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NOTE: Just to let you know, yes this IS a L/J story. It may not seem like it from this chapter though, but trust me, it is. :)

And a big huzzah! to all the wonderful reviews! And now, without further ado, I present to you, chapter 3:

He hardly seemed bothered. In fact, he didn't seem to even remember what had happened earlier today. I faintly wondered if I dreamt it all, if it had actually happened, but the memory of his cold eyes and how low and deadly his voice had gotten were enough to convince me otherwise. He cleared his throat, then continued with the rest of the speech he was giving the Prefects.

".. And finally, we will have a Hogsmeade trip the weekend before to allow students to buy their outfits for the occasion." He then turned towards me, "Is there anything you'd like to add."

I looked at him for a moment, somewhat startled that he had actually decided to notice me, then I turned towards the group of Prefects, cleared my throat, and said, "We might have a Masquerade for Halloween, although we aren't sure yet and have to discuss the details with Professor McGonagall. You can go to your beds now."

A few Prefects murmured a good night, while others gathered their stuff and dashed out the door. I picked up my quill and piece of parchment and placed them neatly inside my bag.

Without giving James a single glance, I turned towards the door and made my way out, not expecting him to say or do anything.

But then, he surprised me. It seemed as though the boy had a knack of doing that.

"Hey Evans, I want to show you something."


I stood outside, the cold wind blowing against my face, causing me to shiver. I had no reason to be out here and I don't know why I had agreed in the first place. All I knew was that I was standing outside of Hogwarts, after curfew, in the cold wind, with a boy I hardly knew.

I sneaked a glance at him. He was staring out into the lake, a thoughtful expression on his face. His hair was rather messy due to the wind and his cheeks had a pink tinge to them.

".. So what did you want to show me?" I finally asked.

He closed his eyes for a second, inhaling in the crisp air, then turned his attention to me.

"This." he replied, pointing towards the view.

"You brought me out here," I said slowly. "To show me the lake.. Something I've seen for the past seven years and something which I can enjoy without having my arse frozen off?"

"I didn't want to come alone." he replied simply.

"You're such a prick." I said before turning around and heading towards the door. He had brought me out here for nothing. I was risking suspension for this? It was completely absurd.

I gave the main door a good tug and went inside the castle. I couldn't help but get slowly more irrated as I walked down the hallway alone. I felt an urge to turn around and give him a good whack upside the head, but I thought better of it.

I had managed to successfully reach the portrait of the Fat Lady without being caught but then my luck ran short.

"Ms. Evans? Is that you?" Professor McGonagall's voice echoed throughout the empty corridor.

I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath, then turned around to face my fate.

"Yes Professor."

"What in Merlin's name are you doing out of your common room at such an hour?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"I, uh, I was just-"

"She was with me." James said, approaching Professor McGonagall. His cheeks were flushed red and he was slightly out of breath, as though he had just ran, which he probably had.

"And what were you two doing out of your beds?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"This first year dropped her doll outside earlier today and refused to go to bed without it. Evans and I volunteered to search for it." James replied. He said it with such ease that it took me a second to remember that it wasn't true.

Professor McGonagall eyed the both of us, then asked, "Did you find it?"

James shook his head. "We think it may be in the Forbidden Forest but decided that it wasn't wise to go check at such an ungodly hour."

Professor McGonagall nodded, approving the decision that we had supposedly made. "Very well. Now go back to your beds and next time, please, don't go searching at such an hour. You know what terrible circumstances we are under at the time being."

We both nodded and watched as Professor McGonagall walked away. I murmured the password to the Fat Lady and went inside, James shortly behind me.

"I suppose you want me to thank you." I said as soon as we were both in.

James shook his head. "I don't expect you to."

"Good." I replied. "Because I wasn't about to either."

I turned my back towards him and made my way up the stairs and to my dorm.

"For the record," James said, making me stop midway up the stairs. "I'm sorry."

I didn't turn around, nor did I say anything. Instead, I lingered in my spot for a moment then continued up the stairs.


He was practically a god, a gorgeous one too. Sometimes, I just have an urge to run my hands through his hair. Of course, I would never act on said urge. It wasn't as though he were a complete stranger though. We were friends since third year when we were forced to work together in Divination. The only way to keep ourselves sane was to play countless pranks on our Divination professor, an old fraud with a very bad set of teeth who always smelt like sherry wine and cigarette smoke. From then on, we'd been friends, occasionally talking in the common room, or playing a game of Exploding Snaps-

"Evans, are you even listening to me?" Emmeline asked, annoyed.

I quickly snapped my head back towards Emmeline's direction. "Er.. yes."

Emmeline rolled her eyes, then continued to talk. "My grandfather, the one that lives in America, sent this for me. He says that it's absolutely delicious and this flavor is only out in America so far."

