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Thanks to Caren!!!

Whatever Malfoy did when he flew past, cast a weird charm on me, and everytime Slytherin scored a goal, I would jump up and clap loudly while shouting, “Yeah! Go Slytherin!”

For the first couple of times, Carter and Hermione just looked at me as though I had lobsters crawling out of my ears, and Lyndsae, who was throughly enjoying the scene, clapped along with me.

After the third time I jumped up to cheer for Slytherin, Hermione and Cater both grabbed an arm and pulled me down.

“What do you think you are doing?” Hermione asked through clenched teeth, “You’re not only embarrasing yourself, but you are embarrasing all of the Gryffindors.”

“I know! I’m sorry, I think Malfoy must have put a charm on me or something.”

Hermione sighed as she tried to keep herself calm, “Okay, right, that would expalin it. Now all we need to do is make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself until it wears off and then you will be as good as –“

The rest of her sentence was drowned out by applause. I looked out to the pitch and saw that Draco was holding up the Golden Snitch, grinning like mad.

“Draco Malfoy has caught the Snitch! That means Slytherin wins!” Lee Jordan said, obviously dissappointed.

I felt a tug in my stomach as I jumped out of my seat before Hermione could catch me, and started screaming so loud that my throat instantly felt raw.

This time, it was Carter who pulled me back into my seat and gave me a weird look, “What is up with you?” He asked.

“We won! We won! Slytherin won!” Lyndsae squealed, jumping up and down.

I started to jump too and clapped as I squealed, “I know! Congratulations!”

“JACEY!” Carter and Hermione yelled at the same time.

I stopped jumping and looked at them, “Did you say Slytherin won?” I asked, the charm had finally worn off and I sudeenly felt very nauceous.

Carter and Hermione nodded, “Um, yeah. Slytherin won.” Hermione said.

“Jace, are you okay?” Carter asked, reaching for my arm.

I held up a finger, leaned over the ledge and threw up on some unsuspecting Slytherins.

Almost two hours had passed since the end of the Quidditch game and since I heard some quite colorful words from the Slytherins I had thrown up on, and Hermione and I were still sitting in the stands.

“I can’t believe Slytherin won.” Was all I had been saying the entire time.

Hermione looked at me crossly and huffed, “Is that all you are going to say?”

I didn’t look at her, but I did acknowledge the fact that I had heard her and instead of saying, “I can’t believe Slytherin won.” I said, “My life is over.”

Hermione shook her head and she didn’t even perk up when she saw Ron, Fred and George sit down next to us.

“I can’t believe that Slytherin won.” Ron said blankly, shaking his head as he fell into the seat next to me.

Hermione sent him a death glare, but decided not to say anything.

“Harry was right there.” Fred started, dropping his head in his hands, “I looked away for one minute and then Malfoy caught the Snitch!”

George smiled comfortingly as he slid his arm around my shoulders, “I only just heard about your bet with Malfoy, I’m sorry.”

I rested my head on his shoulder and repeated, “My life is over.”

Hermione shook her head, “It’s not the end of the world Jace, all you have to do is spend two weeks with him, and if you like him as much as you said you do, it should be easy enough.”

Fred held up his hand as if he were in a classroom, “Wait a bloody second, Jacey likes Malfoy?”

I jumped up, suddenly feeling quite dramatic and looked at Hermione, “I can’t believe you just told them that! Now my life really is over!” I walked over to the ledge and hoisted myself onto it, “I might as well jump!”

“Woah now!” George shouted, his arms circling around my waist as he pulled me away from the edge.

We fell back into the seat and I sat on his lap.

George patted my back and looked up at me, “Are you still going to do it? You can back out you know.”

Everyone looked at me expectantly and I shook my head, “No. I’m not going to turn it down. I’m going through with it, especially after this week. Maybe if I have a horrid time with Malfoy then I’ll know that I don’t really like him.”

“And if you do?” Fred asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and ran my fingers through my hair, “Then, I guess we will take our relationship to the next level.”

