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A/N: Well I’m back and hopefully my writer’s block has fully diminished. Read and enjoy. Also, I’d truly appreciate comments and feedback so I know where I’m going with this…thanks!

Disclaimer: You all know why I even write this. J.K Rowling owns it all!

Chapter 23: Sydney’s Flight

Love is absolutely ridiculous. I feel stupid and completely and utterly ignorant right now. As if I hadn’t before, right now would greatly explain the lengths I have gone for love.

I am using James’ bloody broomstick and invisibility cloak to spy on my boyfriend. I’ve seemed to forgotten the fact that I hate flying with a passion and that I’m quite terrible at it as well. James looked quite giddy when he found out I was up to their usual mischievous tricks and wholeheartedly handed me his broom as a suggestion.

I’ve never really had a great broomstick experience.


“Hmm it says here that the Shooting Star loses speed and height with age. Also, it has the highest rate of bucking off their riders…” Lily said in a matter of fact way, as she read the book in her hands, Qudditch Through the Ages.

“It’d be best if you didn’t tell me all the dangers of quidditch as I got on a broom for the first time.” I said as I held my broom in my hand looking at the rest of the quidditch team.

Lily just had to come and see me embarrass myself in front of the entire Gryffindor quidditch team and all the other students who had come and try out. I don’t really know what I was thinking either. I liked sports back home and honestly felt that I could try out for this one but me on a flying broom just gave me the idea of future injuries.

“Okay, Sydney Lane, you’re trying out for seeker?”

I nodded bashfully and noticed that everyone was going to watch as they waited their turn. I mounted the school provided broom and lifted off into the air. It was pretty miraculous but I got the uneasy feeling of being unbalanced. As James Potter, the teams’ star chaser, let out the snitch; a small gold winged ball that could fly and hide as it went.

I awkwardly flew up higher as the snitch had, but just as I had my arm outstretched to get the snitch in my grasp, I heard a crash on the ground beneath me. I looked down just in time and saw that James was leaning carelessly on the box holding all the balls and as he flirtatiously complimented Lily on her hair that day, he knocked over the box. The two bludgers zoomed out and started heading in my direction.

Instantly forgetting the snitch, I now had to dodge those pesky bludgers that had only one thing on their mind, that is if balls have minds…ahem that was dirty. They were coming for me…and it was doubtful they weren’t going to clobber me.

Shrieking, I moved out of the way as one of the whizzed by my head. I could hear some people screaming in fear and some laughing at my humiliation. I zoomed out of the way as the next bludger missed me by an inch; the one that almost beheaded me was on its way back.

“Help!” I screamed down at the quidditch team, most of them were laughing but Sirius looked sincerely worried. I didn’t have my wand so I was helpless. All I could do now was fly away from them.

Sirius got up from his seat and grabbed a bat that usually keeps bludgers away if you hit them hard enough. He first smacked James upside the head as he kept talking to Lily as if nothing was happening even though Lily was freaking out.

“James you idiot!” He grabbed a broom and swiftly flew into the air with great reflexes.

He was nearing the bludgers that were right behind me and he smacked one the other direction. I flew towards the ground and hoped to make it alive. Sirius got the other one easily and flew down with me. We dismounted as James quickly got the bludgers back. I threw my broom at James and Lily rushed to my side.

“Are you okay?”

I just gritted my teeth and glared at James who blushed sheepishly. Sirius seemed impressed for some reason.

“You’re a pretty good flyer when it comes to saving your life.”

I threw a fake smile at him and shook my head.

“I’m swearing off flying as of right now. Thank you for your time.”

Lily and I marched up the grounds back to the castle and didn’t even look back once.


Ever since my humiliating quidditch tryout during my second year, I had sworn off brooms, but here I was now, flying up to the astronomy tower where Fancy had planned to meet Sirius; which I must say was quite manipulative on her part. Everyone knows the astronomy tower is the most romantic place in Hogwarts. Sure the owlery is secluded but who wants to be pooped on while snogging?

Anyways I felt pretty confident as I slipped on the silky invisibility cloak and rose higher and higher up on the new Silver Arrow, James’ pride and joy. The tower was in view all I had to do was somehow go in that direction. I leaned a bit on the handle and it automatically flew slowly the way I wanted to go. Thankfully it was swift and steady so I could easily not get bucked off.

I was finally hovering the tower and was searching for Fancy and Sirius. There were a few couples smooching a bit before Lily and James would come and shout at them before sending them off to bed. After precise searching, making sure Sirius wasn’t one of the couples snogging, I found them in a corner. Sirius looked confused with his charm books in his arms.

“I don’t understand Fancy…I thought I was tutoring you?”

“Well of course you are silly…but not in charms.”

Sirius squinted his eyes in befuddlement. Fancy took the books from his arms and put them on the ground. He was dazed as she wrapped her arms around him and smiled viciously.

“You’ll be tutoring me in French…” she raised her eyebrow seductively.

“Oh no she didn’t!” I whispered under my breath. Fancy looked up confused, not knowing that I was hovering right above them.

Scratching his head, Sirius thought about what she was talking about. God, he’s so oblivious…she’s practically throwing herself at him and he can’t understand why they’re not practicing charms right now.

“French? We don’t even have that course here…maybe at Beauxbaton’s but definitely not here…” He started.

But he was rudely interrupted.

By Fancy’s lips.

My eyes widened in shock. She just forced herself on him! How could she do that? How could he? All I wanted to do was to just fly away and hopefully mend my heart, but I couldn’t figure it out. Instead I watched as Sirius pushed Fancy off him and gawked at her incredulously.

“What are you doing?!”

“What do you think?”

Sirius stared at her in anger and frustration and as if a light bulb went off in his head, he slapped his forehead.

“Oh great….Sydney was right. You plotted all this?” He looked so disgusted; I couldn’t help but want to forgive him…that is if I could ever get off this terrible broom.

“So you made up your father’s death? For me?”

“Sirius…I couldn’t think of anything that would make you realize how much you truly love me. I know you do and all I keep wondering is when you’ll notice it yourself.”

“Are you insane? You faked your father’s death! Do you know how crazy that sounds? AND to top it all off, you kissed me when I’m dating Sydney.”

Fancy’s bottom lip started quivering as tears fell from her eyes. She put out her arms to grab him for support but he took a step back and gathered his books off the floor.

“But you don’t even love her!”

He gave out a laugh and held his heart.

“I happen to love her with all my heart. Truth is, sometimes she drives me insane and she can be a little mental but I’ve never loved someone as much as I love her.”

I swayed a little on James’ broom and felt my eyes tearing up. I couldn’t believe how ridiculous I had been acting, thinking that he didn’t care about me. I sniffled a little and gasped when Sirius and Fancy looked up confused. Sirius reached up and started swatting at the air. He hit the handle of the broom and it quickly bucked me off.

I fell pathetically into Sirius’ arms. He looked down at me with an odd face. He seemed torn between laughing hysterically and scolding me.

“Speaking of the mental woman.”

“Sirius…I didn’t mean….I just…”

“I thought you hated flying…”

“I do.” I grimaced but placed a soft smile on my lips thinking of what he had said.

He grinned happily and leaned down.

“Just shush.” Then he kissed me sweetly as I lay in his arms helplessly. Fancy took one look at us and stormed away. If her father had really died, I’d feel horrible but…then again…she was Fancy Rachel Peters.

A/N: Okay guys I want reviews, comments, feedback. Was that any good? I think I may be wrapping up this story in the next 2 chapters. So give me some input. Sequel or just end it?

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