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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter at all.  If I did…well Dramione wouldn’t seem so far fetched.  And yes, Draco is VERY out of character in this story at times.  I truly apologize for that.


Author’s Note: If you’ve read my author’s page you already know what’s going on.  But for those of you who haven’t here it goes:  I’m taking a sabbatical for two whole months.  But before you start freaking cause I’m not going to be updating for two months…well you’d be wrong.  This is a Harry Potter sabbatical.  I will be taking those two months to finish my three Harry Potter stories without any interruption.  They will be finished by September 2007.  I’m saying that I’m going to be cranking out a chapter a day so keep your fingers crossed cause it’s going to be somewhat difficult.  And THEN after finishing my OTHER NON-HP stories by October 2007 I will be introducing four new stories.  Two of which are Harry Potter so hopefully you’ll check them out.  For more info go to my author page and from there get the link to my livejournal where it will tell you a little more about my new stories.  Hope you check it out and while you’re there FRIEND ME!! I love to have friends.  Okay that’s all.  You may read!!


Why Don’t You Kiss Her?

Chapter 3: Harder To Breathe


Draco stepped back from the fireplace and waited.  Sure enough Hermione stepped through a second later.  He ran towards her and enveloped her in his arms, spinning her around excitedly.


“Eek!” Hermione squealed.  She kicked her feet and playfully beat him on the back, “Put me down this instant Draco Malfoy!”


He obediently stopped, but did not let go of her.  Burying his nose in her hair, he inhaled the vanilla aroma, “Oh it’s so great to see you Mione.” He didn’t know why his heart was racing or why he was breathless.  He felt like he’d just run a marathon and he rather liked it.


Hermione smiled into his neck, hugging him tightly back.  “It’s great to see you too Draco.”  Her mind was going a million miles a minute.  How was it that a simple hug made her feel so much better than Ron’s kisses?  Wasn’t it supposed to be other way around?  Did this mean something?  She scolded herself for thinking more of this than was actually there.  There was no way she could like Draco.  They were just friends…best friends…weren’t they?



Ron paced the room angrily, “Why did she ask for time?” He turned to Harry and pointed, “You said she’d say yes.”

“I said she should.  She’s only liked you for years now Ron.” Harry replied exasperatedly.  They had been at this for hours.  Actually they’d been at this since Hermione left a day ago and Harry was getting quite sick of it.


“Why the bloody hell did she need time?” Ron ranted, “It’s a quite simple question really.  All she had to say was yes, a bloody yes.  What the hell is so hard about that?  What part of yes requires you to think?”


“I don’t know Ron.”


“I mean it’s obvious we belong together.  So what’s she waiting for?”


“I don’t know Ron.”


“I mean it’s not like it wasn’t a good and proper snog.”

“Okay Ron.”


“And it’s not like I don’t have other offers.” He stopped pacing and looked at Harry, “A guy like me can’t keep waiting for long.”


“Of course Ron.”


“I mean there are seriously other fish in the sea.”


“I know Ron.”


Ron sighed and banged his head against the wall, “But I want her.”


“Then get her.” Harry urged.  He slipped under his covers and closed his eyes, wanting to sleep.


Unfortunately for him Ron had other ideas, “Why did she ask for time?”


Harry was frustrated, “I don’t know Ron!” He yelled.


Ron’s head snapped up to look at Harry, his face contorted in shock, “What’s wrong with you mate?”


“I’ve heard this same tirade tons of times.  For the entire day actually.  I’m tired of it.  Hermione had her reasons for why she needed time.  It’s not your job to examine that.  Just give her some space mate.  It’s not like she’s going anywhere.” Harry answered, patting Ron on the back.


