Harry ran his hands through his tossled dark hair as he paced the kitchen in the Order's Headquarters. Sirius leaned back against the wall scanning the back of his hand as if it held the mysteries of the universe. Ron and Hermione were seated at the kitchen table located in the center of the room. Over the past few minutes, Ron had carefully slid his chair towards Hermione to the point that their upper arms were touching. He carefully hid his glances at her under his long lashes.

Harry, just now noticing, smiles and rolled his eyes. Hermione seemed oblivious to the careful and calculated movements of the redhead to her right.

"That girl is always late!" Harry finally said through gritted teeth.

Just then, the fumblings of the front door caught their attention. The sound was followed by a loud crash signalling the arrival of the expected guest.

The four in the kitchen exchanged looks that grew into smiles. "Tonks is here!" They said in unison.

The sound in the foyer was followed by the clanking of umbrellas together and a few choice swear words. Other giggles could be heard over the apparent throwing of umbrellas back into their holder.

"Ginny." Harry whispered. He would never mistake the gentle laughter of the girl that he had grown rather fond of over the past year. His gaze was glued to the kitchen doorway where he knew that Ginny would be entering.

Tonks tumbled into the kitchen barely staying on her feet after apparently catching her toe on the trashcan situated near the entrance of the kitchen. She spread her arms quickly to regain her balance to prevent her fall on the floor. Ron and Hermione surpressed giggles.

Tonks straightened herself with a great smile on her face. "Everyone! It's Me!" She shouted. Hermione and Ron stood as Tonks took quick strides to meet Harry on the other side of the room. The four of them met together for a group hug.

"Tonks! It's wonderful to see you." Hermione finally said.

"Umm... hello? No one happy to see me?" Ginny had quietly entered the room and after waving to Sirius and mouthing hello, waited with her hands on her hips while mockingly glaring at the Golden Trio.

"Ginny!" Ron and Hermione cried in unison. They then moved together to her for a hug. Ron actually picking both her and Hermione up in his muscular arms.

"Bloody Hell, Ron! You're not an anaconda. Put us down." Ginny muttered. Upon their release, Ginny ran her hands up and down the arms of her older brother. He had filled out of the summer. His arms were showing the obvious effects of hours of Quidditch and wrestling with Fred and George. He had grown several inches, also. He was every bit of 6 foot tall now. Ginny, in addition to noticing how tall he had gotten, also noticed the quick glance that he shared with Hermione when they thought that no one was looking. She smiled. It's good to see Ron happy.

Ginny glanced around Ron's arm to meet Harry's gaze. He, too, had grown. His muggle jeans looked fabulous. The black t shirt that he was wearing hung nicely over his torso. She noticed that it pulled just bit around his arms and across his chest. He shoved his hands in his pockets, apparently embarrassed by Ginny's once over with her eyes. She smiled brightly thinking that he was becoming absolutely gorgeous.

"Um. Hello, there. Um... Ginny." He finally muttered.

She slowly walked up to him. He watched her feet as she walked just barely glancing up her muggle jeans to the dark brown sweater that she was wearing. She used her hand to flip her long red hair back over her shoulder as sauntered over to Harry. When she reached him, she paused and reached out to hug him. He hesitated before taking his hands out of his pocket to return the hug. For them, it seemed like an eternity. Both smiled inwardly while closing their eyes.

"Hello Harry." She whispered against his neck.

Suddenly, Tonks quickly slapped herself in the head with the heel of her hand as if she had forgotten something monumental.

"What's keeping you?" She screamed to the entryway to the kitchen. Once silence filled the kitchen, the soft sound of the final umbrella being returned to its proper place was heard along with the clicking of shoes up the hall.

Ron's mouth dropped open and Harry stared blatantly at the witch that entered the room with knee-high dark grey dragon skin boots, fitted black pencil skirt that hit just below the knees, black turtle neck hugging all her curves. Her hair was cropped short and pale blonde. Chunks of blue hair sporadically stuck out. Her smile was luminous. Her eyes were a pale green… almost the color of the ocean.

Tonks stepped backwards to the two boys. She didn’t look at their faces but reached up to push up their chins and effectively close their gaping mouths. She then grabbed the girl’s hand and drug her around the room giving proper introductions.

“This is my little sister Vika. She just graduated from the Roljnik School of Magic in Russia. She has been given early acceptance into next year’s Auror training. She’s bloody brilliant. Well, that’s what she keeps telling me, anyway.” Tonks was babbling to everyone at once as Vika smiled politely and shook each one’s hand. When she got to Harry, she stopped.

