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Deanna sat at the kitchen table, her head resting on her propped up elbow. She stared at the plate of food in front of her then looked up at her mother putting the dishes away in the dishwasher, Why isn't she just doing it by magic? Is it some motherly thing she likes doing...? Deanna thought. Hermione looked so simple and elegant, she had shoulder length brown hair, spotted with grey streaks, her age clearly showing. She glanced over to Deanna for a second and her daughter noticed her mothers tired eyes. They were weary yet beautiful, rich brown in colour with the smallest tint of green in them. 
'Beautiful' Deanna whispered to herself, letting her mind slip into 'dream time'

Her mother shut the dishwasher door closed sharply.
Deanna clicked back into normal state of mind, she lent her propped elbow down and shifted her weight on her wooden chair. Deanna was looking around the kitchen walls, portraits of her and her mother on each wall. Deanna's friend, Katie Herly had family portraits on her walls too, but in hers they had her mother, father, and two sisters. Deanna was an only child and as most of all the other girls parents she knew, was the only one without a dad.

Deanna sighed slightly, wishing she had a 'normal' family. She had asked her mother before, but she had always ignored her, it angered Deanna alot. So this was it, she really wanted to know. She looked over to her mother and decided to just... go for it.

“Mum, who is my father?”, Deanna had been pondering over this for the whole summer. She had found an old photo at the back of her mothers drawers while looking for a bookmark to use for her book. She never dared ask her mother about it, she was shocked to see the photo and shoved it at the back of the drawer again. The photo was a very young version of her mother, and another man. He was very hansom, tanned with dark, Italian skin and had dark brown eyes. He and Deanna mother were holding hands in the photo, though her mother had an unfamiliar look in her eyes. Oh well, its just a look, pfft, thought Deanns. This encounter with an old photo of her mothers, the only photo of her mother and this 'strange man' sparked Deanna’s mind up, she was 15, and wanted to find out just who her father really was. 

‘I don’t think this is the time to talk about him Deanna’ her mother said, her facial expression giving away her apparent desire to avoid all talk of her once love,

‘Mum…’ Deanna was getting frustrated, how dare her mother just brush her off, she wanted to know who her father was and she wanted to know now really badly. Something inside Hermione's little angel snapped. She was sick of her mother brushing her off. Sick of all the lies, she was fed up!

‘Tell me, now.’ Deanna’s words where sharp and it hit her mother with force, her mother was shocked at first, and then became quite angry.

‘You do NOT give me orders Deanna-Rose Granger.’ Hermione's words were ruthless and her eyes engorged in fury. 

Before she could get a grip on herself, she had levitated a marble vase from the kitchen table and briskly threw it at the wall. It smashed to smithereens. 

Deanna sat at the table, just next to where it smashed, her mouth wide open in astonishment and disbelief of the actions of her mother. She tried to speak, apologize for her harsh words, evan talk but no words were coming out of her mouth, she was stuttering, parts of her words chocking up in her dry throat. Insted she was making a weird hissy sound with her throat in place of sentences which were supposed to be forming.

 Deanna felt traumatized by the actions of her mother. Hermione stormed out of the room to what seemed the front garden.

‘W-what was that…?’ she asked, to herself really… trying to reassure herself she hasn’t just dreamed that outrageous fit her mother had just held in her own kitchen. No, it was real; Deanna got up from her chair and started to pick up the smashed pieces of vase. She had nearly cleaned it all up when one piece slipped in her hand and sliced her palm open, glistening red blood seeped out of her hand, she panicked, if there was one thing Deanna hated more than anything… it was blood.

‘Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god’ she was holding her hand, while blood dripped down her arm, she started to cry.

‘MUM!’ Deanna dropped to her knees, she was sobbing, just like a child wanting her mummy. But that was exactly what she was, a child, crying out for her mother. So many questions where racing through her mind, even when her eyes where bursting with tears. Why had her mother gotten so angry about this? Who was her father? What was the big secret surrounding her mother’s past?

Her sobbing stopped momentarily, until she had calmed herself enough to stop the sobbing all together.

