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Disclaimer: as always--none but my original characters are mine! give it up to JK Rowling!



The next few weeks had passed quickly, all of their teachers pushing as much work on them as possible before the holiday. Andy found herself spending more and more time with Tim, especially after his girlfriend broke up with him a week after the Hogsmeade trip.

Tim had been rather bitter about it. “-something about someone else she liked and how I spent more time with other people then her.”

It was true though, just as Tim had said at Hogsmeade. The two of them seemed to go together like two pees and a pod (excuse the cliché phrase), though they never thought of each other more then friends.

Their game against Hufflepuff was on Saturday, the day before they were to leave for the winter holiday.

Andy and Tim had been teasing each other about it the entire week, both saying how much they were going to win by. It was all in good fun though, that is until the Slytherins joined in on the heckling as well.

Andy and Tim were walking in the hall to their next class, while the rest of the boys had been called to stay after a little mishap that happened in Transfiguration (one involving the appearance of a rabbit’s fluffy tail on the back end of McGonagall). The two were walking in the corridor laughing, when Malfoy and Regulus first came up. Andy did her best not to smile at Regulus as he walked by, and it was noticeable that he was having difficulty hiding it also.

Andy was not really paying attention to where she was walking, (as if she ever does…) when Malfoy stuck his polished little shoe out in front of her. It caught Andy up and she tripped forward. Tim, being the great friend that he was, steadied her before she fell. “Thanks,” she muttered before returning her attention back to the Slytherins, who seemed to be joined by a few more.

“It might do you some good to watch where your going next time Pierson. You scuffed my shoe. I should have you shine it again for me, but you’d probably ruin it even more. You’d probably be even worse then the house elves.” He scoffed, getting chuckles from those behind him.

Andy feined hurt, “Oh, ouch, that really hurt Malfoy. How could you say such a thing?” Her usual sarcastic tone returned, “Come on Malfoy, even for you, that was horrible. Maybe you should’ve taken more then the few days you spent trying to think it up, it could’ve been a little better.”

“No, you know Andy, with Malfoy’s brain being the size of a peanut, I don’t think he could think of a better one. It would probably explode from thinking too much. Thinking, after all, is not something he is used to.” Tim said matter-of-factly.

“Shove it. Both of you.” Malfoy sneered. The sneer quickly disappeared though, and was replaced by a smile, if it were ever possible for Malfoy’s disgusting face to ever produce such one. “I see you are fraternizing with the enemy, Sinnegan. Just trying to rub it in that bloody little face of hers that your side is going to kill them Saturday, aren’t you?”

“Oh yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing.” Tim said sarcastically, taking a step between Malfoy and Andy. “You know Malfoy, I knew you were thick, but not that thick. That was just plain stupid.”

Andy snorted from behind Tim. “Think that’s funny, do you Pierson?” he spat, though Tim got most of it.

Andy didn’t need Tim, or anyone for that matter, to fight her battles. “Yeah, I did actually.” She said taking a step to the side to face Malfoy.

“Well what do you know anyway? Your parents are a disgrace to the wizarding world. You might as well be a mudblood with the way they act. The ministry shouldn’t even allow scum like your father to work there.” He took a step towards her. If they were close before, they were inches apart now. He glared harder at her and leaned in to whisper so no one else could hear. “Your father, the alcoholic abuser. Yes I know all about the filth that he is. Though I don’t quite disagree with his parenting. If I had something like you as a daughter I would probably beat you as well.”

He leaned back a little from her getting full view of her face again. Her jaw was clenched, eyes glaring so hard into his anyone not as cold as Lucius would have taken a step away. She let out a angry breath, and those surrounding could hear her knuckles crack from squeezing her hand into a fist so tightly.

The two stared each other down for a moment before Malfoy’s smirk returned once again. “How do you know about that?” Andy squeezed through clenched teeth.