“You’re Harry Potter. The boy who lived.” She gave Harry the once over and then added. “Not quite a boy anymore, I see.”

Before she could finish, Ginny placed her hand into the crook of Harry’s arm and stepped closer to his side. Vika noticed the girl’s actions and stepped back.

“You know, I’ve heard all the daring adventures of Harry Potter. One of the favorite stories that floated around the girls’ dorm was the one of you Ginny. Many girls that told and retold that story would have given almost anything to have been in your place in that Chamber. They would have wanted young Harry to have bravely rescued them from despair to be whisked away into the sunset. You’re a lucky girl. “ She smiled genuinely at Ginny and added politely. “I can see that. It’s amazing how adolescent girls can find romance in the most horrid of tales.”

Ginny couldn’t quite figure if Vika was slyly apologizing or insulting her. She just nodded.

Vika finally turned to Sirius who had been pretending not to notice her by returning to find fascination in the back of his hand. Vika sashayed over to Sirius slowly closing the gap between them. She stuck out her hand to Sirius who grasped the fingers to pull her hand up to his lips gently. She smiled slyly and took another step forward.

Sirius placed a light kiss on her knuckles all the while keeping his eyes locked on hers. She almost giggled.

“Dear girl, how have you been? I’ve missed seeing you. How did your Quidditch season end last year?” Sirius wrapped his arms around the girl and gave her a big hug.

“Oh, Sirius, you should have seen us last year. We went undefeated for the first time since I set foot in that school. It was bloody brilliant! I actually was injured… just here!” Without thinking, she grabbed her skirt and yanked it up to the top of her hip exposing her right thigh. Ron almost choked. Harry gasped then looked over to the cupboards that suddenly seemed so interesting and finally resting his eyes on Ginny who smiled back at him.

Vika pointed to a spot on her hips declaring that the largest bruise in the history of Quidditch had been located on that spot.

She dropped her skirt and smoothed it back down as if nothing had happened.

Sirius motioned for everyone to sit and relax at the table together. Discussion arose concerning Quidditch and possible contenders for the World Cup, the south of France where Vika’s inherited beach house sat, and then to the familial relations between Tonks and Vika.

“So let me get this straight.” Ron began looking from Tonks to Vika and back. ”You two share the same dad but have different mums. Right?”
Tonks grinned and nodded. Vika leaned back in her seat to the point the her chair balanced on its back two legs. She then kicked her feet up on the table crossing her legs at the ankle. Ron leaned slightly hoping to get a glimpse up her skirt.

He shook it off and continued,” and Tonks, your parents were both Metamorphmaguses, like you. “

“Right – o there, Ron,” She replied.

He then looked at Vika. “But your mum was a normal witch, right? So you only have a few characteristics of a Metamorphmagus.”

“Precisely Ron” Vika stated. She reached her hands up to the top of her head and pushed her fingers through her hair. The wake of her hands left bright bright hair stuck straight up in a Mohawk. Everyone’s eyes widened in surprise. “I merely have the ability to go from sweet and innocent to punk rock at the drop of a hat.” He hands repeated their motion to leave her hair in a long golden blond wavy mane. “ and of course back again.” She added sweetly.

“I’m loving this look. Very Malibu Barbie.” Hermione stated quickly with a grin.

Vika giggled at the reference. “I keep forgetting that you were muggle-born. That is absolutely fascinating. I would love to hear about your childhood sometime.” During her little speech to Hermione, Vika had gently dropped her chair and returned her feet to the floor. She then leaned her elbows back onto the table.

At that moment, the sharp crack of the skull of a big black owl hitting the window pane echoed through the kitchen. Everyone jumped at varying degrees at the sounds and quickly turned to the window.

Sirius had already begun walking briskly to the window to jerk up the pane and grasp the letter from the owl. He unfolded and read the letter the letter silently. Everyone sat in silence waiting to hear any news from Dumbledor.

“It’s from Snape. He and Dumbledor have lost contact with a spy inside the inner circle of Voldemort’s Army. Even with the help of the Pensieve, Dumbledor is unable to ascertain as to the fate of this spy. If had been discovered, it could mean that all information that had been received about Voldemort was faulty. It could also mean that information about the Order has been passed to the other side. They are at a loss. They have asked us to help. We need to discover a way to find out what the Voldemort knows and which of the our information is accurate. “ He carefully refolded the note before asking” Well, any ideas?”

