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The young adults all sat in chairs in a circle eying each other with suspicion. All wondering who would be kind in their approach to either the truth or a dare. They were well aware that things could very well change once they walked out of the room. Yet, no one seemed in any rush to remove themselves from the game.

Perhaps as much as they knew was at stake here apart of them wanted to know what their fellow peers were hiding. Each one of them had a secret and yet their hunger for revenge and knowledge was keeping them in their seats.

Everyone in that circle was very much capable of destroying friendships, the question was who was ready to get their hands dirty.  All knew that the truth would hurt, they only didn't know how much. In a way they were each daring themselves to be in this game.

None of the students made any notion to break the pattern of silence. That was until a blonde girl became rather tired of it.

"What's the matter Logan, tired of presenting a challenge" asked Luna calmly

"No, just waiting till everyone is good and ready" he replied a bit taken back by her eagerness.

"Well it's not like we're waiting for winter or anything" said Ron

"Winter is almost here" said Seth quickly

"How would you can't tell left from right" spoke Harry

"I always say left for 'Like Luna said hurry the fuck up' and right for 'Ready your ass for my foot' " interrupted Liz before the boys could continue angering one another

"Ha ha I happen to like that method" said Bianca with a smile. Everyone minus Harry, Ron, Logan, and Seth were laughing while Blaise and Draco were smirking with admiration.

"So who's gonna go first?" asked Harry

"Whoever wants to" said Draco

"And that would be?" continued Ginny

Nobody was in any hurry to respond. Truthfully all were more sacred of being the person who was asked rather than to be the one who was doing the asking.

"I'll go first" said Hermione softly

No one knew what possessed Hermione to volunteer herself. Draco was a bit surprised at her actions but then realized that there was more to her than what she actually led on to be. He found himself smiling at how mysterious she could be with her slim legs and nice curves.

Suddenly Draco found himself to be checking out Granger and had to dispense these feelings and thoughts at all costs. He began shaking is head around causing everyone to suddenly forget  Hermione's proposal and instead look at him with confusion.

"What's wrong with him?" whispered Bianca making Luna and Ginny laugh

"I'm not sure" said Blaise

"Is he having a mental breakdown?" asked Seth

"Maybe a nargle got stuck in his pants" suggested Luna shifting all eyes upon herself

"Then why would he be shaking his head?" asked Ron

"Tricky little things aren't they" added Luna

"So who's gonna get it?" asked Liz

"Blaise should, they are pals and everything" said Bianca

"Oh so rather his friend rather than a stranger" said Blaise

"I' sure he'd do the same for you" spoke Neville

"How about you stick your hand down Draco's pants then Neville" said Hermione rather loudly and calmly

Just as quick as it began Draco's head shaking ended. His head shot up while his eyes seemed to have popped out a bit. They targeted Neville.

"You're gonna do what Longbottom?" asked Draco

"See typical guy talk about someone's hands going down below and all of a sudden they can hear" said Hermione

"Oh yeah the head shaking..." continued Draco quietly

"I thought it was a nargle" added Luna

"I do believe that Hermione had just decided to go first" reminded Logan with an eager tone

"Of course...let's see who should I choose.." said Hermione

She found herself examining all who sat before her.

"Ginny truth or dare?" asked Hermione

"Truth" spoke Ginny calmly as the ran her fingers through her soft red hair

"How many times have you snuck out of your house?" asked Hermione

"About 6 times" replied Ginny

"WHAT???" questioned Ron in a loud tone

"Oh come on like you didn't know" said Ginny

"After the game we can find you a talk show to discuss your family problems, but now it's Ginny's turn to question someone" said Seth earning a dirty look from Ron

"Hmmm....let's see" said Ginny as she glanced around "Blaise..." she said

"Yes love" responded Blaise

"Yeah don't call me that.....Truth or Dare?" asked Ginny

"Truth" said Blaise wondering what she wanted to know about him

"On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate your body?" asked Ginny making the girls laugh and the boys shift uncomfortably

