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The Gryffindor Common Room had a splatter of students dotted around the fire when I trudged in. My foul mood must have been seeping out of me because two First Year girls squealed with terror and jumped out of my way as I stomped up the staircase leading to the girl’s dormitories. This cheered me up a bit. The First Years were so small and helpless, it was adorable.

The door leading into the Seventh Year dorm room was easy to spot, thanks to Jane, who had insisted on painting it black and drawing red unicorns all over the door frame. Jetta was not amused, but I privately thought it was awesome in that intense indie/artsy way.

I turned the doorknob (red with black dots) and noticed that Jetta was still in bed, snoring gently. I was tempted to not wake her up at all, what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her right? Wrong. She needed to know that I had already messed up the plan. On the first day I had already messed up the plan. I suck at life.

“Jetta…” I don’t know why I even bothered. There she sleeps. I wondered for a quick moment whether she had just died, and I was so caught up in my emotional James-ness that I had failed to catch on. It was a tempting thought to believe, however I had known Jetta for far too long.

I pulled out my wand, trying to hush my sniggers with my other hand. Levicorpus. I won't deny that I love waking her up using this method.

“AARRRRGGGHH!!!!” Haha, Jetta was awake now. Her left leg looked as if it was being held on by something, while her right leg dangled about furiously. Her face was turning red because of all the blood rushing to it. Okay, I admit, I laughed. I laughed really hard. It’s not my fault that she sleeps like a dead person and I was forced to take drastic actions to get her to wake up. I had a secret suspicion that she took sleeping pills. It would explain a lot.

I was still chuckling when I muttered the counter curse and she fell back onto her bed in a clamor. She scrambled out of her bed and onto her feet in front of me. “Must you?” she growled though clenched teeth.

“It never gets old,” I didn’t even try to hide the smirk that swept my face as I sat down on the edge of my bed. I had to tell her, she wouldn’t understand, but I still had to tell her.

“You couldn’t let me sleep in for one Saturday?” Jetta must have caught my expression, because she narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “Is there something you wish to inform me…?”

I opened and closed my mouth a few times; resembling a goldfish I’m sure. “Um…uh…well…you see…”

Jetta crossed her arms impatiently. “Spit it out.”

It took me about two seconds to decide that I did not want to tell her the real reason why I had said yes so quickly, a reason that I was still sorting out myself. James had said all those weird things, and some of them were kind of nice. And then he asked me out…and I had said yes. FOR NO REASON!! I had had no good reason to tell him yes so quickly. He said so himself he would wait ‘till I came around. Bet he wasn’t expecting me to come around so quickly. I certainly wasn’t expecting it either.

Of course, in the back of my mind—where I rarely went because it always had a sensible and unwanted solution for everything—insisted that I had said yes so quickly because perhaps I in fact had an emotional attachment to James Pot—


No NO NO!!!!!! 

That was something that I refused to believe, there had to be some other explanation for why I had said yes to James on the first day and totally screwed up the plan. There just had to be. But until I figured this out I was going to lie my knickers off.

“You see Jetta,” I began, careful to avoid her eyes, “this morning at the Head Boy and Girl meeting…and you’re going to laugh and find this ever so ironic…Potter asked me out, and I might have told him yes.” I clenched and unclenched my hands, something that was a nervous habit of mine. I also bite my nails, but Jetta spots that too easily, and then for sure knows I’m lying.

Jetta gasped, a reaction that I was waiting for. “Lily,” she cried, “honestly! How could you deviate from the plan on the FIRST BLOODY DAY?!?! You were supposed to wait at least three days before executing Step One. What happened?”

I had to clear my throat twice before beginning again. This was becoming unpleasant. “After the Meeting I was yelling at him for, you know, dumping you, and then he got all mad and said ‘Lily, this is the last time I’m ever asking you out’ and he said it in such a serious manner…” I trailed off when I spotted the look of incredibility smeared on Jetta’s face.

“It’s true!” I shouted, pounding my fist down on my mattress to better my point. Jetta shook her head in disbelief, “He was playing you. You do know he was playing you?” 

I began to grind my teeth in frustration. “Come now Jetta, would I ever say ‘yes’ to Potter if I had no choice? Do you think I would throw off the plan so quickly?” I felt a pang of guilt as I spoke my words. I didn’t particularly enjoy telling my best mate anything that wasn’t the truth. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

The last comment seemed to have swayed her. She sighed in a defeated tone, and went to sit back down on her bed. “Alright,” she said slowly, “I guess I will have to go around doing damage control then.”

I tilted my head to the side, curious. “Damage control? Might I ask why?”

“Because people are going to think you’re a terrible friend now, I should let them know how wrong they are shouldn’t I?” She gave me an amused smile. “Don’t worry; I’ll come up with something good.”