“Can’t we just send in a new spy?” Ron asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Hermione snapped. “Someone could just walk up to Voldemort and say ‘Hey! Voldemort, just thought I’d become a Death Eater real quick. Mind if I join the club?’”

“No need to be rude. It was just a suggestion. Besides, you don’t have to go up to Voldemort. You could go to one of his followers. Lucius Malfoy for instance. I’m sure he would know just about anything that we would need to know. We could just get to him” Ron defended.

Others began tossing in ideas of how to get someone in with Lucius Malfoy.

“Maybe he could meet up with a guy at a bar or something.”

“Oh, maybe someone could be his housekeeper or maid or something.”

“Hmmm… how about a mistress. I hear he’s constantly going through those.”

“Maybe someone rich and famous on our side could become friends with him.”

During this brainstorming session, Sirius and Vika remained quiet.

“I’ve got your way in.” Vika spoke up finally.

All eyes turned to her.

“Use his son. He would be much easier to slide up next to and he would walk a new friend… say a new girlfriend, right into the Malfoy Mansion on his arm.”

Sirius sat back and smiled at Vika. Moody was right. She is fucking brilliant.

“Who in the world would we get to do that?” Harry asked looking as if he smelled something rancid.

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other.

“Don’t look at me, he can’t stand me because I’m a ‘filthy little mudblood’, and the thought of being around him makes me physical nauseous.” Hermione spoke quickly.

“Well, don’t look at me. I’m the she-Weasel remember. Oh, and the nauseous thing goes double for me.” Ginny replied.

Vika rolled her eyes. “He isn’t disgusting is he? Like a big, lethargic oaf that barely has 3 brain cells to juggle?”

Hermione and Ginny again looked at each other.

Hermione spoke first.

“Well, actually, he is in the slightest way a little…”

“Oh, yeah the most miniscule way possible of course” Ginny backed her.

“yeah… ever so slighty, just a little handsome.”

“Just a little, mind you.” Ginny and Hermione never left each other’s gaze as they heard Vika speak.

“Just a little… handsome?”

“OK! He fucking gorgeous!” Ginny blurted out.

“God, yes! A perfect specimen.” Hermione added.

The volley of compliments went between the girls and ranged from his intoxicating smell to his clear blue eyes, and from his absolutely delicious lips to his toned body and even his incredible intellect that was bested by Hermione alone. No detail was left out.

Vika’s eyebrows shot up as her smile spread across her face. Finally the two girls seemed to have run out of the physical attributes to begin to reaffirm that he is a vile, loathsome, evil, little cockroach with no manners, conscience, or morals. Hermione even went in the whole Moody, ferret, pants story that brought a round of laughter from everyone in the room.

Vika thought for a moment.

“Well, I think this guy needs a special girl. It’s gotta be someone who is tough enough to stand up to his fucking father, bright enough to keep his interest, confident enough to be accepted into his elite world, and or course sexy enough to catch his eye. You find that girl, and you’re in like Flint.” Hermione chuckled at Vika’s muggle reference.

Vika then slowly stood and headed over to the window after noticing that the owl was still there. He was obviously waiting for a treat for his efforts. She listened to the others in the room suggesting and then shooting down names of possibilities. The three men in the room let their gaze roam to the blonde standing by the window. She gently shifted her weight from one foot to the other letting her hips sway with the motion.

She’s certainly intelligent enough to pull off something like this, and I’ve seen her stand up to half the faculty of extremely intelligent Wizards at Roljnik , Sirius thought as he eyed Vika.

Bloody hell, look at that ass in that skirt. I know that she could certainly turn just about every head in Hogwarts, including Malfoy’s. Ron noted to himself.

The way that girl walks, I’d say that she has confidence to spare. Harry thought.

The men, as if they knew what the others were thinking looked at each other.

Harry began,” I think that we’ve found the perfect girl, Vika.”

Hermione caught on quick and eyed Ginny.

Vika turned casually.

“Oh, really. Bully for your gents. Good luck in your quest.”

“Don’t you want to know who it is?” Sirius asked sweetly.

“Look, everyone I know in England is in this room. So I can assure you that I do not know her.”

Harry smiled broadly at Vika who began to feel ill at ease with all the sly grins spreading across everyone’s face except Tonks, who remained blissfully unaware of anything happening.

“OK… what are you thinking here?” Vika ventured hesitantly.

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