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Sooooo sorry it took me so long!!! Hope you all don’t hate me! Please R&R! Even if it’s terrible please review and tell me so! Next Chapter will be Quicker this Time! Thnx peeps ^_^!

~*~*~Chapter 3~*~*~

Would all students note that, Albus Dumbledore has informed me that all students have not to change into there school robes, as this year there will be a muggle style party instead of a feast. Thank you, and that’s all.

Hermione listened to the speaker carefully. It couldn’t be. There has never been a party instead of the feast before. look at it as a good thing Hermione she said to herself. you don’t have to change into those horrible school robes.

“That’s good. I hate the school robes. And I’ll get to see you in that skirt all night Granger.”

“Ugh Malfoy, don’t you ever think of anything else?”

“Well yes, but considering you’re sitting here next to me that’s all I can think about, just now anyway.” he replied smirking.

“If this party is anything like a ball then we will have to dance together first to start it off and if that’s going to happen I’m going to change my clothes. I don’t want you staring down my top all night.”

“Just take all the fun out of it why don’t you, Granger.” he said with the smirk still there.

“Mind you, if you promise not to, even though I know you will, but if you promise, I might just keep them on.” Hermione said with an equal smirk on her face.

“That I might do Granger.” she hated the way he used her last name so she thought of another proposition.

“Actually, I’ll only do it you promise to call my by my first name.”

“Mmm, that might be hard, but maybe I could do it if you did the same.”

“Okay then so shake on it.” they both shook hands on it and for the rest of the train ride they just sat and talked about any old random things.

Am I actually having a civil conversation with Malfoy? Or should I call him Draco? Well we did shake on it so I guess I have to call him Draco. She thought to herself happily. She preferred Draco to Malfoy anyway.

By the end of the train ride it was pitch black outside. Draco and Hermione went to the heads carriage smiling and laughing which confused a lot of people when the walked by.

It especially confused Harry, Ron and Ginny who saw them as the got out the train. They were walking to get to the heads carriage and Malfoy said something to her and she laughed and then Hermione said something and they both laughed. Ron saw this and started to become very angry.

“Harry? Is that Hermione that’s laughing with Malfoy?”

“Yes I think it is. What is she laughing with him? Why is she smiling at him? Wait, why is she even with him?” Harry said becoming angrier himself.

“Harry, you’re getting Ron angrier and you’ve seen him when he’s angry.” Ginny said to Harry while pointing to Rons red face.

“Sorry, but you can see them too right? It’s not just some weird thing me and Ron can see?”

“Yes I can see it too. Just forget about it and I’ll talk to her later. Okay you guys? Lets go.”

Harry and Ron let it drop for now but Ron wasn’t sure if he could handle seeing them like that again without blowing up in their faces about it and beating Malfoy to a pulp.


Hermione and Draco both walked into the hall and saw that it was the same as normal.

“What happened to the party?!” she asked no-one in particular.

“Dunno.” he said and turned to her. “ I guess I’ll see you later, Hermione.”

“You to, Draco.” she replied smiling at him and then she went to the Gryffindor table and sat in between Ron and Harry. “Hey guys, I wonder what happened about this party thing that’s supposed to be going on.”

She looked at them but they both just glared at her before turning away again. “What’s with you guys?” she asked but the didn’t answer. So she turned to her only female friend. “Okay… Ginny, could you explain what’s going on?”

“They’re just angry ’cause we saw you with Malfoy earlier and they seem to think that just because you can have a decent conversation with him that you’re sleeping with him now, or something along those lines.” she giggled and then looked back at her and Hermione saw a glimmer in her eyes saying something like ‘I‘m going to tell everyone about this later‘. “So what were you and Malfoy talking about then?”

“Nothing in particular, just some random things, you kn-” she was cut off as Dumbledore stood up and began the speech.

“Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts. I know you’ll all be excited to start the party but first we have to get through the sorting.” he said and just then McGonagall came through the doors with about 60 new first years. She put the stool and sorting hat down and started reading from a list of names.

“Abbot, Alisa” the very small girl walked up to stool and shakily put the sorting hat on her head. It sat there for about half a minute before the rip at the bottom opened up and shouted,

“HUFFLEPUFF!” and then a loud cheer came from that table and the little girl ran off to her sister, Hannah.

She tuned out until she heard the name Malfoy, Novanna. Draco doesn’t have a little sister, does he? she turned and saw a little girl with sleek, platinum hair walk up to the sorting hat and just as she was going to put it on the hat screamed,

“SLYTHERIN!” as soon as the hat said ‘Slytherin’ she jumped up and ran to Draco, hugged him and sat beside him.