“I know everything,” he said, a cruel smile spreading across his face. He glanced at Tim, who was looking at Andy, confused. She pretended not to notice him and continued glaring at Lucius. “Ah, your friends don’t even know? Interesting, very interesting. I guess you just don’t trust them do you? That’s not very nice now is it Pierson?”

The wicked smile grew wider, “Well, let us tell them then.”

That set Andy off and she shoved him against the nearby wall. Tim was right by her side, but the Slytherins were trying to get her off him. “Leave it.” Malfoy ordered them, and they backed off. Regulus continued to stand off to the side, though a bit more interested now.

“If you tell anyone, you will not live to see the light of the next day,” she whispered fiercely.

“Is that a threat from ickle Pierson?” he taunted.

“Your damn right it is Malfoy,” she shoved him against the wall again. He grimaced, but the sneer returned. With one last glare, Andy released the collar of his robes, turned on her heel and began walking down the hall.

Tim was quickly by her side. “What was that all about?”

Andy sighed, “Its nothing, forget about it.”

Tim wanted to question her more, but decided to let it go.


Andy was distracted the rest of the day. As much as Tim tried to get her attention and just let her know that he was there for her, she was shutting him out.

Dinner rolled around and Andy sat by herself, being one of the first people to the Hall. She piled food on to her plate and began eating ravenously, as if she hadn’t eaten just a few hours earlier at lunch.

She was sitting at the far end and when the Bouncing Blondes from the year below sat at the opposite end, so did the rest of the boys. Halfway through the flirting and shoveling food into their mouths, someone finally realized Andy was missing.

“Anyone seen Andy since last class?” Sirius asked as one of the girls a few seats down dropped a crumb of food down her shirt. Potatoes dribbled out of Peter’s mouth as she pulled it out and popped it in her mouth, giggling.

“Nope. Think she was with that bloke though. Whasshisname, err…Tim.” James said before going back to his conversation with Lily. She had joined them a few minutes ago as she had done at every meal since the last Hogsmeade trip.

Sirius scanned the Hufflepuff table and saw their whole Quidditch team sitting together in a crowd of laughter. He found Tim, laughing, but looking quite distressed. He kept glancing further down the Gryffindor table.

Sirius followed his gaze and found Andy, knocking around a piece of broccoli on her plate. He frowned slightly, excused himself away from the girl across the table who’d been trying to get his attention for the last half hour.

He slid in next to Andy and sat, expecting her to notice him there. She didn’t.


She continued staring blankly at the vegetable, knocking it from side-to-side.

“Andy?” he repeated, a little louder.

Still no response.

“Oy, Andy!” he practically yelled while tapping her firmly.

She glanced up at him, a bit surprised to see someone there, but returned her gaze back to her plate. She sighed heavily and put her hands over her eyes. “He knows.”

“Who knows?”

“Malfoy” she spat, disgusted to actually say that wretched name.

“What does Malfoy know?” Sirius asked, getting slightly nervous.

“Knows about my parents. What they do to me when I go home.” She took her hands away from her face and looked at Sirius. “He threatened to tell everyone.” She was again interested in the broccoli.

Sirius’ face got hard, a fierce look flashing in his eyes. “I’ll kill him.”

Andy’s head whipped up. “No you will not. That’s my job,” she said firmly. “And besides, that would mean you know. If Malfoy found that out, he would think it was for some other reason.”

Sirius raised his eyebrow’s questioningly. “He would probably think we were involved or summat. Just promise me you wont do anything stupid?”

“Of course I won’t. I’m actually pretty smart you know. And I am beating you in Divination.”

“Yeah, because I make everything up.”

“So do I!”

“Ok, then that just means your imagination is meant for Divination. While mine, well mine is meant for pranks and Quidditch.” She smiled, for the first time since her encounter with the Slytherins.

Sirius smiled back, happy to see her feeling better. “Now, we need to start scheming to pull our next one over those jackasses.” He said, nodding towards the Slytherin table.

“Yeah, but I think we should wait till after the holiday. We can think up a really good one.”

