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A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this is taking a little longer to get out, I have a whole bunch of school work that I need to finish up. Also, just a note that Liam calling Lily "Meme" (pronounced like "Maymay", btw) is a reference to Firefly/Serenety. Ok, well here it is! A nice long chapter!

   February turned into March and the weather began to grow warmer. All of my time was taken up by studying for N.E.W.T.s and what little time not spent studying was spent sleeping. Oliver and I barely saw each other outside of classes what with the Gryffindor versus Slytherin quidditch match coming up, Oliver was running the team harder than ever. We, of course, never spoke of the match. It was an unspoken understanding that I would be rooting for my house, though supporting Oliver as well. But we'd worry about that at the game. March was a blur of papers and practice exams and late night study sessions that led to sleep deprivation and sleeping in classes. Unfortunately, one such case of what I used to call sudden onset class-naps came on during a fairly important lesson of Transfigurations - and McGonagall caught me.

    The night before I had been up until dawn studying for the practice exam that McGonagall was giving. In fact, I'd been up for most of the weekend before the class. Transfigurations was quite possibly my worst subject and I needed a good grade on the practice exam if I had any shot at passing the N.E.W.T. Unfortunately for me, due to the late-night study session, I was literally falling asleep all day. By the time Transfigurations came about, I was ready to fall asleep on my feet, Oliver had to keep flicking me under our table to keep me awake. Eventually, however, I just couldn't stay awake anymore and I feel asleep - right in the middle of the practice exam.

    "Miss Potter!" McGonagall called from about 2 inches away from my ear. I suddenly jerked awake, startled by the rather loud interruption of my very pleasant dream.

    "Yes, Professor?" I asked groggily.

    "Were you planning on turning in your exam and proceeding to your next class? Or were you merely going to sleep through the rest of the day in my classroom?" I looked around and noticed that Oliver and I were the only ones left in the room - he was standing by the door and I was sitting at my desk. With a half-finished exam in front of me.

    "Shit." I said and glanced over to Oliver. He looked back sympathetically and mouthed "I'll wait outside" before slipping into the hallway.

    "Detention, Miss Potter, and 10 points for your language. Now turn in your exam."

    "But Professor, I can't turn in a half-finished exam. I need this to pass."

    "Turn in your exam, Miss Potter, and I will see you tonight for your detention. You are excused." I sat there in a stunned silence for the longest time before I realized that if I didn't leave soon I'd be late for charms, which would mean more points deducted and probably another detention.

    "I fucking hate Mondays" I mumbled as I met Oliver in the hallway and we proceeded to our next class. The last thing I needed at the moment was a detention, I mean, c'mon, I barely had time to breathe as it was! And with McGonagall? She hated me, she always had.

    I groaned and complained all through Charms and straight through dinner, which I spent in the library doing my homework that I wouldn't have time to do because of the detention. Oliver, being the sweet person that he was, brought me a sandwich in the library and even sat with me, helping where he could. Time for detention came far too quickly and I hurriedly packed away my things before running off towards McGonagall's class. The clock struck 8 just as I walked in the door.

    "Ah, Miss Potter." McGonagall said from her desk, "do come in and have a seat." I walked in and took a seat where she indicated - front row center.

    "You're not going to have me write lines or something, are you?" I asked suspiciously. McGonagall never gave out B.S. detentions like that. Usually her detentions involved manual labor.

    "No, Miss Potter, you will not be writing lines." I sighed in relief. There was nothing more boring than writing lines. Except maybe classes…"Sitting in front of you, Miss Potter, is the exam that you decided to use as a pillow earlier this afternoon. When you finish it, and have checked it carefully, you may leave." I looked at her in shock. What was she doing?

    "But Professor…" I began.

    "Please do not argue, Miss Potter. You may begin." I stared at her for a moment as she sat at her desk grading papers before turning my attention to the exam that sat on my desk. She was serious. She was really giving me another chance. I couldn't believe it. An hour and a half later, when I had finished my exam and double checked everything, I turned in the paper and began to leave, pausing at the door and turning to face McGonagall.

    "Thank you, Professor." I said before leaving the classroom.

    The rest of March went by quickly. I did my best to avoid sleeping during classes, except once in a while I'd catch a nap during potions. Snape, after all, loved me to death and I was his best student in our year, but that'd beside the point. As April rolled around, so did the Twins' birthday.

    "Lily!" Fred called one Friday morning as I crossed the Great Hall.

    "Hullo, boys." I said, hugging them both. I had had a good week and was looking forward to the weekend.

    "What are you doing tonight?" George asked me.

    "Astronomy" I said, making a face.

    "No, you're not. You're going to skive off Astronomy tonight." Fred replied. I looked at him as though he were insane.

