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Chapter 3

Magic Number 2, or not!


Far, far away from Anne’s room, beyond the nearby dark oceans, Severus Snape opened his eyes only to face the cold walls of his cell in Azkaban. It’s been two days he’ been there after he was arrested. He still founded it amazing the fact that the Ministry had managed to catch up with him since he was considered dead to everyone.


 He tried to remember what had happened the previous day, but he could only remember as far as the point he was arrested. He considered the fact that he was put under the Imperious curse, but he rejected it. He knew how he was arrested, found lingering in the Dark Forrest ad strangely enough he knew that last night he was sentenced to death because of a murder he had not committed. The strange thing was that while he could remember these specific facts he could not place himself into them. He just couldn’t clarify what he was doing during the last few days, why hadn’t he complained about the accusations, how they were able to catch him.  If he was put under the Imperious curse he would have woken up knowing nothing at all. And it would take a really powerful wizard to put him under his control and as far as he knew Voldemort was done for.


All these thoughts lingering in his mind gave him a headache.  He stopped still as he heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps approaching. Fast and steady they were heading towards his cell. A dark figure appeared in front of his cell his shiny eyes staring at his. For a moment Snape thought that he was going top use Legilemency at him but then he started opening his cell door.

“Severus Snape?” he asked while he was unlocking the iron barred gate.

“Yes. What is this about?” Severus hissed at him.

“Tonight you are being executed, remember?” the wizard said almost in laughter.


Snape said nothing just stared him back coldly. So it was for tonight. He got up to his feet.

“This way” he told him as he escorted Snape out of the cell “and don’t try anything stupid.”

And while he said that he poked his ribs with his wand in order for him to get the message. Snape obeyed and he was amazed at himself. While he knew he hadn’t murdered that eleven year old boy, he felt that he deserved to die. He had killed his mentor and best friend Dumbledore. Just remembering that moment at the tower of Hogwarts where he had killed him cold blooded just to get all the Death Eaters away from the tower and the paralyzed Harry Potter, he felt pain. Now that both him and Voldemort where history and his double, triple agent duty was over, it was time he got his punishment for his actions.


Waking up from his deep thoughts he realized that they have reached Azkaban’s chamber of executions. He saw a Dementor gliding next to the execution chair ready to kiss him and suck his soul the moment he sat on it. He turned around just to see the view from this high. It was funny how it reminded him of Hogwarts. He dreaded and missed those days back to the castle where he could live among the students and teachers. He now realized how important that was to him and for the first time in his life he felt human.


It was only then that he realized a new evil was gaining power out there getting ready to become the new Dark Lord. And probably he was the only person alive to know. His duty was far away from finished. Suddenly he knew what he had to do…



“ Anne, Brian will you finally come down here. You are going to miss the train” Hermione’s voice echoed through the house to Anne’s ears.

The second looked up to see her brother.

“So are you ready?” she asked him a bit faintly.

“Yeap, I’m ready. You?” her abnormally tall and red hair brother told her. “ You are weirder than usual.”

“No I’m fine it’s just …” she hesitated.

“Just what Anne? Tell me I’m your twin, you can tell me everything.” He told her as kindly as possible.

While Anne knew that her brother was trying to get her going in order not to miss the train, just the words coming out from his mouth where comforting. Most of the time they kept fighting for stupid things but at times like this one they were best friends.

 “I’m worried ok?” she outburst. “ I’m scared that they are going to separate us. I know that I’ll probably end up alone for the next seven years. You said it your self. I’m a control freak. Who would want to hung out with me?” she added dreadfully.

“Oh Anne spare me the drama. You are just anxious that’s all! I’m too. Just don’t let it consume you. Act coll. Yeah that’s it. Knowing you, you’ll probably find a boyfriend the moment you set foot on that train.” he added giving her a big smile.

While he wasn’t much reassuring, she already felt better.


“I swear Ron, you are getting more like your mother everyday” added Hermione laughing at her husband.


Once everything was set, Hermione’s Muggle parents arrived with their car to take them to the station. They all arrived at King’s Cross at a quarter to eleven. The wizard members of the family entered platform nine and three quarters.

“Wow it’s been so long” said Hermione staring blankly at the scarlet train.

“Yeap it’s been hasn’t it” Ron told her taking her by the hand and they were both obviously having memorable flashbacks.

“Ok can we please leave the previous century behind us and come back to this one any time soon?” yelled Brian at his parents snapping them out of their daydreaming situation. They hurried along and put their trunks in the train. When they came back to their parents they saw two new faces.

“Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny you came” Anne yelled jumping in her aunt’s arms for a hug.

“Well how could we miss it!” said Harry smiling at both of them.

