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Milli awoke the next morning and almost pissed her pants at the sight awaiting her; Sirius was currently hovering over her, a look on his face that reminded Milli vaguely of a kid at Christmas opening their presents.  Sirius didn’t shy away once Milli had woken up, in fact he seemed to move closer, a large smile plastered on his face.  Milli couldn’t possibly imagine what could’ve happened in this room to make Sirius so damn cheerful.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” Milli couldn’t say the words with much conviction because she was tired and still trying to recover from the fact that she nearly had a heart attack. 


“Why so negative?”  Sirius said in an unusually cheerful –and creepy- voice.


“Go away,” Milli said roughly, trying to push Sirius.  She was feeling particularly agitated that morning and the last thing she wanted to deal with at that moment was Sirius and his constant annoyance. 


“Aw c’mon Ms. Grumpy Mc. Grumper-face.”


Milli stopped and stared at Sirius incredulously, “you did not just call me that.”


“Why, did you like it?  How about Ms. Lazy Padazey?  That sort of sounds like a flower-”


“What are you on?”


“What am I on…?”  Sirius repeated dreamily, “well, I suppose I’m standing on the ground.”


“Stop acting like such a goon and snap out of it!”  Milli said harshly throwing aside her blankets roughly and moving to stand, but stopped when she saw Sirius’s face.


Sirius’s cheery face had hardened as he stared at Milli contemptuously.  “Don’t call me a goon,” he said in a cold voice.


Milli looked at Sirius like he had finally gone insane.  Suddenly Milli got defensive and crossed her arms over her chest huffily.  “I’ll call you whatever I please.  If I want to call you a toe-sucking, dirt roller, raga muffin I will.”


Sirius gasped in horror, the gesture reminded Milli greatly of a girl who had just broken their nail.  “Fine, you’re a whore.”


“Your nose is crooked; this prevents you from having a symmetrical face.”


Sirius gasped again and grabbed his nose, “its called character!”


“That’s what people say when someone is ugly.”


Sirius raised a finger to say something, the look on his face so intense that Milli was sure he was either about to yell at her or shit his pants.  Instead Sirius suddenly started laughing uncontrollably, confusing Milli when just seconds before he looked ready to kill her.  He grabbed his sides as tears ran down his face and fell to the ground.


“What are you doing?  C’mon, get up.”  Milli said, lightly prodding Sirius with her foot.  Sirius seemed to only laugh harder which infuriated Milli, “stop laughing!”


Sirius looked up at Milli and even though tears were running down his face from laughing, he was pale and looked worried.  “I…can’t…stop.”  Suddenly his laughing turned into gasping, for a moment he laid on the floor and didn’t move then he grabbed his throat and looked at Milli pleadingly, a sense of urgency in his gaze.


Milli immediately ran to the intercom and began shouting for Madame Piper.  Even though it only took a few moments for Madame Pipper to respond, it felt like an eternity as Milli watched Sirius begin to shake uncontrollably on the ground while gasping for air.


Madame Piper quickly cast an invisible suit around her body to prevent her from catching the fever.  She rushed over to Sirius and instructed Milli to put a pillow under Sirius’s head.


Sirius had become ghostly pale and as Milli carefully put the pillow under his head Sirius looked at her, his eyes were wide with a panicked spark in them.


“I’m going to need you to hold Mr. Black still.”  Madame Piper instructed Milli.


Milli looked at Sirius’s body hesitantly, not sure what to do.  Sirius then reached out a shaking hand for Milli to take.  Milli looked at the hand before grabbing it and holding on tight, giving him a reassuring squeeze.  Sirius’s body tightened as he tried to remain still.  The veins in his throat looked as if they were about to burst, and Milli thought he would break her hand as he held onto it. 


Madame Piper wasted no more time and put the tip of her wand on Sirius’s throat.  She mumbled something and a glow emitted from the end of her wand.  Almost immediately Sirius relaxed and his grip on Milli’s hand loosened.  His eyes closed and he fell asleep, his breath steady once again.


Madame Piper let out a sigh of relief.  She stood up and waved her wand over Sirius’s body and said ‘wingardium leviosa.’  She lowered him onto the nearest bed which happened to be right next to Milli’s.


Once she’d lifted the spell from Sirius she turned to Milli.  “When he wakes up I want you to give him this.”  She retrieved a vile from her pocket.  The vile was filled with some sort of black, chunky substance that would –no doubt- taste horrible.  She handed it to Milli and said with a stern look on her face, “he needs to drink all of it.  His throat should be sore until tomorrow.  Tell me when he’s woken up and I’ll send some soup. 


“Do you have any questions?”


