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A.N. : I first of all want to thank the couple of people who pointed out the typo. Yes I was just a typo. When scanning over the typed chapter I didn’t pick it up that she put wand instead of hand. I’ll get it fixed. Chapter 20- Help! I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up Harry found the next week fly by. The four spent most of their time in the attic room going through books and items left by the marauders of the past. Hermione engaged herself in the search of the marauder history taking the occasional note for letter references. Harry was currently reading ‘How to find your inner animal’. Even Ron had immersed himself in a book when he found a marauder guide on quidditch strategies and found at least one member of each group of marauders had been on a quidditch team at one time or another. Every so often the silence of the room would be broken by a giggle from the corner chair by the fireplace where Ginny was curled up reading a book that listed some of the pranks, which had been done over the years. “Would you stop that”? Hermione hollered when she ended up reading the same passage in her books four times. “What?” Ginny questioned. “Giggling.” Hermione answered. “Sorry. I can’t help it. I was just reading about this sort of contest on pranking the Slytheriens. It looks like every group has played a prank on the Slytherien house and it says the reigning champs were Remus, James, and Sirius.” Ginny explained. (She of course left out Peter.) “So what did they do?” Harry asked. “They snuck in and placed twenty four hour charms on everyone while they were sleeping, so all the girls grew beards, and the boys grew boobs.” Ginny giggled. The others burst out laughing. “Too bad there are no pictures. Could you imagine Snape with boobs?” Ron chuckled. “How are we going to top that?” Harry asked. “I’ve got a few ideas, but we’ll have to find the right spells. We need to have a way to get around unnoticed. That will be the tricky part.” Ginny stated. “I’ve still got my invisibility cloak, but that won’t work for all of us.” Harry stated. “Hey, I know. Moody did a disillusionment charm on me to fly to Grimauld Place before fifth year; maybe we could find that charm.” Hermione scribbled a note to herself. “Any others we might need Gin?” “If you could find a good transfiguration charm that can be times set, that would be perfect.” “Ah, Hem.” A clearing of a voice was made and the four looked around. They noticed an occupant of one of the portraits. She appeared to be awake and pointing to the bookshelf. “Are you trying to tell us something?” Ron asked. “OOO, brains as well as brawn. Color me impressed.” The portrait said as Ron reddened. “Awe, isn’t he cute when he does that?” Harry jumped up and went over to the portrait and asked, “You’re Jacque Lyn, aren’t you?” “You would be correct on that, and you are?” “Harry.” “Gee, you don’t look that hairy to me. How about I just call you precious?” The portrait winked at Harry. “Introduce me to your friends, especially big red over there.” Harry was a little pink, but gave a bit of a chuckle. “Big Red would be Ron, and that’s Ginny and Hermione.” The girls said hello, and Jacque Lyn addressed them as well. “Nice to meet you all, from what I can tell so far is that you honey (she pointed toward Hermione) have a good head on your shoulders, you’ll keep these boys in line now won’t you?” Hermione gave a giggle and nodded her head. “You, (she pointed to Ginny) are just adorable with the hair of fire and an angelic face. I think you could get away with murder if you played it right.” At first the girls didn’t know if they cared for this blonde haired, blue eyed, young woman in the portrait, but she did complement them and it was funny to see both boys blush. “So, precious you haven’t told me how you know my name.” “Remus told me that you were the one who helped out the most.” Harry answered. “So you know my little wolfy. Oh how I miss them. Those boys used to talk with me for hours. Hey wait a minute, if you know Remus, you’re not James’s son are you? Oh well, of course you are, you look just like him.” She gushed. “Excuse me, sorry to change the subject,” Hermione decided to intervene before the portrait asked the where the rest of the pervious marauder group were. She would fill the portrait in later, so as not to make it uncomfortable for Harry. “But you were trying to tell us something before.” “Oh yes, I was trying to point out that third book from the left on the top shelf. That’s got a lot of transfiguration spells in it, and that other thing you wanted I think is in that seventh from the right, third shelf, that is if I remember correctly. Oh well, now that’s taken a lot out of me so I think I’ll rest now.” And as soon as she finished she was snoozing in her frame. The girls found their books, while the boys feeling restless decided to go for a flight and toss the quaffle around. It was just about dark when Ron’s stomach began to rumble. “Hey mate, I think it’s time for supper.” Harry nodded and went to zoom out to the boundary before heading to the house. “AHHH!” Harry screamed in pain as he grabbed his forehead loosening his grip on his broom. He began to plummet the twenty foot drop to the ground. Ron raced as quickly as he could, but knew he’d never make it in time. Harry hit the ground with a sickening thud and with in seconds Ron was at his side. Harry lay unconscious with his left arm and leg sticking out at odd angles. Ron knew not to move him for fear of making anything worse and raced his broom to the house to get help. Minutes later Molly and Ron and two of the three elves ran across the grounds to find Harry still lying unconscious. “Will he be alright Mom?” Ron asked soulfully. “I don’t know dear.” Molly said while trying to find if anything else other than the obvious was wrong so they could move him to the house. “If Madam would permit Ickus to check him over, Ickus has been taught a few spells. Ickus used to take care of James when he would get hurt.” The old house elf pleaded to Molly. Molly nodded and said, “Please, check him