Panic, and then relief seeped over me in one huge rush. I had forgotten what the other students would think of me after they found out that James and I were the new ‘item’ of the school. I certainly didn’t want to be dubbed the new Hogwarts Hooker. Thank goodness for Jetta and her outstanding people skills. She would have everyone believing whatever story she put into their brains.

“You’re just a dream Jetta,” I said, beaming as I stood up and moved quickly to wrap her in a sisterly hug. In one swift movement I realized that I had stepped on something that was causing my right foot to sweep directly out from under me, jolting me forward, directly in the path of the edge of Jetta’s nightstand.

The only thing I really remember is the sharp, wooden edge hitting me directly between the eyes, just above the bridge of my nose. Although my eyes were wide open, I could only see blackness. A pain suddenly exploded in my head, as if someone had taken a hammer and had tried to beat out my brains for their own particular use. And considering my intelligence, I couldn’t blame them.

With a moan I collapsed onto the floor, into oblivion.


My eyelids were heavy, but I was determined to open them. The sheets I was laying in were kind of scratchy and had a very faint musty smell, but the bed itself was exceedingly comfy. With a sickening jolt I realized where I was.

I forced my eyes open, ignoring the pain that went roaring through my skull as the light hit my currently sensitive eyes. Considering that this light was a mere candle coming from another corner of the room, I felt pretty pathetic. Disregarding the ache, I glanced around the room, and sure enough, my little trip had landed me in the Hospital Wing.

“Oh wonderful dear, you’re awake.” Madam Pomfrey, the young new nurse, scurried toward her office, to get me some medicine I assumed. A quick moment went by and she was back with a small vise of some lilac liquid. She gave me an assuring smile. “Drink it dear, it will help.” I sucked in my breath and threw it back, into my mouth. It didn’t taste too bad. Kind of like the after taste you get when you drink too much pumpkin juice.

The pain instantly cleared from my head, making me feel lighter and better. I laid my head back down on the pillow, satisfied.

With a wave of her wand Madam Pomfrey cleared the empty vise and proceeded to fluff my pillow and straighten out my blankets. “Now I’m going to keep you over night to make positively sure you don’t have a concussion, so you are not allowed to leave this Wing, do I make myself clear?” Her face was stern but her eyes were warm. I nodded my head.

With an approving smile she swept into her office for the night. The night. I had been out for nearly an entire day. From hitting my head on the edge of a nightstand. I really do suck at life.

I must have fallen back asleep, or was having an intense daydream, because it was very late when I found myself roused with voices.

“…wonder if she’s still knocked out…”

“…who the hell trips on a notebook and winds up in the Hospital Wing?” That one was Sirius.

“…that big bump on her forehead…”

My hand flew to my forehead. Oh well that’s just peachy keen. I could feel the large angry bump between my eyes, right above the bridge of my nose. I winced when I gently pushed on it. Apparently the draught only stopped the pain coming from my head, not the actual bump.

“Lily! You are awake!” Jetta was by my side in an instant, her worried face glowing in the candlelight. Her eyebrows pulled together as she began to fluff my pillow and straighten my blankets just as Madam Pomfrey had.

“Honestly Jetta,” I mumbled, batting her hands away, “there is no need to fret. I’ll be just fine. Really, there is no reason for you to worry so much.”

She sighed in frustration, but pulled away anyway. She sat on the bed that was stationed next to me, bouncing up and down in a jittery fashion. A moment later, Sirius Black joined her. I narrowed my eyes in dislike, but Jetta didn’t seem too bothered by his presence. However, I did notice, with satisfaction, that she scooted a couple of inches away from him.

A voice of velvet came from my left, right above my ear. “Glad to see you’re still alive Lily.” My heart skipped a beat, and then started again much more rapidly then before. I despised the calm feeling that seemed to seep through my veins. He had only spoken one sentence. I must have that concussion.

“James.” I meant it to come out as a remarkably cool and chic greeting. It was more like a squeak, and my voice cracked a little. Sirius snorted.

I sat up suddenly, and with dread realized that the same confusion that I felt this morning, er, yesterday morning, was returning full force. And I still hadn’t come up with any answers.

As the blood rushed from my head I immediately felt the horrible affects. My head swam, and I let out a little gasp as pain, not from my forehead, but from the nape of my neck, slammed into me. Firm but gentle hands were pushing me back onto the pillow, and Jetta let out a soft cry of concern.

Before she could do anything, James turned toward her and said, “Would you mind if you and Sirius went on back to bed? I think I would like to be left alone with Lily.” Of course, that was the last thing that I wanted to happen. I could only imagine what would occur if I was left alone with him. No…it. Because I swear he was turning into a nonhuman being in front of my very eyes.

For instance, the way he only had to speak and my heart rate went though the roof. Or how his breath on my face made me smile and think pleasant thoughts.

Oh lord, it’s happening. CRAP!