The train started to make strange noises and thicker smoke was coming out of it signaling that it would soon start its ride to Hogwarts.

“Now keep out of trouble…” their mother started with watery eyes.

“Unlike us.” Harry added receiving a poke by his wife.

“Write occasionally and oh be good students, study a lot I mean..”

“By saying a lot do you reckon as much as you did? Because that wasn’t a lot it was way out of limits” stated her husband.

Hermione gave him a grin before returning to her children.

“Ok now hop on and I’ll see you this Christmas” she added sobbing unable to control her tears.

“Behave yourselves. I don’t want any letters from home saying that you blew up a toilet or something, like my brothers” said Ron laughing under his breath.

The train started to move and both Anne and Brian hoped on it. They started waving goodbye and not long after they were out of sight.

“So here we go” Brian told her sister.

“Yep, now let’s find an empty compartment before everything fills up.” Anne responded as they made their ways along the crowded corridors.

When they didn’t find an empty one they were forced to stay at the corridor. Anne felt the knot in her stomach getting bigger. She didn’t want to wait at the corridor the whole trip.

“Hey there’s plenty of space here if you like to seat” came a voice from the nearby compartment.


A girl’s head was poking out of it. She had long black straight hair and brown eyes. She was smiling at them revealing a perfect line of white straight teeth. She had the most gorgeous smile she has ever seen.


Without any hesitation Anne stepped into the compartment afraid that she would change her mind. Inside the compartment was another boy. He had brown hair and blue eyes.

Anne sat next to him while her brother sat next to the girl.

“My name is Lara Whitton by the way.” The girl said still smiling.

“Are you first years too?” she asked.

“Yes my sister and I are twins. My name is Brain Granger.” Her brother responded.

“And mine’s Anne.”

“I’m Jack Sebbler. Nice to meet you . Oh at first I thought I would be alone in the train.” Jack said sighing.

The four of them kept talking for an hour or so. Anne was happy. Her brother had been right all along. She would easily make friends and she would probably have the best time of her life at Hogwarts and one day she would be watching Hogwarts Express the same way her mother was watching it, escorting her own children with her husband Jack. Woooow. What? Who? Jack? What was that all about?

“Are you all right?” Jack’s voice landed in her ears. Apparently she left to much emotion of surprise to escape her.

“Yeah I just felt woozy for a while. Let me go outside to get some air.” She added in a hurry and not long after she was walking down the corridor alone. Well that was definitely something new. She had just met a boy and the next moment she daydreamed about him being her husband. What was wrong with her? Was she in love or was it something spontaneous? But before she could make up her mind she hit something hard and fell over.

“Oh I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. Here let me help you up.” A boy her age was offering her his hand. His dark straight hair and his weird accent were convincing enough.


She took his hand and he lifted her up.

“Are you ok? Once again I’m sorry but I wasn’t paying any attention to the corridor.” The boy continued.

“Say something” a voice inside her mind yelled. ”Don’t stand there like an idiot” the voice continued.

“Er... No it’s my fault not yours.” She said hastily.

“What’s your name?” he asked giving her a smile that make her insides tumble. What was wrong with her? Why was she suddenly in love with two boys at eh same time? Or wasn’t it love? She had never encountered other boys before on her life, other than her brother of course so how would she know. She saw the boy staring at her waiting for an answer.

“Er its Anne... Anne Granger.” She said again hastily.

“Mine’s Peter. So what are you doing out here?”

“I’m looking for the cart. I want to buy something to eat because I’m dying from hunger.”

What in the name of God was she talking about? The guy must think she is not being fed right. Arggh!!!!! How could she mess up so hard?

“How about you?” she asked in order to take some of the heat off her back.

“Well I wasn’t able to find an empty compartment yet.” He said as a light shade of pink colored his cheeks.

“Why don’t you come to my compartment?” she asked smiling. Since when was the compartment hers?

“Really that’s cool.”

Together they opened the door and everyone looked up to the new face.

“Guys this is Peter, Peter this is –er- guys?” she said with a grin.

Everybody laughed. Once again she felt comfortable.

“Anne can I have a word with you?” Brain’s voice echoed through the compartment.

While the others were introducing themselves to Peter she and her brother stood out of the door.

“Just because I said you would probably find a boyfriend the moment you set foot on the train it doesn’t mean I meant it!” he said angrily.

Anne began to laugh.” He’s not my boyfriend. I bumped into him a while ago. And besides I’m not going to report to you…” she started.

“Look I promised dad that I would be looking after you” her brother said to her face.

Suddenly she was furious.

“You did what? Look I didn’t do anything wrong here. I just made a friend. I don’t see any harm done! And when I do get a boyfriend neither you or dad is going to stop me, all right?” she added in a low voice and she walked into the compartment once again.



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