George scrunched up his nose and shook his head, “I was just so close to having you as my girlfriend, and now I’m going to lose you to Malfoy? Oh the irony.” He semi teased, poking the middle of my back, causing me to shiver.

I smiled at him and kissed his cheek, “You’re so sweet George, and if for some reason Draco can not preform his boyfriend duties, you are next in line.”

I looked at the others and frowned warningly, “Not a word of this to Carter. I want to tell him myself.”

Fred and George put their hands over their hearts and said, “We swear.” In unison.

I raised my eyebrow at Hermione, “And you?”

“I swear.”

I smiled at the four of them, “Okay guys, lets go to dinner.”

Everyone stood up except for Ron and I patted his head, “You comin Ron?”

He looked up at me and shook his head, “I still can’t believe that Slytherin won.”

I pulled my hood up as we walked into the Great Hall. The Slytherin table was in an uproar, half of them was standing up and shouting while the other half was yelling and throwing food.

I sat down with my back to them so that Malfoy couldn’t see me.

“Everyone’s looking at us Jace.” Hermione whispered while scanning the crowd.

“I’ve noticed.” I said, pulling my hood closer to my face.

“Why are they all staring at us?” Fred asked curiously, sending a death glare at the closest Slytherin.

“They aren’t looking at us dipstick, they’re looking at Jacey.” George said, smacking his brothers head.

Hermione stopped two Slytherin third years and raised her eyebrow, “What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” the first asked nervously.

“Why are all you Slytherins looking at Jacey?”

“Haven’t you heard?” the other, more snotty one asked.

“Heard what?” I asked, pulling my head down.

“Well, Malfoy’s won a bet with Davidson and now she is spending Christmas with him. Parkinson is so mad! Everyone is talking about it.”

Hermione waved them away and looked at me expectanlty with wide eyes,

“I wonder who told them all about that.” Ron asked, looking up from his plate of chicken.

“Gee Ronald, I wonder.” Hermione snapped.

“You know Carter is going to skin Malfoy alive when he finds out.”

“Oh rubbish. Carter!” I said weakly, my skin crawling with fear.

At that very second, the doors of the Great Hall flew open, “JACEY RENEE DAVIDSON!” Carter bellowed as he stormed up to the table.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked loudly, causing everyone to stare.

“I think the better question is what the hell is wrong with you? And do we have to do this infront of the entire school?”

“We’re going to do this right now!”

“Why are you making such a scene?”

“Why are you going to Malferret Manor for Christmas? I thought you were done with him.”

“Well, I’m not okay! Maybe I like being with him, maybe I want to go to the Manor with him.”

Now the entire room was officially listening to our conversation, and right at that moment, I couldn’t care less.

“Since when do you like Malferret?”

“Stop calling him that, and I don’t know when exactly, but I kow that I do. So why don’t you keep your big fat ass out of it.”

I heard a few Hufflepuffs giggle, but after a horrific glare from Hermione, they stopped.

“I have spent my entire life trying to protect you , especially from asses like Malfoy.”

I threw my hands up in the air and yelled loudly, “I don’t care about that Carter! You are the ass here so why don’t you shut the hell up and leave me alone?”

I pulled up my hood as I ran out of the Great Hall. For a while, I didn’t know where I was, there were tears streaming down my face and I knew I looked awful with the stains on my cheeks.

When I was completely sure that I had no idea where I was, I fell against the wall with a loud thump, slamming my head against the wall in the process.

Trying to wipe the tears away with the sleeve of my hoodie I felt as just as I did the night that Harry told me that he loves me.

I knew he was there before I saw him, I could hear the squeaking of his shoes on the marble floorand smell his cologne.

When I looked up, he held out his hand and I felt myself take it as he pulled me up into his arms.

“Draco I-“

“Sh.” He soothed, stroking my hair as I buried my face in his shirt.

There was no turning back now, it was all or nothing, and I chose all.

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