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Four hours had passed since Milli had broken Sirius’s nose and was handcuffed to her bed.  The sun had set and the room was dark.  Sirius –who had been uncannily quiet throughout the period of time- finally said something. 


“I could easily have my way with you right now.”


Typical.  Milli thought.  She was waiting for Sirius to lash out at her, to hurt her while she was unable to move.  But she figured that even Sirius had the decency to know that fighting with someone who couldn’t fight back was cowardly.


“And yet you remain where you are.”  Milli immediately regretted her selection of words because she was positive that Sirius would take this as a challenge.


Milli was right in her assumption because almost instantly Sirius stood from his bed and moved towards Milli slowly.  In the dark room Milli could only see Sirius’s silhouette and his grey eyes shone eerily. 


“I think,” Sirius said as he ran his index finger slowly up Milli’s arm, he heard her breath catch in her throat and smiled to himself.  “Once you are allowed to remove the handcuffs you should keep the around for a bit, never know when you may need them next.”


Milli let out an involuntary shudder at Sirius’s words.  The thought of handcuffs and Sirius was a very appealing idea to Milli and as hard as she tried to discourage the images from coming into her head she found them unavoidable.  She succumbed to the overwhelming power of lust she was feeling and let her mind wonder to handcuffs and Sirius.  Without knowing what she was doing she let out a moan, and only after had it escaped her mouth did she realize her fatal action.


“Either that was the bed creaking or that sound was just produced by you.”


“I-I think it was a ghost,” Milli said in an unconvincing voice.


Milli felt the bed shift as Sirius leaned down.  He stopped once his lips brushed her ear.  “Now we both know that’s not true.”


“I don’t think that’s fair to conclude.”  Milli said in a whisper, hoping that if she spoke softly Sirius wouldn’t detect her shallow breathing and inability to string together a intelligent sentence without fumbling over her words.


“That’s what I like about you…”


“You like me?”  Milli asked in genuine astonishment.  She thought that Sirius had just been tolerating her throughout the past few days, only because he had to considering their circumstances.  She never thought that Sirius would actually like her, though she doubted if he did hold some feelings for her they wouldn’t go any further than friendship, yet the tone in his voice begged to differ.


Sirius chuckled, “didn’t you know?”


“Clearly I didn’t judging from my previous comment.”


What little confidence and self-restraint Milli had managed to scrape was gone as Sirius slowly ran his finger down her side, resting at her naked hip.  The touch of skin on skin made Milli’s body hot and she knew this time the cause of the heat wasn’t because of hot flashes.


“You do know that one of the main symptoms of Hippogriff Fever is mood alterations,” Milli said quickly as Sirius’s thumb moved in slow circles.  “One of the main changes is acting irrationally.” 


“Hmmm,” Sirius growled in a husky voice, “I like being irrational.”


“You say that now but come tomorrow you won’t be singing the same tune.”  Milli couldn’t believe the things that were coming from her mouth.  Sirius Black, one of the most desired boys at school was currently messaging her hip and whisperingin her ear.  Even though she had despised him for most of her years her sudden mood swings and fever symptoms had sort of bonded the two despite their past differences.  And now she could know longer die the lust she held for him and yet she just couldn’t stay quiet and had to make a smart assed remark every two seconds.  God forbid she actually remained quiet so she could see what would happen.


“Do you ever shut up?”


Milli let out a small laugh as she processed Sirius’s words.  It was as if he had read her mind and while her initial reaction was to say ‘no,’ she realized that a different approach was needed to be taken.  So instead of the answer she would originally settle with she replied with, “yes.”


“Now would be the time to do it.”


Milli was not given the opportunity to respond as Sirius’s lips came crashing down onto hers.  The kiss was hungry and lustful.  His lips moved strategically, not skipping a beat and Milli struggled to keep up with the intensity of the kiss.  Milli’s back arched causing her hips to crash into Sirius.  She could feel his lips curving into a smirk as they kissed. 


Milli wanted to run her hands through his hair but was denied the option as they were still handcuffed.  And then, as if on queue her right arm began to tingle once again. 


Not now.  Milli thought panicked, she tried to ignore the waves of pain now shooting through her arm as she tried to keep it hidden under her body.  But her efforts soon became useless and her arm jerked forward, this time hitting Sirius’s unmentionables.  Sirius took a great intake of breath as a whimpering sound escaped his lips.  The sound reminded Milli of a puppy that wasn’t getting its way.


Sirius rolled onto his back, his hands protecting the no-go zone.  As he had rolled onto his back he didn’t notice Milli’s arm and he crushed it, he caused strain on Milli’s wrists as the handcuffs dug into her flesh.  She said nothing and bit on her lower lip to distract herself. 


Sirius then assumed the fetal position and Milli rolled her eyes towards the ceiling muttering in her head, why me?


