“Harry Potter was no ordinary boy, though he tried to be. He was a kind, caring 17 year old. We are gathered here today as a mark of respect for the greatest wizard of our time…” 

Ginny Weasley listened to what Albus Dumbledore was saying about Harry Potter, tears trickling down her face a she twisted the engagement ring on her finger. 

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Harry wasn’t supposed to die. They were supposed to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. 

Harry had known the risks. He knew there was a 50/50 chance of him surviving, of any of them surviving. Sure Voldemort went down. The world was free again. But Harry fell too. 

“He’s probably happy now Gin…” Ron had said. “He’s probably with his parents, and Sirius” When all the speeches had been made Ginny walked up to the coffin and dropped a letter onto the flowers. She slipped off the emerald ring and gently laid it in the middle of a peach colored rose.

Dear Harry,

Harry. Just Harry. That’s what you said on that cold night with your very last breath. You didn’t want to be remembered as ‘the boy-who-lived’, just as Harry.
And now I’m falling, falling so fast I have no meaning for life. All the pain is gone now Harry but a strange numbness has bestowed itself upon me. I know exactly how ill land, exactly how ill come crashing back to earth because your not there to catch me. Oh how I need to see those beautiful green eyes of yours, to see you run your hand through your hair one last time and then give me one of your famous smiles. 

I long for your sweet laugh, or to hear your soft voice float through my ears. Sometimes I can almost see your smiling face or expect you to be in the crowds of Diagon ally, waiting for me to come and find you. You visit me in your dreams. Sometimes I sleep through the whole day just for the need to hear your voice.
But I know I’ll see you again. Someday when I’ve lived my life, I’ll meet you above the heavens. We’ll run into each others arms and I’ll know everything’s alright again. I’ll always remember you. Not as ‘the boy-who-lived’ or ‘the chosen one’. All that matters is that you’re Harry. Just Harry.

-Ginny Weasley 

Harry smiled a single tear running down his cheek. He turned around and began walking up the hill to where four people were standing .

There was a tall man with hazel eyes, jet black hair that stuck up the same as Harry’s and glasses. 

A red haired woman was next to him with deep emerald eyes. Then there was a man with long black hair and a bark-like laugh.
The fourth figure was a small girl with red hair. She had a big grin on her face as Harry reached them and pulled her into a big hug…

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