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I always needed time on my own

I never thought I'd need you there when I cry

And the days feel like years when I'm alone

And the bed that you lie is made up on your side

Draco and Hermione had been dating for about three years. That was how long it had taken Harry to find all the parts of voldemorts soul. She really wanted to help Harry and the rest of the order with the final battle, yet Draco wouldn't let her. He was getting ready to take her to the safe house where Ginny and Lavender would be staying as well. The three of them were expecting to go into labor any day and so was Tonks with Lupins child.  Mrs. Weasley was planning on staying with her daughter and daughter-in-law and two of her favorite order members that were expecting as well.

She had everything ready at Grimwald place for five new lives. Ginny and Harry were expecting a little girl along with Tonks and Lupin. Hermione and Draco were expecting a little boy to be named Matthew Josh Malfoy. Lavander and Ron were expecting twins a boy and a girl. Mrs. Weasley couldn't wait to be a grandmother again. 

They were all at Grimwald by noon. It was nice to have everyone together one last time before the final battle aganist Voldemort. Mrs. Weasley and Lavender were making a beautiful seven course dinner for the last night together every course was inspired by the seven deadly sins. The first one up that night was sloth fallowed by greed. Then it was Lavender's idea to have envy next fallowed with pride, wrath, and gluttony. Mrs. Weasley decided from the start of this had decided that lust would be the final course of the dinner. 

Draco and Hermione were getting ready for their last night together before they would be ripped from each others arms for who knows how long. Hermione being pretty much ready to cry for the millionth time that day. She had been so emotional lately because of her pregnancy. He wanted to make sure he was there when she had their beautiful baby boy. While he was getting ready to go to dinner Hermione let out a blood curling scream of pain and she fell to the floor. 

Harry and Ron ran into the room a few minutes after they heard the scream they were with Ginny who was put on bed rest until the baby was born. When they got there Draco had sent them to get Mrs. Weasley for Hermione. By the time she got there he had Hermione on the bed and everything ready for his beautiful little boy to come. About four hours later Hermione had given birth to Matthew Josh Malfoy. He was born at nine at night and weighted 7 pounds 6 ounces along with 21inches long. With in an hour of his birth he got to met all of his new family and friends except his grandparents. 


When you walk away I count the steps that you take

Do you see how much I need you right now?

The next day Draco left and so did the rest of the order that was going to fight. It killed Draco to leave his beautiful new family. They were all he could think about. If he had to go the best reason he could think of was that he was going to fight for his familys right to be free. 

Hermione and Ginny were talking when the boys left. Hermione was holding her little boy in her arms on the verge of tears because she knew they would be risking their lives everyday for who knows how long, how long would their children have to grow up with out their fathers. Would they ever get to know how loving and caring there fathers were? Hermione went to the window as soon as she felt Draco walk out the door. She was holding back so many memories along with the tears of her lover leaving her and her son when they needed him the most. He looked back up at her and smiled and blew her a kiss and apporated on the spot to where the battle would take place. 

When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

When you're gone

The face I came to know is missing too

Ginny and Lavander had their beautiful babies two days after Hermione had Matt. Tonks was a day after Ginny and Lavender. The girls had barley heard how the war was going how the boys were doing, how anyone was doing. 

Mrs. Weasley was never able to find out much but new that all of this would be over soon. She hadn't told Ginny that they had lost Bill and her dad already. Every forcus she had at that time was for the wellfare of the children and little ones she was looking after. How do you tell someone you love that their dad died along with their brother it is just to hard and Ginny was still really fragile.

Hermione knew something was wrong with Mrs. Weasley but couldn't figure it out. Then she heard and owl at her window. It was Draco's owl. What could that possibly mean? 

When your gone

The words I need to hear to always get me through

The day and make it okay

I miss you

Hermione decided to open the letter and read what Draco had to say: 

My darling Mione,

How is our handsome son Matthew doing? I hope well. I have been told to inform you that we are starting to put more and more people as missing in action. I hate to have to tell you that your best friend Ron is now considered missing. I wish I could be there to hold you and help you threw your hard times. I know you would want to be the one to tell Lavender and the rest of the Weasley's there better then them finding out threw another letter that Ron is missing after Arthur's and Bill's deaths. I don't know how to help  you other than to say I promise to keep a look out for him and just tell you that this is all a lie but it isn't. I know you are suffering anough just worring about me but please know that I am fine and I am missing you more as every day goes by.

Love always,

Draco Alexander Malfoy

How do I tell Lavender that her husband is missing, better yet how do I tell the Weasley's about him missing? May be I better just bring the letter with and show Lavender first. She will be very upset and emotional but she will know what to do. I can't believe that Mrs. Weasley never told us about Arthur and Bill. How do I tell Ginny that one she is close to death, her small body couldn't take the tramatic effects of giving birth. How is it that one family can lose so much in just one war?

Okay here I go. Hermione went to talk to Lavender and found her with her daughter and son. She told Lavender that she need to talk to her about something very personal and it would be better if they went to her room and had Mrs. Weasley watch the babies, while they talk. The first thing she did was tell Lavender to sit down on her bed. Next she told her that she got a letter today from Draco and it had some really bad news in it, after that she just kinda handed the letter to Lavender and waited to hear what she had to say. 

Lavender must have read the letter to Hermione a hundred times before what Draco told her about Ron sunk into her mind. Her husband of a year was missing. How could this be? But wait there was more Arthur and Bill were dead how could that be? Why hadn't Mrs. Weasley said anything about it? She went into shock and then started to cry and couldn't stop. 

Hermione just pulled her into a hug and let her cry it out before she heard her say, We have to tell Mrs. Weasley  and Ginny about Ron.

