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Here we go... i think that this chapter has more direction than all the others and btw... those people that are wondering how this is a Hermione/Ron fic will hopefully be pleasantly suprised in the next chapter.
Oh yeah, and I had a lot of fun writing this chapter :)

It was Christmas and I was back at the Malfoy’s mansion… my mansion… I had to get used to saying that. Surprisingly, my mother was still 100% healthy but she wouldn’t tell me anything about her undercover Auror job or that Lucius was a Death Eater, she still insisted that she was an accountant; I knew she was lying to me. She did however, advise that I stop making wild accusations about the man who gave us a home to live in.

Draco believed that I’d had nothing to do with Professor Snape’s discovery of his plan and so therefore I was accepted amongst the Slytherin’s. Except, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to be accepted with them anymore; I had my own group of friends that I didn’t have to prove myself to. I was accepted by them without even trying, they’d even invited me to stay with them in the last week of the holidays. Ever since my little meeting with Dumbledore, Harry and I had been getting along particularly well, if you know what I mean.

Christmas Day was never really special for me. I usually spent the day at Beauxbatons watching the other girls in my dormitories and their lavish gifts while I sat with one gift from each of my parents, but this year was different. I received money and sweets from my mother, a wizards chess set from Ron and Harry, Hogwarts: A History from Hermione, a very pretty (and expensive) pendant from Draco and Lucius, and a muggle CD from my father that I promptly threw out.

‘Thanks mum,’ I said after opening her gift

‘You’re welcome!’ she said enthusiastically. I turned to Lucius, who was sitting with Draco, engaged in a hushed conversation.

‘Thankyou Lucius, I really like this pendant’ I said feeling awkward.

‘My pleasure’ he said with a slight sneer. I nodded my head at Draco, knowing that he knew what I meant. Draco got up and left the room and I had an almost irresistible urge to follow. Listening to my heart and not my head, I got up and followed his retreating back up the stairs and into his bedroom.

‘So,’ Draco said. ‘You really expect me to wear this?’

I gasped in shock, realising that I’d left the buying of Draco’s Christmas present to my mother. He smirked and held up a watch covered in little silver hearts, I nearly fainted with embarrassment.

‘My mum bought it, I’m really sorry’ I gushed ‘You really don’t have to wear it!’

‘Its okay’ he said, smirking ‘It’s cute.’ He put it on. I felt like screaming, I couldn’t believe he’d just done that. It was one of those defining moments where you realise exactly why you like someone… he was so nice… he was so gorgeous! Over the next few days I was in a kind of euphoria where anything Draco did or said made him look even more perfect in my eyes.

Five days after Christmas, Pansy Parkinson held a party at her house. Draco and I were both invited but I really had no idea why Pansy would invite me, she didn’t even like me. It was only because of Draco that she was halfway decent towards me.

On the night, I just wore casual clothes, not expecting it to be anything special. I floo-ed over to her house to find Draco and everyone already there. I walked over to a chair on the side of the room, sat, and watched Draco for a while.

Pansy was really very clingy. As I watched Draco talking with Blaise, she sidled over and grabbed on to Draco’s arm. He tried to pull it out of her grasp but she just clung on tighter. After failing many times to release himself, he excused himself to the bathroom.

Watching the other Slytherin’s in the room, I realised that they were actually quite boring. Zabini had now moved over to Crabbe, Goyle and Nott who were deep in conversation with Daphne Greengrass. Millicent Bulstrode and Pansy Parkinson were half heartedly attempting to dance to the peculiar music that was currently playing throughout the room.

‘Thank god, I finally got away from her’ Draco said in my ear.
‘Want a drink?’ he said, handing me a cup with a frothy substance in it.

‘Yeah, I’ve noticed that she’s rather… er… dependant’ I said taking a sip of the drink.
‘mmm, what is this?’ I asked.

‘Butterbeer’ Draco replied. ‘Having fun?’

‘Not really. To tell you the truth, I think I’d rather be at home, doing schoolwork’ I said sighing.

‘Wow, you must really be bored’ he said laughing. ‘Do you want to go? I’m just about ready to leave too, I think’

‘I don’t want you to leave just because I’m bored’ I said.

‘No, It’s okay, just give me two seconds and I’ll be ready’ he strut off towards the other side of the room.

‘Draco! You aren’t going to leave before we play spin the bottle are you?’ Pansy whined. Draco looked at me desperately from across the room. If we left, there would still be enough people to play.

‘Okay, then that’s settled. Everybody come over here and sit down’ she said steering Draco away.

Once everyone was seated in a circle, she placed a bottle in the centre. I’d never played spin the bottle before but I’d heard how it was done and had a sneaking suspicion that Pansy may have bewitched the bottle so that it would choose her and Draco.

Sure enough, the first spins landed Draco and Pansy together. My heart ached as I watched Pansy slobber all over Draco’s face. Afterwards, he left the room. I assumed that it was to wash his mouth out.

The next round forced myself and Blaise into a rather awkward lip lock war. I had to admit though, he was a pretty good kisser. By the time Draco returned, everybody in the room had kissed somebody.

‘We should be going’ Draco announced ‘Father insists on a 10pm curfew’

‘Oh come on Draco, just one more game!’ Pansy whined, Draco sighed.
‘Everybody change seats’ she said.

Three snogging sessions later, I found myself in a very embarrassing situation. The bottle had paired Draco and I together.

He caught my eye and shrugged. I was in a kind of trance, incapable of speech or movement.

‘You wanted to play. You have to do it!’ said Millicent. Pansy had a sour look on her face.

Draco got up and walked over to sit next to me. I could feel my heart pumping in my ears and my whole body was shaking with excitement and anxiety. Everyone else in the room just froze. Draco leaned in; he was now so close that I could feel his breath on my face. My lower stomach tingled in anticipation. In slow motion, I watched as Draco’s face came towards mine.

I felt the touch of his soft lips against mine that were so readily awaiting. I felt his hands slide up to my face. His tongue begged entry to my mouth and I willingly obliged. His hands caressed my face while his tongue, furiously in battle with mine, explored my mouth. I was in heaven; I never wanted the moment to end.

‘Ew! Get a room!’ screeched Pansy. Draco pulled back quickly. Pansy looked furious,

Draco cleared his throat.
‘We… er… should be going’ he said, a smile playing at the sides of his mouth. I was still in shock and unable to move.

‘Vi?’ he said more loudly. I could hear him, but I couldn’t organise myself enough to reply.

I felt his warm hand grab mine as I was pulled to my feet; I was now eye to eye with Draco. I looked down at the hand which he still had a hold of, then back at him. He rolled his eyes impatiently. I let myself be dragged towards the fireplace and the last thing I saw before disappearing back to the mansion was Blaise smiling creepily at me from across the room. I was mortally horrified that he’d thought that our kiss was something more than a dare.
I coughed and spluttered my way out of the fireplace. Draco appeared right behind me and strode away to his room without saying a word. 

Another chapter comes to a close, and already I have started on the next. I hope that you liked it but if you didn't i'm very sorry.
I would love it if everyone that read this chapter would review but I know that's not gonna happen... I have 5 chapters and 20 reviews... thats 4 reviews per chapter... pretty sad! 

come on guys, I know its annoying to have to go back to the story once the review is posted but if you review this last chapter, think about it... you don't have to go back... you can just go off and read another story. Please so it for me!

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