Sirius agreed as many people were standing up, getting ready to leave. They did the same, Alex and Jimmy catching up with them as they continued out into the corridor. Andy, now feeling much better, was laughed along with them.

Halfway to Gryffindor Tower, and in the thick of a crowd, Sirius’ arm was jerked backwards, and he was pulled to the side. “What the-”

“Sirius, do you know what’s going on with Andy? The Slytherins caught up with us on the way to class and Andy has hardly spoken since. Malfoy said something about telling the entire school something, but I didn’t hear what it was. She got really angry though. Is there something she’s not telling-”

Sirius waved his hands, “Tim, calm down. Nothing is wrong, well, not any more at least. And there is something that Andy needs to just keep to herself. We all have secrets after-all. And it would probably be best if you didn’t question her about what she’s not telling you. She’s a tad sensitive on the subject.”

Tim visibly calmed, letting out a heavy breath. Sirius tilted his head to the side, “You really care about her, don’t you?”

“Of course I do!”

Sirius raised his eyebrows.

“Well no, not like that. I mean, yeah, I’ve only known her for a bit, but she’s cool. She’s wicked funny and a hell of a Quidditch player. But its not like I fancy her or anything. We’ve just become really good friends.”

Sirius nodded understandingly and the two parted for the night. Sirius continued the walk up to Gryffindor Tower in the now deserted corridors, trying to convince himself that Malfoy knowing Andy’s secret was no big deal. He was in the midst of the debate when he reached the Portrait Hole and muttered the password.

He slid inside. One step.

He wouldn’t dare tell anyone.


He knows Andy and all of us would beat the living shit out of him if he even mentioned it to anyone.


He’s not- “Oaf!”

Something, or better yet, someone, had just come barreling into his stomach, tackling him to the floor.

“Oops, sorry Sirius. You sort of got in the middle of our game. I was really going for Jimmy-” she paused, looked over her shoulder and sighed, “But it looks as if he’s just scored. Damn.” She looked back down at Sirius and realized the rather peculiar position they were in together. She was on top of him, her legs straddling his.

She snorted in laughter and rolled to the side, off of him. “I was teaching the boys how to play Muggle sport. I saw it played when I was younger and snuck out during the days in the summer to play it with the other kids. It was really only boys though,” she stood and offered Sirius a hand, helping pull him up as well. “All the girls thought I was just a boy with long hair. They always told me that Rugby was not girls’ sport. I always loved it though.”

Jimmy came running over. “Aha! I beat you, I beat you! I scored! You missed me!” He taunted, dancing around her in victory.

“I would check the scoreboard loser. That is the first you’ve scored on me, but how many times have I scored on you? Oh yes, that’s right, EIGHT TIMES! And besides, that doesn’t even count. It was interference.” She said metter-of-factly.

“No way! There’s no such thing as interference! That’s just an excuse, and a bad one at that! You just cant admit that I’m better then you.” Jimmy turned around and began walking away with an air of arrogance though it was all in the fun of the competition.

Andy glared playfully after him and ran for him, this time successfully tackling him to the ground. She pinned him to the floor and gave him a cheeky smile. “Beat you.”

“Oh no you didn’t!” Jimmy pushed her off and the two began wrestling like brother and sister in the middle of the cleared out Common Room. The others watched, amused, for a few minutes until Andy had Jimmy in a headlock and no longer able to fight her off him.

“Gerroff,” he grumbled. The others were now doubled over in laughter at Jimmy’s mortification of a girl beating him in a wrestling match.

“Say it,” she said in his ear slyly.

“No.” He was determined to figure a way out of it.

“Then I wont be getting off of you.” He didn’t have to see her face to know that she was smirking. “Say it, and I’ll let go.”

Jimmy stopped struggling and sighed deeply. “Uncle.” He said softly, though Andy heard him loud and clear.

“You heard me.” He gritted his teeth.

“Of course I did. I’m not deaf. But our lovely audience didn’t hear. I think it would be a shame for them to not see and hear what’s happening.”

Jimmy gave something that sounded like a growl. “Uncle.” He said, loud and clear.

