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The day passed and there were no more words spoken between the two.  It was the early hours of the morning and Milli was still awake.  She lifted her head up slightly from her pillow and could see Sirius staring at the ceiling frowning.  He seemed to have sensed her movement and took a deep breath before opening his mouth.


“I’m not like them, you know.”


Milli assumed that he was referring to his family.  Though his voice sounded different, almost vulnerable and sympathetic, this did not make her think of him differently.


“Just because you don’t kill people doesn’t mean you’re not cruel.”


“I’m nothing like my family,” Sirius said through clenched teeth.


“Of course you are, everyone is, we just don’t like to admit it.  Unfortunately it’s unavoidable.”


“I’m not a murderer, and I don’t think I’m above others because I’m pureblood.”


“Could’ve fooled me with the way you carry yourself around school.  You and your friends ‘the marauders,’ even got a nice little name for your group of arrogant boys.”


Sirius sat up quickly in his bed, “don’t talk about what you don’t know.”


“What’s so hard to understand?  Just because you’re good looking you think that everyone will fall at your feet, hoping you glance their way.”  Milli was now sitting up in her bed, “you hex people because you’re bored, or they’re different.  The only good one in your group is Peter and on occasion Remus, but he does little to stop you guys even though he has the authority.”


“Is that what you think we’re about?”  Sirius asked in a condescending tone.


“This is what you are about.”


Sirius smirked, not in his usual playful way, this smirk was cold and malicious, it could rival with a Slytherin.  “We’re about trust; we back each other up when no one else will.  Yes, we do play –sometimes- cruel jokes but I know I’ve always got someone supporting me.  They are the closest thing I have to family and I’m never letting go.  We’re not friends, we’re brothers.”


Suddenly Milli felt hot, but not the same hot she was before.  This feeling stirred something inside of her; suddenly she looked at Sirius with wanting, not loathing.  “Wow, you really do care for them.”  She was surprised by how light her voice was considering only moments ago she was angry and yelling.  For a moment she dwelled on the fact that her mood had changed so quickly. 


Slowly Milli got up and walked towards Sirius’s bed.  “It’s nice to see a softer side to you,” Milli’s hand was playing with the blanket at the foot of Sirius’s bed.  Her eyes were cast downward, a small smile playing on her face.  “It makes you seem almost,” her eyes snapped up and locked with Sirius, “human.”


Milli’s hand fell back to her side as she slowly moved her body so that she was standing beside Sirius, Sirius’s eyes not once leaving her.


Milli’s eyes lingered on Sirius’s bare chest and once again she felt herself go hot, instead of wanting to rid herself of the heat she wanted to fuel it, let it consume the rest of her body, share it with Sirius.


“I wished the loyalty you show to your friends could be said for everyone else.”


“Oh,” said Sirius as he found himself growing more anxious with every step Milli took towards him, the gap between them seemed to be growing larger rather than shrinking.  “And where else do you want my loyalties to lie?”


Milli’s leg hit Sirius’s bed, “well,” she said as she placed a hand on the bed beside Sirius’s hip.  “You always seem to go from girl to girl.”  Milli placed her other hand beside the opposite hip, her fingers just lightly grazing Sirius’s chest, so light that it was barely noticeable but not lost on Sirius.


Slowly she pulled her legs up onto the bed, never once breaking eye contact with Sirius.  She positioned herself so that her legs were on either side of Sirius.  She moved her hands from beside his hips and positioned them so that they were resting by his head.  Milli moved her face towards Sirius, her hips grazing his for a moment, only for her to draw back, giving him a teasing look.  “Well,” she said in a whisper, “one would think you would eventually be loyal to one girl.”


“Why would I want to do that?”


Milli smirked and leaned down even more, their lips grazing in the process but not lingering long enough to constitute as a kiss.  Sirius placed one hand on Milli’s hip and the other on the small of her back, pulling her body towards his. When they were about to close the small gap left between them suddenly they heard a voice-


“Breakfast you two; hope you have developed a big appetite.”  Madame Piper’s voice seemed to have caused Milli to realize what she was doing for Milli blinked and quickly climbed off of Sirius.


Sirius stood up, a smile on his face.  He brushed past Milli, just barely touching her.  He crossed the room and reached the intercom, pressing the button he said, “Oh, Milli’s developed quite the appetite.” 