    "You're kidding, right? Oliver'll kill me if I skive off any more classes."

    "He's going to, too."

    "Yeah, you two are coming to our party tonight, in the room of requirements. Be there at 8!" I laughed and shook my head. Leave it to the twins to demand my presence at their party instead of class.

    "Fine, boys, I'll be there. But don't expect a gift!" they pouted playfully as I walked away from them and towards my first class of the day.

    That night at 8 o'clock I made my way to the Room of Requirements. It was nice to be able to relax and spend time with Oliver and my friends without worrying about classes or exams.  I mean, I hadn't even had any alcohol since the rather disastrous quidditch celebration in January. As I entered the room, I saw Fred and George being their normal selves and drawing a large crowd around them on the dance floor. The next thing that drew my attention, however, was Oliver, sitting by the bar with a butterbeer in his hand, looking distracted. Slowly, I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped, seeming to come out of some sort of trance.

    "You alright there, Wood?" I asked, jokingly.

    "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, just, ya know, thinking."

    "About the match?" I asked, knowingly. He nodded. "Oliver Wood, the quidditch match is more than two weeks away and you're at a friggin' party. Now put down that butterbeer, slap a smile on your face, and come dance with your sexy girlfriend." Oliver looked at me for a moment before smiling and shaking his head.

    "'Friggin'? Since when do you say 'friggin'?"

    "Since the damn professors have been working me so hard that I forgot to curse?" I tried.

    "Mmhmm. Or maybe you've finally realized that there are better ways to express yourself than through curse words." He smirked at me as he put down his butterbeer. He always had thought my cursing was a bad habit.

    Oliver and I danced - and drank - all night until there were only a few people left at the party. Even the twins were looking tired as Oliver took me in his arms for yet another dance. It was nearly 5 in the morning and we were both thoroughly drunk by the time we decided to call it a night. We stopped just outside the Slytherin common room and I turned to say goodnight to Oliver, but that isn't what came out.

    "He's back." I whispered, finally letting my secret out.

    "Who?" Wood asked, looking concerned.

    "My brother!" I laughed, which quickly turned into sobbing. "He's back, and he knows something." Oliver took me gently in his arms but didn't say anything. "I'm sorry." I sobbed into his shoulder.

    "Sorry? Why are you sorry?" I pulled away from him and looked him in his eyes. I may have been drunk, but I wasn't stupid. He really had no idea what I was talking about.

    "I should have told you! Something could've happened to me, or to you! And you don’t even know what's going on!" I cried harder.

    "Ssshh, Lil, go to bed, we'll talk about this tomorrow."

    "Why does that sound so familiar?" I asked, referring to the quidditch celebration incident.  We said our goodnights and I wobbled my way into bed, falling asleep quickly.

    "Liam? Liam where are you?" I called. He had sent me an owl about a week after he had decided to make himself known. In the letter I'd been asked to meet him outside of The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade so that we could talk. Apparently he'd uncovered some new information about our mother's death. 

    "Over here, Lily." I smiled and ran to my brother, hugging him quickly before we entered the tavern. Finding a small table hidden in a corner, Liam ordered two butterbeers from Madame Rosemarta and sat down opposite me.

    "Start talking, bud, before I kill you for making me worry about you for the past four years." Liam smiled and took a long sip of his drink before beginning his story.

    "I can't tell you everything, meme, but I can tell you a lot." I nodded, acknowledging the compromise and imploring him to continue. "Momma was killed because she knew things, things that certain people didn't want her to know." He paused and took another long sip before continuing. "Somehow she managed to befriend members of You Know Who's top circle, and she learned things. She learned names and places and plans, things that only the most trusted Death Eaters were told. And she went to Professor Dumbledore with the information." I looked at Liam confused.

    "What are you saying, Liam? Momma was a Death Eater?" I couldn’t believe that for a moment. Father, without a doubt, was at the very least a He Who Must Not Be Named sympathizer if not a Death Eater, but Mother would never have done anything like that.

    "No, meme, she went to Professor Dumbledore with her information. She became a spy for something called the Order of the Phoenix. But someone found out and they killed her. And they've been watching you to make sure that you don't follow in our mother's footsteps." I couldn't believe what I was being told. My mother was murdered by Death Eaters because she knew something?

    "But what could be so important that they would kill her now, when He Who Must Not Be Named had been dead and gone for almost a decade? And why would they be watching me?"

    "She knew something about Him. She knew something that could help Dumbledore stop him from ever coming back. And the Death Eaters think that she may have told us."

    "Liam." I said, seriously, "what did she know?"

    "I don't know" he said, half convincingly.

    "Bull shit, now tell me."

    "Meme, I can't. If they find out that you know your life could be in danger. And your boyfriend's life."