"I'd say a 9" answered Blaise

"Conceited" said Bianca jokingly

"Gosh do you look at it that much?" asked Liz

"Now now only one question at a time" said Blaise cool like

"That's a yes" said Ginny with satisfaction at the effect of her question

"Alright my turn.....who will be the victim?" said Blaise as he rubbed his hands together and stood on the edge of his seat

"Neville....Truth or Dare" said Blaise

"Truth" said Neville while his ears turned red

"Chicken..." muttered Blaise

"You choose truth that makes you one as well" said Luna defensively. Neville shed a smile at this comment

"Fair enough......have you ever kissed a girl?" asked Blaise

"No" said Neville as he eyes fell to look at the floor

"Don't be embarrassed Neville" said Ron making Liz wonder

"It's your turn mate" reminded Harry

"Right......huh....." continued Neville. He wasn't exactly sure who to ask, he didn't want to make anyone mad.

Draco.....Truth or Dare?" asked Neville shuddering with regret

"Dare" said Draco

"I dare you to call everyone by their first names for one whole day" said Neville earning smiles from everyone

"Good one Neville" said Ginny slowly saying Neville as if helping Draco with his task

"Fine.....I will...but now it is my turn" said Draco

For a moment his eyes passed over Hermione realizing that she was in a vulnerable position, but something inside him wasn't willing to cross that line. He could tell she was watching him very closely.

"Green....Truth or Dare?" asked Draco as he looked at Seth

"Dare" said Seth eagerly

"I dare you to wear a sing that says 'My balls got cut need of some love' in big letters for a day" said Draco. Everyone had begun laughing immediately especially Luna who almost fell off her seat.

"Are you serious?" asked Bianca through her laughter

"Hey he asked for a dare" said Draco

"I am not walking with you that day" said Logan with a smile

"Hey I asked for it.....nice one Draco...alright I'm up...mmm I wonder" said Seth

"Liz my dear...." began Seth. Liz was starring directly into his eyes as was Ron

"Truth or Dare?" asked Seth

Liz thought about which to choose. She knew that she may have to spill her guts out and she wouldn't give Seth that satisfaction. Slowly she answered. 

"Dare" replied Liz calmly although her mind was racing with anticipation

"I dare you to kiss me for 3 minutes" said Seth with a grin on his face. Ron immediately could feel his insides boiling and his voice desperate to be released through an angry objection.

"Who's gonna time me?" asked Liz quickly while trying to stay calm, her eyes avoiding Ron

"I will" said Bianca

"Pucker up you two" teased Blaise. Ginny could sense how angry her brother was, but somehow knew it was his fault for not stepping up to the plate in the first place

Slowly Liz got up and headed towards Seth. All eyes were on them as Seth welcomed her with open arms as she took a seat on his lap. Liz looked into his eyes and knew he was a good guy, but couldn't help but want to yell at him for taking advantage of her in this situation. All thoughts suddenly slipped from her mind as she closed her eyes just as Seth's lips crashed against hers.

Ron tried to not let it bother him, but it was proving to be useless and only felt like crawling into a hole in the ground. Bianca kept her eye focused on the two at all times counting the seconds in her mind. Harry felt bad for his best mate, but was beginning to wonder what things would happen when Logan finally had his chance to be the asker. He couldn't imagine himself sitting there and taking no action.

Neville turned his eyes away from the scene while Luna starred dreamingly up at the ceiling. Ginny and Hermione were sitting waiting for it to be over knowing how much Liz must be against it. Soon the 3 minutes were up.

"Time's up" said Bianca quickly as if it were urgent

Liz immediately removed herself from Seth's grip on her waist and stood up to walk back to her seat. She attempted to make eye contact with Ron as if to let him know that that could have been him earlier today. Unfortunately the message was never sent for Ron refused to remove his attention away from the floor. It wasn't until Liz took her seat that he finally looked up.