 ‘Whoa, too much thinking’ Deanna put her hand to her head, then realised it was still bleeding.

‘Ah dammit’ she reached over to the kitchen cupboard; she was shuffling through the medical box looking for a bandage and some Betadine. Deanna had just found the bandage when her mother walked back through the door. Hermione rushed over to her daughter, sitting on the cold white washed tiles, blood pouring out of her hand.

‘I’m sorry mum, I’m sorry’ Deanna started crying again, Hermione brought her daughter close to her and stroked her hair, she was talking in a whisper to herself, she then lifted Deanna’s head, Deanna was shocked to see tears in her own mothers eyes.

‘I am so sorry Deanna… I don’t know what I was thinking’ her mother sighed,

‘It’s okay mum, I shouldn’t have asked like that, but… um my hand, it wont stop bleeding’ she pointed to the palm of her hand, there was a nasty deep cut on her palm,

‘Well I can fix that’ her mother chanted something and in a quick flick of her wand the cut had disappeared. Deanna smiled,

‘Magic’ she said, the two of them started to giggle. The fight they had had seemed like so long ago, they were again, mother and daughter.

Her mother stood up and went into her room, she emerged holding a photo, and she came back to Deanna and sat down on the ground next to her,

‘This is your father’

Deanna reached her arm out and touched the faded sides of the photo her mother had rested between her weary fingers. Deanna wanted to ask so any questions… who was this man, was he still alive…

‘Mum… how did… I happen?’ Deanna’s mother took a long sigh and ran her fingers through her hair. Her mother went to speak, but closed her mouth and gave Deanna a smile that showed the fine lines around her mother’s eyes.

‘Well…. When a man and a woman love each othe-”

Deanna put her hand over her mothers’ mouth. ‘MUM! I know HOW I … er happened… I mean how did you meet HIM?!!’ she pointed her index finger towards the tanned man in the picture with her mother.

‘Oh,’ Hermione sighed once again, seriousness washing over her face.

‘Well… it was my 7th year, and he was in my potions class, Professor Snape made us partners, of course I was … totally falling head of heels for him, I think he noticed too.’ Her mother stoped and paused for a second. ‘But I mean… I couldn’t date, you know your grandparents, strict as all get out. But Antonio-’

‘HIS NAME WAS ANTINO? MY FATHERS NAMES ANTONIO!!’ Hermione looked at her oddly… in her head she was thinking that maybe her daughter should hear the rest of the story before she gets the wrong idea.

‘Deanna… dear he wasn’t a nice man. He was manipulative and horrible and he made me feel hopeless and alone’ her mothers face became stern. Her mother went on,

‘We got together, in secret… he was so romantic, and he brought be roses, and always took my breath away, a real player, his deep dark brown eyes, the colour of creamy chocolate, his skin, so perfectly even and tanned… and his body was to die for. We where foolish, and young… he was in fact a year older, but had been kept down in his early wizard years. He told me he loved me Deanna… and I believed him. But I know now that there is no such thing as love in your 7th year… your only a kid. Its just stupid raging hormones, they sound easy to handle. But you can get in a lot of mess because of them, for gods sake I did. We where on a trip to Hogsmeade, he took me into an ally way and told me if he loved me I would do what he wanted. I didn’t know any better… I tried to say no, I did… but he wouldn’t let me speak. I felt dirty, so filthy, immoral. He was such a fraudulent… I hated the way he touched me, the way he made me feel, like it was my entire fault.’

Deanna was… shocked beyond words. ‘Whoa mum.’ Was all she could manage. She was so taken back by her mothers’ words. She was a child of… rape. She suddenly felt ill to her stomach. 

This was all so new to Deanna, but now she finally knew the truth. She leant over to her mother and gave her a hug, she whispered “I love you” in her ear and they both embraced each other.

A/N - Yes, Hermione Granger seems very out of character, BUT that was my point, I mean, all this happened to her and then school finished. She didn't keep in touch with any of her friends, she blocked them all out and she changed. That is why you may think she is O/C from her normal Hermione Granger self. 

Oh and P.S - Remember to review with some ideas for the story name, come on guys, PLEASE.

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