"Fascinating." I replied absentmindedly.

Emmeline dug through her purse and took out a stick of white gum. "Try some. You'll love it, I swear."

I took the piece, smiling as though I were grateful while I did so, and unwrapped it and stuck it in my mouth. It tasted like mint, but only for a second, then transformed into tasting like saliva. It took all I had to not spit it out and vomit. I forced a smile and continued to chew, then finally said, "It's brilliant!"

"Of course it is. It's from America." Emmeline replied, placing a large emphasize on the word America. "My rich grandfather sent it. The one that owns a factory in Scotland and in that state called.. New.. Work I think."

I nodded, pretending to know exactly what she meant. God, what would it take to get me away from her?

I looked down at my watch, and pretended that I was late for something. "Oh! I have to go now, I can't believe I forgot! I still haven't finished my.. erm, Transfiguration essay!"

I was a terrible liar.

Perhaps that was why I was never able to fool Petunia into eating a slug when I was younger. People like me should never lie. I always ended up twisting my face slightly, something which gave me away.

Emmeline scrunched up her nose, apparantly dim witted enough to believe my horrible lie. "We have a Transfiguration essay?"

Oh sod. "It's extra credit."

I gathered my stuff and got up, entirely too aware of the fact that Emmeline was still staring at me. I left the Great Hall, then pondered outside for a moment, deciding where I should go for a bit of peace and quiet.

Ah, the lake. The quiet, relaxing, beautiful lake.


I let the cool breeze wash over me, taking in the smell of the water and seaweed. The lake looked absolutely gorgeous during the fall. It was smooth, with small ripples here and there and you could see the reflection of the gold and orange trees through the water. A few places the leaves traveled gently across the surface water, making the whole scene look like a post card photo.

"I didn't think anyone else sat out here aside from me." a voice said from behind me.

I closed my eyes for a brief moment. It was the god himself. I'd recognize that voice anywhere.

I turned around and smiled at Sirius as he flopped down beside me.

"I myself thought that only I came out here." I replied.

Sirius smiled, looking out at the view I has just been enjoying. "I find it very calm and soothing here. It's a good place to get away from it all."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Who would've thought that Sirius Black, the trouble maker who loves attention, likes to have his alone time."

"Oh we all do." Sirius said. "The Marauders that is. James likes it out here too, but only at night. Don't see why it would be so enjoyable at night though. You can't see all the colors reflecting off the water, and besides, it's bloody freezing."

"I know." I said. "He brought me out here last week."

Sirius raised his eyebrows.

"I don't know. It was rather random. Seemed like a spur of the moment kind of thing for him." I said.

We both remained quiet, letting our surrounds sink in. I ran my hand through the grass beneath me. It was dry and slightly rough, a sign that meant that winter was coming soon. The grass was no longer a bold green, but now slightly lighter and fading.

"What are you thinking about?" Sirius asked from beside me.

I smiled slightly. "Oh, nothing. Just.. grass."

Sirius chuckled, throwing his head back as he did so. "Grass?"

"Well, not necessarily. I'm just thinking about how it's turning into winter so quickly."

He still had an amused smile on his face, but nodded in an agreeing manner. "You know Ms. Evans, you are quite different from most girls around here."

I turned my attention towards him. "How so?"

Sirius shrugged. "You just are. There's something special about you. For give me for sounding corny, but I have a feeling that you're meant to do something great, something extraordinary."

I felt my cheeks tinge pink. "Thank you. You yourself are quite remarkable too."

Sirius smiled. "Stating the obvious, I see."

"You're very modest too." I joked.

He didn't say anything, but continued to stare at me with an expression on his face that I couldn't explain. He had a small smile played across his lips, and his eyes were alluring.

Slowly, he brought his hand to my face and cupped my chin, bringing my face closer to his. He kissed me in a way that was exciting and frenzied, as though it were the last kiss he would ever have. The entire time I focused on how steadily hot I was growing, the tingling feeling in my stomach, and his smooth, soft lips.

I don't know why he kissed me; me out of all the girls. It's not like I'm ugly, but nor am I gorgeous. I'm just.. average. Someone like Sirius Black, practically a god, didn't seem like the type that would go for the average type. But I didn't spend too much time worrying about it, I was glad that he was kissing me. I had no complaints, and I wasn't about to push him off either to ask him why me!

What I didn't know now was that later on I'd regret this greatly. As amazing and magnificent as a kiss it was, it would someday ruin everything I'd worked hard for. This kiss, as simple and sweet as it was, would make me lose the one thing that I will ever cherish.

But for now, this kiss was everything and more. As I was losing myself in it something occurred to me.

I still had the saliva tasting gum in my mouth.

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