Liz crossed her arms across her chest with frustration over Ron's daff behavior. She would of at least liked to see him glare at Seth with anger so that she could note some sign of jealousy although it was easy to tell how much pleasure Seth was getting from all of this. Bianca turned to look at Liz with an apologetic look. Liz only nodded her head, knowing that her best friend would know that she wished she had never received that dare.

Everyone allowed Liz the time she needed until she was ready to question the next person. Ron was already ready to leave his seat and stomp off to his room, but found himself not making any motion towards the door. Ginny and Hermione turned to look at one another both knowing that the other was just as worried at how consequential this game would get.

After a few moments of silence Liz found herself with enough strength to once again speak. "Bianca Truth or Dare?"

Bianca slowly wondered about which way to go. She knew that Liz would never put her in an uncomfortable situation.

"Truth" replied Bianca

"How much did you enjoy your summer?" asked Liz casually causing Logan's alertness to increase

Bianca wasn't sure to smirk or laugh from how nicely Liz put that question. She had to admit that her friend did have a way with words.

"I enjoyed it VERY much" responded Bianca, putting much emphasis on the 'very'.

Harry found himself grinning with enjoyment over the facial expressions Logan bore. Logan's eyebrows were pointed giving him an angered look. Hermione and Ron both slipped a bit on the laugh that they were trying to suppress.

"Well well, looks like it's my turn....hmmm Luna..." began Bianca

"Yes?" asked Luna as she still wore a dreamy expression

"Truth or Dare?" questioned Bianca

"Dare" answered Luna shocking almost everyone

"I dare you to go on a date with the boy that you like" said Bianca

"What?!!" blurted Luna with a frightful look

"Come on...any guy would be lucky to have you....besides you said dare" continued Bianca

"Yeah....but.....alright fine, but if he even tries the whole yawn and hand over my shoulder thing, I'm gonna kick em' where it hurts" stated Luna

"You do that" said Bianca

"Alright who shall it be......Logan.....Truth or Dare?" asked Luna

Logan was a bit unsure about what to pick. He couldn't read Luna like he could with other people. A part of him wanted to see how gutsy she was with her dares.

"Dare" stated Logan as he sat on the edge of his seat

Everyone was quite curious to see what Luna's response would be. For a moment everyone held their breath waiting for Luna to speak.

"I dare you to write both Pansy and Cho a sex letter" said Luna with not a hint of hesitation in her voice

Everyone found themselves grinning because of Luna's confidence. Never would any of them could have guessed that Luna would ask such a thing. Bianca and Liz were laughing quite loudly as were Ron and Harry. Hermione found herself looking at Draco who also was starring directly at her. Neither knew how they both found themselves replaying the scene in the library over in their minds. Hermione had hoped that Draco would have no reason to wonder about her contempt towards Pansy.

"Where do you come up with these?" asked Seth

"You girlfriend gonna be ok with that?" asked Logan as he starred directly at Harry

"What do I care, besides I broke up with her" spoke Harry calmly who did not notice a Bianca who was now hanging on his every word

"What happened not that good in bed Potter?" continued Logan

"You've got to write the letter and send it in 2 days" said Luna

"I believe it's your turn Logan" stated Ginny

"Thanks I almost forgot......Potter..Truth or Dare?" asked Logan taking his time in between his words

Harry took his time to decide on how best to respond. He knew that the truth would be pertaining to his and Bianca's relationship and as much as he wanted to irritate Logan with what he and Bianca had experienced he knew that she would have to deal with his questions in the end. Then again, he was positive that he would not be too pleased with the dare he would be receiving from Logan. In the end he decided to take whatever Logan threw at him just for Bianca.