over and see what you can do so we can get him to the house.” Ickus mumbled a few words while placing a hand here and there on Harry’s body. After a few moments he straightened and looked at Molly. “We can move him to the house. There are breaks in his shoulder, hip, leg, and a couple of ribs all on his left side.” The old elf reported. “Ickus thinks Ickus should move Master Harry directly up to his bed until Winky returns with Madam Pomphey.” Molly nodded again with tears in her eyes thankful of the elf’s help. “Dobby, ‘sniff’, will make Master Harry Potter’s room ready.” ‘Sniff’ Dobby was clearly distraught with the condition of his best wizarding friend and with a pop he disappeared. Ickus snapped his fingers and levitated Harry’s limp body up off the ground, higher and higher Harry rose. “What are you doing?” Ron yelled and Molly gasped at the elf. “Ickus is taking Master Harry to Master Harry’s room.” He pointed up to the third floor balcony where Dobby could be seen opening the balcony doors. Dobby snapped his fingers taking over the hovering charm and drew Harry to him through the doors and placed him on his bed, where he had turned down the covers in preparation. With a pop Ickus disappeared from beside the Weasley’s. Molly and Ron made their way back to the house toward the stairs. They could see down the hall to the door where an emotional Winky was leading a disgruntled Madam Pomphey by the hand. “Poppy thank you for coming so quickly.” Molly greeted her. “I really had no choice in the matter.” She said looking to the small elf who was sobbing openly. “What has that boy gone and done now? I keep saying he’s too delicate and should know how to behave himself.” Molly led the way up to Harry’s room, where they found both Ickus and Dobby fussing about. Harry opened his eyes wincing in pain as they entered. “So Mr. Potter, what’s the meaning of this?” Madam Pomphey said in her usual business like manner as she took out her wand and began her examination. “I fell off my broom.” Harry said feeling nauseous and wincing as she poked and prodded him. “I say child, isn’t it about time you give up all this flying nonsense? It will be the death of you.” “It was my scar.” Harry managed to get out before passing out again. “There now, lets see, he has two broken ribs, his lower leg is fractured and he shattered both his hip and shoulder. I don’t think he hurt his head at all. He must have turned on his side when he fell. He has some strained muscles around his neck. He must have tensed up probably the pain from his scar, before he hit the ground. Turning probably helped from doing anymore damage.” The nurse rattled on. “I think he’ll be fine after he’s aloud time to heal up properly.” She reached into her bag and started pulling bottles. Giving Molly instructions, she made up the list of potions and times to take them. One to heal the broken bones, one to bring the bones together that were shattered, one to help soothe and repair the muscles around the injury, one for the pain, and then the best one was the sleeping draught. “I will have to reset a couple of the breaks. I’m sure glad he’s not awake for this.” She pointed her wand muttering a charm, and the others could hear a kind of crunching sound of the bones moving against each other. “UGGGHH.” Ron said and then added, “So he’ll be okay then?” Madam Pomphey was busy placing immobility charms on Harry’s shoulder and hip so that they wouldn’t move. “Yes, but I want him on bed rest for the next couple of days. Those breaks were bad and I’ll be back in two days to check on him.” After Madam Pomphrey left, Molly sent Ron out of the room while she and Ickus forced the necessary potions down Harry’s throat. While they were finishing up there was a knock on the door. Molly voiced that it was okay to enter and in came Ron with a very sad looking Hermione and Ginny. “How is he mum?” Ginny asked. “He’ll be okay, but he’ll need to stay in bed for a couple of days. I want you kids to leave him to get his rest and Dobby can stay here to look after him.” “Mum, can’t I stay with him?” Ginny pleaded. “Oh alright, at least for a little bit. Call for Dobby if you need anything and I’ll send up some supper for you. You two come down for supper. You can check on him later when he’s awake.” The others left the room and Ginny pulled a chair up to Harry’s bed. She brushed his hair off his forehead and watched him while he slept. She was barely aware of Dobby placing a tray of food on a small table next to her. She sat for a while pondering on her feelings for Harry. At the party she had told Dean that she just wanted to be friends. She felt that it was unfair to him when she had feelings for someone else. Harry, it always came back to Harry. She had grown closer to him this summer since her stay at Ms. Figg’s, and for the first time she really felt like he was her friend and not just because of being Ron’s little sister. Then she was chosen to be a marauder along with the fabulous trio. She was now one of them. Next, there was the party. She knew that Hermione arranged the whole “closet” deal. It seemed to take a bit for Harry to make a move, why was that? Did he not want to kiss me? The doubts kept racing through her head. He only likes me as a friend. He’ll never like me any more then that, but that kiss! WOW, that was the only way to describe it. She had never felt anything so wonderful, not that kissing Michael and Dean wasn’t nice, but they didn’t compare to the kiss from Harry. Just thinking about that brought a flush to her cheeks and a flutter in her stomach. She sat up suddenly realizing what this meant. OH NO, I’ve fallen completely and hopelessly in love, with Harry Potter. A.N.: Well then tell me what you think. You thought I had forgotten about Voldie. You kept asking about Dean well there you go. Make sure you leave your reviews, or if you just make comments that’s fine as well. Individual Response: Insane_angel: thanks and your doing ok just keep at it. Ashley: thanks S.A.P. Or can I just call you Sam: Thanks a lot. Glad you like it. J. : Thanks, Honey

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