Milli started to shake her head to say no but stopped, “why did this happen to Sirius?”


Madame Piper looked at Sirius sleeping a frown on her face before turning back to Milli.  “There are generalized symptoms to this fever but people often react differently.  I’m assuming Mr. Black had mood swings which led to,” she waved her hand around, “this.”


Milli nodded her head to show that she understand and Madame Piper started leaving, before she could exit the room Milli blurted out, “has anyone died?”


Madame Piper froze for a moment at the door, “there has been one reported case.”  She said slowly, choosing her words carefully.  “But you shouldn’t worry; the man was very old and was nearing death anyway.  His immune system couldn’t handle it.  You have nothing to worry about,” Madame Piper added once she saw the panicked expression on Milli’s face.  “Before you know it the fever will have passed and you’ll be back to class wishing that you were still ill.”  Madame Piper gave Milli a small smile before leaving the room.


Milli was a little shaken up knowing that there had been a death because of this fever.  But Madame Piper was right in saying that she shouldn’t be worried because the man had been old, but there was still this upset feeling in the pit of Milli’s stomach as she sank onto the edge of her bed and watched Sirius.


She had actually been worried.  She had been concerned for Sirius in those moments, frightened that something really horrible was going to happen to him.  But that didn’t necessarily mean anything.  Milli was sure that anyone would be worried for their worst enemy if they were put in the same situation as her….right?


Milli continued to sit on the edge of her bed, biting her nails (a bad habit she had broken four years ago).  She couldn’t shake the fact that she had been really worried and that the one thing running in her head as Sirius gasped for breath was the fact that she had called him a ‘goon who didn’t have a symmetrical face.’  She had been so tempted to shout out something as he struggled for breath, something to replace the harsh words she had said.  Milli wanted to think that it would be guilt haunting her but a voice she tried to ignore deep down was saying that for some reason Milli was starting to care what Sirius thought about her.


A groan suddenly came from Sirius, breaking Milli’s thoughts.  Milli immediately stood and walked over to Sirius.  He slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times until his eyes could adjust to the light.  Milli noted that most of the color had returned to his face and she inwardly let out a sigh of relief.


Sirius looked at Milli slightly confused, he opened his mouth to speak but Milli cut him off.  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  Madame Pepper said your throat will be sore until tomorrow.  Here, drink this, I’ll tell Madame Pepper you are awake so she can send soup.”


Sirius took the vile from Milli’s outstretched hand and sniffed it.  His nose immediately recoiled in disgust, “I don’t care if it tastes like Snape’s underwear, you’re drinking it!”  Milli said firmly.


Sirius let out a moan and plugged his nose as he drank the potion.  While he did this Milli retrieved two bowls of soup from the crate and placed a bowl on Sirius’s lap.  Sirius was still wrenching from drinking the potion.  It took him a few moments but eventually he started eating the soup.  Every time Sirius would empty the bowl of its contents it would immediately fill up.


Milli took little spoonfuls but wasn’t really hungry.  She tried to avoid Sirius’s eyes not wanting him to say something or ask her what had happened.  She was silently hoping that Sirius wouldn’t remember anything.


Sirius set his bowl on his bedside table and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


“Some day we’ve had ey?”  Sirius’ voice was very hoarse and his voice cracked.  “Admit it, you were worried about me.” 


Milli smiled and set aside her soup bowl.  “No, I just didn’t want you to die in my presence.  It’d be a sticky situation if you bit the big one and I was the only other person with you in the room.”


Sirius rolled his eyes and muttered, “Sure,” but he was smiling as he did so.


A/N: Hasn't even been 24 hours and I've already updated!  Wow!  And I've never reached chapter 4 before in any of my stories, for some reason I always get stuck on the 3rd and can never move on from there!  So this is a earth-shattering announcement:D 

As you can see there was no sexual tension, I figured I needed to break on that one at some point otherwise it would grow boring and repative after a while, so tell me what you think of the different angle I tried on this one!  Thanks to everyone who has reveiwed and favorited my story!  You have no idea (or you may) how much I appreciate it!  Again, leave your favorite qoute, what you liked or didn't like, and what you would like to see happen.

I've got a story to share with you right now, lol.  You don't have to read it, it just happened to me and I am utterly bewildered by it.
So...the doorbell rang and I didn't answer it because I'm home alone and there are some sketch people in my neighborhood and I open the door (once the mysterious person left) and find out mini dinner table (you know, the kind that fold out to use to place your dinner on while you watch TV) First off who would steal a mini dinner table of all things. And secondly: why did they return it? Was it not good enough to hold their dinner (which was also probably stolen)

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