A few minutes passed and Milli’s arm was starting to hurt and she was sure that her wrists would be rubbed raw.  Finally Sirius stood up and hobbled over to his bed.  He didn’t assume the fetal position again; instead he laid on his back staring as the ceiling as if it would provide a cure to his extreme amount of pain.


Now you lay still.  Milli thought bitterly as she stared down at her right arm which remained limp by her side, as if it hadn’t just deprived a man from reproducing.  A few hours passed until Milli finally fell asleep.






Milli woke with a start; she nearly fell out of bed.  It was then she saw that her handcuffs were no longer around her wrists.  She looked up and saw an elated Sirius sitting on bed with Madame Piper standing over him.


“Don’t be so sure of yourself Mr. Black.”  Madame Piper said as she examined him, a look of deep concentration etched into her face.


“What do you mean you’re cured?”  Milli asked eyeing Black vehemently.  There was no way in hell she was going to let him walk out of here free and leave Milli all by herself to suffer.


“Well, there’s nothing wrong with me.  My temperature is back to normal, there are no hives, twitching, and no obvious mood swings besides being ecstatic!”


“Please tell me he isn’t better,” Milli asked Madame Piper pleadingly.


“Well, I can’t seem to find anything wrong with him.  I’m afraid though Mr. Black that you’re going to have to stay at least another day until we know for sure that the fever has passed.” 


“What?!”  Sirius jumped up from his bed, his eyes widened in shock as his legs crumbled beneath him.  He sank to the ground and tried to pull himself up with great effort.  “I can’t move my legs,” he said, fear rising in his voice.  “I’m dying!  Slowly bits of me are going away to Davy Jones’s locker.  I have so much more to do, so much more to say, so many more people to prank, I’ve still got to teach Snivellus how to take a proper shower!  Oh, I can’t die now!”


“Stop being so dramatic Mr. Black.  I figured you wouldn’t be rid of the fever yet, it was only a matter of what symptom would develop next.  I’m afraid to say that you now have temporary paralysis from the waist down.”


“Waist down?”  Sirius exclaimed, clearly not happy with what he had just heard.  “Does that mean my-” he caught himself, he couldn’t believe he’d almost let it slip him asking Madame Piper if his ‘wigwam’ would still work.  “-my toenails wont grow.”  He recovered quickly once Madame Piper gave him a questioning look.


Madame Piper sighed, clearly not amused.  She waved her wand and Sirius flinched thinking she was going to do him in.  Instead he levitated before settling into bed.  “You kids test my patience,” she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.


Milli smirked as she took in the site of Sirius.  He looked so pathetic as he stared at his legs with such intensity Milli could’ve sworn she saw a toe twitch from the sheer power radiating from Sirius’s eyes.


As Milli watched him she studied the way his lips were mobbing, as if encouraging his legs to move.  His eyes were filled with anger and determination and Milli felt herself grow hot once more and was overcome with lust once again. 


It was her turn to take action.


Milli got up from her bed and strolled over to Sirius.  It took him a few moments until he realized she was there.  He gave her a questioning glance as she stood beside him with a look of determination in her eyes.


“Look who’s unable to move now,” Milli said in a teasing voice.


“I don’t think you have the right to cause me bodily harm right now considering what happened last night.”  Sirius winced at the memory as he recalled the events.


“Or what didn’t happen.”


Sirius seemed confused for a moment before his eyes widened in understanding.  “Why, Ms. Milli, are you coming onto me?”


Milli, taking this as a literal statement climbed on top of Sirius so that she was straddling him.  She was smug to see that Sirius looked slightly panicked for a moment as she climbed onto him.  She could tell this was the last thing he was expecting, but the first thing he had been hoping for.


“Look who’s decided to take charge,” Sirius said in a teasing voice, trying to gain some control over the current situation.  He couldn’t let her do all the work. 


“I think it’s about time you stopped talking.”


Sirius eyed her with what Milli thought was appreciation.  Like Sirius had done earlier, Milli gave him no opportunity to respond as she lowered her lips onto his.  She took a different approach when kissing him and tried to take things slowly so that every movement didn’t go undetected.


After a few moments Milli broke away and pulled back so she could look at Sirius.  “I’m assuming it wasn’t your leg that was moving down there.”


A/N: Hmmm, not sure how I feel about the last line, it doesn't flow right to me, but you tell me what you guys think!!!  I've been writing this chapter for 2 days now and finished the last 200 words about 10 minutes ago, it's four in the morning right now (I've developed a horrible sleeping pattern: stay up till 6 in the morning and then sleep until 2:30 in the afternoon).  Anyway, I figure this is how I'm going to be writing from now on, is late at night, so I know that most people aren't awake now.  Thanks to everyone who has reviewed!  It's overwhelming the feedback I've been getting!  Leave a review and show me your favorite quotes or w/e.  THANKS:D

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