"Dare" said Harry as he attempted to make himself more comfortable in his seat

"I dare you to go to the winter dance with Cho" said Logan quickly

"What dance?" asked Hermione taking the words right out of Harry's mouth

"The winter was announced today at dinner...wasn't anyone listening?" asked Logan

"Is everyone invited?" asked Luna wondering if it was just for the 7th years

"Yup everyone...think you're gonna get a date?" asked Seth with a bit of amusement in his voice

"Probably...I'll give the desperate girls your name" Luna responded

"McGonagall said that we have a lot to be thankful for this year" said Blaise

"You heard her when you weren't rating your body?" asked Ginny

"So Harry you got your dare and hopefully you two will be able to rebuild your relationship" said Logan with a smirk on his face

Harry could feel his his fists clenching. He wanted nothing more than to punch the crap out of Logan. This dare was worse than he imagined, just when he had broken the grip Cho had on him now he had to go to the dance with her. His attention lingered over to Bianca who 's face was expressionless. He could sense both her hopes and his of dancing and holding one another drifting far far away. They both knew this was Logan's way of keeping them separated.

Those closest to Harry and Bianca felt at a loss for words. They only could attempt to imagine what they were going through right now.

"Hey Harry" said a voice that seemed out in the distance, but was really closer than he thought

Harry lifted his tired and heavy up to see that it was Neville who had spoken

"It's your turn" he said in a reassuring tone

"Thanks Neville" said Harry as he once again sat straight in his seat

He decided that no longer was he going to sit back and let Logan drive him crazy. He wasn't about playing fair, that had ended when he last dared Harry.

"Liz....Truth or Dare?" asked Harry as he kept eye contact with Seth was seemed a bit on the edge

Liz knew that Harry was angry and made up her mind of helping him to get back at Logan

"Dare" said Liz as she nudged Bianca in an attempt to help her friend to get her head back in the game. Bianca sat up straight her eyes looking everywhere wondering what had happened while she had been absorbed in her own thoughts

"I dare you to spend what the muggles call 7 minutes in heaven with Ron in that broom closet" said Harry as he pointed a finger towards a broom cupboard that was in the right corner towards where Draco and the others had entered

Everyone's mouth was open including Ron's and Seth's. Liz on the other hand was grinning. Bianca's eyes were directly concentrated on the broom closet.

"It looks like it's just big enough for 1 person" said Harry to a Seth who was starring at him angrily

"Maybe 1 and a half" continued Harry

Silently and without any warning Liz stood up and began walking towards the closet in equally portioned calm steps. Halfway there she stopped.

"He said with Ron as in me not by myself" said Liz

All eyes shifted over to Ron who's ears had face had turned to a very red shade. Ron's eyes seemed to be going back and forth, left and right searching for help from his friends. When no one spoke he slowly got up and followed Liz. Everyone sat watching as the two silently entered the closet.

Time seemed to have stopped after Ron shut the door. Seth was fidgeting in his seat as he strained his ears to hear if any noise was coming from the closet. Logan was bearing a hole in Harry as the two stared with much contempt at the other. Ginny and Hermione felt themselves wanting to laugh at how Ron was probably fumbling over his words with awkwardness. Bianca's thoughts went back to the Harry and Cho situation while Blaise and Draco were grinning at how entertaining this whole situation was. Neville on the other hand was trying to keep his attention on the wall wondering why Luna finally found his so interesting seeing as how she was starring dreamily at him.

After a few minutes of silence Logan decided to end it

"You suck at playing the bad guy" said Logan to Harry

"I don't think least I'm not worried about the truth" replied Harry

"What does that mean?" asked Logan feeling offended

"The only reason you're having me go with Cho to the dance is cause you know Bianca would have gone with me" stated Harry courageously

"I don't think Bianca likes you making decisions for her" said Logan

"Yeah well I don't think Bianca likes you controlling her life" said Harry

"I think that Bianca likes to fucking talk about herself in 3rd person too" said Bianca with irritation

Before any more bickering could continue Seth suddenly jumped up from his seat with eagerness.

"It's been 7 minutes" he shouted

Less than a second had passed when the closet door opened revealing a very disheveled looking Liz and a crimson faced Ron whose eyes were solely concentrated on the floor. They both calmly and quietly returned to their seats. Everyone waited to see if the two would say anything. Liz could see all eyes on her and finally she spoke.

