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Chapter 2: Fears


          The blue moon illuminated the small house, near Godric’s Hollow giving it a strange glow throughout the deserted area. While everyone in the two storey house seemed to be asleep, a light different from that of the moon could be seen at the second floor room. An eleven year old girl was sitting at her bed reading thoroughly what seemed like a letter, despite her twin brother who was sleeping merrily at the next bed.


          Anne was sleeping in the same room with her brother Brain for as long as she could remember because they were twins. It was frustrating having to put up with her brother because most of the times he could be very annoying. Kicking that thought aside she continued reading the letter that came in with the morning owl.

          “Mrs. Anne Granger

           The Kitchen, Godric’s Hollow

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry …… “


She couldn’t believe that she has been accepted after all. She hadn’t shown any signs that she was a witch and her mother, Hermione Granger, was worried that the fact that she herself was a Muggleborn could be the reason that her daughter was not a witch. Brain has shown magical potential two years ago when he lifted Uncle Harry Potter from his chair to retrieve his flying yoyo. Thus his letter stood aside his bedtime lamp. Dad was very proud of them both for making it into the school, but it was quite apparent that he was prouder for Brain. Ronald Weasley, as mother called him when she was mad at him, was closer to Brain since they played Quidditch together. After finishing school and certainly after the facts that took place between Uncle Harry and a dark wizard named Lord Voldemort, dad managed to get a place in the infamous Quidditch team the Chuddley Canons as keeper. The team since his arrival managed to land in the final five each season and her dad was a legend among the fans. Her mum had managed to get a job at Hogwarts as the Charms teacher. While she was absent for most of the day during the terms she never missed anything important and she was back home every time her lessons ended after the Ministry has provided her, her own means of transportation. While she loved her job she decided to quit it now that her children were coming to school in order not to create any fuss about them being treated with extra caution. She was now looking for a job at the ministry at the Department of Law Enforcement.


It was midsummer and soon she would be off to Hogwarts. While everyone reassured her that it would be the best time she would ever have in her life, she couldn’t help feeling nervous about the whole thing. Especially after the series of murders that have occurred during the last days. It started with a breakdown at Azkaban prison where a former Death Eater managed to escape only to be found dead a few miles away from it. The Ministry has been put on alert since he was killed with the Avada Kedavra curse that no one dared to use since his downfall. While the murderer still evaded capture another dead body was found at the Leaky Cauldron last night, this time a fourteen year old boy with the name Abraskas Malfoy. He was also killed with the Avada Kedavra curse. The daily prophet said that Abraskas had escaped his household that night to go to the Leaky Cauldron. His father a former Death Eater that was released from Azkaban a year ago stated that he had no idea what was his son doing there. While the murderer was in this case too unknown the Ministry suspected that it was the resident of the next room (number 12) that killed the boy, still for unknown reasons.


However at the same time where the letters from Hogwarts arrived, the Morning Prophet announced that the murderer was found and it is believed to be the long dead Severus Snape killer of the former Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. He was found a few miles away from Diagon Alley where he putted up a fight against the Aurors that went after him.


It was then when she remembered what Uncle Harry had said. He insisted that Severus Snape was innocent but his high place at the Aurors department was not enough to get him out of Azkaban.


That night Severus Snape was sentenced to death due to his brutal actions and his confession of obedience to the former dark lord, Voldemort…………

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