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Sirius watched Gabby walk away in wonderment. She had just catagorised her best friends’ wedding with those of Purebloods. And yet, he wasn’t annoyed or disgusted with her. He saw her chatting with an old school friend, and reflected on what might have happened if he had never made the bet. His thoughts were interrupted when he noticed Remus gazing at her, too, and he didn’t like that one bit.

Gabby was chatting to Alice Longbottom, oblivious to the stares she was getting from the two men.

"Honestly, Gabs, you haven’t chaged a bit since school!" Alice giggled, after Gabby had said something particularly sarcastic.

"What does that mean? I like to think I’ve matured a little!" Gabby exclaimed, in mock offence.

"Well, lets see. You’re still sarcastic, still well dressed, still have loads of guys after you, and are still oblivious to it all." Alice listed.

"What guys are after me?" Gabby asked, disbelievingly.

"Well, Sirius and Remus have been staring at you for the past quarter of an hour." Alice pointed out.

"Sirius and Remus?!?! You must be joking!" Gabby almost shouted.

"I’m not, but never mind that, Lily’s about to throw the bouquet – lets go!" Alice squealed, taking Gabby by the hand.

"It’s a stupid traditon." Gabby muttered, but she made no objection to being dragged to the front of the gaggle of women waiting.


Lily felt another swell of excitement as she saw two of her best friends join the front of the crowd. She turned her back on the women, and lobbed the bunch of flowers over her head. She heard a squeal of excitement as someone caught it, and turned back to the rest of the room. She smiled widely; Gabby had caught the bouquet.

"I don’t hear you saying it’s a silly tradition now, Gabby." Alice said, slyly.

"Its still stupid." Gabby retorted, "After all, I’m not gonna get married yet, I don’t have a man in my life."

"Are you looking for someone to fill that spot?" Sirius asked, coming up behind her.

"Are you offering?" Gabby replied.

"How about we leave those two to flirt." Alice suggested to Lily, James, Frank (her husband) and Remus, who paled visibly.


That night, Gabby had just changed into her pajamas when there was a soft knock on her door, and Sirius walked in, still in the remnants of his suit.

"Now what if I hadn’t been wearing anything?" She asked, indignantly.

"That would have been a lesson to you not to leave hotel room doors unlocked, and it would have been a treat to me." He laughed. "Interesting pajamas."

Gabby glanced down at her clothing. She was wearing a pair of blue checked boxers and a grey t shirt with big green eyes printed on her breasts. She grinned.

"Yeah. I stole the boxers from James years ago, and Lily gave me the t shirt, so I thought it was fitting." She exlplained.

"Well, lets go and visit the newly weds." He suggested.

"Uh uh, no way in hell!" Gabby protested. "They’ll kill us if we crash."

"I bet they won’t." He broke off when he saw the angry look on Gabby’s face. He realised that she was still pissed off about the whole bet thing. "How about this. If they get mad at us I will buy you your own pair of boxers, so that you don’t have to keep wearing cast offs from James."

She couldn’t argue with that, so Gabby permitted Sirius to grab her wrist and lead her down the hallway. They paused outside the bridal suite and pressed their ears to the door. Hearing nothing, Sirius beckoned with his finger, and opened the door. They burst into the bedroom, expecting to have to break something up – a kiss at least – but found only James sitting on the bed taking his shoes off.

"Boring!" Gabby groaned.

"What does that mean?" James asked, indignantly.

"That means, this is your wedding night and you and Lily ought to be doing it." Gabby explained.

"Well, if you thought we were gonna be having a party in here then why did you try to crash it?" He asked.

"Sirius made me. He promised me boxers." She said.

"Sirius. You should have known that the promise of underwear would be too much for Gabbriella to resisit." James scolded.

"That’s exactly why I did it." Sirius replied, proudly.

"What on earth is going on in here?" Lily asked, coming out of the bathroom in her dress.

"We came to have a party." Gabby said, looking innocent.

"Well leave." Lily said, sounding more angry than James had.

"Does that count enough for the boxers?" Gabby whispered to Sirius.