    "According to you my life is already in danger, and how do you know about my boyfriend?"  I was starting to get irritated with my older brother.

    "I have my ways. And yes, your life may already be in danger, but not nearly as much as if I tell you."

    "Liam, stop being a pompous ass and just tell me what she knew already."

    "Fine." He said, after sighing deeply. "I don't know exactly, but it had something to do with You Know Who coming back and the location of certain objects. I'm still trying to figure out what the objects have to do with him, they seem like random, mostly useless objects. I mean, I don't even know what they all are, but I know that they're important." Liam looked at me seriously for a minute before continuing. "Meme, tell
no one about this. Please, promise me." I looked at him for a second, thinking it over, thinking over everything he had told me, before I nodded in agreement. I would not tell anyone what he had told me, but I would have to tell Oliver something eventually, especially if his life could be in danger.

    The next morning, after taking some very disgusting potions for my hangover, I found Oliver sitting in the Library, planning out Quidditch moves. I told him everything that I could about how Liam had returned and told me of my mother's murder. And then I told him how Liam felt that we might be in danger. Oliver laughed and reassured me that nothing was going to happen to us, especially not while we were still at Hogwarts. I smiled, pretending to believe him, and the subject was dropped. He was far too preoccupied with the upcoming Slytherin versus Gryffindor match to worry about crazed Death Eaters anyway.

    The match came faster than either of us would've liked. The entire quidditch cup came down to this game, and I was torn between rooting for my house and rooting for my boyfriend. Oliver and I had barely spoken at all in the week leading up to the match, partially because we hardly had time to breathe, let alone speak, and partially because we didn't want to talk about the match. On the morning of the game I met Oliver in the Great Hall for breakfast. I was fully decked out in my Slytherin gear and Oliver was wearing his Quidditch robes. I sat down next to him and suddenly found myself face to face with the entire Quidditch team.

    "You can't sit here." Fred said, his normal smile gone from his face.

    "What are you talking about? I have breakfast with you guys all the bloody time!"

    "Sorry, Lily, but today you're a Slytherin." Harry added. I glared at him and he backed away.

    "C'mon, Oliver, tell them I can stay here." I said, looking at my boyfriend for support. He, however, couldn't meet my eyes.

    "I'm sorry, Potter, but they're right. Today you're a Slytherin, you should be with your own kind." I couldn't believe he had just said that to me.

    "Excuse me, Wood?" I spat. "My own kind?" I was getting angry now. "Well, since I'm a Slytherin today, I s'pose I'd better act like one, eh?" I growled, standing. I pointed my wand at the group and mutter a few spells, causing the team to stick fast to their seats and become unable to make a sound. I smirked at them and said "Good luck today, you're going to need it," before walking over to the Slytherin table.

    The match itself was, of course, the biggest match of the year. The Slytherins took their seats at the pitch and found themselves surrounded by a sea of red and gold. We, however, were not to be deterred. Everywhere you looked there were banners and signs, rooting for the Slytherin team and dragging down the Gryffindors, especially Harry. As the game progressed, the taunts that came from the Slytherin stands began to outweigh the cheers from the rest of the students.

    "Hey Wood! Try and block it next time!" I shouted as he let a goal score. He may have been my boyfriend, (and Gryffindor may have been winning), but what he'd said at breakfast had really pissed me off something awful. "Good thing that Puddlemere scout isn't here! You're bloody awful!" I shouted when he let another goal score. He turned towards me, eyes filled with hurt and anger, and scowled. Quickly, however, his attention turned back to the game as he blocked a shot from the Slytherin chasers. "Fuck" I muttered and sat back down.

    The match ended, of course, with the bloody Gryffindors winning. The Quidditch Cup was theirs. But that didn't mean that the showdown between the houses was over. As the teams landed on the field and everyone ran to congratulate the Gryffindors, the Slytherin team was planning its revenge and setting up traps in the Gryffindor locker room.

    "Lily!" I heard a voice call as I began to exit the stadium. I stopped in my tracks and turned towards the person who'd called.

    "What do you want, Quidditch Boy? I'm a Slytherin today, remember? That means you hate me." My face was hard and cold. My eyes emotionless. Wood was notably taken aback by my response.

    "Lily, c'mon, the game is over."

    "Yes, and you mudblood lovers won." I snapped. Normally I don't use the word mudblood, but I was in a right foul mood, and it was all his fault.

    "Excuse me?"

    "You heard me, Wood, now go and celebrate with your team. We Slytherins don't associate with Gryffindors." I turned on my heels and walked away, leaving a very confused, and slightly angry, Oliver Wood behind me.

A/N: Only two chapters left! But I'm thinking about a sequel and/or a Sirius Black story :)

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