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            (N/a In J.K. Rowlings last book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the epilogue is of 19 years later so I decided to write a story about what happened up to that point (so everything after the war to 19 years later and I only take credit for what I made up and the rest is pure info from J.K.’s book J thankx for reading Pinkrose)

Chappy 1

(N/a so this story is written in Ginny Weasley’s words she’s writing in her diary all her feelings and what’s going on so if anything ever were to happen to her the diary would go to someone and they would know what she’s been through this is one of her later entries…. Hope you enjoy it J) Pinkrose

Day 1

The war is over. Harry won; everything would be ok yet it wouldn’t really… Fred is gone and nothing would ever change that but I knew that now Harry and I could be together, that matters a lot to me and hopefully to him to, this had been the day I have been praying for so long. I must go now I’ll write more tomorrow…. I promise.

Day 2

Today was Fred’s funeral I’ve never seen George cry so hard but I guess he was losing a part of him, Fred always understood his jokes and together they could do anything they put their minds to. 

Did I mention Percy came back… probably not, but he helps around the house a lot now and he tries to be really nice to everyone even Harry who is currently living with us he sleeps in Ron’s room just like always. 

He held my hand at the funeral today and I had my head on his shoulder I missed him so much he probably has no idea how much I missed him, Hermione and I had a chat today and it turns out she finally confessed her true feelings to Ron isn’t that wonderful? 

They are inseparable now, Ron constantly beside her as if he’s afraid someone will take her away from him, but it’s weird knowing that were all safe that there won’t be anything to harm us anymore and it’s all thanks to Harry and he’s all mine. Anyways got to go it’s past midnight and I’m supposed to be asleep…zzzz

Day 3

It was beautiful out today it really was the sun was shining and it was just glorious, it wasn’t to hot and it wasn’t to cold either there was a slight breeze and just no rain or anything and there was not a cloud in the sky. It’s funny but now that Harry’s defeated the most powerful wizard in the world he’s more popular than he was before…

He was supposed to take me to dinner but it didn’t really work out, there were to many reporters all wanting to get the “full story” one of them even had the nerve to ask why he was hanging out with me when there were so many other beautiful girls that he could go for and he would get them all.
I didn’t want to hear what Harry was going to say but then he grabbed my hand and said “I don’t want anyone else thank-you very much”. 

Instead we went to Harry’s house (well it’s not his yet it still belongs to the order until we track down all those dementors and death eaters and such but we still went and Kreacher Harry’s house elf made us a lovely dinner, and then we cuddled by the fireplace and he showed me his photo album that Hagrid had given him, and Hermione and Ron stopped by so we had tea with them and we talked like nothing had ever happened and all of us were fine, we were all thinking of repeating last year of Hogwarts but it doesn’t matter we all got top marks and anyone will hire us so forget about school.
Opps! I just noticed I burned another candle right to the bottom I guess I’ll ask Harry to lend me his wand next time. Goodnight!

Day 4

Today was a better day…. Sorry I haven’t written in so long it’s just been super busy Harry and I finally got Siriuses House it’s all ours now so we were fixing it up and Ron and Hermione moved in too, and then Dad got offered the position of Minister of Magic but he said declined. (He got a big Promotion instead).
Mum came and helped us fix the house; she even found a spell to bolt up that screaming portrait of “poor Misses Black”. So we no longer have a screaming portrait I believe this is good news. 

Oh! It’s past my birthday so I am of age now and can do magic whenever I like which is very exciting indeed, and since I’m a year younger than Harry I am supposed to go to seventh year and my last year in Hogwarts but Minerva who is now the head of the school wrote me a letter stating that my with my knowledge and wisdom I was allowed to “skip” a grade, so now I spend all my time with Harry .

He’s learning to cook. I on the other hand am learning to sew, cook, and clean properly because mother says that if I want to live with Harry for the rest of my life I have to know these things. Not that Harry heard her saying this or he would probably flip. 

Harry is rather shy when it comes to the future he doesn’t really enjoy talking about it and I think it’s because well he’s scared something bad might happen on account of all the bad things he’s been through it probably seems strange that all of a sudden everything is going to be ok.

Day 5

Ahhh it’s summer time already, I can’t believe time flies by so fast, Harry told me today that he had a surprise for me and he took me on his broom to Godric’s Hollow and well that’s what I assumed it was and I was right, he showed me his parents graves and then he showed me the inside of the house, the whole inside was completely renovated I was shocked, I asked him “Harry who cleaned this place up it looks amazing?” 

He told me that he had done it and he wanted to show me the rest of the house, we walked around and then we got to the room he used to have and he asked me to come into it with him because the house held lot’s of his parents old belongings still and he wanted to show me something. 

He walked over to a crib that stood in the corner and he asked me I could believe that he once slept in there, and I said I couldn’t and then he went on this whole speech about how this place had sort of been what he had thought would be his ending but now he hoped it would be his new beginning and then he stared at me with those beautiful eyes, dropped down on one knee and told me he loved me and then he proposed to me. It was the most beautiful thing he could have done, he also told me that he gave Siruses house to Hermione and Ron for free as a gift and this was to be our house now as long as I told him one little word, and I said yes! Were engaged isn’t that wonderful? I had to go tell my family and the ring was HUGE!
And yes were going to get married next year so we have lot’s of time to you know make preparations for the wedding so there won’t be a rush or anything. My mother started crying when I told her and my father said he was proud of me and my brothers were in shock except for Ron and Hermione who apparently had known for two weeks now that Harry was going to propose to me they had also helped him buy new furniture for the house (well mostly it was Hermione because Harry and Ron are men and they obviously don’t understand these things).
So I had mostly Hermione to thank for a lovely house. Now we’ve decided to have to wedding in the summer after Harry’s next birthday not the one this year but the one after that one and that’s when we were supposed to move into Godric’s Hollow but Hermione and Ron all ready took over the other house so we are moving tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it then. (Unfortunately we have to do it the muggle way). Goodnight!

 (N/a Hope you like it let me know what you think and plz leave me a reiview .....Once again thankyou!)Pinkrose

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