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Madame Piper had delivered clothes and food to Milli and Sirius later in the day.  Neither had said a word to each other.


Sirius had made it a habit of pacing the length of the room while biting his nails and proceeding to spit his nails onto the ground.  Milli was lying back on her bed, her gaze occasionally settling on Sirius as he paced.  The hives had spread the length of Milli’s body in the short duration of time she had been put into this room, and she assumed the same could be said for Sirius. 


Milli’s boredom had reached an all-time high.  Madame Piper had given them absolutely nothing to do, and she didn’t have any weapons to kill Sirius with (well, nothing that wouldn’t be messy and leave traces). 


“These hives are murder,” Sirius declared as he itched his back and neck.


Milli gave Sirius a fleeting look but said nothing.


“Are they not bothering you?”  Sirius asked bitterly.


“Mind over matter,” said Milli simply.  In truth it felt like she had rolled around naked in itching powder and then rolled down a grassy hill.  Sirius’s obvious discomfort kept her mildly amused and kept her mind distracted.


The speaker rang once more and Madame Piper’s voice could be heard.  “I’ve brought you some dinner.  By tomorrow morning we’ll know if you have Hippogriff Fever.”  Milli hated how calm Madame Piper sounded, if only she could be trapped in a room with Sirius, and then she would know true agony.


Mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, salad, and pumpkin juice appeared before them.  Milli wasn’t hungry but Sirius nearly pounced on the food and began inhaling it.


“Fsorry, do you vshant fsome?”  Sirius asked Milli, chicken was half out of his mouth as he looked at her.


Milli turned her nose up in disgust as she shook her head.  She tried to ignore the sounds Sirius made as he obliterated the food.  Within a few minutes she heard a long sigh and a loud belch emit from Sirius.  She looked at him and he had his back on the ground, a satisfied look on his face as he rubbed his stomach and smacked his lips together.


“That was excellent.”  Sirius sighed happily. 


“I think you forgot to lick the floor.”


Sirius turned towards Milli and smirked.  He sat up and his long black hair fell in his eyes.  “This is going to be a lot of fun, spending all this quality time with you.”


“We don’t know for sure if we’ve got Hippogriff fever, we could be released tomorrow and this was all just a weird coincidence.”


Sirius rolled his eyes and stood up, cleaning his hands on his pants as he did so.  “Whatever you want to think, love.  Well, I’m off to bed, see you in the a.m.”  Sirius climbed into a bed as far away from Milli as possible and settled in.


Milli groaned and closed the curtain around her.  She sat awake in bed for what felt like hours, the only sound she heard was Sirius snoring.  After a while she fell asleep only to be awoken a few hours later when the sun had barely peaked over the mountains. 


Milli tried to move but discovered her sheets were stuck to her and that she was drenched in sweat.  She began to pant, she felt dizzy (even though she was lying down) and extremely hot.  She furiously kicked off her sheets and laid still.  Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and she could feel her sweat sliding down her body.  She wanted to rip off her tank top and sweatpants and jump into a bucket of ice.


Every inch of her body screamed in agony, it felt like white hot needles where poking her skin repeatedly.  She threw back her curtains and saw Sirius sitting up in his bed, his face was red and his hair was wet from the sweat as it clung to his forehead.  His shirt was soaked through and he was breathing in short breaths. 


Sirius looked up at Milli and they locked eyes both of them thinking: we’ve got the fever.




Madame Piper was about as helpful as asking Professor Binns to pick up a text book.  She informed them that there was nothing she could do currently, as healers and medi-wizards were still trying to figure out the cure.  All they could do was sit and wait for the symptoms to past, and they –literally- had to sweat it out. 


This was not comforting to either of them as they lay in bed getting hotter by the minute; their clothing now thoroughly soaked through.  Neither Milli nor Sirius moved an inch, the task seemed impossible.


Suddenly Milli heard Sirius grunt, ‘oh sod this.’


She turned her head and saw Sirius removing his shirt.  Her mind was telling her to look away but her eyes had other plans.


She could see the sweat fall down his chest, collecting speed and size as it continued its journey downward.  His shoulders were broad and although his body resembled that of a teenager, it had great promise.  Two defined lines started at his hips and continued until they disappeared under his pants.  The right amount of hair began at the belly button and continued down until it was also hidden underneath his pants. 


If it was at all possible Milli could feel her body temperature rising as she tore her eyes away, resisting the urge to fan her face with her hand.  She looked up and saw a smug expression on Sirius’s face.  He had no doubt caught her looking, but to her surprise he said nothing about it.