I gestured wildly for Jetta to stay exactly where she was, or else I would beat the living poo out of her the next day. She seemed to get the message. “I’m sorry James, but I feel like I should be here.”

James stood up to his full height and turned to fully face her now. He put his hands on his hips, or lack there of, and gave an impatient huff. “I understand that Jetta, but I would really appreciate it if I could have some time with Lily. There is something I want to talk to her about, something I would like to get out of my system.” His voice was so masculine…I urged Jetta to resist.

His charm worked on her though, and she stepped slowly away, as if in a trance. She nodded and walked past and out the door that Sirius was holding open for her. He shook his head and followed her out, the echoing of the closing door bouncing gently off the walls.

It was quiet for a few moments.

“Lily…” It seemed now all he had to do was say my name, and he had my attention. I fixed him with cold eyes, trying to hide my pleasure from the fact that he wished to be alone with me.

Wait. Alone? With Potter? Gross.

He conjured a chair and pulled it up as close to the bed as he could get it, and sat down. He stared at me for a long moment, and I couldn’t help but notice that the candlelight reflected off his features perfectly. He was wearing a concerned frown on his face, but his eyes were bright. And once again that strange emotion was coming off him. Fear? I think so.

“You scared me,” he finally stated. Once again, he shocked me.

I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. For one terrifying moment I realized that my thick black eyeliner was probably smudged and ruined, but then I realized it would give me an awesome dark look, so I pushed that thought out of my mind. Why should I worry about what I looked like in front of Potter anyway?

“All I did was fall and hit my head. My life wasn’t in danger or anything…” The look on his face quieted me. He looked…pained? Relieved? I couldn’t read him like I could other people, and it was starting to get on my nerves.

“You can’t imagine how it felt to hear Jetta scream into the Common Room that you had fallen and hit your head and was bleeding profusely, and then not being able to do a damn thing until Jetta had dragged you down the staircase.”

I watched him in bewilderment. “What did you do? Wait, I was bleeding?”

He nodded, softly pushing hair out of my eyes. I tried to ignore the icy tremor that went down my spine. I was unsuccessful.

“You cut the back of your neck. Apparently the force of the impact from the night stand sent you backward, so you hit a nail that was coming out of one of the wood panels of your own bed. I’ve been telling Dumbledore he needs to do something about those. Anyway, after Jetta dragged you down from the staircase, I picked you up and carried you here. You stained my white shirt by the way.”

“Well that’s what you get when you pick up someone who’s bleeding…” I trailed off as he had started to run his finger along my jaw line. I gulped, trying to grasp the last thoughts of my hatred towards him.

“You really scared me though.” He bent down, and with a whirl of panic I realized what he was about to do. In one last attempt to reclaim all of my sanity I hurriedly spat, “So? Jetta was pretty scared too. I can’t get her worried look out of my head.” This wasn’t true, of course. There was only one person whose face I couldn’t get out of my mind. 

He blessed me with a small smile. “Lily…I’m just trying to prove how much I care about you. Quit trying to strip me of all my pride.”

I bit my lip and pulled my head away, making sure he didn’t try anything. “It’s your own fault, considering all you did to poor Jetta.” I admit, I was trying to make him mad, trying to make him back away a little.

But he didn’t look the least bit offended. “We’ve already held this discussion Lily.” He leaned down again, and this time there was no escape. His lips were just about to graze mine when…

“MR. POTTER!” Madam Pomfrey’s angry voice reverberated loudly off the bare walls of the Hospital Wing. James jerked away, and the absence of his hand gently resting on my face was enough to bring my high to a crash.

“Mr. Potter I must ask you to leave at once. Are you aware of the hour? Miss Evans needs her rest!” Madam Pomfrey looked absolutely furious in her long white nightshirt, clutching a small lantern.

James gave a quick bow of his head. “My apologies, I just wanted to see how she was.” He looked back down at me, and the disappointment was etched in his handsome features. He leaned down and gave me the lightest kiss on my brow. He pulled an inch away from my face and gave me a good look in the eye. I melted. I was Lily Goop.

Before I could even register what had happened, he was gone, and Madam Pomfrey had closed the door to her office for the second time that evening.

I was floored. My emotions were flying out of control. I’d been kissed on the forehead by other boys. There was no need for my heart to completely stop beating. There was no reason for me to feel so elated. He had only kissed my forehead for crying out loud.

So why did I feel like someone had let lose a bunch of firecrackers within my stomach? Why did I feel like I wanted James to walk right back though that door and kiss me properly this time? 

Why did I suddenly feel like I was in love? 

A/N~ Another chapter! I think this story is getting better and better! Please take some time and leave a review! They are most appreciated! 

Also, I was thinking about putting a snip of lyrics from my favorite songs that go along with each chapter at the very beginning. I always like stories that do this, I think it sets a mood. Let me know your thoughts! Because I know that annoys some people...

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