"Oh right it's my turn ummm....Bianca Truth or Dare?" she asked oblivious to her fellow students who were dying to know what had happened with her and Ron in the closet

"Dare" said Bianca

"Alright 7 minutes in heaven with Harry....oh Harry you're right the closet is big enough for just one person" said Liz with a happy tone

"Are you feeling ok?" asked Bianca with worry

"Yeah...umm I believe you and Harry have an appointment for the closet" responded Liz

Bianca and Harry turned to look at each other their eyes connecting, something that hadn't happened in a long time. They both stood and made their way over to the broom closet. Bianca opened the door and slowly entered it followed by Harry.

The closet had two shelves in the back. Only some old small buckets and spider webs were all that inhabited them. Bianca slowly turned taking in her surroundings making circles. Soon she stopped though and turned to Harry who's eyes were on her. Bianca found herself bitting her bottom lip wondering what to say.

What was someone supposed to say in a situation like this. Harry found himself smiling at Bianca's little habits.

"What's so funny?" asked Bianca with a suspicious grin on her face

"You and the way you bite your lip when you're thinking about something" he responded

"How do you know that I do that?" asked Bianca

"You did it all the time when you would read the back of the books..this entertained idiot noticed things" he said with a bit of longing in his tone

"You know you loved that key chain" said Bianca as she playfully hit his arm

Just as Bianca thought her hand would swing back to her side she was caught off guard when Harry instead held it. Bianca starred at her left hand which was currently in Harry's right. Up until now she hadn't fully appreciated such a little and yet wonderful thing such as holding hands.

"Harry...." began Bianca in a quiet tone

"Why do we keep doing this to each other?" asked Harry as he moved closer to her

"I don't know" said Bianca

"Tell me what you do know" said Harry as he pulled her closer to him resting his forehead against hers

Bianca could feel her heart racing at high speeds.

"I know that I could never forget what we had and I know that you make me smile and that if you don't kiss me right now I'm gonna...." said Bianca

But what she would have done was never heard for Harry took cupped her face gently with his hands as if she would get hurt. His green eyes heavy with love and longing starred into her brown ones. Bianca closed her eyes just as his lips roughly crashed onto hers. Bianca couldn't think straight, but nothing seemed to matter except for tasting his soft luscious lips.

The kiss was not enough for either of them and soon Harry was sucking on her bottom lip asking for entrance. Bianca slowly opened making Harry's wishes come true. It had been awhile since their tongues had had contact one another. Both hungrily explored the other. Both wanting control over the other. The need was oxygen was coming soon, but neither were in any hurry to break contact. Bianca began sucking on his bottom lip making Harry moan into her mouth. Harry' hand had slipped under her shirt and was smoothly running across her bare stomach.

After a few seconds they broke the kiss for the need of oxygen. Both allowed a small amount of time to elapse before the lifted their heads to look at one another. The room was silent except for the heavy breathing coming from the two. Before Harry could speak the voice of Logan saying that their 7 minutes were up entered through the closet's walls. Bianca quickly made for the door but was blocked off by Harry.

Wondering and hoping that he would kiss her once again Bianca waited patiently to see what Harry would do. Harry opened the door for her and Bianca felt a bit hurt but composed herself and erased any signs of the incident from her appearance before leaving the closet once again followed by Harry.

Bianca was met with sets of eyes all watching her every move as she took her seat next to Liz. Harry too had taken his seat next to Ron. It took awhile for Bianca to wrap her mind around all that had just happened.

"Ummm...Ron truth or Dare?" asked Bianca

"Dare" answered Ron with the sense of worry

"I dare you to dance with Liz at the dance" said Bianca confidently

Somehow all eyes turned to a an angry and red looking Seth. Logan seemed taken back at Bianca's new playing tactics and was a bit furious with her as well. Harry and the other Gryffindors found themselves smirking. Liz was a bit unsure about how to take this newly added dare but found herself smiling anyways.

