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A/N: Hey!! Thanks for reading!! This story also does not follow the series it is of my own creation!! YAY!! =]]

The Room of Requirement had so willing given Harry and Ginny the perfect place; the perfect place where no one would find them. When Harry and Ginny came running hand in hand up the corridor they didn’t realize where they were at the moment. Harry gently pushed Ginny against the wall beside where the Room of Requirement’s door materialized out nothing and kissed her. When they reluctantly pulled away from each other slightly out of breath they finally noticed where they were and what they had been wanting. They looked up and down the corridor to make sure it was clear and then Harry led Ginny across the threshold. They looked around the room it was no bigger than their dormitories upstairs. It was darkened with only candles to supply light. There before them was a bed just like the beds in any other dormitory, but this one was special because Hogwarts had offered it to them for this. Ginny turned toward Harry and slowly walked backwards toward the bed pulling Harry along with her. With her other hand she was very carefully unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom, up. By the time they reached the bed they both were done to nothing, but their undergarments. Harry wrapped his arms around Ginny and kissed her again unbuckling her bra as he did.

The next morning in the Great Hall Ron and Hermione hadn’t seen Harry and Ginny since the night before when they said they were going to the library to get some extra studying in before their N.E.W.T.s. While Ron was wolfing down his fried egg Hermione looked up from her Daily Prophet to see Harry and Ginny walk into the Great Hall hand in hand and walking toward Ron and Hermione. Dumbledore who was sitting at the head table was watching them come in over his half moon spectacles. He watched them sit down then he went back to his conversation with McGonagall. Harry and Ginny started to fill their plates when Ron asked after washing down his breakfast with the rest of his pumpkin juice. “Hey, guys when did you come back last night I didn’t hear come in Harry?”
“Oh it was really late Ron you wouldn’t have heard us anyway.” answered Ginny before putting her folk in her mouth.
“Yeah, neither would you have heard Ginny, Hermione.” Harry said to Hermione as she folded up her paper and slipped it into her bag at her feet. When they were all finished they all made their way to their classes. Before Ginny went off to Herbology and Harry to Transfiguration, the two of them kissed long and hard. “There I think that should tie you over until we see each other again.” Ginny said after breaking their kiss with a smile on her face.
“I don’t know…I don’t think I want to leave you.” replied Harry as Ginny tried to pull away to head to class Harry gripped tighter.
“Harry, I’ll be late…” Harry finally loosened his grip only letting her slip out of his hand after a little pulling. She smiled as she headed up the corridor and he smiled back. Harry just barely made it to class before the bell rang. He sat down and opened his book as instructed on Professor McGonagall’s board.
Ron leaned over to Harry’s ear and whispered, “Harry, where were you? You were almost late. Well Hermione was the one worried about that one she just asked me to tell you.”
“Harry leaned over and replied, “With Ginny.” Then McGonagall glared at the two of them so they pushed their noses back down into their books. Later the four of them met up again at lunch.
“I don’t feel very well maybe I shouldn’t eat anything. My head is just killing me and my stomach is all in knots.” Ginny said rubbing her throbbing head.
“Maybe you should go up and see Madam Pomfrey, Ginny you don’t look so good.” Hermione suggested. “I’ll even have Ron go and tell McGonagall what you’re doing to get you excused from your classes and I’ll walk you up stairs.” Hermione added.
“Ok thank you that sounds good.” Ginny winced as another pound from her head came and went.
“I’ll be up to check on you Ginny after my classes are over, ok?” Harry said helping Ginny get off her seat and standing good before letting go of her. He kissed her rosy cheek and said in her ear, “Get well Ginny, I love you so much I hate to see you in this much pain.” Ginny smiled weakly and kissed Harry on his cheek before leaving with Hermione. As they left Dumbledore watched them as if making note of where they were going as to follow them later.

After Ginny had been in the Hospital Wing for a week she was finally released saying she just had a harsh case of the Flu. One night Ginny was asleep in Harry’s lap as he stroked her forehead by the fire, he heard a House Elf come into the room. The House Elf trudged over to Harry and Ginny and handed Harry a note written in Dumbledore’s slanting scrawl. Ginny awoke when she heard the rustling of the parchment.

Harry and Ginny,

Please come to my office immediately.

~Professor Dumbledore

P.S. I like Chocolate Truffles

Harry and Ginny looked to one another then stood up and marched out of the portrait hole and headed to Dumbledore’s office. As they walked down the corridors the moon shown in through the windows, a few lone birds were flying around in the sky. When they reached the gargoyle that led to Dumbledore’s office Harry said, “Chocolate truffles.” The gargoyle sprang to life and jumped aside letting Harry and Ginny walk up the stone steps. They knocked on the solid oak doors and heard from inside, Dumbledore say, “Come in.” They pushed open the door and saw Dumbledore gesture for them to sit down opposite him. They walked over to their seats with Dumbledore watching every move they made. They sat in silence for long time before Ginny broke the silence, “Uh… You asked to us come immediately. What was so important that it couldn’t wait until the morning?” Harry and Ginny were holding hands across their arms of their chairs and Dumbledore seemed to be studying them very closely.
Without even looking up he began to talk without even such as a preamble. “You will need to guard Ginny with your life, Harry. She is vulnerable now, more then ever.” Dumbledore’s gaze was now moving from Harry’s face to Ginny’s without any kind of emotion to help Harry and Ginny decipher his meaning. “You already know that Voldemort will do everything in his power to hurt Ginny or even worse…” Ginny shuttered and Harry stood up and walked to her chair and pulled her up and sat down with her in his lap his arms wrapped tightly around her. “Also that baby…” His sentenced trailed off as Harry Ginny looked towards him puzzled. “Yes, that baby…your baby.” He paused as Harry and Ginny looked to Ginny’s stomach with shock written across their faces.
“But… how would you know… if we didn’t… even know?” stuttered Ginny. Harry reached over and cautiously touched Ginny’s stomach where he now knew is unborn child reside.
“I’ve been watching you, and it has come to my knowledge that you made love in the Room of Requirement.” It was strange to hear Dumbledore talk about stuff like this. It seemed to be so foreign to him and yet he knew so much. “Now back to the topic at hand; now that you are bearing this child Ginny and now that Harry knows the Prophecy you at a greater risk then ever. And this child will need your utmost protection. Unborn or not Voldemort will do everything in his power to destroy it because now it and Ginny are the things you care so deeply for, Harry.” Dumbledore finished abruptly and then added, “Protect this two people with your life or it will be theirs taken away.” “You may go.” Harry and Ginny stood and left, they walked down the so familiar corridors yet so foreign to them now. They seemed to be in a daze as they both whispered to the fat lady, “pixie wings” and entered behind the Fat Lady.

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