Hermione told her that they would tell them together. It would help for them to see the letter as well, Lavender told Hermione. 

Lavender decided that they would tell them at dinner that night, cause she need to be alone at the moment. She tried to remember the last things that they said to each other. When she got to Ron and her room she saw all of the clothes that he was waring the night before he left on the floor by his side of the bed and how nice he side was made up with him not in it or using it. She broke down right there. She ran to Ron's side of the bed and threw herself on it and took in the smells of him, that were left on his pillow. 

I've never felt this way before

Everything that I do reminds me of you

And the clothes you left, they lie on the floor

And they smell just like you, I love the thinks that you do

Lavender kept hopeing that it was a mistake that Ron wasn't gone at all, that he would be there when she need him. She couldn't raise two kids all on her own what was he thinking? What was she thinking for letting him go off to fight in this war? She was so upset with herself for letting him walk right out the door and not even remembering what he told her when he left. What was it? I something. God why can't I remember? I....

When you walk away I count the steps that you take

Do you see how much I need you right now?

Mrs. Weasley couldn't take the news of loosing another love one. How could he just disapper like that? He knew better then to leave with out another member of the order. She couldn't believe it she had lost one son, a husband, and now another was missing. 

Ginny was in total shock and was hardly able to comprehend what Hermione and Lavender were telling them. Ron missing? What was happing to her family? They told her to read a letter that Draco had written to Hermione. How could she have had so many lost ones and not know? All Ginny could think of was Harry, and why wasn't he the one to tell her that her own brother was missing? Was he okay was she ever going to see him again?

When your gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

And when you're gone

The face I came to know is missing too

Ginny decided to write to Harry and find out what was happing there. She hated that she wasn't at his side to protect him but he told her he wouldn't ever leave her! How could he say something like that and not be able to keep it? Draco wrote Hermione every chance he got, why didn't Harry write to her? She wrote him about their beautiful little girl Maria Lily Potter everyday. She didn't even hear that he was happy she made it threw labor. 

When she first got pregnant the doctors didn't know if she was going to be able to carry the child to terms or if she was going to be able to have the child with out one of them dying. She lived so did Maria Lily Potter. She thanked who ever it was that gave her and her daughter life everyday. 

And when your gone

The words I need to hear to always get me through

The day and make it ok

I miss you

Hermione was feeling terrible for having to be the one to brake the bad news to the people that were like family to her but she was at least able to help in some way or another. She started to think of Draco and how much he was missing out on their childs life. He had been gone for almost three months now and she hardly felt his arms around her any more, his words she hardly recognized them. She never let anyone see her when she would cry for him every day. No matter how long he was gone she always felt like part of her was missing and even if he was only in the next room she was never whole unless he was with her. She had always felt that there was something about him that wasn't like most people. She finally figured it out. It was that he had her heart and decided to never give it back to her so it could go to someone else. She loved the feeling that it gave her knowing that she was his forever and he was hers forever. 

We were made for each other

Out here forever

I know we were, yeah

Mrs. Weasley decided that she had to find someway to keep herself busy. She had not cried yet hoping that Arthur was just missing not....She couldn't even say that word it was so horrible. She was thinking at least Flur has some closure in her life. 


Flur already had Bill's body back and was getting ready to have a memorial service for him. Her son Max asked why his daddy wasn't moving and it killed her to have to tell him that his daddy was dead. She never got to tell him that they were going to have another child together. She would never get to see his face light up when she saw him and would never have his warm body next to her when she slept at night.


Max saw how badly it hurt his mom to say that word and went over to her and hugged her. She had part of her soul taken from her she knew it would never come back. Even though he was only three he had a good understanding at what made people feel sertain ways. He was as smart as Bill and Flur put together. How was she to raise their beautiful little boy with firey red hair all by herself. 


The day of the momorial service came. Mrs. Weasley was there along with Ginny, Lavender, Hermione, the babies, and even Tonks come. When she saw them she just wanted to cry. She had been welcomed to come and stay with them in Grimwald Place and decided that she should. 


When she was just about ready to have the ceremony start there was a pop followed by two more. 

And all I ever wanted was for you to know

Everything I'd do, I''d give my heart and soul

I can hardly breathe I need to feel you here with me, yeah 
It was Harry, Lupin, and Draco. They all looked like they need to be fed and clothed. They rushed right over and took their sets and waited for the service to get started. 


When it ended, Draco ran to Hermione and Matt. He took Matt in his arms and hugged Hermione like she had been gone for a long, long time. Harry did the same thing with Maria and Ginny. Lavender waited and waited but Ron never showed up. Then Draco let go of Hermione and went over to talk to Lavender. Harry decided that he better tell Mrs. Weasley and Ginny together. Hermione felt like she was being left out but figured it out soon enough when she heard Lavender let out a blood curling scream and started to cry. Ron wasn't ever going to come back. They must have found his body. She walked over to Lavender and let her cry on her shoulder.

When you're gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

And when you're gone

The face I came to know is missing too

Lavender went up to their room when she got back to Grimwald Place. How could he just leave her? How could he not try to fight back? Didn't he care about her and the babies? What wonderful little children that will never get to met their dad. She had asked Hermione and Draco to watch Simon and Lucy. She need to be alone to deal with this or she never would. She went to the bathroom got everything she need for a nice hot bubble bath and decided to just go to bed. She cried until she fell asleep at five in the morning. Mrs. Weasley tried  to get her to eat and have something to drink but she wouldn't. She would just stare into space like there was something worth waiting for there, with tears in her eyes. 

And when you're gone

All the words I need to hear will always get me through

The day and make it ok

I miss you

an: thanks to everyone who has reviewed my story. don't forget to look at the other ones. hope you all liked it. song is by avril.


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