Chapter 16: No Bets, No Lies. 

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“I hate Quidditch,” Jamie grumbled. Cold and wet was what she was right now. Very cold, and very wet. All because of Lily Evans. Her and her stupid boyfriend James. Jamie was shivering at The Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff game, all because Lily didn’t want to go alone. ‘Catch the damn snitch,’ Was all Jamie could think of. Chattering, James finally caught the snitch, and Gryffindor won 230 to 60. “Yes!” Jamie shouted grabbing Lily’s arm, before dragging her down the steps and out of the stands.

“Jamie, stop,” Lily laughed, pulling Jamie back. She signaled to James that she would meet him in the common room, before taking off. Jamie and Lily arrived to be the first people in the common room. “Good one, Jamie,” Lily laughed plopping down on the couch.

“I am only going to stay a little while,” Jamie said pulling off her scarf, but leaving on her hat, “I promised Tyler I would stay out at least and hour after the game.” Lily nodded as the common room began to fill with people. It only took fifteen minutes for the Marauders to enter with bundles of food. Sirius tried to lock eyes with Jamie, but she refused to look at him. He had messed up, he could of just as easily said to her, ‘Kara and I are in the middle of a break up.’ He longed for her more now than ever, knowing that she wasn’t likely to give him a second chance. He watched as Lily stood up, and walked over to James, leaving Jamie alone on the couch. Sirius sighed grabbing two drinks. He poured at bit a fire whiskey into each. He turned around, but suddenly remembered how angry she really was. He poured quite a lot of fire whiskey into Jamie’s cup, before turning back around. She was staring into the fire, with a concentrated look in her eyes.

“Sickle for your thought,” Sirius said handing her the intoxicated drink.

“What’s in this,” Jamie mumbled. Sirius quickly muttered a charm so when Jamie sniffed the drink, she smelt nothing. He shrugged, before Jamie sipped it slowly, “So how may I help you?”

“Jamie I want us to be ok again,” Sirius said wringing his hands, “I messed up. I know I did.”

“Claps for you,” Jamie said, finishing off her drink. However the magical cup it refilled itself. She yawned at him, but began to feel a bit fuzzy. ‘I must be tired,’ she assumed, before gulping down more of this mysterious drink that burned her throat. She watched as party-goers drank, laughed, snogged, danced, and did assortments of things that Jamie didn’t want to know about.

“Jamie, one last try,” Sirius pleaded, “Please. I will do everything. Just one last try.”

“Try at what, Sirius,” Jamie said; drinking down what must have been her third cup. Her vision was becoming blurry. A little voice in her head told her to stop drinking immediately. But Jamie remembered that old Jamie, pre-Sirius Jamie would have stopped, so chugged down another cup. “Friendship or more?”

“Well more, but I want to start at friendship,” Sirius said, “You won’t regret it.”

“Fine Sirius,” Jamie said, scooting closer to him, feeling bolder. Sirius looked at her confused, but she was too busy finishing off her drink to notice.


“Ok so,” Jamie yelled over the music, “Then Tyler said, ‘Jamie, that’s a woman!”’ Jamie began to laugh uncontrollably. Sirius helped her steady herself. He was very confused by her behavior. He only gave her one glass. He sighed and bent over to pick up her cup. He accidentally knocked it over, and the liquid came rushing out. He quickly picked up the cup to just see it refill again.

“Shit,” Sirius whispered, now realizing why Jamie was so trashed. He lifted her off the ground and placed her on the couch. It had been two hours and Jamie had just drank cup after cup. Sirius quickly moved all cups out of her range. Over the music no one could hear anything, let alone Tyler come in.

“You know I really never went to Africa,” Jamie blabbed on, and this caught Sirius’s attention, “I stayed home to take care of-”

“Silencio,” Tyler screamed pointing his wand at Jamie. Jamie’s mouth continued to move, not realizing she wasn’t making any noise. He quickly lifted Jamie up and threw her over his shoulder. The whole room fell silent as they stared to see what was going to happen. Jamie was still moving her mouth with a smile on her face. Tyler looked around the room, his eyes landing on Sirius. He stared down Sirius, “I’ll deal with you later.” And with that note he stormed out of the common room. The music started again.

