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A/N: Well first off I hoped every enjoyed the Deathly Hallows, I sure did! And secondly this chapter is a continuation of the last chapter! Well Enjoy and Thanks to all my reviewers!!!


I cut through the corridor, following Regulus’ lead. I fumed, how could he just say that to me? I gradually caught up to him, and instead of saying anything I fell into step alongside him. Though part of me wanted to rip his lungs out, the other part of me wanted to run back up to Sirius’s room and read his diary. I sighed, continuing to follow Regulus down the steps. He opened a large door, and pointed his hand inside. I ignored his hand gesture and walked inside. Inside my parents, and the Blacks were talking in a circle. They stood up as they saw us, Mrs. Black came over asking,

“So did you like the manor?” 

I turned to look at Regulus, who just smirked back at me. I crossed my fingers under my robe lying, 

“It was gorgeous.” 

“Did you enjoy the drawing room?” 

This time I was caught, I didn’t even see the drawing room, 

“Yes, it was lovely, but after seeing all the gorgeous room’s in the manor, it’s hard to remember exactly.” I responded making up a quick lie. 

I looked at Mrs. Black to see if she bought it, and luckily she was nodding her head in approval. I wanted to fall to my knees and thank Merlin! She gestured her hand to the couches were my parents and Mr. Black were seated. I sat down on the uncomfortable looking couch she pointed to, and I could feel Regulus sit next to me. 

“Well then shall we get started?” my mother asked, looking at Mrs. Black who nodded her head. I looked up from my robes, confused as to what they were talking about. 

Mrs. Black stepped forward and handed me a heavy box. I took it with a little sigh, trying hard not to drop it. Settling it down in my lap, I looked at it in wonder. My mother handed Regulus a box to, though he didn’t look confused at all. 

“These are heirloom boxes, they represent the different houses from which the bride and groom come from.” my mom explained. 

A sharp rap on the door, and a grumpy looking house-elf entered the room. I looked up at the creature, pity running through me, it’s head was bent forward, and arms crossed politely across it’s chest. With only a pillow case to cover it, the house-elf looked worn and thin. 

“Master has company.”

I cocked my head, what was he talking about? We’ve only been here for the past nine hours, I thought sarcastically! But it must have been some sort of hidden language because my father and Mr. Black got up, heading out the door talking in hushed tones. Hushed tone….I knew what that meant. I shook the shivering sensation out of my body, trying to act like I didn’t know what happened. Regulus only looked at the now-closed door, before turning back to the box. I followed his lead, while Mrs. Black continued on, 

“Now, these are presents from the houses that you come from. The bride and groom open them together. So we will leave you here, to see, and Kreacher will be bringing in dinner.” 

And with that they to walked out the room, closing the door behind them. I looked next to me, at Regulus. 

“So?” I pondered. 

“So, what? We open the boxes now, come on White how dense are you?”

I decided to ignore him, and his arrogant smirk, and looked down at the box. It was silver plated, and held a black gem in the middle embossed with the black family crescent. The sides were an emerald green, snakes engraved alongst the sides. I crinkled my nose, I hated serpents! I took the cover off, gasping in surprise. Inside were so many things. 

I picked the top most object first, it was a gold necklace that held a serpent on it intertwined with a fancy scroll B. I rolled my eyes, everything with them was about the ‘Black,’ family emblems. But no doubt that it was gorgeous, I laid it aside gently pulling out the next object. This time my hands held a velvet green box. I opened it, inside was a diamond ring, with a black smoke in the middle. I looked at it curiously, I have never seen anything like it! Maybe this wedding did have one upside… 


Looking around, I almost grinned. It had been two hours, and I was finally done unwrapping and opening everything. Boxes, wrappers, jewelry, money, letters, books, pendants, and trinkets surrounded me. I grabbed everything neatly laying it all back in the box, shutting it. I looked at Regulus who was messily shifting through the box. I looked away rolling my eyes about to say something, before the door opened with a bang. I jumped up in my seat, looking for the sudden sound. Blaise strolled in through the doors, 

“Wow, you already got you gifts? You haven’t even been married yet!” he asked in disbelief his eyes bulging at the sight of the empty boxes and wrappers. 

“Here’s another good thing mate.” smirked Regulus looking at Blaise. 

They both started laughing, and I was fuming. Carefully counted to ten in my head, Regulus didn’t think that I heard that comment he made about shagging me, being the only good think coming out of the wedding. I shook my head at him in silent disgust. 

“So White you excited for the big day?” asked Blaise watching my every move. 

“No, Zabini and I think that you would know that by now.” I snapped. 

“Someone’s getting frustrated.” smirked Blaise looking at me amusedly. 

“Bugger off.” I muttered, I was not in the mood right now with my appetite coming back to haunt me.

He merely shrugged and smirked, throwing his arm around me, 

“So tell me White, if you could shag anyone in Hogwarts. Who would it be?”
Regulus smirked, 

“Mate, she won’t answer that question, she’s an angel.” he said. 

I knocked Blaise’s hand off my shoulder in disgust, 

“Not you for sure.” I muttered glaring at him. 

“I’m sure, now if you two are done flirting, I’m hungry let’s go.”
Regulus questioned, looking at Blaise, while he stood up to his feet. I got up not willing myself to be left in this room. The empty portraits on the wall, seemed to be watching me. I shrugged this feeling away, hurriedly following them out of the room. 


I sat there on the bar stool, twirling around my sandwich. I was so tired, we had been at the Black manor from six in the morning now it was nine at night! I groaned subconsciously drawing curious gazes from the house-elves. I smiled weakly reverting my attention back to today. Well this morning wasn’t…productive, but I still really wanted to see more of Sirius’s room. 

“Mister, Mistress is calling you sir.” 

I turned to look at the house-elf that was leaning before Regulus. I turned my nose up in disgust as the poor house-elf kneeled before a big oaf like him. 

“Come on.” 

All of a sudden I felt a tugging sensation in my stomach, and I was suddenly in the front foyer. I could feel myself land with a thud on the floor. I let out a whimper of pain, as my rear collided with the hard stone floor. I heard a smirk, and glared up at me. There standing perfectly were Blaise and Regulus. 

“You know White, I had always wondered if you had two left feet.” said Regulus smirking down upon me. 

I glared at him even more, narrowing my eyes into thin slits. I hoisted myself up off the floor. And rubbed the back of my butt tenderly amidst the laughter from the boys. 

“What?” I snapped, tired of their childish behavior. 

“It’s been over five months since you got your apparition license, and yet you still fall on your arse.” Blaise gasped in between laughter. I raised my eyebrow up at them, opening my mouth ready to say something, but then my mother cut in. 

“Well, dear are you ready to go?” 

I nodded my head yes, trying to keep my face as neutral as possible. But inside I was 
screaming for joy. Finally! My mom grabbed a handful of floo powder, and threw it into the fire place, but not before saying bye to Mrs. Black. I nodded my head in recognition, I honestly didn’t want to touch Regulus at all. I mean eww…Nacelle? I shuddered grabbing a handful and following my mum’s lead.

I landed on the floor in a whirlwind of flames. I groaned, once again I fell flat on my rear end. My mother looked at me, 

“You really should learn how to land dear.” she pointed out snippily. 

I smiled in response, walking up the stairs. For once in my life, I was glad to be back 
home! Running into my room, I jumped on my bed. Not caring to change, I fell asleep dress-robes and all. I would probably wake up in the middle of the night to change anyway. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell deep asleep. The thought that my wedding was only four days away not fazing me the slightest.


I do know that was a tad to short, but if I added it to the last one it would've been pretty long. Next Update will come after I Update my other story!! Review!!

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