"I guess it's my turn..then..umm Gin Truth or Dare?" asked Ron

"Dare big brother" said Ginny impressed with Ron's newfound confidence in his voice

"I dare you to wear your clothes backwards for one whole day" said Ron

"Ha ha oh gosh can't wait to see that" said Bianca with laughter in her voice

"Alright then....Draco...Truth or Dare?" asked Ginny as she directed her attention to the blonde slytherin

"Truth" said Draco quietly

"Is it true about you being the Slytherin Sex God?" asked Ginny

"Well weasley.....I haven't slept with as many people as the gossip Patil twins say but I do regret sleeping with Pansy.....she's nothing to me even though she makes it seem like she is" said Draco as he titled his head towards Hermione

"That wasn't part of the question" said Liz confused at Draco's confession

"I know......Hermione Truth or Dare?" asked Draco in almost a whisper

"Truth" said Hermione as she had her hands folded across her chest as if she was protecting her heart

"What have you not learned from your precious books?" asked Draco

Everyone especially Ginny, Ron, and Harry were a bit unsure at what Draco was hoping to get from his question. They all thought it would have been something completely different. Bianca was starting to wonder if there was something more going on between the two.

" it is" spoke Hermione making the room go silent

Everyone allowed Hermione's words to sink in. Draco's expression was unrecognizable somewhere between admiration and confusion. Hermione found her starring off into the distance wrapped up in her own thought, but after awhile came back down to earth.

"Neville.....Truth or Dare?" asked Hermione

Neville was a bit confused at the whole situation, but soon replied "Dare"

"I dare you to dance with the girl that you like" said Hermione

"But...but..." stuttered Neville

"You did say dare mate" said Ron

"Whatever....fine....Blaise truth or Dare?" grumbled Neville

"Dare" answered Blaise

"I dare you to go to the dance with someone no one would expect you to go with" said Neville with satisfaction at the look on his face

"Well well Longbottom finally toughens up...fine it's a deal....Luna Truth or Dare?" asked Blaise

"Truth" answered Luna

"Do you really believe what they write in the Quibbler?" asked Blaise with amusement

"Yes I do it's not my fault that you're not open minded about things" spoke Luna defensively

"Just asking" replied Blaise

"Ron Truth or Dare?" asked Luna

"Truth" answered Ron

"How long have you gone without bathing?" asked Luna

"About a month" he said in an extremely quiet voice

"What was that Ron?" persisted Ginny

"I said about a month" yelled Ron making all the girls laugh

"Now that that's over....Harry truth or Dare?" asked Ron

"Dare" responded Harry

"I dare you to dance with Bianca at the dance" said Ron bravely

Liz and Bianca found themselves bearing huge smiles on their faces. On the other hand Logan looked as if he were about to jump from his seat to hit Ronald. Ginny and Hermione were also smirking as were the Slytherins.

"Seth Truth or Dare?" asked Harry

"Dare" answered Seth

"I dare you to write Peeves a love letter" said Harry

Everyone began laughing quite loudly. Once again Luna nearly fell out of her seat.

"That one really hurt there Potter....Logan Truth or Dare?" asked Seth

"Truth" said Logan with a smirk

"Where did you and Bianca go that night after our party?" asked Seth with a grin

"We went back to my room" said Logan to Harry

Bianca could feel herself wanting to scream at Seth and Logan. How dare they do such stupid questions.

"Potter Truth or Dare?" asked Logan

"Truth" answered Harry not realizing what he had said

"What did you and Bianca do over the summer?" asked Logan as he sat on the edge of his seat

The room quickly went dead silent. Bianca and Liz's eyes had widened and Harry turned to look at her frightful face. He knew he had messed up. Just as he was about to answer the door to the back opened up revealing Filch's cat.

"Run" shouted Hermione

Everyone made a scramble for the door towards the other side of the room. The sound of Filch walking into the room could be heard just as the last person exited the Room of Requirement. All of the students stood breathing heavily in the middle of a hall. Their silent looks were all that needed to be seen as they all ran towards their separate dorms.

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