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“Lily! Come on! We should have left for the airport 5 minutes ago!” My Mom’s agitated voice shouted up the stairs to me where I was in my room doing some last minute packing. This was the 6th time that I had packed and re-packed my suitcase. I kept debating whether I should bring my text books for some studying and my wand; incase of emergencies only, of course. Well, then again, I was technically of age now, so if Black and Potter ever got so much as within five feet of me… No, I couldn’t, to many muggles around. And besides, I had already decided that they were absolutely, positively, NOT going to be on the same cruise as me. Potter must have some how found out what my plans were and decided to play a joke on me. Yeah, right.

“Lily did you hear me?” I rolled my eyes, how could I have NOT heard her? “Yes, mother! I’m coming!” I slipped my toothbrush inside my duffel bag and zipped everything shut. “Lily…” this time it was my father’s voice, apparently my mom had given up. I swung my bag over my shoulder and clomped down stairs, when I met my father at the door I gave him a ‘what-are-you-looking-at?’ glance and brushed past him towards the car. I heard my dad shut and lock the door behind me, then follow me to the car.

Once I had tossed my bag on top of the other suitcases that were piled precariously in the trunk of our SUV, and we had all gotten settled in the car, my mom started the engine and said “Well, let’s get started on our Caribbean cruise!” I merely grimaced in reply and, judging by the expression on my sisters face and the swear words I caught her muttering under her breath, I figured she wasn’t too thrilled to be going either.

On the way over to the airport a comforting thought struck me: I had no idea where the Potters lived. It probably wasn’t any where near here. Meaning, they wouldn’t be near the same airport as me! Either that, or, now that both James and Sirius were of age they could just apperate. Either way it was likely I would have a few more hours of peace.

Because of the comforting knowledge, the rest of the ride to the airport I was in a considerably better mood, going so far as to join in my parents singing along to the reggae music they had blasting from the tape player in our car. Petunia, however, continued to glare out the window at the landscape flying past. I wondered what her problem was. She certainly wasn’t about to be trapped on a boat with her least favorite people. No, you are NOT going to think about them right now. I reminded myself, It will just spoil your good mood. Instead I focused on the suburbs we were passing through. I’m not sure how long I just sat there watching the houses and buildings pass by, willing my mind to think of anything but the weeks ahead and who would be in them. Before I knew it we were parked at the airport.

“Lils? C’mon, get out of the car and grab your suitcase, we’ve got a plane to catch!” I started and looked around to see my dad peering at me from the back of the car where he was busily unloading our luggage. “What? Oh, yeah. Coming.” I hastily unbuckled my seat belt and stepped out of the car. I grabbed my suitcases from my dad and shot a wary look around the parking lot, just in case. There was no sign of them. I breathed a sigh of relief, Petunia was giving me a strange look but I ignored her and followed my parents towards the airport security.

It was as I had just passed through the metal detectors that I heard it. the worst sound I could possibly hear. “LILY!!! LILY!!!” it was male voice, high with excitement. Then another voice joined it, this one was male again but a bit deeper. “OI! EVANS! WAIT UP!!” I cringed. How in the hell could they be here!? No time to ponder that now, my mom and dad were staring at the boys curiously. I had to get them away from here quickly.

“Mum, Dad, why don’t we, uh, go see if there is someplace to eat breakfast down in the terminal, you know, ‘cause we didn’t have much to eat earlier.” I grabbed Petunia by the elbow and proceeded to drag her down the terminal, away from Black and Potter. “LILY!! Where are you going!!” I didn’t look back. The next thing I heard was the cool voice of one f the airport security guards. “Sirs, sirs! You have to wait in line to go through security!” I tried to restrain a laugh as I sped up, still dragging a protesting Petunia. Only black and Potter could get into trouble that fast.

“Lily?” this time it was my father. “Why are you going so fast? And aren’t those the boys from the train station?” I flinched why, oh, why did he have to remember that? “Uhh, I don’t think so I don’t remember every weird person we see on the street.. And I am really hungry. Ooh, let’s stop here.” I ducked inside a small café, hoping it would throw them off my trail. “How about a booth at the back?” I asked the waitress. She gave me a weird look but agreed.

Once we had all gotten seated, I hid behind my menu and thought. How could they be here? Of all the airports, why this one?! And why must they insist of embarrassing me at every possible moment!? And I supposed that since they were here at this time they were probably on the same flight as me. Oh, joy. “Well, I certainly hope those boys aren’t on our flight or cruise! That would be dreadful.” said my mom in a disapproving tone. She had no idea how much I agreed.

A/N OK so, recently my email totally crashed, and long story short, I lost all the changes my beta made to this chapter. So I am terribly sorry about any mistakes you might find. Leave a review telling me any mistakes and I will fix them. But, other than that, enjoy the chapter and PLEASE review! 

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