Ron laid back in his bed, his arms crossed behind his head, thinking.  Did he really want this?  That answer was simple enough.  Of course he wanted this.  He’d wanted this for a long time, only he hadn’t known it.  Hadn’t known that everything he was looking for was her.  But it was!  And now he was scared, he felt naked, embarrassed at what he had to offer.  And what did he have to offer?  No money, hand me down clothes, and no identity.  He was still only a Weasley and that was hard enough.  He wasn’t a golden boy like Bill or a quidditch prodigy like Charlie or perfect like Percy or funny like Fred and George or popular like Ginny, he was just Ron.  A boy trying to get out of the shadows of this brothers and sister.  But Hermione’d never seen him like that.  She’d always seen Ron.  Just Ron.  And he could get used to that. “Okay.” And with that they turned off the lights and went to sleep.  Ron would give her time.  As much as she needed.  Cause in the end she was totally worth it.



Draco finally let go of Hermione after holding her for about ten more minutes. “Hey.”


“I think we’ve already established that.” Hermione said jokingly, laughing at his apparent happiness to see her.


“What? Can’t a man be happy to see his best friend?”


“No.” She teased.


He smiled and gestured for her to sit and she complied, smiling happily, “So how was your stay with Potty and the Weasel?”


Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at Draco sternly, “Don’t talk about them that way.” She sighed. “I don’t understand why you three just can’t get along.”


“Simple.  Because they’re idiotic buffoons who don’t understand anything at all.  And they’re always thinking they’re so great, when really it’s me who’s amazing.” He said winking at her.


“Draco I’m being serious.” Hermione complained, trying her hardest not to laugh.


“But I am being serious,” He explained. “You’re brilliant Hermione, why do you hang out with such dolts?”


Hermione rolled her eyes, “I’ve told you Draco, I don’t have to justify my friends to you.”


“I’m not saying you have to!” Draco exclaimed, getting ready to head off a fight.  She was only here for two weeks.  He didn’t want to spend those two weeks fighting.


“Good cause I’m not going to.” She replied, sticking her tongue out at Draco.


“Very mature Mione.” He replied before sticking his tongue out at her as well.


“You’re one to talk.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Oh I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.” She smirked as she remembered the incident.




Draco was passing by Hermione’s last class of the day as he’d done for the past months.  They would be leaving for summer holidays in a couple of weeks and he knew he’s miss passing secret notes to her and talking to her on patrols.  Smiling he saw her leave the room.  Dashing forward, he ran and picked her up.


“Draco put me down!” She protested. “Someone might see.”


“No one’s going to see Mione.  Everyone’s gone.” He replied as he gently set her down.


“Oh I suppose its okay.” She sighed before hugging him tightly. “How was your day?”


He sighed heavily, “I got a letter from my father.” He backed up against the wall, sliding down to sit on the floor.  Saying that he and his father didn’t get along was the understatement of the year.  They didn’t see eye to eye on many things, especially not the blood controversy.  Draco had his own beliefs even though you’d never know it.  He had to put a show on for his father.  And he did…just he didn’t put that show on for Hermione anymore.  He just didn’t  need to. “He’s expecting me to marry Parkinson after graduation next year.”






“That’s horrible.” Hermione gasped.


“I know.  It’s a fate worse than death.” He cringed as he thought of marrying Pansy…having kids with her…and he shuddered as he imagined waking up to her face everyday.


“Surely there’s a way to get out of it.”


Draco snorted, “I’m still looking.” He then stood, picked Hermione up, and placed him on her back.


“What are you doing?” She asked, giggling loudly.


“Well if I have to marry Parkinson I might as well have as much fun as I can beforehand.” He answered, running down the empty corridor.


“Stop it Draco.  You look like an ass.”


“Me a donkey?  Never.” He said disgustedly. “I am of course your noble steed and you my dear lady are a princess.”


She rolled her eyes and beat his back, “Let me down.”


“Only when you admit that I am a handsome horse and not a bloody annoying donkey.”


--End Flashback—


Draco buried his head in his hands, “I am never having fun with you again.  You let me live it down.”


She giggled, “Of course not.  Where’s the fun in that?”


He scowled. “Not embarrassing me.” He looked to her, “So what have you got to tell me Mione?”


She blushed and turned away mumbling something incoherently.






“What kissed you?”


“Ron kissed me.”