She smiled to herself and tuned out again as the sorting continued. She tuned in again to hear about the party that was happening.

“Thank you, Professor McGonagall. And now about this party.” he said smiling to everyone, before looking at Hermione and the Draco with a Glint in his eye. “There will be a mixture of muggle and wizarding music, including a performance by The Weird Sisters. 1st to 6th years will go to their dormitories at 11 o'clock with a curfew of 12:30 at the latest, and 7th years go on to 1 o’clock and their curfew is 2 o’clock. Now would everyone like to stand, please.” he said and as soon as everyone had stood he waved his wand and the tables and chairs disappeared and were replaced with a long buffet at the back of the hall and some smaller tables at the sides of the rooms. The room became darker and a spot light was put on both Draco and Hermione. “Now, if our Head boy and Head girl for this year please give us an opening dance!”

Hermione shot Draco an ’I told you so’ look and they both walked out onto the dance floor.

“Draco.” she said, and as they took their positions a slow song started playing.

“Hermione.” he replied to her. And smiled, a genuine smile! Oh, my gosh! He’s so cute when he smiles!… wait, NO! Stop it brain!!! No. Get OUT! Nah, I’ll stay right here. Fine, just don’t talk. Okie dokie! she was cut off from her self argument and when Draco whispered in her ear.

“Glad you kept your part of the agreement.” he whispered huskily.

“Mmm.” was all she said. She was sinking into the dance and as she looked up into his eyes she noticed that he was looking strait at her too. She sunk into his eyes and they both leaned closer and soon they were so close that their lips were almost touching and just as they were about to kiss an applause broke out and shook them from their dream worlds. They noticed that the music had stopped so they ended their slow dance and broke apart and smiled at each other embarrassed at what they had almost done I front of everyone.

“Very well done, thank you Mr Malfoy and Miss Granger!” he said while clapping. “Now everyone, I hope you to enjoy the party and here is our Dj for tonight!” he said putting his hand in the direction of the place where the staff table normally was but know there was a Dj and all his music stuff on top of a stage. The music started playing and just as Draco and Hermione were about to start dancing again they heard a small cough and tuned to see a miniature, female version of Draco.

“Excuse me, Miss Granger, but could I please have a dance with my big brother?” she said in a sickly sweet voice.

“Novie!” said Draco as he hugged his little sister. “Hermione, this is my little sister, Novanna.”

“Nice to meet you.” Novanna said and shook Hermione’s hand.

“Same to you.” said Hermione but she was sure that she saw Novanna wipe her hand on her t-shirt behind her back afterwards.

“See yah.” said Draco as he started dancing with his little sister.

Hermione went over to the buffet table and saw Harry and Ron.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Why aren’t you dancing? I’m sure you’ve had loads of offers” she sniggered behind a bottle of butterbeer.

“Oh, shut up and go dance with Malfoy or something.” Ron said while glaring at her.

“I would but Draco’s dancing with his little sister.” she smirked at Ron.

“Shut up.” he said. “And plus, I don’t see any guys cuing for a dance with you.”

But just as he said that a 6th year boy Hermione had never seen before asked her to dance.

“Looks like my cue’s starting Ronald.” she giggled and took the boy hand and danced with him. She made herself look very sexy because she knew that Ron was watching and she wanted to make him jealous. At the end she said thank you and went back over to Ron and Harry, who were still standing at the same place, but she knew Harry had been asked to dance by Romilda Vane and after a while gave up and went to dance with her.

“Hey again. So has anyone asked you to dance yet?” she once again asked Ron, but the only answer was him mumbling something his ears turning red.

“Actually, I have just danced.” said Harry, while smiling to himself.

“Yeah with Romilda!” scoffed Ron.

“It’s still one more than you have Ronald!” said Hermione. She smirked as she thought of something she could do to annoy him further.

“Hey, Ron? You saw me dancing right? Well do think I was intimate enough or do you think I should do this?” she asked and grabbed Harry and started dancing with him, while rubbing her hands up and down his arms and made sure she was as close to him as possible so that their bodies were touching in a very intimate way. Harry decided to join in and started to go along with it.

“Yeah, Ron, I think this is better don’t you?” he asked and pulled Hermione’s head closer to his and they started a very intimate dance together. Ron’s face started to very red and after a couple of seconds there was a small crowd watching them and it kept growing until everyone was watching them in their intimate dance. They kept going and once the song ended they got a very loud applause and Harry took her hand, bent over and gave it a light kiss and then they went back over to Ron Who wouldn’t talk to either of them.