“Close call, mate,” James said clapping him on the back, with his arm around Lily.

“Yeah, mate, real close,” Sirius muttered distracted. She didn’t go to Africa?


Jamie woke the next morning with a killer headache. Rolling out of bed and sighing, Jamie began to rub her eyes. ‘What did I do last night,’ Jamie contemplation, ‘I remember my talk with Sirius. And…what else did I do?” Jamie didn’t even remember getting back to her apartment. She told herself to thank Lily later, assuming she brought her back. She slowly walked out of her room. Tyler was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. “Hi,” She whispered, hoping that Lily didn’t tell him anything. He looked up, and Jamie sighed. She could already tell he knew. She decided to play it cool until he brought it up, “Want some breakfast, or technically some lunch?” He didn’t answer Jamie, and she knew he was mad. Madder than Tyler had ever been at her. Jamie turned around slowly to meet her fate. There stood Tyler, who was red in the face and taking deep breaths. “Where’s Rory,” Jamie asked quietly.

“The nurse,” Tyler said, and than added tons of volume to his voice, “JAMIE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! DRINKING, WITH SIRIUS BLACK?! THE FATHER OF A CHILD HE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT?! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH YOU COULD HAVE LET LOOSE?! HOW MUCH YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN AWAY?! Do you realize that, Jamie? You could have given away Rory. You remember Rory, right, your kid?” Jamie stood there with tears brimming her eyes, Tyler hardly ever yelled. Ignoring her tears and refusing to feel sorry for her, Tyler continued, “What is wrong with you lately, Jamie? You don’t care about school, work, or anything else. You used to love school. You got top marks in the year you were gone, what happened?” Tyler collapsed on the couch waiting for an answer.

“I hate her.” Jamie whispered softly, staring Tyler straight in the eyes.

“Who?” He said looking around with his face scrunched in confusion.

“The girl that studied, the Jamie that you know. I hate her,” Jamie realized Tyler was lost, so began to explain, “Jamie that studied and loved school? She was the Jamie Sirius Black took advantage of. She was the girl who was stupid enough to let herself get heartbroken and ruined. I can’t be her again Tyler, if I am I’m going to be weak. Rory can’t have a weak mother,” Jamie cried.

“Rory can’t have a mother who fails on purpose either, Jamie. Who cares if the old Jamie failed? You aren’t her anymore. You are stronger, but you can still be smart. You can still hate parties and love to be everyone’s friend. You can still love Sirius.”

“Sirius hurt me, so much Tyler.”

“Yeah, but Jamie, He loves you.”


If anyone saw Jamie Smith she would have been doing two things that day: going to her teachers, and talking to Sirius Black.

Jamie went to everyone of her teachers to apologize for lack of concentration, and asking for extra credit assignments. Each one of them mentioned to her how much they admired her courage to try to start over and gave her as much extra work as they could. Jamie sat within the library trying to get some of the assignments done when a shadow covered over her and her book blocking all the light. She glanced up and there stood Sirius, wearing sweat pants and a white t-shirt. “Hello,” Jamie smiled, “Sit down?” Sirius smiled and nodded,

“We need to talk.” Jamie sighed and began to nod also. “You never went to Africa?”

“No,” Jamie said, deciding that it was time she told the truth, but she lost all courage. “I was too upset to come to school, so I stayed home.” Sirius nodded, not knowing what to say.

“Jamie,” He croaked, “If you are willing to let go of everything I have ever done to cause you grief, I really want to be your friend again. I really want to be your boyfriend again. No bets, no lies.”

Jamie quickly leaned forward and placed her lips over his in a kiss to end all kisses. Yet one thing ran through her head: no lies

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“Don’t be a fool, Lily. Don’t give up something important to hold onto someone who can’t even say they love you.” Jamie pushed Rory higher up on her hip, and Rory pulled on her hair lightly.

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