“Well you’re certainly taking it well.” She said, huffing and crossing her arms across her chest.


“Why in hell did he do that?”


Hermione saw red.  How dare he insinuate that kissing her was a bad thing? “And what is that supposed to mean Draco?” She huffed. “Am I that hideous that someone kissing me would be unbelieveable?”


“No!! Not at all.  I’m just trying to understand why stupid waited so long.” Why was he so jealous?  He felt like taking the weasel and kicking his bloody ass for touching Hermione.  She was his!  Wait.  No she wasn’t.  She was just his best friend.  Just a friend.  He paused as something new came to mind.  He couldn’t possibly have feelings for his best friend, could he?


Hermione was furious.  How dare he say that!  It wasn’t like he was making a move, not that she wanted him to.  She shook her head.  She couldn’t possibly want him to…make a move.  Could she? “He’s just shy.” She defended Ron.


“Shy my arse.”




“He didn’t seem too shy with that slag Lavender Brown.”


Hermione gasped, “I can’t believe you brought that up.”


Draco yelled, “Well I can’t believe you needed to be reminded.”




Hermione had been crying for the past hour after catching Ron and Lavender in the middle of some of their more kinky extracurricular activities.  She’d skipped out on patrol intentionally, claiming she was sick.  She’d hoped Draco would buy it, but as she heard footsteps coming in her direction she knew she’d been wrong.


“Come on Mione.  We both know you aren’t having feminine problems so you might as well tell me what’s wrong.  I’ll find out anyways.” He said as he sat beside her.  He stroked her hair as she sobbed into his chest, wondering what had gotten her so upset.


“It’s really stupid.” She protested, subconsciously leaning into his touch.


“Just tell me.”


“I walked in on Ron and Lavender having,” She sniffled, “you know.”


“No I don’t.”


“Draco!” She looked at him pointedly.


He smirked, “Where I come from we call it sex.”


She wailed louder, “I was trying to avoid saying it.”


He shrugged. “Come on Mione.  You’ve got to say it.  How else will you ever be mature enough to have it?”


She sniffled and nodded, “I suppose you’re right.” Wiping her eyes she laid her head on his shoulder, “I guess it’s just…” She trailed off trying to find the words to say.  After all, how did one say her best friend having sex with his girlfriend made her feel unattractive without looking pathetic and jealous.  The answer was you didn’t.  You looked pathetic and jealous no matter what- well at least you did in Hermione’s line of thinking.


“Shh.” Draco whispered, holding her as only a best friend could. “You don’t have to explain anything.”


She sobbed silently again, “Okay.” She choked out.


And there wasn’t a need for words.  For the first time in either’s life words failed them and instead of analyzing everything they just sat there, the simple fact that they had each other being enough.


--End Flashback—


Draco realized he’d said something wrong when he was met with her stony silence, but he couldn’t stop himself from saying what he said next, “And I can’t believe you’re okay with him screwing her and after he’s done with her, finally decides that you’re worth his time.  And you just go running into his arms, falling for him even though he’s proved time and time again that he doesn’t deserve your love.” He stopped.  He couldn’t believe he’d said that.  “I’m sorry.”  He knew she was in love with Weasel.  They had expanded on it many times much to Draco’s distaste.


“Why did you bring that up?”


“I don’t know.” He sighed. “It bothers that he thinks he can wait this long, put you through all he’s put you through, and still have.  I don’t know why, but it bothers me.  Think about it Hermione.  Why did he wait until now?  He must have something up his sleeve.”


“Are you saying that I’m unworthy of his affection or something?”


“No!  Not at all.”


“Then what are you saying?”


“I don’t know what I’m saying.”


“Exactly.  Now I’ll prove it to you that he wants me, that he has no ulterior motives.  Thank you Draco.”


“For what?”


“Helping me make my final decision.”


“What?  Don’t tell me you’re going to say yes!” He exclaimed, but his words fell on deaf ears.  Hermione was already going upstairs and even though she was still in the house, Draco felt more hopeless and alone than ever and he couldn’t for the life of him figure out why.

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