After that Harry and Hermione had no problem getting people to dance with them. Harry went and enjoyed the fact that he was carefree for once and enjoyed himself on the dance floor whereas Hermione turned down most people and sat with Ron. She got really bored at one point and vowed that she would dance with the next person who asked her. The problem was that it was Neville.

“Ehm, Hermione? Would you, eh, like to, eh… dance with me?” he stuttered. Hermione turned and saw Ron sniggering and glared at him.

“Of course Neville. I’d love to!” she said and went onto the dance floor with him.

They started dancing but Neville was as stiff as a board and kept standing on her toes. After the third time Neville got frustrated with himself and gave up.

“I’m sorry Hermione, I’m a terrible dancer and I should never have asked you.” he said and started to walk away for the dance floor.

“No!” she said and grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “You’re not going to give up now! You had enough courage to ask me so were going to dance for at least a whole song! You just need to loosen up!” she said and grabbed his arms and put them around her waist and then put her arms around his neck. “Now just relax and let your body follow the beat of the song. I mean come on! I’m Professor Snape! I’m not going to grade you on your dancing!”

“I heard that Miss Granger!” said Snape who was dancing just behind them with Professor Sinistra. The two Professors soon moved away and Hermione and Neville burst out laughing.

“That was so funny!” she laughed. “Was that actually Snape? Dancing?!” she continued. She noticed that Neville was dancing really well now. It was a simple rhythmic dance but at least he wasn’t standing on her feet anymore.

“See! You’re a brilliant dancer! You just need to relax.” just then the ended and Hermione went back to Ron and Harry, and Neville said something about going to find Luna.

Just then Dumbledore got up on the stage and started talking.

“It is now 11 o’clock so I would like all 6th years and bellow to leave the great hall and everyone to be in their common rooms in an hour and a half. Thank you.”

After ten minutes the hall had cleared and all that were left were the 7th years.

“Now for the first hour will be songs from some of the worlds most famous night clubs and the last hour will be slow songs. Also because you have all become of age to drink the blue punch will be alcoholic and the red punch will be non-alcoholic. Now, enjoy!” said Dumbledore and some club songs started to play as the whole hall erupted into cheers.

After about half an hour quite a few people were drunk already and two of the people happened to be Lavender Brown and Dean Thomas who were enjoying themselves. Hermione was a bit tipsy and listened to what they were doing but didn’t stop any of it.

“He he, you so funny Dean!” giggled Lavender.

“I know!” he said while laughing. “I bet you can’t do a confundling sharm! I mean charm!”

“I can so do a confudly sharm!” replied Lavender and took out her wand and muttered a word at Dean and he seemed like he had lost all of his memory. “Oopsies! Too strong! Oh well!” she said and walked away.

“Where am I? what am I doing here? Oh… look! An orange!” exclaimed Dean as he walked over to the buffet table.

Hermione sniggered and turned back to Ron and Harry who were talking about, what else? Quiddich!

“I’m bored! Can one of you come and dance with me?” she asked the boys.

“Not after I’ve seen the way you dance!” exclaimed Ron.

“My legs hurt!” whined a semi-drunk Harry.

“Fine then!” she huffed and turned her back to them. She was about to walk away when she heard her name being called.

“Hermione. I’ll dance with you.” she turned and noticed that it was Draco.

“Okay, thank you!” she replied and she glared at Ron and Harry but never notice Draco smirk at them on his way to the dance floor with Hermione.

By this time they were half way through the slow songs and they only had half an hour left. Draco and Hermione danced for the rest of the slow songs, Draco with his arms around her waist and Hermione with hers around his neck.

After the last song Draco walked Hermione to the Gryffindor common room and then they realised that they had their own common room. They walked to where McGonagall had said that their room was and when they got there they spent about an hour trying to remember the password. It was really hard because they were both a bit drunk.

Eventually they got the right password and got in to their rooms. They didn’t pay any attention to their living quarters they just sat in front of the fire and talked.

I can’t believe how easy it is to talk to him! Not like Ron and Harry, who I can’t tell anything unless I want criticism. she thought and stared at his gorgeous features.

I can’t believe I can actually hold a civil conversation with her! Wow! When did this happen? And when did she become so beautiful

They sat at the fire and talk until the early hours of the morning before they both went up to their bedrooms and that’s when they realised how tired they were and as soon as their heads hit the pillows they fell into a peaceful slumber.

Author’s Note: I’d just like to say thank you to some people for helping me with this chapter:

Cayce (Gryffindor1992), for encouraging me to continue with this story, Thank you!!!

Katie (mad_4_hp_123), for helping with certain parts of this chapter and coming up with the part with the orange! Thank you!!!

And thank you every one else who has reviewed and gave me all of your support! Thank you all!

Novanna xxx

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