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                                              To Wed or Not to Wed?
                                  the one and only chapter R&R Please!
     Hello all. My name is Rachel Malfoy. I was susposed to be getting and arranged marriage to Blasie Zabini's son, Marcus. Now don't get me wrong, we were friends, but never anything more or less. My heart did belong to one person, though, James Potter. Harry and Ginny were okay with us dating, because they saw that we were sincerely happy with each other. My dad, Draco Malfoy, was not. He even took up the job as Potions teacher at Hogwarts, so we really couldn't be together. Anyway, back to today...

     At promptly 11 a.m., I was wearing my wedding dress and was ready to be walked down the aisle. There were so many people and I couldn't believe that I was going to do this. 

     "Are you ready?" my dad asked

     "Ready as i'll ever be, father," I  replied.

     "Listen, I don't want anything to go wrong today, understood?"

     "Yes father," I replied, knowing that he would not like what he was going to see. 

     He took my arm as the music started and led me down the aisle. I stopped at the altar and looked through the crowd. Great. My grandfather was here. He's not going to like this.
      I was waiting for a certain statement and here it is. 

     "Does anyone not wish for these two to be joined together? Speak now or forever hold your peace," the minister said. I realized it was now or never. I threw my bouquet down and yelled, "I object!" i stole a glance at Marcus and he seemed shocked, but pleased and he gave me a reassuring smile to show he was okay with the objection.

      "What?" my father yelled, springing up from his seat and looking angrier than ever. 

       "You heard me, I object!" I yelled.

       "We are not going through this now, Rachel Narcissa Malfoy!" dad yelled.

        "Yes we are, whether you like it or not!"

       "RACHEL MALFOY I HAVE NEVER-" Lucius exclaimed.



       "I DON''T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK-" I interrupted.

       "Watch you language, young lady," dad warned.

       "STOP INTERRUPTING ME!" I stopped yelling by now, but I was talking very sternly and was definately pulling a nerve, "I do not want to marry Marcus. I do not love Marcus. I do not think that you are a good father and I do not love you anymore. I do love James Potter and we will get married, whether you like it or not!" 

       "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, that was very brave of you to stand up to me like that, but for that, you will pay," dad said and raised his wand to curse me, but then I heard a cry of  "Expelliarmus!". It knocked my dad out and his wand went to the hand of Harry Potter. 

        "JAMES!" I yelled and ran to hug him.

       "Are you okay Gryff?" he asked using my nickname of Gryff, since I was the only Gryffindor in my family. 

       "Yes, thank you for coming," I said. then, I heard my dad waking up and reached for my wand at the same time James and Harry did and we all accidentally yelled "STUPEFY" at the same time. 

       My dad flew backwards against the wall and blood came trickling out his mouth. I almost fainted at the sight of blood. James caught me before I fainted. 

       "Gryff, it's okay, he'll live," he said while pulling me up to my feet. 

       While all this was happening, Harry, Ron ,Hermione and Ginny took my dad, my mum and my grandfather to Azkaban to await trial under a death eater charge. 

        "Is someone getting married here?" the minister asked. 

        "Well, I guess I should do this the right way, huh?" James asked and got down on one knee, "Rachel, you are my world, my love, my life and without you, I feel incomplete, Rachel Malfoy, will you make me whole again and have the honor of becoming Mrs. Rachel Potter?"

       "James, that was the longest and sweetest proposal that a girl could ask for, and yes, I will marry you,"

       Then, James told the minister, " Give us thirty minutes."

        "Alright," he replied.

        James had fire called all his relatives and they all came. He had his twin brother, Sirius, to be his best man. I got my godfather, Blaise Zabini, he came to the good side during the war, to walk me down the aisle. When the objections part came, no one said a thing. And as cliche as the story goes, we all lived happily ever after.


this probably isn't as great as my other story, but i edited it a tad, so if you wanted to leave some constructive criticism, that would be nice. please R&R! also, a big thanks to LexiGirl for the construscive criticism!



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