake its way around his. “Good Night, James!” she called after him, as he hurried up the spiral stair case to his dormitory. “So, Mr. Loverboy, had enough of the female type for one day?” asked Sirius, cuffing him on the shoulder when he had caught up to the others. But James wasn’t thinking about Emma, because he knew now what he liked so much about Lily. He hadn’t been able to figure it out those previous six years, why he was attracted to her above all others. Lily had a wildness, untamed energy and feistiness that James couldn’t control. Though the other girls swooned over him, the fact that Lily didn’t was one thing he liked about that girl. And by this time tomorrow, he thought to himself as he got under the covers of is four-post bed, she might see me in a different light, assuming all goes well with the plan.

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