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Chapter 2: To Hogwarts We Go

Samantha sat down beside her older sister, who was reading a copy of the Daily Prophet.

“Look at this.” Haley shouted.

“What is it?” Hal asked leaning over to the Daily Prophet.

“It says that Rita Skeeter of the Daily Prophet has had a baby.” Haley said.

“I can’t believe anyone would have a marry her or have a child with her.” Samantha said, “Did you ever here what mom said about her. She wrote many articles about dad when he was in Hogwarts and they were all lies. She even wrote a book on Dumbledore that had lies in it. It’s called The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore.”

“That is horrible.” Haley said, “I never heard mom telling us about it though.”

Samantha looked out the window at the landscape. She was thinking about Tom. She still didn’t know where she had heard that name before. She turned around at Haley again who was reading an article about Fred and Georges joke store.

“What does it say about the store?” Samantha asked.

“It says they have become the most famous store around.” Haley answered. “Fred and George have gotten a lot of money from their little joke shop.”

“I remember when we first walked into that shop and bought some stuff. I used a Decoy Detonator at Samantha’s birthday party one time. Everyone screamed and ran. Of course Fred and George sat there and laughed along with me.”

“I remember that.” Samantha recalled. “I had repaid you when I made your arms fall off.

Hal had shuddered at the memory of that time. He turned from Samantha and looked at his watch. “We should be there soon.” He said.

“Any body want some candy?” Samantha asked as the candy woman called out to everyone.

“Yeah, Chocolate Cover Frogs, Please.” Hal said.

“OK.” Samantha replied. She walked to the door and slid it open and waved to the woman.

“Yes?” The woman asked.

“We would like to have some Chocolate cover frogs and a liquorish wand please.” Samantha ordered.

The woman reached up at the candy and grabbed the what Samantha had ordered. “Here you go.” She said.

Samantha gave the woman the money and sat down giving Hal some chocolate frogs. Haley set down the Prophet and took out her wand. “Did you here about Jessie Weasley (Fred‘s daughter)?” She asked.

“No what” Samantha replied.

“Well she is going to have a baby girl.” Haley shouted. “She she is going to name it Molly Ginerva Weasley.”

“Oh, I forgot she was going to have a baby. I’ve been working so much I forgot.” Samantha said, “I should send an owl telling her congratulations.”

“You need to. She was going to make you the baby’s God Mother.” Haley said.

“Oh, she is.” Samantha said shock, “I’m so happy. I’ve never been a God Mother before.” Samantha stood and started to jump around and even dance.

“Sam, stop before someone walks by and sees you.” Hal laughed, “I don’t want anyone to think our family has problems.”

“Of, shut up.” Samantha shouted, “You know you dance around when no one is watching. What you don’t know is sometimes people are watching. You should really work on your dancing?” Samantha laughed.

Hal blushed. He stood up when the train started to slow down. “Well let’s go before the crowd forms.” Hal said.

Samantha and Haley jumped up and grabbed their bags and wands and started to walk out off the train and towards Hogwarts.

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