Andy’s arms released him and the two stood up. Andy took a step forward and bowed to the rest of their friends who were now applauding. “Thank you, thank you. Your all too kind.”

She turned around and gave a wink to Jimmy, who scrunched his nose at her. He took a quick step and wrapped his arms around her knees. He, being quite a few inches taller then her, flipped her over, so her head was mere centimeters off the ground.

“Oy! Put me down you butt! What- no! You stop spinning me around this instant! I’ll put you in another headlock, then you’ll be sorry!” She did her best swinging her fists around, though the room spinning around her was not allowing her to do it very accurately.

“Stop it, this instant! Put Miss Pierson down!” a strict voice called across the Common Room.

It caught Jimmy off guard, and he dropped Andy in mid-spin. She managed to fly a few feet before actually hitting solid ground. “Why is it always me who gets dropped? Minny, why are you always doing this to me?”

“Miss Pierson…” McGonagall said threateningly.

Andy attempted at getting up, but quickly fell back down. “Minny, did you do a Duplicating Spell on yourself? There seems to be three of you over there. As much as I like you, I don’t know if I can take three of you…” she paused and tried looking around the room for the others, though she quickly put her hands to her head, acting as if she was trying to stop it from spinning. “Why is the room spinning so much?”

Her face began turning a slight shade of green and she heard someone yell, though she couldn’t tell who it (or anyone) was, “Run for covers! She’s gunna blow!”

There was a scrambling of feet against the carpet before a few thumps. Andy felt something rising inside of her. It was coming closer and closer, waiting to be released.


“It still smells like the pudding we had at dinner. How do you do that?” Remus asked jokingly.

“Its really a skill actually. I’ve developed it over the past few years. Those two thugs,” she nodded in the direction of the boy’s dormitory where Jimmy and Alex had gone up a few minutes ago, “like to pick up. And spin. A lot. I’ve only puked from it twice though. Normally I just get gas.”

Remus, Sirius, James, Lily and Peter all gave her disgusted looks and scooted away from her. She snorted in laughter. “Not that kind of gas. Like burps. They do smell for an odd reason though. Haven’t figured that one out yet…” Andy put a finger to her chin, tapping, as if actually trying to figure out an answer to it. She gave up fairly quickly and rejoined the group.

They were still giving her rather odd looks, but continued laughing along with her all the same. “The look on McGonagall’s face though, after you did that. Positively brilliant.” Peter said, reminiscing.

“I thought she was going to toss her cookies.” Sirius said, remembering her face as well.

Andy leaned back in her seat by the fire, resting her hands behind her head, looking very proud of herself. “Ah, yes. Well, all in a day’s work I s’pose.” Her look of smugness was replaced by a wide yawn. “I’m a bit tired though. Think I’ll get to bed so I will be fully rested for the match tomorrow.” She stood and stretched a bit.

“Yes, good thinking Pierson. I think we should all get to bed if we want to win tomorrow.” James said suddenly serious. He plucked Sirius off the couch and the other two followed to the stairs. James held back a bit to give Lily a kiss good night. They three boys and Andy all gagged behind him as they made their way past.

James joined them in the dormitory a few minutes later, a sly smile on his face. They all made gagging noises at him again. He just laughed, “Your jealous.” And with that, he climbed into bed, pulling the hangings around him, hiding the wistful smile he couldn’t shake from his face.

Though, it wasn’t as if he wanted to…


Oy-so to all of my readers who are actually reading this-much much much MUCH love! You guys are the best! I’m incredibly sorry for the incredible lack of updates. I was wicked busy for like two months and just soo distracted I could hardly even produce this one! I am hoping to get quite a few more out this summer though! All I can ask is that you just bear with me a little more! I know, if I were you, I would be hating me too! But anywho, on a better note—I saw the new movvvieee!!!! Yup, I sure did! Last night at midnight! Though it was a bit disappointing, I must say….oh well, ill let you make your decision on your own! Love you all!!

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