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Chapter 5: Of winding halls and not-so saving moving staircases

"Who is she?" One girl whispered.

"I don't know." The other answered.

"Should we wake her?" Whispered another.

"She looks like she's in a terrible dream." The first girl said. "I would."

One of them got up and shook me, trying to make me wake. After a failed attempt, she looked over to her friends for help. All they did was shrug. Then, one of the girls with flaming red hair shook her head and got up. "I have six older brothers and they are all like this," she said as she ripped the sheets off and lifted the mattress, dumping me off onto the floor. I didn't feel a thing and just kept on snoring. "Damn. Ron doesn't even sleep that hard!"

After digging in her trunk a bit, the redhead pulled something out with a grin. "Thank you twins!" She said, looking up before putting little ear buds in my ear and turning the sound up all the way on whatever they were connected to. Instantly, I jolted up and ripped them out of my ear.

"Good morning." I said sarcastically as I slowly sat up and came out of shock.

"Who are you?" the blond girl blurted out.

"So much for the 'good' part." I mumbled before answering. "Crystal Ri-" I stopped. "Crystal." A brunette girl inhaled and I knew what question was next. "I am here because I have no where else to go. My dad committed homicide and suicide. I left the house because it was no longer safe. Your headmistress told me to stay here with the sixth years and to look for a Ginerva."

"Ginny." The redhead corrected. She unfolded her arms and walked towards me. "And you found her." Then she turned to the blond. "This is Alyssa, and over there is Natalie." She pointed to the brunette. "Want to come down to breakfast?" She then offered.

"Sure." I answered and got up. Really, I didn't care so much that I was still in what I had been wearing the whole day before and that my hair was all a mess... Even though this would be the first time that people would actually find out of my existence other than in some stupid battle where I have to wear those stupid cloaks and pointy hats and weird masks. Is this war over yet?

"So, where did you come from?" Asked Natalie.

I shrugged. "Somewhere where I was hidden away and always under too much protection I guess. I would be in my seventh year here. I got my letter and everything, but my father wanted me to be home schooled. It was probably best for the learning part, considering that I am done with my schooling and you are halfway through the year, but socially, I have only talked to a grand total of three people, maybe four in the past six and a half years." I explained. By this time, we were going down some weird corridor and passed a painting that looked exactly like the one we saw three other times on our way down to eat. "Are you sure we aren't going around in circles?" I asked, noticing this.

Alyssa shook her head. "No." Then she glanced at Ginny. "But someone likes to take the long way when we are all starving!"

The red head put her hands up innocently. "Hey, I do not. I always go this way." Natalie laughed, but Alyssa just rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

I looked around. I had no idea where we were or really, where we were going! "So, how do you guys remember how to get around? It must be really difficult to remember after holidays." This place was so huge! It would take me all seven years to make it from my common room to the eating cafeteria place.

It was Ginny's turn to laugh. "Well, after a while of wandering around to get to your next class, you get kind of used to it." No matter what they said, I knew that I could never do it, and buried somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that I was happy for Father's emotion-hiding home schooling. Somehow this school was a maze that seemed to change every day! If I was not with Ginny, Natalie, or Alyssa, or really, anyone who has been here just as long as them, I would be stuck in one spot, hopeless.

"So, Crystal," Natalie started, but then stopped and looked over to Ginny as if to ask for permission to go on. After a slight nod from Ginny, Natalie continued. "What do you think of this war?"

It seemed that everywhere I would go that would follow me. I sighed, "I think it should end. I know that either Harry or fvoldemort has to die for the end to even be in sight, but I just wish that one of them would do it already! Stop attacking other people and just face each other! One on one! I can't stand it anymore! I am tired of fighting! Tired of blastings every other step!" By this time, I was almost in tears.

"We understand." One of them tried to say, though I don't know which one, and put a hand on my shoulder.

Instantly, I ripped out of their grip. "No you don't! You have no idea what I know! You have no idea what I have gone through! No one does! No one has any idea what it is like!" I didn't care anymore and I let giant teardrops stain my cheeks. "I just want it to end! I want to have a normal life!" With that, I stormed off. Where I was going, I had no clue, but it would be somewhere far from them... that is, if they didn't chase after me.

"Where are you going?" one of them called as they ran. I easily stayed in front of them all. Just as I jumped on a staircase, it started to move. Not something that I expected, but that was ok because I heard a sigh behind me and when I turned, I realized that I had left them down at the landing. They didn't understand. No one did. No one ever would.

I thought that I was doing good with the whole avoiding thing until I ran off of the stairs onto the landing and saw two groups of people on either side of the corridor with no other way to go but back, well, if the staircase didn't change. On one side was the three that I thought that I had just left, and on my other side were two people who were too close to my ex-lover. "Crystal?" On of them said, rather loudly. I groaned and looked at the shocked expressions on Ginny, Alyssa and Natalie's faces.

A/N: Ok, what shall happen next? You probably already know who the two close people are, so there really is no point to asking you who you think they are, but a review anyway would still be nice! ^_^

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