"No." Sirius replied, bursting her bubble.

"Fine. Then there’s no need to cranky. Its really late. You two should have started the night of passion far earlier." Gabby scolded.

"Well we didn’t so leave." Lily commanded.

"Hows about we play Truth or Dare instead." Sirius suggested.

"Yeah!" James and Gabby exclaimed.

They all sat down on the bed, Lily looking less than happy, and began playing.


"Please take a truth, Gabs!" Sirius pleaded.

"I haven’t taken a truth since I was seven years old. If you want to ask me something you just have to find a different way." Gabby protested obstinately, although she was swaying with fatigue.

Sirius was silent for a moment, thinking hard, then his face lit up, and he turned to her again.

"Gabby, I dare you to tell me all the people you have ever had a crush on, under Veristaserum." He announced, passing her a bottle of the clear potion.

"All the people I’ve ever had a crush on. Lets see….Lucius Malfoy, Scott Ryan, Regulus Black, Andrew Thomas, Remus Lupin and – "

"That’s enough, I think." Lily announced. "Gabby gets funny when she’s tired, and she needs all the sleep she can get. Its not easy being an insomniac. Take her back to her room, Sirius."

"Fine." Sirius grumbled.

He took Gabby by the hand, and led her back down the hall. She was practically asleep on his shoulder when they got back to her room. He lay her down on her bed, and she rolled onto her side.

"And Sirius Black." She murmured, in her sleep.


And Sirius Black.

Those words had been going around his head all night. And he hadn’t really slept much. Yet Sirius Black was one of the cheeriest people in the world the next morning. He almost skipped down to breakfast, but bumped into Gabby on the way.

"Watch where you’re going, Black!" She snapped.

"Honestly, Gabby, don’t bite his entire head off!" Alice laughed, as she went into the breakfast room, leaving them to bicker. "Gabby and Sirius are about to have the biggest fight! I can’t wait for them to finally kiss, I mean with all that sexual tension between them its bound to happen sometime!" She told the newly weds, her husband, Remus and Riley.

Back in the hall, Sirius and Gabby were shouting at eachother, walking backwards as they did. Suddenly, Gabby walked into something hard. She turned around, but found that she was nowhere near the wall.

"Haha, very funny, Black, now get rid of the barrier." She snapped.

"What barrier?" He asked, putting out his hand to feel the invisible wall.

"That one."

"Well, I didn’t make it." He protested. He put his hands out all the way around them, and found that they were enclosed in an invisible box. "I think I know whats happening. It’s a form of misteltoe; we can’t leave until we kiss." He puckered his lips.

"Looks like we aren’t leaving then." She said, resolutely.

"Look, we can just kiss and leave, or we can not kiss, and stay here forever, just because of some stupid thing I did in school." He exclaimed.


"When we had that night, I wasn’t thinking of the bet. I hadn’t thought of it for months." He explained.

"Like hell you hadn’t. When isn’t money off your mind? You’re just like the Purebloods you hate! All you think about is money and women!" She yelled at him.



"Over innocent."

"Over confident."


"That’s a fact not an insult! Moron!"

"Know it all!"



"Completely irresistable!" "So sexy!" They exclaimed at the same time, and just began kissing. Neither of them made the first move, but suddenly their lips were together, Gabby was pressed against a real wall.

"Wow. Break it up guys!" Lily exclaimed.

Sirius and Gabby sprang apart at the voice of their friend. Standing before them were Lily, James, Remus and Alice.

"Doesn’t really look like you two hate eachother anymore." Alice pointed out.

"We got trapped in that misteltoe thing, and we had to kiss." Gabby started.

"It didn’t mean anything!" Sirius exclaimed.

"Relax, guys, I was just kidding." Alice laughed.

"Good." The two of them said together.


"I missed you." She kissed him on the nose.

"Missed you more." He kissed her on the lips.

"What’re we going to do when the others find out?" She asked.

"I honestly don’t care." He replied.

On the sofa in her flat, Sirius Black gave Gabby Mason a proper hello.

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