Eventually Milli gave into the same ‘sod it’ attitude Sirius had and stripped down to her bra and shorts, tossing her access clothes on the floor that landed with a muffled slapping sound.


She looked up and saw Sirius watching her with an amused expression on his face, when he met her eyes he didn’t look remotely affected, he gave her one last look and then resumed to staring out the small window.


“Don’t get any ideas Black.”


Sirius turned towards Milli and looked her up and down once again before replying, “wouldn’t dream of it.”  Sirius settled back and put his arms behind his head as if the heat was no longer affecting him.  “While you’re at it I was wondering if you could see a cut above my right hip.  Your eyes seemed to be stuck on them and I’m just wondering if you could see anything.”  Sirius looked at Milli and winked.


Milli was grateful that her face was previously red because otherwise her obvious embarrassment would be even more evident, and she couldn’t deny the fact that she wasn’t staring at Sirius.  Luckily her embarrassment was cut short as Madame Piper’s voice filled the room.


“I’ve brought you two breakfasts, are you alright?”  There was silence as both Sirius and Milli didn’t want to move in order to respond to Madame Piper.  “Hello, are you two ok?”


Milli looked at Sirius desperately and was for once in her life grateful towards him as he got up to inform Madame Piper that they were ok.


As Sirius stood to respond to Madame Piper his pants fell lower down his waste, revealing the lines forming from his hips down further.  Milli subconsciously bit her bottom lip as she watched Sirius’s pelvic bones move with each stride he took.  It seemed that with each step his pants slid a little lower revealing the expanse of his stomach, and most importantly his pelvic bone.  She had this urge to trace the lines that ran down him hips with her fingers until suddenly his hips were right in front of her face, it was then she noticed she had been rubbing her collar bone with her middle finger while biting her bottom lip.


Milli tried not to look too embarrassed as she looked up at Sirius who was clearly enjoying her obvious discomfort.


“Orange juice, fruit and yogurt sound good?”  Sirius asked.  Vaguely Milli nodded her head, “figured you wouldn’t want anything hot, it’s clear enough that you’ve got enough body heat.”


When Milli had registered what he had said his back was already facing her, preventing her from being able to glare.


Milli decided to devote her attention to her breakfast.  The fruit and yogurt were cool, that clamed her slightly.  As she was eating a bit of her yogurt slipped off the end of her spoon and landed just below her collar bone.  Without thinking she used her finger to whip off the yogurt and licked it off of her finger.


“You’re doing that on purpose,” Sirius suddenly said.


Milli looked at him quizzically before realizing what she had just done and quickly took her finger out of her mouth, “quit looking at me.”


“Seems only fair considering it seems you posses the inability to take your eyes off of me.”


“I swear Black, I’m going to-to,” Milli faltered.


“Going to what, touch me?  Go ahead, love,” he said as he settled back in his bed, “I’m all yours.”


“What makes you think I want you?”


Sirius smirked, “what doesn’t make me think you don’t want me is the better question.”


“Oh, I don’t know,” Milli said in a patronizing voice.  “It could be the fact that I absolutely loathe you.”


“Loathe is often confused with lust.”


“And stupidity is often confused with coyness.”


“Oh, kitty bites.”


Milli rolled her eyes, “I’m not going to play your mind games, Black.”


“Game, what game?  I thought we were just two people sharing words.”


“Yeah, and I’ve got two for you: fuck off.”


“We’re going to have to do something about that mouth of yours.  I’m sure I could find some way to make it stop going off.”


“I’m sure you could, unfortunately I’m not interested in getting any STD’s today.”


“Didn’t your mum ever teach you how to behave like a lady?”


Milli’s eyes flashed dangerously, “My mum is dead.”


Sirius’s smile had fallen from his face and Milli was surprised to see that he looked genuinely sorry.  “Oh, I didn’t know-”


“You didn’t know?”  Milli let out a cruel cackle, “that’s rich.”




Milli’s face hardened and her voice became void of any emotion, “because it was your dad that killed my mum.”


A/N: I decided I wanted to write a story filled with sexual tension, sexual innuendos, everything BUT sex.  I know it's more open and that you are a little more tapped into why Milli loathes Sirius so, but don't think thats where it ends.  Please review, and thank you to all those who did!
Also, with this story if you guys want to make any suggestions on what you would like to see happen to Sirius (or what could be done to him) make sure to make  a note and I'll consider putting it into my story and I'll credit you in my author's note for sure.  But you've got to read and review in order for this to happen!
Urgh-I know the chapter images are utter crap but I'm trying to figure everything out, so consider these temporary:)

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