Milli kept her distance from Sirius that day.  Luckily Madame Piper had given them the homework that they needed to do.  Milli was grateful for this distraction and immediately dove into her work, determined to keep herself preoccupied. 


She kept repeating to herself that mood swings and hot flashes were symptoms of Hippogriff Fever, and that explained her irrational behavior.  She doubted though that Sirius would buy into her excuse so she said nothing and chose not to bring attention to it, hoping that it would soon be forgotten. 


A voice suddenly filled the room and Milli jumped in surprise.


“Oi, Pads, you there?” 


Milli recognized the voice knowing it belonged to James Potter.  She became slightly hopeful with the prospect of visitors.


“Of course he’s there you nitwit.” 


Milli smiled when she recognized the second voice belonged to Remus.


Sirius jumped from his bed and quickly ran to the other side of the room where the intercom was.  He pressed the button eagerly and Milli was surprised he didn’t break his finger with the intensity he used in pressing the button.


“Hey yeah I’m here, glad you visited, its dead boring.”


Milli scowled at Sirius’s comment and chanced a glance towards him.  Fortunately his back was turned towards her. 


“I’ve brought you cheese,” said Peter.


“More like cheese crumbs,” James commented, laughing slightly.


“There is no such thing as cheese crumbs, just extra cheese bits,” Remus corrected.


“Of course there are cheese crumbs; they are what Wormtail is currently using as decoration on his robes.”


“Fine Prongs,” Remus sighed.  “You can have your cheese crumbs.”


James gave a victory ‘whoop’.


“So, any news?  I’m dying here, I don’t know what’s going on,” Sirius said, breaking off James’ victory ‘whooping.’ 


“Nothing really,” said James in a slightly disappointed voice.  “Well, Lily got me kicked out of Sluggy’s club.”


Sirius chuckled, “and how did she manage to do that.”


“She convinced him that I’m a woman, and I’m too ashamed to embrace my femininity.”


“How the hell would Slughorn believe that?”


“Well, you’ve got to admit it Prongs, you do have feminine features and have a tendency to act like a little girl.”  Remus said in a constrained voice.  “Oh, before I forget; Milli are you there?”


Milli quickly sprang up from her bed and shoved Sirius aside, trying not to dwell on the fact that she just touched his bare chest.  “Yes, I’m here.  Is Lily coming to visit?”


“Afraid not,” said Remus.  Milli felt her hopes drop, “but she gave me a note to give to you.”


“Great,” said Milli, her spirits now slightly higher.  “There should be a crate around you; just put it in there and it should lower into our room.”


There were a few moments of silence before Milli saw the crate lowering into her room.  She told Remus she got it and thanked him before going back to her bed and her letter open. 



Sorry I haven’t had time to visit you, I’ve just been so busy!  Lately the first years have decided that the Giant Squid is like a ride and that there is no harm in grabbing onto its tentacles and letting themselves be flung around.  It’s become the new life-threatening trend amongst our young, dimwitted classmates. I’m sure you’ve heard that I got Potter kicked out of Slughorn’s club (if only you could hear the excitement in my voice).  Potter doesn’t know this but I got a picture of James and waved my wand (well, I did more then wave my wand, but I’ll spare you the details) so that it appeared like James was putting on a bra.  Anyway, sorry to cut this short, I see a little eager first year running towards the lake, I better go.  I’ll try and visit you soon, hope you’re doing ok with Black for company.





Milli quickly wrote a response and when she had finished her letter she was disappointed to find that James, Remus, and Peter had left so she had no way of getting her letter delivered to Lily. 


Milli placed the letter on her beside table and resumed to her homework, but she was finding it difficult to concentrate.  She kept on having hot flashes and as the minutes wore by she was finding it more difficult to ignore.  She looked up at Sirius and was relieved to see that he also looked flushed and was sweating slightly.


Unfortunately Sirius caught Milli’s eye and he smirked. Milli was beginning to wonder if he could make another facial expression besides smirking.  She had to admit though, he had the look down.


“Ready for a second helping, love?”


A/N: Can you believe how fast I'm updating?!?!  Lol.  I'm really into this story and I think this is the most fun I've had when writing a story!  I know the end was a little...boring, but I need something else besides sexual tension, do you agree?  So, in that little box you can leave a review telling me what you liked or didn't like.  Events in the story you would like to see, and put in your favorite quote if you want!  Thanks again!

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